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From cutting edge action shows to envelope-pushing comedies, the 1970s gave us some of the most groundbreaking television to date. They tackled topics like racism, gender stereotypes and social inequality in an unapologetic way that made people pay attention. It's bizarre to think that these shows were made for entertainment and actually changed people's minds on social and political issues. 

However, what really makes 1970s television so unique is the fact that it is so memorable. Who could forget Carroll O'Connor's Archie Bunker? Or Farrah Fawcett's Jill Munroe? Not only did we love watching these characters in our living rooms every week, but we also were enthralled by their storylines. The television writing of the decade did have some formulaic elements, but that is what we loved so much about it. It was all about the dialog and the way the characters were portrayed. We simply couldn't get enough. 

If you know that feeling, you may find that you do very well on this quiz. We found 40 shows from the '70s, and we want to see if you can name them all. This quiz is all about the wild hair and the wild clothes, so if you're ready for some crazy nostalgia, get started now.

This is one of the most popular shows of the 1970s. Can you name it?

The 1970s made light of a lot of topics that wouldn't be considered comedies these days. However, "M*A*S*H*" was the kind of show that got to the heart of the matter while it made people laugh. It was way ahead of its time.


What is this show about a man who lives with two women?

Society had changed a lot from 1960 to 1970, and suddenly, it wasn't all too weird that a single man was living with two single women. "Three's Company" showed us that it was totally cool for members of the opposite sex to coexist.


They moved on up ... what show were they on?

"The Jeffersons" was a spinoff from "All In The Family" that showed a married couple living the good life. Though George could be rude sometimes, he did make some hilarious television moments.


Can you name this lollipop-loving detective's show?

You might still be able to hear him say, "Who loves ya, baby?" And we wouldn't hold that against you. He was bald and cool, and he bent the rules of the New York Police Department to his will.


What is the name of this comedy?

"Taxi" is the kind of show that we all love to look back on. We can't help but point out some major players on the comedy scene before (and after) they hit it big. This show is full of gems and nostalgia for sure.


Do you recognize this show starring John Travolta from the '70s?

Vinnie Barbarino (played by John Travolta) and his wildly perfect '70s hair brought audiences back to this show, but the comedy was smart and genuine. It was about a group of misfits and their misfit teacher.


This TV family was awesome to watch. Who are they?

This show was deep and dramatic and showed us a wholesome side to living during the depression. The eldest Walton child even goes on to college, serves in the war and takes on a career as a novelist.


Which '70s show was set on a remote tropical island?

"Da Plane! Da Plane!" says Tattoo as guests arrive to Fantasy Island. It's a magical place where all of your dreams come trues (but some of them will turn into nightmares, if you're not careful).


Do you remember this children's show from the 1970s?

Jim Henson was an artistic genius with an imagination that brought piles of garbage and fur to life (complete with personalities all their own). "The Muppet Show" gave children the ability to see even more of these little monsters.


Which television drama had people constantly coming back for more?

Beginning in 1978, "Dallas" graced our screens as the saga of a rich family who owned oil wells in Texas. Backstabbing, lust, greed and a whole lot of incest brought drama to this show every week.


Can you name this western from the 1970s?

For 20 seasons, fans watched "Gunsmoke" evolve with television. The show ended in 1975, giving it half of the decade to develop its characters even further. The show is about a marshal trying to keep the law in Dodge City, Kansas.


What is the name of this police sitcom?

Captain Barney Miller and his officers at the 12th Precinct station in Greenwich Village take this show to the next level. Though we only got eight seasons of the show, people loved tuning in every week.


This show was all about girl power. What was it called?

What happens when women do the tough work? "Charlie's Angels" happens. This show was so wildly popular as beautiful women fought crime and solved mysteries. It even had a movie reboot in the 1990s.


Do you remember the name of this variety show from the '70s?

This show was packed with hilarious comedians, including Harvey Korman and Vicki Lawrence. The variety series ran for eleven seasons and showed that women had significant power in the comedy ring.


In which show do two cousins constantly get in trouble with the law?

While they always meant well, this set of cousins (Bo and Luke Duke) tended to get in trouble with the law quite often. However, they did drive a pretty awesome car with welded doors.


This show is all about the behind the scenes action of a radio station. What is it called?

People love to see what happens in worlds that they haven't touched yet. This is what made "WKRP In Cincinnati" such a big hit and such a memorable show. It starts out with a radio station changing from older, slower music to more contemporary work.


Can you name this show that is set in paradise?

From 1968 to 1980, fans were able to watch "Hawaii Five-O" thrive. Those who lived on the mainland loved seeing a slice of paradise in their detective program, and those who lived on the island loved the representation.


Which show contained a whole lot of magic?

You can't help who you love, so when your new bride ends up being a witch, you work through it. That's what Darrin did anyway. This comedy was all about being happily married with some magical additions.


This show is about a single mother. Can you name it?

When a single mother heading to L.A. breaks down in Phoenix, she finds herself working at a diner to make ends meet. This sitcom lasted nine years and showed people what happens when you take a chance.


Do you remember this sitcom about two orphans?

Arnold and Willis Jackson find themselves living in a penthouse. For eight seasons, they learn from Mr. Drummond and his family. This show takes on topics of race and gender stereotypes like no other before it.


This show is about a junk dealer. Can you name it?

Fred Sanford knows what it takes to make money ... or at least he tries to come up with a bunch of schemes to do so. He can be a little mean and rude, but he and his son work together to make ends meet for the family.


This was a children's show in the '70s. Do you remember what it was called?

In this children's cartoon, we watch Fat Albert and his friend of young urban children learn the lessons of life. Audiences were even able to see Bill Cosby (the voice of Fat Albert) hosting the show in live-action.


Can you identify this show with some very popular characters?

If you're going to jump a shark, you don't have to come back down. We loved this show for all 11 seasons that it was on, and we still watch it in syndication, because it was fun and wholesome and perfect.


Do you know the name of this action series?

When a terrible accident leaves an astronaut in bad shape, the government decides to spend some money to rebuild him. Upon his rebuild, Steve Austin has superhuman speed and super strength.


This show aired until 1990. Do you know its name?

People loved watching "The Love Boat" (1976-90). It was a fun show that included several guest stars that were incredibly famous, like John Ritter or Kirstie Alley. These guest stars kept people coming back to watch the show each week.


Which show was about two women who were complete opposites?

Laverne and her friend Shirley do pretty much everything together. They live together, they work together, and they go out together. This show is all about what it was like to be a single woman in the '70s and early '80s.


This show is about two divorced men. Can you name it?

When two men who are divorced decide it is in their best interest to live with each other, they realize that having roommates is tough. They constantly bicker and fight, but in a funny way (somehow).


Here's another show about a detective. Can you name it?

What happens when an ex-convict turns into a private detective? Well, he has connections that no other detective has. Though we later learn that Jim Rockford didn't actually commit the crime he was accused of, it didn't stop him from succeeding.


Do you remember this show about a crime fighting team?

Street smarts and book smarts team up in this detective show. Though the show only lasted four seasons, it had such an impact on audiences that there are countless cultural references to it and a movie reboot was even made.


What is the name of this show about an angry old man?

Racism, sexism and comedy mix rather well in this sitcom from the 1970s. Not only did the show take on some of the toughest issues of the time, but it also showed the temperature of the entire country as well.


Robin Williams starred in which '70s sitcom?

"Mork & Mindy" (1978-82) was about an alien who landed on Earth from the planet Ork. He is trying to study human behavior, and (as you may have guessed) hilarity ensues. Robin Williams and Pam Dawber are an unstoppable comic team on this show.


Can you name this show that was set in the projects?

A show about living in the housing projects of Chicago is called "Good Times" and for good reason. Though the living conditions were tough, the Evans family always tried to make the best of everything.


Do you remember this show about three young kids trying to make it?

There is something about three teens constantly looking to get money quickly, so when we see Raj, Dwayne and Rerun on "What's Happening!!" we realize that we see ourselves in all of them.


What is the name of this show about two families that come together?

"Here's the story of a lovely lady ..." This show was memorable and well-loved by pretty much everyone. What happens when you force three young girls to live with three young boys? You'll have to watch the show to find out.


This show was blatantly political. Do you remember what it was called?

"Maude" was a show that was incredibly political for its time. She's outspoken; she doesn't care what you think; and her middle-class, liberal views will not be hushed by anyone. Bea Arthur demands attention and respect in this show.


California Highway Patrol officers in shorts, can you name this show?

Some people watched "CHiPs" for the eye candy, and others watched it for the action. No matter what your reason was, nearly everyone who saw this show was a huge fan of the fun premise.


It's about a family living on the frontier. Do you know what this show was called?

Living on the prairie wasn't always easy, but if you had your family with you, you could take on the world (or a snake, wolf or thief). This show gave us an understanding of why it's so important to have family and friends near you.


This skit comedy show is still around today. Do you remember what it's called?

"Saturday Night Live" has been around since 1975. The show has evolved quite a bit from the first few seasons and the original cast (the Not-Ready-For-Prime-Time Players) hasn't been on in a while, but we still can't stop watching.


Do you recognize this sitcom about a doctor?

Though Bob Newhart did have his own variety show, "The Bob Newhart Show" from the 1970s was actually a sitcom about a doctor who had to deal with quite a bit of odd patients and funny situations.


What is the name of this "backwards" detective show?

The thing about "Columbo" (1968-2003) is that the audience always knows who committed the crime. Somehow, the show remained interesting, as we watch Columbo interrogate criminals and find clues.


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