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The beautiful Chevrolet El Camino, the unforgettable Dodge Charger, and the incredible Ford Fairlane. They all became classics through their impact, popularity, and collectibility. They're the cars you see in movies and television as well as on the local roads and highways. Which classic American car is your favorite?

Can you name a collection of award-winning American cars? Do you know the make of some of the most famous models ever created? Can you name the years of production on a car given its name? If that's too easy, do you think you know how many generations each car had? You'll need to know more than just the names of these iconic cars to ace this quiz!

If you know the name of the car, can you guess the body style that was used for it? Do you know which movie you would get a glimpse of the Plymouth Fury in? Do you know what the other name for a Pontiac Tempest is? Those might be easy, but can you name the car that shares a name with a game? Make sure you know your car history and interesting facts!

If you're a true car fanatic then this will be a breeze. Take the quiz to see how much you know about the cars that shaped America!

Which car's third generation body style was used on a NASCAR automobile?

The body of a Chevrolet Chevelle was used on a NASCAR automobile. The person who drove this model was Cale Yarborough who used it during the '70s.


The first Generation of Camaro was available in what year?

The first generation of the Camaro was available in 1967 and came in multiple styles, such as a convertible. The first generation was only built for three years.


Which cartoon character was in a commercial for the Plymouth Road Runner?

Wile E. Coyote was in the commercial for the Plymouth Road Runner. This makes sense because on television, he was always chasing after the real Road Runner, who also appeared in the spot.


The song "Fun, Fun, Fun" by The Beach Boys mentions which classic car?

The Ford Thunderbird is mentioned in the song "Fun, Fun, Fun" by The Beach Boys. The car is so iconic that it was produced from the 1950s up until 2005.


Is it true or false that the Plymouth Superbird was identical to the Road Runner?

This is false. The cars were similar but not identical. The Superbird was specifically designed and optimized for racing, whereas the Road Runner was not.


Which American car uses an F-body?

The Chevrolet Camaro uses an F-body. The car was first produced in the 1960s and newer versions are still in production today. You may remember this car as it was used in the movie, "Transformers."


Which movie used the 1958 Plymouth Fury?

"Christine" used the 1958 Plymouth Fury. The car was flashy and made a statement, produced in countless colors and styles that made each one unique.


Which car was remade in 2012?

The Ford Boss 302 Mustang was remade in 2012 for only one year since its first production in 1969. The car was used for racing and had signature stripes on its paint job.


Which of the following was a classic muscle car?

The 1970 Buick GSX was a classic muscle car that was competition for cars like the Plymouth Hemi Cuda. Color choices were limited, with only yellow and white as options.


In what year was the AMC Rebel first produced?

The AMC Rebel was first produced in 1967. The car was only made for three years but made a big impact on the automotive world with its special editions.


Which model was one of Oldsmobile's most successful?

The Cutlass was one of the most successful models for the brand. The iconic car had six generations that were produced for about 30 years, making it a classic.


Which car had five generations?

The Chevrolet Nova had five generations that started in the 1960s and ended in the 1980s. The car was available in many different styles which included everything from a convertible to a station wagon.


The Pontiac Tempest was later known as what?

The Pontiac Tempest went by this name for nine years before taking on the new name, "LeMans." The first generation of the car used a Y-body, later switching to an A-body.


Which car shares its name with a game?

The Dodge Dart shares its name with the game of darts. The car was first made in the 1960s and it even boasts its own rally car as well as versions made by Fiat.


Is it true or false that the Montego was made by AMC?

This is false. The Montego was actually made by Mercury in the 1960s. The car was available in styles such as the convertible or the wagon.


Is it true or false that the Rallye 350 was made by Oldsmobile?

This is true. The car was made in the 1970s and fewer than 4,000 of them were produced. It came in a flashy yellow color with black stripes on its hood.


Which of the following cars is a pony car?

The Plymouth Barracuda was a pony car. When the car was first made, it was manufactured with an A body, but in later generations, it had an E body which influenced its value today.


Which car won "Motor Trend Car of the Year" in 1968?

The Pontiac GTO won this award in 1968. The award is given out by Motor Trend Magazine. The car had been out for five years when it won the award.


Is it true or false that Hurst worked with Oldsmobile on the 442?

This is true. The Oldsmobile 442 used parts from Hurst. The two later teamed up to produce another version of the car. The Oldsmobile 442 was produced for about 16 years.


Is it true or false that a Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am was used in "Smokey and the Bandit"?

This is true. A Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am was used in "Smokey and the Bandit" and it was driven by Burt Reynolds. The car was first made in the late 1960s.


Which car debuted in the year of General Motors' 50th anniversary?

The Chevrolet Impala debuted in 1958, the same year that General Motors celebrated its 50th anniversary. The car has had ten generations and it is still being produced today.


Which creature is in the name of a car made by Shelby?

The Shelby Cobra was first made in the 1960s and went through a series of different styles and updates. The car ran using a V8 engine in the United States.


How many generations of the Hudson Hornet were there?

There were two generations of the Hudson Hornet, both of which were made in the 1950s. The car was also seen on the NASCAR racetrack.


Which of the following car names could be used to describe royalty?

The Buick Regal was a luxury car first produced in the 1970s. It is still being produced today, although it uses a different layout than its predecessors.


Is it true or false that there were ten generations of the Buick Skylark?

This is false. The Buick Skylark had a total of six generations which started in the 1950s. The car evolved throughout the years in terms of look and style.


Which of these cars used a C body?

The Cadillac DeVille used a C-body and the models from the '60s were especially unique with fins on the back. The fins were present for many generations after, although they were less prominent.


Which car is named for the estate of the manufacturer's founder?

The Ford Fairlane was named after Henry Ford's estate. The car was produced for about 20 years and made a statement with the flashy color combinations in which it came.


"The Dukes of Hazzard" featured which classic car?

The 1969 Dodge Charger was one of the stars of "The Dukes of Hazzard." The Charger in the show was named the "General Lee" and it was an orange powerhouse.


Which car has had ten generations?

The Lincoln Continental had ten generations since it was first produced in the 1930s. On the first model, the spare tire was on the back of the car.


Is it true or false that American Motors made a car called AMX?

This is true. The American Motors AMX was produced in the 1960s and it was a flashy sports car. It was even used on the race track!


Which of the following cars resembles a truck?

The 1973 Ford Ranchero 500 resembled a truck and it could be used in the same manner as a truck would be used. The back of the car had a bed that allowed for transporting items.


Which of these cars is a sports car?

The Dodge Viper was a sports car that was produced for more than 20 years. The car had a unique look to it and some versions even hit the race track.


Which model of car was made by Chevrolet?

The El Camino was a car produced by Chevrolet in the 1950s and '60s. The car was similar in style to the popular Ford Ranchero which acted as a truck/car hybrid.


Which of the following cars was first known as the Mercury Comet?

The 1969 Mercury Cyclone was first known as the Mercury Comet. The car went through a few name changes and the entire line was produced for just under ten years.


Is it true or false that the GMC Sprint is a luxury car?

This is false. Although the car had luxury options that could be added on, it was not a true luxury car. It was only produced under the name "Sprint" during the 1970s before the name changed to "Caballero."


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