Can You Identify All of These MLB Pitchers Who Have Thrown a No-Hitter Since the Year 2000?


By: Gavin Thagard

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It's the sixth inning, and the opposing team still hasn't gotten a hit off the starting pitcher. Whether a batter was struck out or the defense made a play to keep them from reaching base, their offense just isn't having any success. That's when it starts to set in: This could be a no-hitter in the works. Of course, no one in the stadium will talk about it. That's bad luck, after all. But the pitcher is on the verge of making history, and everyone in the stadium knows it.

No-hitters in the majors are not impossible, but are rare. In over 100 years of baseball, it has only occurred 303 times, and only a fraction of those occurrences have happened in the last 20 years. Sometimes it's a legend on the mound, showing off all the best stuff they have to offer. At other times, it's an average player putting on a performance that they'll only have once in a lifetime. Either way, it's a treat to watch any pitcher go for a no-hitter, as every pitch matters more and more as the game progresses. 

Are you prepared to identify these pitchers who threw a no-hitter since 2000? The pressure will only grow as you get further and further into the quiz. But if you think you can answer the challenge, get started and prove your baseball knowledge.

Do you recognize this pitcher who threw the first no-hitter of the 2000s?

Hideo Nomo was an explosive pitching talent from the moment he entered the majors, leading the league in strikeouts during his debut season. That year, he made the All-Star Game and was named the NL Rookie of the Year.


Only two years after making his professional debut, this pitcher threw a no-hitter. Who is he?

Pitching for the Florida Marlins, A.J. Burnett threw a no-hitter on May 12, 2001, against the San Diego Padres. To complete the no-hitter, Burnett had to walk nine batters, but his team still walked away with a 3-0 win.


Can you identify this pitcher who threw a no-hitter despite playing less than two full seasons in the majors?

Bud Smith made his MLB debut on June 10, 2001, and less than three months later, he completed a no-hitter with the St. Louis Cardinals. However, his arm began to decline during his second season, and he played his last game on July 19, 2002.


What's the name of this pitcher who made his second All-Star Game the same season he pitched a no-hitter?

Derek Lowe had a lengthy MLB career that lasted from 1997 through 2013, but most of his success came during the early part of his career. By 2006, he had made two All-Star Games, won a World Series, was the NL wins leader and pitched a no-hitter.


It's rare for an 11th-round draft pick to make it to the majors, let alone pitch a no-hitter, but that's exactly what which pitcher shown here was able to accomplish?

Kevin Millwood had only recently joined the Philadelphia Phillies when he pitched a no-hitter on April 27, 2003. His no-hitter was one of only two at Veterans Stadium, where the Phillies played from 1971 through 2003.


How well do you know this Hall of Fame pitcher?

Known as "The Big Unit," Randy Johnson had an arm that rivaled anyone in MLB history. He finished his career second in all-time strikeouts with 4,785 while also putting up 303 total wins.


Are you familiar with this pitcher who threw a no-hitter during his first season in the majors?

Despite making his MLB debut in 2006, Anibal Sanchez was still playing at a high level in 2019. That season, he won the World Series with the Washington Nationals, and in that championship run, he almost pitched a no-hitter in Game 1 of the NL Championship Series.


A pitcher with two no-hitters on his resume, who is this?

In his first no-hitter on April 18, 2007, Mark Buehrle gave up only a single walk, which was awarded to Sammy Sosa. However, Sosa was then quickly thrown out while trying to lean off first base.


Few pitchers are as accomplished as which one depicted in this image?

Longevity has been a major key to Justin Verlander's success, as he's pitched three no-hitters, with his first coming in 2007 and his most recent in 2019. He squeezed a third no-hitter in on May 7, 2011, making Verlander one of only a few pitchers with three no-hitters on their resume.


Select the name of this pitcher who has two World Series on his resume.

Clay Buchholz threw his no-hitter in only his second start in the majors, which came on Sept. 1, 2007. When he completed the game, he was one of only three pitchers to throw a no-hitter in one of their first two starts.


Did you get to see this pitcher throw a no-hitter in 2008?

Jon Lester has played on three championship teams in his MLB career. His first two titles were won with the Boston Red Sox in 2007 and 2013. His most recent title was won with the Chicago Cubs in 2016.


A pitcher who was also gifted at the plate, is this a player you're familiar with?

Carlos Zambrano was on a tear from 2003 through 2008, winning at least 13 games in each of those seasons. When he pitched a no-hitter on Sept. 14, 2008, it marked the 14th win of the 2008 season for Zambrano.


Do you know this pitcher who threw a no-hitter while playing for the San Francisco Giants?

After beginning the 2009 season as a starter, Jonathan Sanchez was eventually moved to the bullpen, but an injury to Randy Johnson helped Sanchez get his starting job back on July 10, 2009. In his first game back, Sanchez threw the only no-hitter of his career.


This pitcher made the only All-Star Game of his career the same season he threw a no-hitter. Who is he?

Ubaldo Jimenez was the first pitcher in the history of the Colorado Rockies to throw a no-hitter when he accomplished the feat on April 17, 2010. To complete the no-hitter, Jimenez had to throw a career-high 128 pitches.


Will you be able to identify this pitcher whose career went on the decline after he threw a no-hitter in 2010?

A year after Dallas Braden threw a no-hitter, he suffered a torn capsule in his throwing shoulder, which forced him to miss much of the 2011 and 2012 seasons. He later had to have surgery on his rotator cuff and never played an MLB game after that.


What's the name of this elite pitcher who threw a no-hitter in the postseason?

Roy Halladay completed two no-hitters in the same season, one in the 2010 regular season and one in the playoffs. That makes him the only player to complete a no-hitter in both the regular season and playoffs.


How familiar are you with this pitcher whose team only won by a single run despite his no-hitter?

Edwin Jackson completed his no-hitter on June 25, 2010, against his former team, the Tampa Bay Rays. In an odd turn of events, he was traded from the Arizona Diamondbacks to the Chicago White Sox in the same season he completed a no-hitter.


There were plenty of highs and lows in the career of which pitcher shown here?

2010 was a hot year for no-hitters, as Matt Garza was the fifth pitcher to throw a no-hitter on the season. Garza completed his no-hitter on July 26, 2010, against the Detroit Tigers, winning the game 5-0.


Can you identify this pitcher whose first complete game was a no-hitter?

In 2010, Francisco Liriano had finally returned to form after having Tommy John surgery a few years prior. After posting a 14-10 record on the 2010 season, Liriano was named the MLB Comeback Player of the Year.


Are you familiar with this player whose team gave up a single run despite his no-hitter?

Throughout his career, Ervin Santana struggled against the Cleveland Indians, having never won a game against them before 2011. That all changed on July 27, 2011 when Santana threw the only no-hitter of his career against the Indians to take home his first win against the franchise.


The third overall draft pick in 2004, who is this?

Despite making his MLB debut in 2006, Philip Humber did not become a regular starter until 2011. However, earning that position set him up for a perfect game in 2012, which he pitched against the Seattle Mariners.


The AL wins leader in 2012, the same season he threw a no-hitter, is this a player you recognize?

2012 wasn't the only season that Jered Weaver led the American League in wins, as he did it again in 2014. However, unlike in 2012, Weaver would not return to the All-Star Game in 2014.


Name this player who pitched a no-hitter in his final MLB season.

Prior to 2012, Johan Santana had a resume stacked with accomplishments. He had already won two AL Cy Young Awards, a Triple Crown and a Gold Glove Award. Still, he added to those accomplishments on June 1, 2012 by pitching the first no-hitter of his career.


Have you seen this pitcher take the mound enough times to identify him?

Matt Cain's no-hitter in 2012 was also the 22nd perfect game in MLB history. In the game, Cain sent 27 batters packing, which included 14 strikeouts. His 14 strikeouts is tied for the most in a perfect game.


This pitcher threw two no-hitters in back-to-back years. Who is he?

Homer Bailey has two no-hitters on his career, which occurred a season apart on Sept. 28, 2012 and July 2, 2013. No other pitcher completed a no-hitter in the time between that span.


Do you recognize this pitcher who had multiple no-hitters against the same team?

Despite a relatively short career, Tim Lincecum's resume is filled with accolades that rival Hall of Famers from previous eras. He was a four-time All-Star, three-time World Series champion, two-time NL Cy Young Award winner and pitched two no-hitters.


On the last day of the 2013 season, which pitcher depicted here threw a no-hitter?

Following the 2012 season, Henderson Alvarez was traded from the Toronto Blue Jays to the Miami Marlins, but he missed the start of the 2013 season with shoulder issues. However, he eventually recovered and threw a no-hitter to end the season with a win over the Detroit Tigers.


What's the name of this pitcher who threw a no-hitter in his final season with the Los Angeles Dodgers?

Beginning his career in 2001, Josh Beckett was a three-time All-Star and World Series MVP. He continued to play well into his later years when he was on the mound, but injuries forced him to retire in 2014, only a few months after pitching a no-hitter.


How well do you know this player who has earned just about every pitching honor imaginable?

Despite a career filled with success, Clayton Kershaw is still chasing that elusive World Series title. He has appeared in two World Series with the Los Angeles Dodgers, but he wasn't able to walk away with a championship in either of those appearances.


The first no-hitter in the history of the Washington Nationals was thrown by which pitcher shown in this image?

In the last game of the 2014 season, Jordan Zimmermann pitched a no-hitter against the Miami Marlins, where he faced off against Henderson Alvarez, who had thrown a no-hitter on the last game of the previous season. This marked the first time in MLB history that the last game of back-to-back seasons resulted in a no-hitter.


Can you identify this pitcher who only played four seasons in the majors?

Even though he has yet to retire, Chris Heston hasn't played a major league game since 2017. Heston has a 13-13 record as a starter, but his best game was the no-hitter he threw on June 9, 2015 while playing for the San Francisco Giants.


One of the most accomplished players in the game today, does this pitcher look familiar?

Aside from his no-hitter, Max Scherzer has also pitched two immaculate innings, one in 2017 and the other in 2018. A pitcher completes an immaculate inning when they strike out three batters with only nine pitches in one inning.


Select the name of this pitcher who threw both a single no-hitter and a combined no-hitter.

Cole Hamels first pitched six innings of a combined no-hitter in 2014 with three pitchers coming in to relieve Hamels in the final three innings of the game. However, the next season he pitched all nine innings to add a complete no-hitter to his resume.


A player who spent his entire MLB career with the Seattle Mariners, who is this?

Hisashi Iwakuma was only the second Japanese pitcher to throw a no-hitter, which he accomplished on Aug. 12, 2015. His no-hitter gave the Seattle Mariners a 3-0 win over the Baltimore Orioles.


Are you familiar with this pitcher who threw both a no-hitter and an immaculate inning in 2015?

After throwing a no-hitter in 2015, Mike Fiers followed up that performance with another no-hitter in 2019. At the time of his second no-hitter, Fiers set a mark at the age of 33 by pitching the 300th no-hitter in MLB history.


The 2015 MLB season saw which player depicted here lead the league in wins?

The Chicago Cubs put on a dominant performance to pair with Jake Arrieta's no-hitter on April 21, 2016. Facing off against the Cincinnati Reds, the Cubs exploded on offense, winning the game 16-0.


Do you recognize this pitcher out of the Dominican Republic?

Edinson Volquez struggled to start the 2017 season, losing his first seven games as a starter. However, he was on his game on June 3, 2017 when he threw the only no-hitter of his career against the Arizona Diamondbacks.


Will you be able to identify this player who has been with the Oakland Athletics since debuting in 2016?

Debuting in 2016, Sean Manaea was still establishing himself in the majors when he pitched a no-hitter on April 21, 2018. That season, he finished with a 12-9 record after starting 27 games.


This is the first pitcher to throw a no-hitter in Canada. What's his name?

James Paxton made Canadians proud by not only being the first pitcher to throw a no-hitter in Canada but also being a Canadian himself. He actually earned the nickname "The Big Maple" because of his Canadian roots.


How familiar are you with this pitcher who combined with Taylor Cole to throw a no-hitter in 2019?

Taylor Cole and Felix Pena are the only pair of pitchers to throw a combined no-hitter in the last 20 years. Cole pitched the first two innings of the game and Pena pitched the last seven innings to win the game 13-0.


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