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Think you know a lot about the characters from the hit sitcom "Friends?" Then you're in the right place!

Rachel was the spoiled one, Monica was the responsible one and Phoebe was the day-dreaming one. As for the guys, Ross was the intelligent one, Chandler was the witty one and Joey was the macho one. For ten seasons, these characters formed a bond with viewers that has been nearly unparalleled in television history. Watching them interact with each other, live and love, and make us laugh like never before, ensures that this sitcom will remain a Netflix-and-chill binge favorite for years to come.

A whopping 236 episodes also ensured that we have material for quizzes for decades!

Who knows which Friend worked as a butt double, which Friend has a monkey, who dated Janice and which two Friends got married (wait, there were more than two, right?) Can you name each characters' last name? How many famous guest stars do you remember? If you can answer each of these questions, then this quiz is for you.

Put those almost 5,000 viewing hours (yup, we did the math) to good use with this quiz, and see how much you absorbed!

Whose biggest pet peeve is animals dressed up as humans?

When Chandler and Joey claimed they knew more about Monica and Rachel than Monica and Rachel knew about themselves, the game was on. Ross created the questions and officiated. When asked what Monica's pet peeve was, Joey answered correctly.


Who stays in a wooden box for six hours to earn Joey's forgiveness?

After kissing Kathy, Chandler agrees to be locked in a wooden box, on Thanksgiving, to prove he's sorry. Six hours later, Joey allows him out.


Who does Mr. Heckles leave all his possessions to when he dies?

Mr. Heckles lived in the apartment below Monica and Rachel.


Who doesn't share food?

When Joey goes out with Phoebe's friend Sarah, she eats off his plate. Since Joey doesn't share food, this was the kiss of death for their potential relationship.


Who has a twin sister named Ursula?

You might recognize Ursula Buffay, Phoebe's identical twin sister, from the TV show "Mad About You." The Ursula character was a waitress, but also, as we learn when Phoebe is mistaken for her, a porn actress. According to "Mad About You," Ursula eventually went on to become the governor of New York.


During his wedding ceremony to Emily, Ross says who's name at the altar?

As he's marrying Emily, Ross, while reciting his marriage vows, says the name "Rachel" instead of "Emily." Emily says they can stay together, as long as Ross cuts Rachel out of his life. We know how that worked out!


Who marries Mike Hannigan?

Joey, who has forgotten he's supposed to set Phoebe up on a blind date, chooses a random person named Mike in the coffee shop, instead. They eventually get married.


Who plays Dr. Drake Ramoray, in a fictional version of "Days of Our Lives?"

It's Joey who plays Dr. Drake Ramoray, a neurosurgeon on the fictional version of the soap opera, "Days of Our Lives."


Whose sister thinks Phoebe's name is Emma?

Christina Applegate guest stars as Amy Green, one of Rachel's sisters. She calls Phoebe, "Emma," and thinks that "Phoebe" is "a funny noise." And the actual Emma? She first thinks Ross and Rachel's daughter is a boy named Emmett. Then she thinks her name is Emily.


Who spends $1,000 on a purebred Sphynx cat?

In season five, Rachel buys a hairless cat, which reminds her of a cat her grandma had. Rachel and her cat don't end up getting along very well, and in the end, Gunther buys the cat.


What is Ross' monkey's name?

Marcel, Ross's white-headed capuchin monkey from season one, liked to bop along with the song "The Lion Sleeps Tonight."


Who's a surrogate for her half-brother and his wife?

During the fourth season of the show, Phoebe decides to help her brother Frank Jr. and his wife start a family. She agrees to be their surrogate mother. She carries and gives birth to triplets Leslie, Frank Jr. Jr. and Chandler.


What's Janice's signature catchphrase?

Janice, introduced to the group when she and Chandler begin dating, has a habit of dropping the line, "Oh. My. Gawd," in her best nasally voice. "Could you BE more sarcastic?" is Chandler's signature one-liner in the first few seasons.


Who changes her name to Princess Consuela Bananahammock after getting married?

After Phoebe marries Mike Hannigan, she changes her name; eventually to "Phoebe Buffay-Hannigan" but first to "Princess Consuela Bananahammock." Mike, in response, changes his name to "Crap Bag."


Whose middle name is Muriel?

Muriel, we find out, is Chandler's middle name. "Chandler Muriel Bing," says Ross to Chandler. "Boy, your parents never even gave you a chance, did they?"


Chandler tries a hypnosis tape to quit smoking, but it tells him something unexpected. What is it?

To help him quit smoking, Chandler uses a hypnosis tape that tells him, "You are falling fast asleep. Deeper. Deeper. Deeper. You are now completely asleep. You don’t need to smoke. Cigarettes don’t control you. You are a strong, confident woman, who does not need to smoke. A strong, confident woman."


Who makes an English trifle with "beef sauteed with peas and onions" for Thanksgiving at Monica's?

Rachel's trifle includes: ladyfingers, jam, custard, raspberries, beef sauteed with peas and onions, bananas, and then whipped cream on top. Does it really "taste like feet," though?


Who is Regina Phalange?

"Regina Phalange" is Phoebe's alter ego. She used this alias first while calling over to England during Ross' wedding.


Who officiates both Monica and Chandler's wedding and Phoebe and Mike's wedding?

Joey, in preparation for Monica and Chandler's wedding, gets ordained over the internet to officiate at their ceremony. When the day comes, he's working and ends up officiating while still in costume from his war movie.


Charles Bing has a burlesque show called "Viva Las Gaygas." What is Chandler's dad's stage name?

Chandler's father, Charles Bing, is a drag queen played by Kathleen Turner who performs as "Helena Handbasket" in a show called "Viva Las Gaygas." They reconcile just before Monica and Chandler's wedding.


What's the name of the company that makes the cheesecakes that Rachel and Chandler eat?

The first was accidentally delivered to them, but after that Rachel and Chandler can't stop themselves from stealing cheesecakes that are supposed to be delivered to Mrs. Braverman, a neighbor who lives in Chandler and Monica's building.


According to Ross in the "pivot" episode, he and Rachel "did it" how many times?

Chandler Bing's career is in statistical analysis and data reconfiguration. He is an IT procurements manager, which has nothing to do with "transponding" or being a "transponster."


The series ends with Chandler and Monica adopting twins. What do they name them?

Monica and Chandler, after struggling to get pregnant, decide to adopt. At the end of the final season, they not only purchase a home outside the city, but they become parents to Jack, named after Monica's father, and Erica, named after the birth mother.


What name is on the TV Guide that Chandler and Joey get?

During the trivia contest for the girls' apartment, Ross asks what name appears on the TV Guide address label? Rachel incorrectly says that it's Chandler Bing. Ross says it's Chanandler Bong. Chandler corrects him — it's actually Miss Chanandler Bong.


Who marries Barry Farber?

When we first meet Rachel, she's just left Barry before their wedding and is still wearing her wedding dress. He and Mindy got married.


Who dates Ross, her paleontology professor?

Elizabeth Stevens is the student who dates Ross. To make things more awkward, Rachel begins her father, who's played by Bruce Willis.


Who's Joey's dancer roommate after Chandler moves in with Monica?

After Chandler and Monica move in together, Janine LaCroix, an Australian dancer played by Elle Macpherson, moves in. Eventually, Joey and Janine get together, but it doesn't last when she admits she doesn't like Monica and Chandler.


Who guest stars as Roy, the stripper?

When Rachel and Monica plan Phoebe's bachelorette party, they don't plan on hiring a stripper until they find out that the bride-to-be was counting on "entertainment." Panicked, they hire Roy "Goodbody." Danny DeVito plays the aging stripper.


What's the name of Ross' comic book that Phoebe kept after mugging him before they were friends?

Spurred on by a recent mugging, Phoebe apologizes and confesses to Ross that she mugged him once when they were younger. It turns out she kept his comic "Science Boy" and the two make up.


When Joey meets Sarah Ferguson in London, what does the duchess say she likes about him?

Joey meets Sarah Ferguson in London. Sarah, after marrying Prince Andrew, became the Duchess of York. On video, Joey asks her to tell Chandler that she likes his Union Jack hat. She says that it's kind of dashing.


Which of Phoebe's boyfriends thinks Massapequa "sounds like a magical place"?

Happy-go-lucky Parker, played by Alec Baldwin, isn't liked very much by the friends because of his enthusiasm for everything and his overall exuberance for life.


Who has a Cabbage Patch Kid named Alicia May Emory?

Along with his Cabbage Patch Kid named Alicia May Emory, Joey also has a stuffed penguin named Huggsy.


Which of these *isn't* the name of one of Joey's sisters?

The Tribbiani's had eight children, seven girls and one boy: Gina, Tina, Dina, Mary-Angela, Mary-Therese, Veronica, Cookie and Joseph Francis "Joey" Tribbiani Jr.


Jessica Rabbit is on whose "freebie" list?

"Now you do realize that she's a cartoon and way out of your league?" asks Rachel when Chandler reveals that Jessica Rabbit is on his "freebies" list, which also includes Kim Basinger, Cindy Crawford, Halle Berry and Yasmine Bleeth.


Joey books a job as which actor's butt double?

His agent books him a job as Al Pacino's butt double in the episode "The One with the Butt."


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