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Growing up in Canada means many great things. Delicious food, all four seasons and an all-around great place to live are only some of the pros of living here. But when you weren't lacing up your skates for a game of hockey or out with friends, you probably kicked back to watch some Saturday-morning cartoons. Now it's time to bring all those nostalgic memories back!

America is known for their big-name cartoons (like "The Looney Tunes") that are shown around the world in multiple different languages. Our Canadian cartoons are usually not shown worldwide, but they have been shown often in China and a few other countries. What better way to share our Canadian creations than through the medium of television? Some of Canada's best-loved cartoons are all about animals. Let's face it; there are many cartoons based on the animal kingdom! There's "Babar" and "Little Bear." just to name a few.

You grew up in Canada and watched all of the best cartoons that our artists and producers had to offer. Now it's time to see how well you really remember them. Look at the screenshot and see if you can identify which Canadian classic cartoon it is!

A trip to the mall was always in order with this TV show known as what?

Six teens who are sixteen is the main part of this show. It deals with much of the same things that regular Canadian teens experience. Jobs, crushes and friendship are just some of the subjects you'll find in this cartoon!


This '80s animated program was all about the coolest criminal-catching technology. Can you name it?

There's no one with cooler gadgets than Inspector Gadget himself. The original cartoon aired in the 1980s, but a newer version was created and aired for three years starting in 2015. Not many cartoons got the remake treatment!


What was this show that followed a white bear?

There are many Canadian cartoons that follow bears, but none are much like "Rupert." In fact, nothing holds him back from traveling the world. While the show was going strong, there were five seasons produced in the '90s, after which the show was ended.


With memorable characters like Buster and Brain, what is the name of this classic cartoon?

It's hard to imagine Canadian TV without a favourite of many, "Arthur!" It's one of the many popular cartoons to be aired in the North, and it is still going strong today. There have been more than 20 seasons, proving that this iconic cartoon isn't going anywhere!


Many Canadian shows were based on books, and this is no exception. What is it?

Anne Shirley has always been a lovable character, and her show aired in 2001. After the first season, the show was discontinued, but did get its own film. Usually, the show followed Anne through her dilemmas and troubles in Avonlea.


This zany animal trio is found in which of the following?

Yin and Yang are siblings who are mentored by master Yo, who is not a rabbit (like you might think)! If the animation or style looks familiar, it might be because Bob Boyle II came up with this awesome show.


It may not be Halloween, but which animation pictured here could send shivers down your spine?

Following a little skeleton named Benjamin Bones, this show saw the day-to-day activities of him and his friends. Freaktown was the name of their home where they often dealt with issues like putting on festivals and magic.


Even though many remember this show to be spelled differently, can you still guess what it is?

There have been two different runs of the show, one in the mid-'80s and the other in the early 2000s. The bears spent the episodes learning, and they were often based on the book series. Did you know that Lee Ann Womack sang the theme for the 2003 version?


What is this cartoon reality series with a big cash prize?

Ever heard of a cartoon reality show? Now you have! After the initial show, the success brought on new forms of the show such as "Total Drama World Tour" and "Total DramaRama." Unfortunately, the show came to an end in 2014.


In this series, a dental appliance can cause many issues for your average teen. Can you name it?

Sharon Spitz, like many teens, had to get braces put on. Although you could say that they caused her quite a bit of trouble, even more than the average pair of braces! Sometimes, they happened to help her out as well.


This long-running series followed a little boy and his family through their daily life. What was it called?

Just like many kids his age, 4-year-old Caillou loved to play and use his imagination. Each episode usually left Caillou learning a lesson of some kind. Some other memorable characters from the show are Rosie, Caillou's sister, and Gilbert, his cat.


It was all about a girl and her alien. Can you guess which animation this is?

With an unforgettable and catchy theme song, "Katie and Orbie" found a way to capture audiences around the country. The wholesome cartoon saw Katie and her family take in Orbie and adopt him after he left his home planet.


Anyone who loved technology will remember this classic show known as what?

Who knew there was an entire world hidden behind the screen of our computers? The kids of "Cyberchase" learned this unexpectedly when they came in contact with the Hacker. The show has proven to be popular, as it's still running today!


Three's a crowd, as they say! Which of the following cartoons is shown here?

The trio was well known for their scams and deceptions that they used on the other kids. Despite being the main characters, they often didn't get their way. If the main show wasn't enough, there were also seasonal specials that aired as well.


Lasting only one season was this lovable series by which name?

Yakkity Yak lives in a world with many other creatures like fairies, humans and even trilobites. Yakkity navigated the world with his friends as they went to school and shared experiences together. Did you know that this show was also aired in Australia?


Trying on shoes is fun in this program known by which of the following names?

Just like in the "Wizard of Oz," Franny could transport to another area or time just by trying on certain shoes. Another main character within the series was Franny's grandfather, who always worked hard in his shoe-repair shop.


One thing you can't forget about this cartoon is its talking dog. Which of the following is it?

Johnny had a lot to live up to with his twin sisters being kid geniuses. Just to prove how smart they really are, did you know that they made Dukey, the family dog, talk like a human? That's not something just anyone can do!


It's all about girl power in this series. What is it called?

Beverly Hills isn't exactly known for its spies, but these three girls know how to represent. In fact, they're all about protecting humans from evildoers. Did you know that the girls were almost pop singers in the early stages of the show?


A series of books was written about this friendly guy, but he's also got his own show. Which cartoon is shown here?

"The Adventures of Paddington Bear" ran for around three years and three seasons. Big fans of the show will be happy to know that reruns started being played on television in 2018. It's a great way to bring back those Paddington memories!


It's hard to find a more lovable elephant than this one. Can you name the cartoon?

King Babar was heroic and kind, always seeking to do the right thing while defending those that he loved. The show lasted six seasons until a new spin-off series was created known as "Babar and the Adventures of Badou."


This show took place in Calgary, Alberta! Do you know what it is?

The spies in this show are all teens managing their double lives as regular teenagers and important spies. In fact, one thing the spiez don't know is that their parents were also former agents. But that's OK; their parents don't know that they are either!


Taking place in the forest, this is one Canadian classic that kids have enjoyed for years. Do you know what it is?

In the forest is a group of friendly animals who make friends with a human little girl. Their friendship was very tight as Little Bear and Emily, the little girl, always adventured with each other when Emily was in the forest.


Pictured here is a program all about the tale of two rabbits. If you know their names, you'll know the cartoon called what?

Max and Ruby were brother and sister in this cartoon where they often go on adventures together. While the show last aired in 2018, the shows have been released in packages of DVDs for fans of the classic show.


No cartoon gives better advice than which of the following?

"G2G" was all about teen Maddison, who always gave great advice to the other students in the school. Her method was literally inserting herself into the shoes of who she was talking to in order to give them the best advice that she could.


In real life, many dogs have jobs, but in which show do they act as a squad of paramedics, police and firefighters?

Rescue dogs are always there for you in "Paw Patrol." Under the care of Ryder, whenever there's a problem reported, the pups assemble to take care of it. A favourite with kids, it teaches the importance of helping others.


Which cartoon is famous for following the animals of the jungle and started out as a comic strip?

The jungle animals in the show are often the opposite of what you would expect them to be. For example, Eugene is large, but he is most definitely childish. It makes the animals of the jungle that much more lovable!


The future looks bright for the main character in which series shown here?

While the original "Robin Hood" takes place in the past, this show saw Robin as he dealt with futuristic problems. He brings along all of his friends, including Little John, and he and his Merry Men get down to business, future style.


Canadian cartoons often dealt with animals, and this one was no different. Can you name it?

MumbleBumble was the main character of the show, but his buddies Greens and Chic'o also played large parts. One thing you may not know about this show is that is was also played on TV in Denmark.


The stars of this series are real characters, but they take on cartoon form here! What is the name of their show?

Starting in 2009, Bob and Doug McKenzie came to TV screens everywhere in cartoon form for their show "Bob and Doug." It lasted for two seasons until 2011 and followed the McKenzie brothers in their day-to-day Canadian lives.


If you've seen this one, then you know that it's hard to forget the animations of this program. What's it called?

Throwing it way back, this cartoon was unique in that the characters were all black and white photos. Despite only being on for three seasons, it captured the hearts of all Canadians. Did you know that the woman who voiced Angela was also the mastermind behind the show?


The robotic world here is found in which cartoon?

A little robot who is part of a happy family, Rolie Polie Olie knows how to have an adventure. The robot world can be an interesting one, after all. After six seasons on Canadian television, the show came to an end in 2004.


At the start, the characters have two alter egos. Can you name the series that is shown here?

The kids of this show hit our screens for two seasons in Canada, despite only airing the first season when played in the U.K. There were five main characters that were known for their abilities when in their garbage-pail form.


There's no more lovable turtle than the one this series is named for. What is it called?

Franklin the turtle is your average youngster going to school and playing with his best friend, Bear. He is often taught by Mr. Owl and gets along with the other animals as well. The show has done well in Canada; it had six seasons and many movies.


In this cartoon, you're entering the famous Hilltop School. Can you name the series?

Timothy is an intelligent little raccoon who has a great heart. The show follows him and his best friends as they deal with everyday problems. The show had one memorable theme song known as "It's A Brand New Day" that had every kid singing along!


The school in this program sits on its side. Can you guess what it is?

Wayside School had quite the mishap during its construction. It ended up being built on its side! Of course, this leads to some pretty interesting scenery and events, but it would make it harder to make a mistake and enter the wrong classroom.


If you're an animal lover, then you probably won't mistake this cartoon known as what?

Everyone loves animals, but the Kratt's work hard to help out animals as much as they can. In this show, they tackle a lot of animal issues such as others' perceptions of them and saving the animals from danger.


When you're a little creature in a big world, it's hard to be fearless! What TV show shown here deals with this?

Squirrels are known for having fear of many things, and Scaredy Squirrel proves just that! It's hard to think of something that doesn't scare this little guy, but we can't blame him. There's a lot of danger in his world!


Canadian kids who speak French or English can enjoy this cartoon. What is it?

On YTV, you can catch this fun show in English or in French. The characters in the show are your average kids by day, crime fighters by night! Unfortunately, the show was cut short, leaving us to wonder what could possibly come next.


Though it was short-lived, it was a program that brought joy to those who saw it. Can you name it?

A dream that many kids have is to become a filmmaker. This was no different for the main character of this show known as Eddie. Unfortunately, we don't get to see if Eddie lived his dreams as the show was canceled after one season.


If you liked a good sketch when you were a kid, you probably watched this show known as what?

The art style in this show matches perfectly with all aspects as the name is about doodling and the main character is named Dood! Though this show was simple, it was the perfect format for its two-minute run time between other shows.


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