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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has given us some of the greatest summer blockbusters of all time, creating a multibillion-dollar film series that's had fans following it for over a decade. "The Avengers" movies have some of the best comic book characters ever brought to life. With over 20 movies that include Avengers characters, we get crossovers, cameos and storylines that keep us interested and make us want more. 

For those fans who didn't follow the comic books, we first heard of the Avengers initiative in 2008, when Nick Fury (played by Samuel L. Jackson) showed up in a post-credit scene, and we were excited to see more. Soon, the series of films took flight, and things went crazy. The only year we didn't have a stand-alone film or "Avengers" film with one of these MCU characters was 2009, and for 11 years, these characters have practically become part of our families.

If you are an MCU fan, you can probably spot your favorite characters no matter what kind of hairstyle they have or how their costumes changed. However, do you know which "Avengers" movie these changes occurred in? Take this quiz to see if you can guess which "Avengers" movie we're talking about (don't worry, we'll show you a screenshot). SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't seen all four "Avengers" movies, you will probably want to put this quiz on hold for a minute.

Can you name the movie in which we see an aged Captain America?

Captain America takes one more journey back in time at the end of "Avengers: Endgame" and doesn't come back (well not the way we expected). It turns out that Cap went ahead and stayed behind to spend time with the love of his life.


Do you remember which movie had Vision, Iron Man and Thor all taking on the villain at the same time?

Ultron was the most powerful villain that the human race had ever seen up to that point. He was the culmination of all intelligence and power that the human race could muster, so it took quite a bit to take him down.


Can you name the film in which Thor lets himself go a bit?

After spiraling into a depression, we next see Thor hanging out with some old friends, drinking a bit too much and ultimately letting himself go. It appears as though he's gone a few years without brushing his hair, as well.


In the post-credits of this film, we see the first reference to Captain Marvel. Can you name the film?

While everyone who followed the comics knew that Captain Marvel would show up at some point or another, those who only followed the movies had to look up the symbol that was shown during the end credits scene of "Infinity War".


Hulk smash! In which movie did he smash Loki up pretty badly?

Hulk is the kind of character who doesn't care if people get in their funny one-liners before attacking. During the Battle of New York, Loki tries to stop Hulk and the Avengers from fighting at all, as they are annoying him. Before Loki can finish his monologue, Hulk grabs him and smashes him into the floor several times.


Ant-Man's daughter was very important to him. Can you name the movie where he is finally reunited with her after five years?

Though the Ant-Man movies weren't projected to make a lot of money, they've come into their own and gained quite the following. Audiences loved seeing Ant-Man's interaction with his daughter, so seeing them reunite in "Endgame" was just the right amount of drama for us.


The Hulk is impossible to control, until Bruce Banner says the memorable line, "I'm always angry." Do you remember which movie has this line?

As an attempt to give Bruce Banner some control over the Hulk, writers decided to have the scientist control his feelings, and the only way to do that is to have incredibly high blood pressure at all times, allowing him to turn into the Hulk whenever he wants ... until he can't.


Peter Parker meets Captain Marvel in which movie?

Spider-Man is still young and learning new things. He thinks that things are cool and looks at being an Avenger with wide eyes. When he meets Captain Marvel during the battle, he is both amazed and in awe of her.


Can you name the movie that has the "nice hulk" in it?

In the comics, Bruce Banner merges with the Hulk and Gray Hulk to create Professor Hulk. In the MCU, we see a different iteration of that, where we see Banner creating balance between himself and the Hulk to create an intelligent being with brute strength.


The Scarlet Witch wasn't always a friendly character. Can you name the movie that has her first appearance?

In "Avengers: Age of Ultron" we get our first taste of the true power that comes from the Scarlet Witch. She gets into the heads of every single Avenger and puts different frightening visuals in front of them, nearly destroying the team.


Can you name the movie in which Nebula and Tony play paper football?

On a ship that's dying, heading off into the nothingness, Tony and Nebula pass the time by playing paper football and bonding. It's the beginning of the movie, where we see the Avengers even closer to being completely destroyed.


This isn't technically an "Avengers" movie, but it is considered the beginning of the timeline. Which movie is it?

When you consider the timeline for the "Avengers" movies, you have to go all the way back to the first Captain America movie. Although it was the fifth movie to be released, it begins decades before the other "Avengers" movies were set.


Ant-Man didn't meet the Avengers in an "Avengers" movie. In which movie did he first appear with them?

"Captain America: Civil War" breaks up the Avengers and Cap has to build a new team. When Ant-Man meets Cap, he melts into fanboy jitters and says "I know you know a lot of super people, so uh, thinks for thanking of me."


In which film do we see the villain attempt to turn an entire city into a bomb?

During the Battle of Sokovia, the Avengers attempt to stop Ultron from wiping out the entire population of the planet. He plans to do so by lifting the city high and making it crash into the Earth as though it were a giant asteroid.


Which "Avengers" movie includes time travel?

In the final installment of the "Avengers" movies, we see a very intelligent and in-depth discussion about time travel. However, the smartest minds on the team actually figure out how to go back to the past in order to rework their present.


"I'm a big fan of how you lose control and turn into an enormous green rage monster" is a line Tony Stark says to Bruce Banner in which movie?

When Tony Stark first meets Bruce Banner, he talks about how important Banner's work is, but then goes on to make fun of the fact that Banner cannot control the monster that is inside him.


We think Thor defeats Thanos in this tense scene in which movie?

During the Battle of Wakanda, Thor finds Thanos and attacks him with Stormbreaker (the ax). He plunges Stormbreaker into Thanos's chest, but it is not enough. Thor should have aimed for the head.


Some of the Avengers try to lift Thor's hammer as a little party game in which movie?

Comic book fans love this scene because it stays true to the characters. While most of the characters who attempt to lift the hammer have no success, Captain America actually makes it move a little, and Black Widow opts out of trying.


We lose quite a few Avengers when Thanos snaps his fingers, but which movie shows us Hawkeye's entire family disappearing?

While the majority of the characters taken by The Snap turn to dust in "The Avengers: Infinity War," we actually don't even see Hawkeye until "Endgame" begins. The opening scene acts as a friendly reminder that half of the universe was just wiped out.


In this film, we think that Iron Man is dead, but Hulk screams in his face and wakes him up. Which film is it?

In a moment that is supposed to be peaceful and a little sad, we watch Captain America, Thor and Hulk stand over Iron Man. Suddenly, Hulk lets out a terrifying bellow and Tony Stark's eyes shoot open, giving a little bit of comic relief.


The Avengers take on the Chitauri in New York in which film?

The crazy alien race that invades New York in "The Avengers" seems nearly unbeatable. That's why it takes the Avengers (not including the Guardians of the Galaxy) and each of their special skills to defeat them.


Can you name the film that shows us Thanos sacrificing Gamora for a stone?

Thanos will stop at nothing to get all of the Infinity Stones. As a matter of fact, he even sacrifices his own daughter to retrieve the Soul Stone. This is a heartbreaking moment for fans, and it seems to tear Thanos apart as well.


Can you name the "Avengers" movie in which Captain America fights Captain America?

When Captain America travels back in time to retrieve Loki's scepter, he meets his past self, who believes that future Cap is Loki in disguise. He then has to battle himself until future Cap tells past Cap about Bucky.


Hulk fights Iron Man in this Avengers film. Which one is it?

Writers have had a difficult time adapting the Hulk to the big screen, mostly because the character is supposed to be a wild card. However, in the beginning of "Age of Ultron" we see Iron Man try to take him on.


In which movie does Drax say that he's mastered the ability to become invisible by standing still?

In an odd but funny moment, we see Drax the Destroyer interrupt Gamora and Star-Lord's touching moment by munching on something crunchy. He realizes he's not invisible when Mantis comes in and says hello to him.


Black Widow has a connection with Bruce Banner at a party in which "Avengers" movie?

During a party at Tony Stark's place, we see Black Widow connect with Bruce Banner, hinting that she has a thing for him. Banner, being oblivious to the hints, simply brushes it off, until Cap tells him what's going on.


Captain America gives Hulk the command to smash in which movie?

The catchphrase is commonly heard from Hulk fans around the world, but when we first heard Captain America say it in the first "Avengers" movie, every Hulk fan smiled and/or cheered in the theaters.


When Thor meets rocket, he calls him a rabbit. Which movie is this?

Though Rocket gets a little irritated with Thor misidentifying him, he does like Thor's compliment about being a noble leader. He ends up going on a journey with Thor to get a new weapon made and helping him along the way.


Spider-Man gets his new suit in which "Avengers" film?

Peter Parker latches on to an alien space ship that is headed out of the atmosphere. Unfortunately, Peter doesn't have oxygen, but lucky for him, Iron Man unlocks 17-A and the suit comes to save the day in an awesome scene.


Bruce Banner awkwardly bows to T'Challa in this movie. Can you name it?

When Bruce Banner first arrives in Wakanda and meets T'Challa, he looks around and starts to bow. Everyone looks at him like he's crazy, and T'Challa politely explains that no one does that there.


Rocket Raccoon and Bucky Barnes meet for the first time in which film?

Rocket and Bucky seem to get along just fine. Rocket is a big fan of Bucky's arm, though he's always had an interest in prosthetic appendages. Bucky and Rocket fight together to defeat Thanos's army.


Do you remember the movie that included this sucker punch?

After an intense battle scene in which Hulk and Thor battle aliens in New York, they land in a station. Just as Thor is about to say something, Hulk punches him out of the camera shot, without looking. It's a nice moment of comedic relief during the intense battle.


In which "Avengers" movie do we see Thanos kill Loki?

We've seen Loki "die" several times, but his death is finalized in "Infinity War" when Loki tries to kill Thanos by tricking him. Loki pledges his undying fidelity to Thanos right before attempting to stick a dagger in his throat.


Do you remember which movie shows Pepper Potts revealing to Agent Coulson that she knows about the Avengers?

In the first "Avengers" film, Agent Coulson interrupts Tony and Pepper celebrating. Pepper asks Coulson if the situation is about the Avengers, then immediately corrects herself, saying "which I know nothing about."


In which movie does Thanos break Captain America's shield?

During an intense battle, we see Thanos hacking into Cap's shield. It's a frightening moment, as we realize that one of the major forces that protects Captain America is being torn to bits like paper.


In which "Avengers" does Stan Lee play a school bus driver for his cameo?

Stan Lee loved doing cameos in MCU movies. In "Avengers: Infinity War" Lee plays Peter Parker's school bus driver when the children see the space ship for the first time. He even has a full line in the movie.


Thanos almost apologizes to Nebula in which movie?

Unfortunately, Thanos doesn't get the chance to repent for being a terrible father to Nebula, because Thor finally aims for the head and finishes off the supervillain for good ... until they go back in time.


Rhodey tells the story that ends with "Boom! You lookin' for this?" in which "Avengers" movie?

At the party at Tony Stark's house, we see Rhodey hanging out with most of the other Avengers. Talking to his friends, he tells the story of retrieving a tank for the government, and no one seems to think he's funny.


Vision steals War Machine's glory in this movie. Can you name it?

War Machine (Rhodey) is Iron Man's sidekick. He works hard to defend the people of Earth in the Battle of Sokovia. When he goes to attack the robotic power suits, Vision comes along and tears through them without a problem, leaving War Machine a little confused.


Stan Lee's cameo in this movie has him talking smack to Thor. Which movie is it?

Stan Lee's cameo in "Avengers: Age of Ultron" shows him as a World War II veteran. When Thor breaks out a potent drink he claims is for no mortal man, we hear the veteran tell Thor that Omaha Beach wasn't for mere mortals either.


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