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You've watched as they have grown their careers in Canada and, for many, later on in the world as well! They've brought you the best of rock, country, pop and many more genres. From one to more than ten members, the groups have worked together to make hits that will live on for many years to come.

In Canada, you may know that Canadian radio stations must play a certain percentage of Canadian made music per day. That means that you get to hear some of your favourite bands and songs from all across the country. If you're not a fan of the radio, then maybe you've got your favourite bands on shuffle on your phone or favourite streaming service. There's never a shortage of the greatest Canadian artists to tune into every day! Another great thing about the bands from across the country is that they usually do Canadian live tours. There's always a good chance that they'll stop in your city so that you can experience your favourite songs in person. There's nothing like taking in the atmosphere at a show.

Think you've got all the knowledge on the Canadian bands that have made names for themselves? Start your amplifier and get ready to rock out on this quiz!

With nine studio albums, this band is still going strong despite what many may believe. Who are they?

Remember the classic rock song "How You Remind Me?" It takes the position of being the best-selling rock song of the 2000s. The song was released on the band's album titled "Silver Side Up," their third album.


First formed in the '70s, the group here was always "Working for the Weekend." Can you name them?

Loverboy was first formed in Vancouver, British Columbia and released albums up until 2014. They are still active today but mostly stick to doing live performances. However, in 2017, they release a single titled "Stop the Rain."


What duo is known for their catchy house music?

The band has released countless hit singles with many other artists, with one of their most popular being "Body," featuring the American singer Brando. Though the band has been around since 2012, they only got their first Juno nomination in 2019. They also won their first on that date as well!


While they were technically formed in America, many band members were Canadian. What is their name?

One of this band's most well-known songs is "Born to Be Wild," a hit that most people think of when the band is mentioned. They've been together and disbanded three times, but they are still making music today despite this.


Before taking on their new name, this group was known as "Kaspir." Which name do they go by now?

Sum 41 broke out with songs like "Fat Lip" that earned them quite a few awards. The band's longest member is Deryck Whibley, who is also known for being the lead vocalist. The group has played as headliners and openers on countless tours, but they've also played many shows for the famous Warped Tour.


These twins know how to make a hit. What do they call themselves as a band?

Not only do Tegan and Sara write all of their own music, but they are also very talented with instruments. The two have made their debuts in film and other media, with one of their most well-known successes being their song "Everything is Awesome" for "The Lego Movie."


They're another Canadian classic band of the '60s. Can you name the group pictured here?

Lighthouse has a unique sound of jazz and rock that earned them many types of awards over their long career. In fact, there were many members part of the group who played everything from stringed instruments to horns.


This fluid band is known for having multiple talented Canadian musicians playing within it. What do they call themselves?

If you're a fan of multiple Canadian musicians, this is the band to see! Artists like Feist and k-os are just a few of the names who have participated in this band. Collectively, the band has released a total of five studio albums.


MetalWorks Studio was started by the group pictured here. Can you name them?

After almost 20 years of rocking out together, Triumph disbanded and went on hiatus for a little while. They came back stronger than ever in 2008 and continue to please fans. With such a love of music, many of the band members get involved with boards for the arts in Canada.


If you've watched "Degrassi: Next Generation," then you've already enjoyed some of which of the following?

Starting in 2003, the members of Jakalope met through Bryan Adams' recording studio. As time went on, more members joined the band and started gaining more and more popularity after their song was on "Degrassi." After a little time off, the band made a comeback in 2019 with their single "My Procreation."


You know their albums like "Born on a Pirate Ship" and "All In Good Time," but what is the name of the group?

Out of Scarborough, Ontario came the Barenaked Ladies, who have lived up to part of their name! If you know the story behind "The King of Bedside Manor," you'll know why. The group has been around since 1988, and they're still going strong today.


What band hailing from Delta, British Columbia is pictured here?

Did you know that Theory of a Deadman also goes by the acronym of "TOAD?" Three of TOAD's members have been with the band since 2001 at their beginnings. One other fun fact about the band is that they were the first act to ever sign with 604 Records!


There's no doubt that this group from St. John's lives by this name. Which one is it?

Great Big Sea has a unique sound that comes from their Newfoundland roots, and it can be enjoyed by anyone. Though the band started in 1993, they retired around 20 years later, and they are no longer making music. However, as solo performers, they sometimes like to slip in a few Great Big Sea classics!


It's hard to find a more Canadian name than this. Do you know what they call themselves?

Despite being a Canadian band, they didn't get their name from the Metric system. It came from a sound on a keyboard that also went by the same name. Did you know that many of the members have also taken part in Broken Social Scene?


Formerly known as "Suburbia," what name does this group go by now?

Despite being called Tokyo Police Club, this band actually is from Newmarket, Ontario. Did you know that the band was once on the popular television show "Desperate Housewives?" They had a big break into America only a few years after forming!


The duo pictured here has made many dance hits since 2002 under which of the following names?

Chromeo has had many successes in their time as a band such as working with Nokia and released five albums. Did you know that the group also once worked with Daryll Hall? That's an achievement to brag about!


Which group got their start just before the millennium?

Despite forming in 1999, the band only released their first studio album in 2003 titled, "No Pads, No Helmets... Just Balls." Known for a nice blend of pop and rock, the band has left their mark on not only Canada but also the world.


The Canadian country group pictured here goes by what name?

Jim Cuddy, Greg Keelor and Bazil Donovan are three of the long-time members of the band, forming it in 1984. Since then, they've released 15 albums over their long career. Despite being from Toronto, the band moved out to New York City in order to get their big break.


After meeting in university, the members of this group decided to form their own band. What did they call themselves?

Despite only forming in 2001, Bedouin Soundclash found themselves in a spot on the famed Warped Tour in 2005. This was the start of many awesome opportunities for them, such as having one of their songs in a T-Mobile commercial.


These members are known to have created their own side projects in addition to the group. Who are they?

The proper way to pronounce the name of this band is "Alexis On Fire," though it may sound like you could say it as "Alex Is On Fire." The band comes from St. Catharine's, Ontario where many of the band members were already involved in other bands.


They formed in 1968, and they're still going strong today. Who are they?

While most bands head off to the next show on their tour bus, this isn't true for Neil Peart. He'd rather hop on his bike and enjoy the ride over! This isn't the only unconventional thing that the band does; you can sometimes catch a fully-functioning dryer on their set.


If you're a fan of ska music, you'll know this awesome Canadian band that goes by what name?

The Johnstones became a band in the early 2000s, leaving their hometown of Ajax, Ontario and breaking out nationally. Despite the band, many of the members produced side-projects throughout their time that often involved music in some way.


These artists take the cake for winning the most MMVAs of any artist ever. Can you name the group?

Since 1992, Our Lady Peace has been going strong, releasing over nine albums for fans around the world to enjoy. Their formation all started the old-fashioned way with an ad in the newspaper to find a musician. Other members were recruited through mutual friends and auditions.


Known for pushing hard-rock out in the '70s was which of the following?

Straight out of Winnipeg, Manitoba was Bachman-Turner Overdrive who loved a good guitar-driven song. Their albums and songs charted high worldwide with one of their biggest being "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet."


Which band is part of the Canadian Country Music Association?

The members of Ambush were all musicians before meeting and forming their band in 1993. As members came and left, the band's success only continued to grow. They've released more than 10 albums over their more than 20-year career.


Can you name the band pictured here that once went by a much more colourful name?

Before they were known as Finger Eleven, the band went by the name "Rainbow Butt Monkeys." The name was chosen in grade school and was later changed when they were signed to a label and started making their own music.


After being formed for a school performance, this band decided to do it as a profession. Can you name them?

Down With Webster had infectious pop tracks that you'd hear on the radio everywhere that you went. With hits like "Rich Girl$" and "Chills," the band quickly rose to success. In 2017, they went on hiatus, and a few of the members went on to start another band called Honors.


This one-man band goes by which of the following names?

Dallas Green is behind the famous band City and Colour. However, this isn't the only band that he's known for! He is also a member of Alexisonfire and has worked with huge international artists such as Pink.


You've jammed to their songs like "No Cars Go" and "We Used To Wait," but do you know which band it is?

In 2001, the band Arcade Fire emerged from Montreal and broke out into the world. Did you know that the band once purchased a church that they turned into their own personal studio? Unfortunately, they no longer own it.


The name of this band might have you looking at a clock. Can you name it?

Eleven Past One found their big break when they were signed to Warner Music Canada, which shot them to even bigger heights. After starting their careers in 2007, the band quickly found themselves on multiple national television shows, which helped put them on the map. Today, they're still playing and making music together.


Can you name this band signed to Chad Kroeger of Nickelback's record label?

Faber Drive has been part of the Canadian punk scene since 2007 when they released their first album, "Seven Second Surgery." Though the band is a little more low-key now, they are still working hard on their music and interacting with their many fans.


Can you name this group? It's newer than many of the others here.

The formation of July Talk took place in 2012 when the members met through a bar and the music scene in Toronto where they're from. Since then, they have released two albums, but they continue to make music today. There's no telling how many awesome hits are to come in the future!


This band has released countless infectious hits such as "Celebrity Status" and "Fallout." Who are they?

Marianas Trench got their start in 2001 but released their first album in 2006. They've constantly produced loved hits like "Good To You" and "Haven't Had Enough" that have been stuck in listeners' heads for a while!


From Kingston, Ontario came this legendary band known by what name?

The Tragically Hip have become Canadian icons that dominated the music industry and made tunes that will live on forever. Though they formed in 1984, the group didn't release their first album until the early 1990s.


Coming from Montreal, Quebec, this group is known for their catchy dance songs. Can you name them?

The first of Bran Van 3000's songs to chart was "Drinking In L.A.," which shot them to international fame. The band took a break from music in 2002, but in 2006, they decided to get back together. They're still around today, though they haven't released an album in a while.


Name this band known for their catchy grunge music?

Three Days Grace is a band that first got their start in 1997 but only released their first studio album in 2003. Throughout their long career, they unfortunately saw the loss of long-time member Adam Gontier, but Matt Walsh's younger brother Brad joined shortly after.


After dominating for over 10 years, this band is no longer together. Can you name them?

Hot Hot Heat first banded together in 1999 to make music that Canadians would love. Unfortunately, the group disbanded in 2016, but not without leaving something behind for their fans: They left one final album to enjoy.


Can you name the loved electronic group that is pictured here?

Keys N Crates were started in 2008 and worked closely with fellow electronic artist Steve Aoki's record label. The group is also known for working with countless other talented artists such as fellow Canadian artist Tory Lanez.


What band started in the 1960s made it big with songs like "You Could Have Been a Lady"?

Thought it was a cover song, April Wine had a hit with "You Could Have Been a Lady." After it, they had many more to come on their more than 15 studio albums. As of today, the band is still active with only one of its original members.


There's no better fitting name for a group out of Calgary than which of the following?

One of The Stampeders' best and well-known singles is titled "Sweet City Woman," which is ultimately what the ended up naming one of their albums for its American release. Ironically, this was also their best-charting album; it was certified gold.


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