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If aliens landed on Earth and wanted to learn about human food, we'd probably give them a piece of bread. Unlike fruits, vegetables and water, it's a man-made food. There is no bread on Earth without humans, and it's one of the oldest human foods. It's relevant in every culture and no food represents the human race better. It's no wonder people "break bread" when getting to know one another.

One thing better than eating bread is baking bread. Some breads can be baked in minutes and others need days of preparation. Some breads are mandated by law and some are mandated by religion. Some feature strict ingredients and some are made with whatever you feel like using that day. There's a lot of bread out there.

The good news is that all bread can be broken down into a few categories: leavened or unleavened, and whole-grain or refined grain. The bad news is that within these categories comes infinite types of bread. There's dense bread, airy bread, crunchy bread, soft bread and bread that has been re-baked to make a new type of bread. How well do you know your breads? See if you can correctly name these breads just from an image and a hint.

This bread gets its name (and sometimes its taste) from the fermented yeast. Do you know what it is?

The sourness of your sourdough depends on how you prepare the dough before you bake it. You'll need to mix a batch of dough and let it ferment for about five days so bacteria can grow to the proper strength before baking a loaf.


This dense and flavorful bread is made from a grain that is equally popular for being eaten and drunk. Can you name it?

Rye is one of the world's most popular grains and is prevalent throughout western Europe and North America. It's known for being the main ingredient in many breads and whiskeys, and the grain has many noted health benefits.


Can you name this Middle Eastern flatbread that is commonly served alongside hummus?

Pita is one of the most popular flatbreads around the world, and it comes in a few different variations, most notably, pocketed or un-pocketed. The Arab version features a pocket, the Greek version doesn't.


You can make tacos, tostadas, quesadillas and enchiladas with this bread. What is it?

The tortilla is so synonymous with Mexican food that most people refer to anything wrapped up in the bread as a tortilla, although that's just the name of the bread itself. It can be used to make a number of traditional Mexican dishes like tacos and enchiladas.


This light and fluffy bun from France is a treat in itself. Can you name it?

A brioche bun can be eaten by itself as a snack or dessert, and it can be used for everything from a ham and cheese sandwich to a sweet breakfast. Sicilians serve gelato on brioche buns instead of cones or cups, and the French use it to make pastries.


Unlike bread made from just one part of the wheat grain, this bread uses the entire grain. What is it called?

Cereal grains contain three parts, but most bread is made using just one part of the grain. These are called refined grains. A whole grain is a grain that consists of all three parts, and whole wheat, or whole grain bread, is bread milled from whole grains.


Can you name this bread named after one of America's most important crops?

Cornbread was created by Native Americans and today is made using cornmeal, which is flour made from dried corn. It's a dry and crumbly bread that is a staple of soul food in the United States. If you deep fry the dough instead of baking it, you'll get hush puppies.


This is what happens when you make bread from refined grains instead of whole grains. What is this bread called?

As plain and simple as white bread is, you'd think it would be the best selling bread in the country, but it isn't. The crown goes to whole wheat and multigrain bread. White bread is made with a refined grain that uses just one part of the grain instead of all three parts.


Do you know this bread made from a chimpanzee's favorite food?

Banana bread is a sweet and flavorful bread that almost resembles cake. The main ingredient is mashed bananas, and the bread is the perfect way to use overripe bananas that nobody wants to eat. It can also be flavored with additional ingredients like nuts and spices.


What's the name of this Italian bread that's crispy on the outside and full of holes on the inside?

With food in general, including bread, the Italian and French seem to excel, and ciabatta bread is a perfect example. This bread has a thin crust that is hard and crispy on the outside and it's incredibly soft and holey inside.


Can you name this Italian bread that is often drizzled with olive oil and baked with fresh herbs like basil or rosemary?

The perfect focaccia is thin but airy inside and crisp and crunchy on the outside. The bread is baked in an oiled pan and then drizzled with oil, so it's a rather oily bread. It can be eaten on its own, topped with ingredients of your liking and even used for pizza.


This rich and sweet braided bread is a staple during Jewish celebrations. Can you name it?

Challah is sometimes known as egg bread and it is a rich, soft and sweet bread that has been enhanced with eggs. Its texture almost resembles brioche. It's usually braided before baking and served during special occasions


This bread that looks like pita is one of the most famous Indian breads. Do you know what it's called?

Bread is either leavened or unleavened, but just because it's leavened doesn't mean it can't be flat, and naan is an example of that. Naan looks just like pita (also flat but leavened), but it's made with ingredients like yogurt, milk or butter, making it softer in texture.


What's the name of this carbonated bread?

Soda bread features buttermilk and baking soda that fizz and bubble when they interact with each other, causing the bread to rise. It's a common quick bread and is rather simple to make. The technique can be used to make different types of breads (ex. brown soda bread or flat soda bread).


Can you name this dense German bread that is the country's most famous bread?

There are plenty of shortcuts to making pumpernickel, like using caramel or cocoa powder, but real German pumpernickel skips that stuff. You'll need to create a sourdough starter for real pumpernickel and it must be made from pure rye.


Everything is bigger in Texas, including this toast. What is it?

Texas toast is you normal toast except it's twice as thick as your normal toast. That's how things are done in Texas. If you're eating in the Lone Star state, you can expect to find this served alongside any traditional Southern meal.


Do you know this sprouted bread with a biblical name?

Most bread is made from refined grains. A refined grain is about one-third of its original size. Whole grain bread uses the whole grain, and Ezekiel bread, or sprouted bread, uses whole grains that have sprouted.


Bread loaves come in all shapes and sizes, but most mass-produced bread is baked in this rectangular shape. Do you know what it's called?

If you visited a supermarket anytime in the past century, you've seen a Pullman loaf of bread. It's a rectangular loaf of bread and almost every major bread producer in the country mass bakes bread in this shape. The name comes from their use in the kitchens on trains.


What's this sweet bread that features dried grapes and a swirl of sugar, honey and spice?

It's unknown who discovered that cinnamon and raisin complemented each other so well in bread form, but simple raisin bread has been around since the 1600s at least. The swirls of cinnamon and brown sugar ramp the flavor up a notch, and this sweet mix is commonly found in bagel form as well.


Can you name this bread that's made with salty and pickled Mediterranean fruits?

If you're looking for a savory bread, look no further than this bread that features salty Mediterranean flavors like black olive, garlic and basil. The best part is it only takes a couple of hours to make a loaf of this stuff, and it can be drizzled with olive oil and eaten anytime.


This fragrant bread is grilled with butter and herbs and makes for a great appetizer. Do you know it?

The great thing about bread is that you can take any piece of bread, and with a little creativity, make an entirely new type of bread. Garlic bread is bread that is seasoned with garlic, herbs and oil or butter and re-baked. You can also season dough accordingly and make garlic bread from scratch.


Do you know this fresh and earthy treat that dates all the way back to Ancient Rome?

Bruschetta, like garlic bread, is a popular appetizer all over the world and is made by seasoning, re-cooking and dressing a piece of bread. Bruschetta is always seasoned with garlic and salt and is usually topped with tomato and herbs.


The dough in this long and crispy loaf of bread is mandated by French law. What is it?

If you know anything about food, you know the French take it seriously. Baguettes in France have been mandated by law since the early 20th century. They must be made on premises. They can never be frozen. They can only contain flour, water, salt and yeast and never preservatives. A true French baguette will go stale in a day.


This bread is made with a swirl of rye plus cocoa. What is it called?

Marbled rye is just two types of rye dough rolled together and baked. Dark rye is often made by adding some cocoa to the recipe, and when it's rolled with light rye and baked, it creates a distinct pattern that gives the bread its name.


This French bread looks like a mushed ball and is named accordingly. Do you know it?

You don't need to go full sourdough-starter to make this bread, but you're going to need about a day to proof the yeast. This mushed ball of bread translates to "ball" in French, and it's crusty on the outside and holey on the inside.


New York City is known for this breakfast treat. What is it?

It's unknown what exactly makes NYC bagels so special. Some say it's the water, some say it's a myth, but one thing for sure is NYC bagels are known around the world. The bagel actually originated in Poland, but that doesn't stop the Big Apple from taking credit.


It can take more than a week to make this Italian sweet bread made with candied citrus and dried raisins. What is it?

This soft and sweet bread is an Italian staple at Christmas time and it's loaded with flavors like candied citrus peel, vanilla and raisins soaked in rum. You can't mistake it due to its cylindrical shape, and it's sometimes even sold in coffee cans.


What is bread without yeast called?

Unleavened bread has huge significance in religion, but it's also secularly influential in parts of the world (i.e. tortillas in Mexico, or parathas, shown here, a popular unleavened flatbread in Pakistan). Any bread that doesn't use yeast or anything that causes the dough to rise is considered unleavened bread. Most flatbreads are unleavened, but some, like pita, are leavened.


This bread is essential to Christianity. Can you name it?

Anyone familiar with the Eucharist (Holy Communion) is familiar with these wafer-like pieces of bread that are served with wine at Christian church services. This bread is rarely if ever eaten outside a religious setting.


This dense, buttery and salty loaf of bread is named after a legendary NYC street snack. What is it?

You can make your own pretzels or pretzel bread at home from scratch but there is a very thin line between pretzels and bagels, so you can't cut any corners when doing so. The key to good pretzel bread is boiling the dough in baking soda water before baking it. This allows for the brown crust pretzels are known for.


This spongy Ethiopian flatbread is served at nearly every traditional meal. Do you know it?

Don't expect to see any utensils if you sit down and eat a traditional Ethiopian meal. What you'll see in place of utensils is injera, and lots of it. This spongy flatbread is used to grab food off your plate and is served with almost every meal.


What's the name of this American bread popular for making sandwiches?

The hoagie, hero, sub, grinder or Italian roll is the de-facto roll for submarine sandwiches across the United States. The world-famous Italian sub, Philly cheesesteak or shrimp po' boy wouldn't exist without this bread. It takes on different names in different parts of the country.


Do you know these deep-fried poofs of unleavened bread that are popular in India?

India takes its unleavened bread to the next level by deep frying it to a soft poof and then serving it with either sweet or savory additions. The circles of dough poof up within seconds of deep frying, and the steam captured inside creates a warm and soft bread that can be eaten anytime.


Do you know this spongy bread that is an essential ingredient in Eggs Benedict?

The Muffin Man who lived on Drury Lane was slinging English muffins around town, not the deliciously sweet muffins most Americans think of when they think of a muffin. These muffins are eaten at breakfast time in the U.K. and America, but aren't widespread around the world.


You can't celebrate Passover without this unleavened bread. What is it?

Matzo bread has a long tradition in religious celebration and is always eaten at Passover, which is the feast of unleavened bread. It's forbidden to eat leavened bread during Passover, and the bread is also used to make matzo ball soup.


These unleavened patties are made from corn and are hugely popular in Columbia. What are they called?

Arepas differ from most unleavened breads around the world in that they are rather thick. The key to a good arepa is cooking it to crispy perfection on the outside and light and fluffy perfection on the inside. They can be stuffed with anything from cheese to meat, or eaten alone.


Can you name this bread made with tea, fruits and spices which resembles fruit cake?

Bara brith originated in the U.K. and it's commonly known as speckled bread because of its specks of dried fruit and spices. The dried fruit is usually soaked overnight in tea before being used, and marmalade and honey are used to sweeten the loaf.


Do you know these almond biscuits that are commonly dipped in espresso for breakfast?

These almond biscuits are a staple of the Italian diet. They are really dry and crunchy and are almost always eaten with a drink. Being that Italy is known for a wide variety of nuts, you can find biscotti made with almonds, pistachios, pine nuts and more.


What's the name of this bread that's made from a bunny rabbit's favorite food?

Carrot bread is made with shredded carrots or carrot juice and it resembles banana bread in texture. Its taste can go in many directions as any ingredient you like, from zucchini to raisins, can be added, and it's one of the most popular quick breads in the States.


Can you name these crunchy pieces of seasoned bread that are commonly served atop salad?

It's unknown where these crunchy add-ons originated, but whoever decided to season and rebake a piece of bread created the perfect accompaniment to soups and salads. You can make simple croutons by seasoning any type of bread with some oil or butter and flavors like garlic and basil and then toasting, baking or sauteing it until crunchy.


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