Can You Identify Modern MLB Stars From a Black and White Photo?


By: Gavin Thagard

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Image: Arturo Pardavila III via WikiCommons

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It's hard to see the world today in anything other than the full spectrum of colors. This includes sports like baseball, which can be viewed not only in person but also on a variety of screens as if you were right there at the game. This world full of color wasn't always the case, however, as previous generations were lucky if they could watch a blurry game on their black and white television.

Technology has come a long way, and now you have the privilege to watch your favorite MLB stars sport their team colors as they knock home runs, throw pitches and fire up the crowd. What's even more amazing is that you can do all of this from a handheld device, which not only gives you access to games but also to your favorite player's social media accounts. That means there are plenty of opportunities to get a good look at the MLB stars around the league. 

What happens if we take the privilege of color away and force you to identify the biggest MLB stars of today through black and white photos? Will you be able to name the sluggers and pitchers alike? 

If you think you can handle the pressure, dive into this quiz and find out how well you would fare in a black and white world.

A two-time AL MVP, which baseball player shown here might be the biggest star of them all?

Before entering the 2019 season, Mike Trout signed a 12-year contract with the Los Angeles Angels worth $426 million. The deal made Trout the highest-paid player in the history of baseball.


What's the name of this massive slugger?

When Aaron Judge hit no less than 52 home runs in his rookie season, he not only led the American League in home runs but also set an MLB rookie record. For his play, he was named the AL Rookie of the Year.


Who is this young MLB star for the Houston Astros?

Carlos Correa made his first All-Star Game in 2017, only two seasons after making his MLB debut. He would go on that season to help the Houston Astros defeat the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 2017 World Series, giving the city its first championship.


Is this 2018 Wilson Defensive Player of the Year familiar to you?

Freddie Freeman had an outstanding year on both sides of the field in 2018, but his defense was particularly great. At the end of the season, he was named the Wilson Defensive Player of the Year and won his first Gold Glove Award.


How familiar are you with this star who might have the brightest future of any player?

On his way to earning the AL MVP, Mookie Betts dominated his competition throughout the 2018 season. He led MLB in runs and the American League in batting average, but his greatest accomplishment was winning his first World Series title.


Are you familiar with this veteran third baseman who has been around the league?

Josh Donaldson spent much of the 2018 season injured with first a shoulder issue and later with a calf strain. The injuries were part of the reason he was traded near the end of the season from the Toronto Blue Jays to the Cleveland Indians.


A seven time All-Star, which MLB pitcher is this?

Chris Sale won the 2018 World Series in only his second season with the Boston Red Sox. In the series, the Red Sox crushed the Los Angeles Dodgers in five games, with Sale helping the Red Sox get a win in Game 1.


What's the name of this well-rounded offensive machine?

Joey Votto won the only National League MVP of his career in the 2010 season after a strong start where he hit four home runs in the first month. He finished the season with 37 home runs and a .324 batting average.


You might recognize which pitcher shown here if you're a Cleveland Indians fan?

Corey Kluber appeared in the 2016 World Series with the Cleveland Indians. In the series, he won both Game 1 and Game 4, but he would be on the losing end of Game 7 when the Indians went down to the Chicago Cubs.


Few switch hitters have been as effective the last two seasons as which one shown here?

Jose Ramirez joined the 30-30 club in 2018 by hitting over 30 home runs and obtaining over 30 stolen bases. His offensive production helped the crafty batter earn his second straight Silver Slugger Award.


A member of the Houston Astros' 2017 World Series team, is this a player you recognize?

George Springer had one of the best series of any player in baseball history when the Houston Astros defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 2017 World Series. After hitting a record five home runs in the series, Springer was named the MVP.


Do you know this pitcher who has achieved just about every accomplishment you can think of?

Justin Verlander has had some great years since entering the majors in 2005, but none were as dominant as 2011. That season, he led the American League in strikeouts and wins, while also earning a Triple Crown on his way to being named the AL MVP.


Who is this first baseman that was drafted straight out of high school?

After several years developing his skills in the minors, Anthony Rizzo was traded from the Boston Red Sox to the San Diego Padres, where he made his MLB debut in 2011. Rizzo only played one season with the Padres before they shipped him to his current team, the Chicago Cubs.


This outfielder left the Washington Nationals to sign with the Philadelphia Phillies in 2019. Who is he?

Selected by the Washington Nationals, Bryce Harper was the number one overall pick in the 2010 MLB draft. He made his MLB debut less than two years later when he took the field on April 28, 2012.


One of the best pitchers in the game, is this a player you're familiar with?

Clayton Kershaw has won three NL Cy Young Awards with the Los Angeles Dodgers since entering the majors in 2008. His third award came in 2014 when he recorded over 200 strikeouts for the fifth straight season.


The number one overall draft pick in 2009, how well do you know this player?

On July 3, 2019, Stephen Strasburg became the 98th pitcher and the most recent player to pitch an immaculate inning when he accomplished it against the Miami Marlins. A player achieves an immaculate inning when they strike out the first three batters with only nine pitches thrown.


Do you recognize this baseball star who won the World Series in 2017?

Despite his short stature at 5 feet 6 inches, Jose Altuve is one of the most gifted athletes in baseball. He is particularly great on the offensive side, where he has a .314 batting average with three AL batting championships under his belt.


Which record holding veteran pitcher do you see here?

During the 2015 season, Max Scherzer achieved one of the greatest accomplishments for a pitcher by throwing two separate no-hitters. Those no-hitters helped him rack up 276 strikeouts that year.


A first baseman coming off six straight All Star Games, do you know this player?

Paul Goldschmidt led MLB in home runs during the 2013 season by knocking 36 balls over the back fence. It was enough to earn him the NL Hank Aaron Award, but he finished second in NL MVP voting.


Are you familiar with this player who won the World Series during his rookie season?

Buster Posey has been a centerpiece in the dominance of the San Francisco Giants over the past decade. With Posey playing catcher, the Giants have won three World Series in four playoff appearances.


What's the name of this former NL Comeback Player of the Year?

Selected sixth overall in the 2011 MLB draft, Anthony Rendon made his MLB debut for the Washington Nationals in 2013. Since his MLB debut, he has played every season with the Nationals.


Do you recognize this defensive stud for the San Diego Padres?

After being traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers in the middle of the 2018 season, Manny Machado helped his new team reach the 2018 World Series. However, the Dodgers lost the series to the Boston Red Sox, with Machado being the last out of the series.


Few runners have the incredible speed of which young star shown in this image?

With a .288 batting average, Trea Turner is a decent offensive threat, though he doesn't have quite the power of some other sluggers in the game. However, when Turner does reach base, he's always a risk to steal, leading the National League in this category in 2018.


You might recognize which player depicted here as the third baseman for the Los Angeles Dodgers?

Justin Turner had a complicated draft history where he was taken in the 29th round of the 2005 MLB draft but refused to sign with the New York Yankees. He was then reselected in the seventh round of the 2006 MLB draft, agreeing to sign the deal proposed by the Cincinnati Reds.


What's the name of this power hitter for the Boston Red Sox?

On September 4, 2017, J.D. Martinez became only the 18th player in MLB history to hit four home runs in one game when he smacked four out the park against the Los Angeles Dodgers. The feat also made him the first for the Arizona Diamondbacks to accomplish it.


Can you identify this catcher who burst onto the scene in 2016?

Gary Sanchez had a stellar rookie season in 2016 with the New York Yankees, where he finished second in AL Rookie of the Year voting despite only playing in 53 games. When he hit his 19th home run in his 45th game, he was the fastest player to reach that mark in the modern era.


Are you able to identify this shortstop who everyone recognizes for his love of the game?

Nicknamed "Mr. Smile," Francisco Lindor is a ferocious defender who can field a ball and get an out without ever losing his signature grin. Despite only being 25, Lindor's already made four All-Star Games and won a Gold Glove Award.


This Colorado Rockies star is one of the best left-handed batters in the game. Who is he?

Charlie Blackmon put himself in a special category in 2018 when he completed a hit for the cycle against the Washington Nationals. A player achieves this accomplishment when they hit a single, double, triple and home run in one game.


This young star is on his way to a Hall of Fame career if he keeps it up. Who is he?

Cody Bellinger was an instrumental part of the Los Angeles Dodgers reaching the 2018 World Series, especially when it came to defeating the Milwaukee Brewers in the NLCS. One of his best moments in the series was a walk-off single in Game 4, which ended in the 13th inning.


Few players have entered the majors as hot as which one depicted here?

In only his first season in MLB, Kris Bryant was named not only the NL Rookie of the Year but also received his first All-Star nod. He followed it up the next season by winning both the NL MVP and the World Series.


Is this savvy veteran from Norfolk, Virginia familiar to you?

Before Justin Upton was selected with the number one overall pick in the 2005 MLB draft, his brother B.J. Upton was taken with the second pick in the 2002 MLB draft. They were the only brothers ever selected this high in separate drafts.


One of the best relief pitchers in the game, who is this?

Kenley Jansen has twice been named the NL Reliever of the Year in 2016 and 2017 with the Los Angeles Dodgers. In 2017, he led the NL in saves by recording 41 saves in 65 games played.


Have you watched enough baseball to name this three-time All-Star?

While playing for the New York Mets, Daniel Murphy was named the NLCS MVP when his team defeated the Chicago Cubs in 2015. However, the Mets went on to lose the 2015 World Series to the Kansas City Royals in only five games.


Do you recognize this veteran who was the 2017 All-Star Game MVP?

Appearing in eight All-Star Games, Robinson Cano is always a fun player to watch during the All-Star festivities. Aside from his All-Star Game MVP, the second baseman also won the 2011 Home Run Derby by hitting a record 12 home runs in the final round.


Signed as an amateur player from the Dominican Republic, which outfielder is this?

In 2017, Marcell Ozuna proved he had a complete game when he was selected as an All-Star for the second straight season. His play on offense and defense also earned him a Silver Slugger Award and a Gold Glove Award.


Can you identify this slugger who is slamming home runs for the New York Yankees?

The Miami Marlins signed Giancarlo Stanton to a huge contract that spanned 13 years at the end of the 2014 season. However, looking to restart their franchise, they traded Stanton to the New York Yankees in 2017, following his MVP season.


Are you able to identify this second baseman who signed with the Washington Nationals in the 2019 offseason?

After spending the 2018 season playing for two different teams, Brian Dozier signed a one year contract with the Washington Nationals. At 32 years old, Dozier hopes to return to his All-Star form from just a few years ago.


Can you name this player who has spent his entire MLB career with the Chicago White Sox?

Before joining MLB, Jose Abreu played in the Cuban National Series, where he was named the MVP of the league in the 2010-11 season. He was also a member of the Cuban team that won gold in the 2010 Intercontinental Cup.


How well do you know this high level defender?

Opposing batters know not to hit the ball towards Nolan Arenado because the third baseman rarely makes an error. His defensive prowess is one of the main reasons he has three Wilson Defensive Player of the Year Awards and six Gold Glove Awards.


Can you name this former first round draft pick?

Corey Seager was spectacular during his first year in the league, finishing the season with a .308 batting average and 26 home runs. His offensive production earned him a Silver Slugger Award while he was also named the NL Rookie of the Year.


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