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An integral part of American history, the Wild West has been immortalized in films since the inception of Hollywood. Even during the era of silent movies, westerns were a constant theme with moviegoers flocking to see how stars of the time dealt with their daily problems.

Many of Hollywood's finest actors began their careers in the western genre before moving onto other themes. 

Some, like a certain famous singing cowboy, made the western genre their home for much of their career while others made their names in westerns, only to return  later in life to grab an Oscar (or two) when they re-explored the genre.

Now, the all-important question is... do you think you can identify these cowboys, some modern and some of yesteryear? Many are easily recognized, having played major roles in other Hollywood movies. Some, however, might leave you scratching your head in contemplation. But rest assured, each and every cowboy in this quiz is a legend.

It's time to put your thinking hat on, saddle up your trusty steed, load your six-shooter and prepare for close encounters with these famed cowboys so take a walk on the wild side and take this quiz! 

Which cowboy star is shown in this image?

The greatest cowboy of them all, John Wayne appeared in 177 movies, many of them westerns. Wayne is certainly the most famous actor of the cowboy generation. He won an Oscar in 1970 for his portrayal of Rooster Cogburn in True Grit.


How about this image?

Roy Rogers and his horse, Trigger, are one of the most well-known pairs in Hollywood western history. Rogers, known as the singing cowboy, started his career in 1936 and ended with more than 100 acting credits to his name.


And in this image?

Val Kilmer's most famous western role was as Doc Holliday in 1992's "Tombstone." This versatile Hollywood actor has also appeared in a western TV series, "Commanche Moon," as well as 2012's "Wyatt Earp's Revenge."


Which cowboy star is this?

One of Hollywood's perennial tough guys, Charles Bronson starred in a number of westerns, including the 1960 classic, "The Magnificent Seven."


Who is this cowboy star?

One of Hollywood's greats, Paul Newman will be remembered for a number of roles, including in westerns such "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid."


Who is that cowboy star shown in the image?

Although he starred in a number of westerns, James Garner is perhaps best known as Maverick, the TV series that help launch his career in the 1950s.


Can you name this cowboy star?

Another Hollywood western star, Randolph Scott was hugely popular in the 1950s where he appeared in a number of Budd Boetticher movies. At the height of his fame, Scott retired from the Hollywood game and spent the rest of his life avoiding the limelight.


Choose the name of this cowboy star.

Known for his measured and deliberate delivery of lines, Garry Cooper was a western icon. He appeared in two adaptions of Ernest Hemingway novels, "A Farewell to Arms" and "For Whom the Bell Tolls." Cooper started in the silent movie era and had appeared as a leading man in 84 films at the time of his death in 1961.


Name this cowboy star.

Lee van Cleef always seemed to be cast as the villain in his movie roles, including in western classics such as, "The Man Who Shot Liberty Vance," "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" and "For a Few Dollars More."


Which sly-looking cowboy star is shown here?

The ever-popular Robert Mitchum, a versatile leading man, starred in a number of westerns during the course of his career, including "Red Mountain," "The Wonderful Country" and "Bandido."


Identify the cowboy star in this image.

A very versatile actor, Kirk Douglas was very good friends with Burt Lancaster and appeared with him in the 1957 western classic, "The Gunfight At OK Corral." Other westerns starring Douglas included "Along the Great Divide," "The Big Sky" and "Last Train from Gun Hill."


Who do you think is this cowboy star?

Often cast as the bad guy, Lee Marvin starred in a number of Hollywood westerns. In fact, he won an Oscar for Best Actor for his work in 1965's "Cat Ballou".


Which handsome-looking cowboy star is this?

A classic Hollywood star, William Holden took many roles, including some in westerns. He starred in John Ford's "The Horse Soldiers" in 1959 with John Wayne and in "The Wild Bunch" in 1969.


Can you correctly name this cowboy star?

Glen Ford's promising early career was interrupted by World War II. In the 1950s, he starred in a number of classics, including "The Big Heat" and "Blackboard Jungle." He also starred in many westerns, including "3:10 to Yuma" and "The Rounders."


Which rough cowboy star is this one?

Alan Ladd starred in his first Hollywood movie in 1932 and went on to act in 100 films, including many westerns. His most famous role, however, was as Shane in the 1953 movie of the same name.


Who is this reel and real cowboy star?

Not only was Audie Murphy a decorated war hero, he became a Hollywood star who appeared in westerns and in a movie about his wartime exploits entitled "To Hell and Back".


Which reliable-looking cowboy star is shown here?

Gregory Peck starred in more than 50 movies and TV series from 1944 to 1998. A standout among his western movies would be "The Gunfighter", released in 1950.


Which earnest-looking cowboy star is this one?

James Stewart had starred in many Hollywood movies before World War II. During the war, he famously served in the U.S. Air Force, flying bombing missions over Germany. It was on his return to Hollywood that his career in westerns took off with Stewart starring in some classics, including "The Man Who Shot Liberty Vance".


Which quiet-looking but tough cowboy star is this?

The ever-popular Sam Elliott made his film debut in the classic western, "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid." He went on to feature in many Hollywood roles as well as TV series and films, including the westerns, "The Shadow Riders" and "Yellow Rose".


Which highly respected cowboy star is shown here?

One of Hollywood's most respected actors, Burt Lancaster took on many a role, including those in westerns. He played Wyatt Earp in the 1957 classic, "The Gunfight At OK Corral".


And just who is this cowboy star?

Although lambasted by critics for being just a good looking leading man with no acting chops in his first few movies, Robert Taylor soon showed that he could indeed act. He went on to star in many westerns, including as Billy the Kid in the 1941 movie of the same name.


Can you name this dapper-looking cowboy star?

A campaigner for civil rights and a fine actor, Robert Ryan was active from 1940 to 1973. During this time, he acted in 91 movies and TV series, including the western classic, "The Day of the Outlaw".


Ciao, which cowboy star is this?

Italian actor Gian Maria Volontè is best known in U.S. movie circles for starring in Sergio Leone's "Fistful of Dollars" and "For a Few Dollars More".


Go ahead punk, name this cowboy star.

Clint Eastwood first made his mark in the western genre as Rowdy Yates on the show "Rawhide", but was catapulted to international stardom by Sergio Leone's "Dollars" trilogy. He has both starred in and directed a number of additional westerns throughout his life, including but not limited to "The Outlaw Josey Wales" and "The Unforgiven".


Which versatile cowboy star is this?

Rock Hudson was a prominent Hollywood actor from the 1950s to the 1970s. He acted in a range of movies, including many westerns at the beginning of his career, including "The Undefeated" with John Wayne in 1969.


Who is this cowboy star who can do comedy, drama, and action?

Jack Palance had a very successful Hollywood career but is probably best remembered as the leathered-faced old cowboy, Duke Washburn, in "City Slickers" in the 1990's.


When not playing Biblical characters, he becomes a cowboy star. Who's he?

Appearing in more than 100 films and certainly one of the most recognizable leading men to come out of Hollywood, Charlton Heston appeared in a number of Hollywood classics and took on legendary roles such as Moses in "The Ten Commandments." He also acted in westerns including "The Last Hard Men" and "The Mountain Men".


Which iconic cowboy star is shown in this image?

Robert Duvall has acted in Hollywood since the 1950s, taking on a variety of roles. As for westerns, people remember him as the thug who got to shoot John Wayne in "True Grit".


Which early Hollywood cowboy star is shown here?

Ben Johnson spent much of his early career as a double for many of Hollywood's greatest western actors, including John Wayne. His big break came in 1950 when John Ford cast him in "Wagon Master", Johnson went on to act in more than 300 movies.


Can you correctly identify this cowboy star?

A character actor in the 1960s and 1970s, Warren Oates is well known for his role in 1962's, "Ride the High Country" as well as "The Wild Bunch".


Who is this early Hollywood cowboy star?

One of the earliest Hollywood cowboys, Tom Mix started out as a member of various Wild West shows before shooting his first movie, "Ranch Life in the Great Southwest", in 1910. He also starred in many movies after this along with his horse, Tony.


Can you name this father figure of a cowboy star?

Henry Fonda started his acting career on Broadway before moving to Hollywood in the 1930s. Although Fonda starred in many different genres, westerns were ever-present throughout his career. He is remembered for the particular gait he used during his western scenes.


Who is this trusted cowboy star?

After serving in World War II, John Russel went into the world of acting. He is best remembered for the TV series, "Lawman," in the 1950s and in the Clint Eastwood classic, "Pale Rider".


Who is this silver screen cowboy?

Joel McCrea wanted to star in westerns but in the first few years of his Hollywood career, a part in them continued to elude him. When he was eventually cast, he went on to become one of Hollywood's great western actors. Perhaps his greatest appearance was in the Sam Peckinpah classic, "Ride the High Country" in 1962 with Randolph Scott.


Can you name this movie cowboy?

James Arness is known for his role in one of the longest-running TV shows of all time, "Gunsmoke".


When not racing cars, he's a cowboy star. Who is he?

One of Hollywood's best-loved leading men, Steven McQueen is known for classics such as "Bullit" and "The Great Escape." It was a role in the western, "The Magnificient Seven," in 1960, that really brought McQueen to the attention of the movie-going public.


Which small screen cowboy star is shown in this image?

Towards the end of his career, Dale Robertson appeared in a number of classic soap operas, including "Dynasty" and "Dallas". He made his name, however, in the 1950s in the TV series, "Tales of Wells Fargo", that aired for 201 episodes. Robertson was the fourth and final host of the anthology series "Death Valley Days" from 1968 to 1970,


Which versatile Hollywood cowboy star is this?

After studying acting and then having a few minor parts in small westerns, James Coburn got his big break starring in the 1960's with a role in "The Magnificent Seven". He went on to star in many more, including Sam Peckinpah's "Pat Garrett" and "Billy the Kid".


Which singing cowboy star is shown here?

Another singing cowboy, Gene Autry was very popular in Hollywood in the 1930s and 1940s and starred in many westerns. He is also responsible for writing some well know songs, including, "Here Comes Santa Claus". From 1950 through 1956 he hosted "The Gene Autry Show" television series.


Which western cowboy hero is this?

Brian Kieth had his first acting role at the age of 3. After World War II, in which he served, his acting career grew with many a role in a range of movies and westerns, such as "The Violent Men" and "Run of the Arrow".


What's the name of this very versatile cowboy film star?

Ward Bond started out his acting career as a lowly extra before legendary director John Ford gave him a starring role in 1929's, "Salute". He went on to appear in many more Ford movies, often with John Wayne. He ended his career with 273 acting credits. Among his most notable roles are Bert, the cop in "It's a Wonderful Life" (1946) and Captain Clayton in John Ford's "The Searchers".


Which swashbuckling onscreen cowboy star is this?

The swashbuckling Errol Flynn was a Hollywood favorite in the 1930s and 1940s. Although he acted in many action roles, his westerns included "Dodge City," "They Died With Their Boots On" and "Sante Fe Trail".


Can you correctly guess who is this cowboy star?

Richard Boone first started his acting career appearing in plays with occasional work in television. He made his first feature film in 1951 and quickly followed it up with numerous others, including many in the western genre. He famously starred in the TV series "Have Gun – Will Travel".


When not being a Rat Pack member, he's a cowboy star, who's he?

One of the members of Hollywood's famed Rat Pack, Dean Martin appeared in a range of movie genres, including westerns such as "One Came Running," with John Wayne in 1959.


What's the name of this cowboy actor?

Eric Fleming's movie career was struggling when he landed the role of trail boss Gil Favor in the 1960s western television show, "Rawhide". He starred on the show for seven seasons alongside Clint Eastwood, who was only 30 at the time.


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