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Canada is a country full of great people who are well-educated. While our citizens may be quite smart in many areas, sometimes it can be hard to know things about your own country! As the prime minister, it's important to know all about not only the government but of the people and places that you're in charge of. Do you think you know more than the Prime Minister of Canada?

As citizens, we elect the prime minister we feel would be the best fit for the office. You may vote for someone based on many things, including their knowledge of the country. To do the job, the prime minister needs to know a lot about the country. It can take more than just a Canadian history class to do that! Other important things include important people, the geography of the country and the many symbols that represent Canada and its provinces and territories. This job is only for the most dedicated Canadian citizens who are committed to making the country better.

Do you have knowledge that could put the prime minister to shame? Then there's only one thing left to do. Prove it by getting a great score on this quiz!

Which province or territory does not have an official tartan?

Every region in Canada has a regional tartan, except for Nunavut. The province can always use the Maple Leaf tartan which symbolizes all of Canada if they wish! There is also a day dedicated to the tartans used all around the country.


Do you know which group of people touched Canada before Jacques Cartier did?

If you've heard of the name Leif Erikson, then you already know a little about this. Along with a group of other Vikings, Leif stepped foot in Canada and gave it the name "Vinland." In fact, you can still find remnants of Viking settlements around the east coast of Canada.


It takes more than one type to run the country. How many levels of government are there in the country?

There are three levels of government within the country, each with its purpose and function. The federal government deals with things affecting the nation as a whole. The provincial/territorial governments work on regional matters that affect their area, and the​ municipal government is all about the city.


Which "kitchen" word is used for the ministry in Canada?

The Cabinet is formed out of members of the party in power to create an upper-level team of executives that are in charge of different sections of the government. For example, one minister will be the Minister of Foreign Affairs, while another might take on the role of the Minister of National Defense.


There has been one female prime minister in Canada's entire history. Who is she?

Taking office for only 132 days after Prime Minister Brian Mulroney announced his retirement, Kim Campbell made Canadian history for her time as prime minister. Since her term, which lasted only until the next election, Canada has not had another female prime minister.


We all know the popularity of hockey within the country, but which sport was invented by a Canadian?

Canada is known for a few sports, like hockey and lacrosse, which are both recognized as our national sports. What many don't know is that in the late 1800s, Canadian James Naismith invented basketball!


Can you name the longest-serving prime minister of the country?

William Lyon Mackenzie King made history in Canada, having been elected three times as prime minister throughout his political career. While these terms were not all back-to-back, he spent more than 21 years as prime minister. He was a member of the Liberal Party of Canada.


Don't get them confused with the territories! Which province was the last to join the Confederation?

At one time, there were only a few provinces within the country. Newfoundland was the last to join in 1949, making it the last of the provinces. However, the latest territory to join was Nunavut, which only became part of the country in 1999.


Most names have an origin and Canada is no exception. From what word is the name "Canada" derived?

"Kanata" is an indigenous word from which Canada got its name. In Ontario, there is also a town named "Kanata." The word means "village," which is a nice way to describe Canada as a country. It's like one huge village!


Which city with a funny name is in Canada?

Medicine Hat is in Alberta, but it isn't the only city in the country with an interesting name. Moose Jaw isn't hard to guess as a Canadian city as it has the moose, which Canada is known for, in it's name!


The Royal Anthem of Canada is different than the national anthem. What is its title?

Since the queen is our head of state, Canada honors her and the rest of the royal family through this anthem. Though it's not one that you'll hear often, it's mostly used when the royal family is in Canada.


Throughout history, Canada has had many important people. Who was Laura Secord?

Everyone in Canada has learned about the famous Laura Secord in school. If you haven't, then you've at least tasted the chocolate named after her. She was a loyal civilian who warned British Forces of an American attack, and she traveled through danger and harsh conditions on foot to do it.


It's hard to miss this! What is a "Heritage Minute"?

If you've lived in Canada for a while, then you've probably seen one or two of these short clips. They're a great way to get a small taste of Canada's history if you didn't pay attention in school! They include bits on Canada's discovery and famous Canadians, to name a few.


Canadians have come up with some interesting and useful items. Which of these inventions​ is Canadian?

According to the inventor, Alexander Graham Bell, the telephone was invented in Canada. His invention is one for which we all need to give thanks for many reasons. Later in his life, Bell lived in Nova Scotia, and he died there.


Once an important part of our daily lives, when was the penny discontinued in Canada?

The penny has been around since the 1800s in Canada, and it's still around today despite having been discontinued. Though production stopped in 2012, the penny was still distributed until a year later. Everything is now rounded up or down — $2.51 would be rounded down to $2.50, for example.


Can you name the province that once drove on the left side of the road?

While today we drive on the right side of the road, it wasn't always done this way in British Columbia. The change took place on New Year's Day 1922. Everyone at that time braced themselves for the worst, but the best case scenario is what actually happened!


They're here to protect the country. How many branches of the Canadian military are there?

The official name of Canada's military is the Canadian Armed Forces, which is made up of three different branches. The Royal Canadian Navy, the Canadian Army and the Royal Canadian Air Force are all important to the safety and freedom of everyone in the country.


It's one of the most important symbols of our country. When was the Canadian flag adopted?

The subject of adopting an official Canadian flag became important to the nation in the mid-1960s. The only flag used before that was the Union Jack. Using the official colors of the country, the current flag was designed by George Stanley.


Who chooses which senators are to be appointed to the Senate?

While the prime minister chooses the people who they feel would be most qualified to serve in the Senate. After the prime minister makes recommendations, the governor general appoints them to the Senate.


This term is one of the shortest in Canadian history. Which prime minister is known for serving only 68 days?

A member of the Conservative Party, Sir Charles Tupper became prime minister for a short time after Mackenzie Bowella resigned. There were a few other prime ministers who were in office for less than a year, such as Joe Clark and John Turner.


In which area of the country is the Royal Canadian Mounted Police not the primary police force?

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is the main police force in a few provinces and territories. Within Ontario, the Ontario Provincial Police is the main force, but the RCMP can still conduct certain activities as well.


What is the longest bridge in Canada?

It might feel like an eternity when crossing this bridge, and it just might be! At more than 12 kilometers, the bridge connects Prince Edward Island to New Brunswick. With this connection, the trip between the two provinces is quite easy.


How long is the typical term of a prime minister?

Every four years, a federal election takes place in Canada, and the prime minister can lose this position through a vote. Prior to 2007, this was much different. A prime minister could stay in office for as long as they chose to stay.


What important event is all about the love of everything Western?

The Calgary Stampede is one event in Canada that most people don't want to miss. Cowboys and cowgirls from around the world visit Canada to compete and watch this exciting event. It's more than a rodeo; it also has all of the amenities of a fair.


It's one of the most commonly used systems in the world. What system of measurement is used in Canada?

Though the metric system is what we now use, this wasn't always the case. It was only introduced to Canada in the early 1970s under the term of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Before this, Canada, as part of the Commonwealth, used the British imperial system


Canada is a large country. How many time zones does it have?

Canada has six time zones from coast to coast. One province that proves to be a little tricky at times is Saskatchewan. While it is technically under Mountain time, the majority of the province uses Central time instead.


Of the following companies, do you know which one is Canadian?

Starting off as a fur-trading company, Hudson's Bay Company has evolved into a company that owns many of the stores we see throughout shopping malls around the country today. One great example is their main franchise, The Bay.


Canada is one of the countries that is considered to have the most of which of the following?

Canada is known for being home to many lakes⁠ — more than 31,000 of them are considered major lakes. These include the five Great Lakes and thousands of other smaller lakes all around the country. The largest lake by area in Canada is Lake Superior, which is also one of the Great Lakes. Some sources cite Finland as having the most official lakes, but that's a debate we won't get into here!


When might the potential prime minister's name appear on your ballot during a vote?

While in federal elections, you don't specifically vote for the prime minister that you want in office, certain people around the country do. If the potential prime minister is a representative of the riding that you're in, then their name will be on your ballot.


Provinces have capitals and so does the country. Can you name Canada's capital?

If you thought it was Toronto, you're not alone! While Toronto is one of the more popular Canadian cities and the capital of Ontario, Ottawa is the true capital of the country. It's an important one for the prime minister to know as well because that's where they go to work!


Look closely; it might not be who you think. Who do you vote for in a federal election?

While the largest purpose of a federal election is to elect the next prime minister, this is done through voting for the member of Parliament you choose for your area. However, the leader of that party is also an MP in their own jurisdiction.


Which of the following is not a political party in Canada?

There are many different political parties in the nation, though the two main parties are the Conservatives and the Liberals. Other parties include the Bloc Quebecois, the People's Party of Canada and the Green Party of Canada.


There are many types used throughout the world, but what type of government is Canada under?

Canada is under a Constitutional Monarchy, which in short means that it is ruled by a monarch. Despite being ruled by the queen, she doesn't have much to do. In the case of an absolute monarchy, she would have the ability to rule everything about Canada.


Do you know who is considered to be Canada's head of state?

Queen Elizabeth II is the sovereign of Canada, and considered Canada's Head of State. The Queen grants Canada the right to hold our own government under her power, but could potentially take back that power if she chose to.


What is the provincial flower of Saskatchewan?

Found throughout the province, the lily is a beautiful flower that is protected by the government. In fact, most symbols or representative plants and animals in Canada are typically under such protection.


As a Canadian, it's important to know all about the government and how it functions. What is a majority government in Canada?

A majority government is one that is most commonly held by the party in power. What it specifically refers to is the party which holds the most seats in the House of Commons. This means that the number of seats held by the party must be more than half.


With a few requirements, how long must someone live in Canada before they can apply for citizenship?

Three years is the minimum that you must live in Canada before applying for citizenship. While this is the time frame you must wait before you can apply, there are a few other steps you must complete before you are an official citizen. One requirement is to score at least 15 out of 20 on the citizenship test.


Which country is the only one in the world that is larger than Canada?

It's hard to beat Canada at many things, but Russia beats it in size. There is a difference of about 8 million square kilometers between Canada and Russia, and Russia also has a much larger population than Canada.


There are a few places where this can happen. But of the following, where is one place where a bill in the government can originate?

There are two places where this can happen, in the Senate and in the House of Commons. No matter where the bill comes from, it still must go through numerous readings before it can be given Royal Assent. Once it achieves this, it becomes a law!


Which of the following provinces and territories has​ never had an MP go on to become a prime minister?

Prime ministers have been from all different areas of the country, but none has ever hailed from Newfoundland. A large number of the 23 prime ministers who have served Canada have come from either Ontario or Quebec.


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