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Canada is known for its many slang words, but phrases are just as common. Some, you can find in a few other parts of the world, but most are exclusive to Canada itself. You probably know the basics—can we get an "eh?" But there's much more to know! From the simple phrases that are often associated with Canada to the lesser-known ones, do you think you know all about them?

If you grew up in Canada, then you probably know a thing or two about these phrases. Most can be heard all over the country, but some are more regional, being used heavily in certain provinces or areas. One thing is true all around the country, however. Every conversation is never a dull moment! Many phrases will have you scratching your head while others might have you laughing, especially if you get the chance to hear some famous Rickyisms! Canadians treasure and take lots of pride in their unique phrases.

You know the country, but now it's time to learn the language. Do you think that you could communicate with Canadians? When you come back from your Timmies run, sit back on your Chesterfield and get ready to ace this quiz!

Who always seems to be "your uncle" when you're in Canada?

It may seem like in every person in Canada has an uncle named Bob, but it's just a common phrase. It means that whatever you did was no problem or easy. Did you complete this quiz in no time? Bob's your uncle!


Someone might live "out in the" what?

Living out in the boonies basically means that you live in a rural area that is considered to be the middle of nowhere. You might also hear the word "boondocks" used, as "boonies" is short for it.


Canadians will ask, "Could I please use the ________?" How does it end?

The way to say "bathroom" in Canada is the "washroom." Most often, you'll find signs in public buildings with the word "washroom" on them, but when speaking, the word "bathroom" can also be used without confusion.


You might often hear the phrase "She's a ______" in Canada, but do you know the ending of it?

"She's a beauty" usually means that the object in question is nice-looking. For example, if you just bought yourself a new vehicle, a friend might say that "she's a beauty." If it was said anywhere else, they might think you're speaking of a person.


If you want something to drink, this is the place that you have to go to. Can you fill in the blank of this sentence "I'm off to buy some bottles at the _________?

This is a fun way to say the LCBO, which is a liquor store in the country. It's only in the province of Ontario, so this is a regional phrase that is used. It's fun to call it the Lick-bo rather than saying each of those letters!


Canadians have probably heard this sentence once in their life. "Have a seat on the _______," is missing which word?

In Canada, a couch is often referred to as a Chesterfield. It doesn't have to refer to a specific brand, but can be used for any type of couch. Many great naps have been had by Canadians on the Chesterfield!


What's missing from this phrase, "Can you get me a __________?"

As you probably know, Tim Horton's is a big deal in Canada. The double-double is a coffee with two parts milk and two parts of sugar, but ordering this way anywhere else in the world would surely cause some confusion!


Can you tell what word is missing from the phrase "The ______ are riding in the parade tonight?"

The Mounties are Canadian icons! Members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, they're known for many things such as their work with crime, but also for their involvement with Canadian events. One fun event is the Musical Ride!


"Pretty cool,_____," is something you might hear, but do you know how it ends?

"Eh" is used in many ways, but here, it's used looking for agreement. This word is so versatile that it can be used in almost any situation. There's nothing like throwing a good "eh" at the end of a sentence to let everyone know you're from the north!


The sentence: "I hope the ______ win tonight" needs which word to complete it?

A short way to say "les habitants," the Habs are better known as the Montreal Canadiens. This French word isn't exclusive to the hockey team, but is commonly heard when in Quebec. After all, it's the only team from the large province.


"Go to the _______ and we'll meet inside" is missing what word to make it work?

Often found at malls or other large buildings, what many know simply as a parking lot is called a "parkade" in Canada. The only other place in the world known to use this term is South Africa. A trip there could allow for this Canadian term!


"It'll only cost you a ________" is missing which of the following words?

The loonie is an important coin for Canadians who love to pop into a corner store and grab a quick snack. Often, it'll only cost you a loonie or a toonie to get something at the store. Kids often use them in toy dispensers as well!


You're absolutely certain about something, so you say "for _____." Can you fill in the blank?

Ask a Canadian if they can help you out and you might get the answer, "for sure," with the occasional "bud" on the end. It can also be used in other situations such as in response to a phrase like "be safe," as a way to say that they will. They do say that Canadians are polite, after all!


"You gotta ______, bud" is missing which word?

"Give'r" is used to tell someone to take off fast on a vehicle. You'll probably hear it most often when you're out for a rip with some friends. But one important thing that you should do is give'r responsibly!


McDonald's goes by many names in Canada. "Rotten ______" is missing which of the following?

Tell someone in Canada you're going to Rotten Ronnie's and they may ask you to pick them up a little something. Tell someone elsewhere in the world you're going and they might think you're speaking of a person! In Quebec, they like to call the restaurant "McDo's" instead.


People of Quebec might say: "Run on down to the _____ and get some milk." Can you guess which word goes in the blank?

In Quebec, corner stores are known best as the "depanneur." That's where the shortened version of "the dep" comes from. It's more of a regional term which is most commonly heard and associated with Quebec.


Don't forget to pay your _____ bill. What is missing from this sentence?

Hydro is the word that Canadians use for electricity. Instead of a "power/electricity bill" it's a "hydro bill," just as a "telephone pole" is known as "hydro pole." Most electricity companies in the country have the word hydro within the name.


This sentence is missing which word? "Want to come over for May _________ weekend?"

May two-four is a Canadian holiday celebrating Victoria Day, but that's not all. "Two-four" also refers to the case of 24 beers that is usually consumed on this holiday. If you're Canadian, then you probably don't forget to pick up a two-four for two-four!


This party gets wild. What is the ending of "stag and _____?"

Taking on other names elsewhere, a stag and doe is something that an engaged couple throws to raise money for their dream wedding. While not an obligation, it's nice to put a few dollars toward the happy couple's union.


Your mother might have told you to "put your _______ on." What is it?

With your warm winter hat on that Americans know as a beanie, you probably went to school or played with friends in the snow for hours. There's nothing different about a toque than a beanie, other than its unique name!


If Sally is trying too hard, you might say "Sally is a _______." What is missing?

Keener usually isn't used in a polite fashion in Canada and is more said to describe someone who an American might call a "try-hard." Often, you'll find keeners in school, but they can also be in the workplace as well.


Which Canadian province is missing from the phrase "worst case ________?"

Many Canadians are fans of the TV show "The Trailer Park Boys," which is known for creating new terms picked up around Canada called "Rickyisms." "Worst case Ontario" is just one of these terms, which of course means "worst-case scenario."


This tool is known as "pencil ______" in Canada, but it's sure to turn some heads anywhere else. Can you fill in the missing word?

The rest of the world uses "colored pencils" but Canada is all about the "pencil crayon." If we used the American term, it might still turn heads for its spelling, which would be "coloured pencils." You can't forget that treasured "u" when you're up north!


The missing word from the sentence, "Can you pass me a _____," is what?

Though there's nothing pointy about it, a dart means cigarette in Canada. If this was said anywhere else, someone could take it to mean that you're actually looking to play darts.


Canada's capital is also known by a unique name. "I'm taking a trip to ________" needs which word?

Bytown is another name used for Ottawa, Ontario. The city is the capital of the entire country and it was an official name at one time. Built around the Rideau Canal many years ago, the city is also home to Parliament Hill.


In the summer, this is one treat that all Canadians love. "Grab a cold _______," is a phrase that is missing which word?

Freezies in Canada are what other places know as freeze pops. They're the same thing, just using different names. People might show their confusion in other places if you ask for a freezie, but there's not much else that it could be!


Can you fill in the blank of this sentence, "David ______ you?"

"Chirp" is a word most commonly used in Ontario to say that someone is teasing. "Josh chirped you at the party the other day!" is one way of using the word. It can also be used alone, such as "Did you chirp them?"


A Canadian might say, "Jason is a ______." Can you fill in the blank?

This is a term used for one of Canada's most popular sports, hockey. It refers to people who spend all of their free time on the ice or at the arena. No matter what, you can't separate them from the game or the ice!


How does the phrase, "just out for a _______," end?

Going out for a rip means many things. To start, you've probably got your buddies by your side and you're just out there to have fun. You can take anything, from a car or truck to an ATV or a snowmobile.


You're making a turn, so which word is missing from "hang a _______?"

Going left? Then you're hanging a Larry when in Canada. Want to go right instead? Then you'll hang a Roger. While it's not known how these two names came to mean these turns, it sure is fun to say when helping someone navigate!


"How many ______ are you going?" The missing word in this phrase is what?

If you're Canadian, you've probably heard this term once while driving. When in Canada, speed is measured in kilometers per hour, and "klicks" is just a shorter way to say it. Make sure you always follow the klicks on the sign!


Another way to ask, "How are you?" the phrase, "What you ______?" needs which word to fill in the blank?

Forget what you learned in English class, this phrase doesn't need it! Simply saying: "What you sayin'?'" to a Canadian doesn't tell them to repeat anything but asks them what they're doing. Hopefully, they don't reply with the dreaded answer, "nothin'!"


"I'm going on a ________," is something that a coworker might say to you. Do you know how it finishes?

If you go on a Timmies run and bring your coworkers back something, you'll probably get yourself a promotion. There's nothing like chowing down on some Timbits and drinking coffee to make your workday a little brighter.


In Ontario, you can visit "the _______." What word is missing?

This term was made famous by Drake, who is from Toronto, but there are many reasons for it taking on this name. One area code in the city is "416" while there are also 6 different boroughs. It's also known by countless other names such as T.O. and T-dot.


A friend tells you a hilarious story and you respond with, "That's _____." What is the ending?

"That's jokes" may sound like it's reiterating what the entire point was, but in Canada it's a great way to respond to something funny. A Canadian might be kicked back and watching a hilarious movie right now saying, "That's jokes" to a friend!


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