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When it comes to "Dragon Ball Z," there's an entire universe of characters to discover as the heroes adventure across the world searching for dragon balls while trying to save their friends and stop the forces of evil. Are you familiar with all the characters who the Z Fighters encounter between the Saiyan Saga and the Buu Saga? Here's a quiz where you can find out. 

From the Earthlings to the Saiyans to the Core People in Other World, "Dragon Ball Z" is filled with unique characters that have captivated fans for generations. Over the course of the show, you learn that while many of these characters are known for their power, others are known just as much for their heart, which makes their journey well worth the ride. 

Now, it's time for you to power up your brain as you try to identify all the characters from the show. Do you believe it will be a breeze, or will you need a wish from the eternal dragon to get through it? You'll have to be careful, after all, because those Namekians can be a little tricky. 

When you're ready, jump in and see if you have the skills to make it to the end.

"Dragon Ball Z" tried several times to carry on without this star. Who is he?

Before "Dragon Ball Z" came along, Goku was the star of "Dragon Ball," the original manga series. In "Dragon Ball," Goku was just a kid who became a talented martial artist after learning to fight from his adopted grandpa.


Can you identify this powerful warrior who comes back from the future to warn the Z Fighters about the coming androids?

Trunks is only the second Super Saiyan ever seen in the series. When he arrives in the present world from the future, the Z Fighters are astonished because they thought most of the Saiyans were dead.


What's the name of this arrogant Saiyan who slowly becomes one of the good guys as the series progresses?

Calling himself the prince of all Saiyans, Vegeta has never been one to shy away from a fight, even when he's outmatched. Eventually, he is forced to put his pride aside as he accepts that Goku is the stronger warrior.


This villainous emperor ruled over the whole galaxy. Do you recognize him?

With various transformations, Frieza has such power that he strikes fear in those around him. His final change is probably the least menacing, but that shouldn't fool his opponents because his power level is extraordinarily high.


Are you familiar with this young Z Fighter who uses his anger to fuel his power?

Gohan is the first Saiyan in the series to reach Super Saiyan 2, which occurs while he trains with Goku in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. However, the anime doesn't show Gohan fully master the form until Cell kills Android 16, leading to an angry Gohan exploding with power.


How well do you know this gifted inventor and explorer from the series?

Bulma was the first character to encounter Goku in the original "Dragon Ball" series while she was searching for the dragon balls with her dragon radar. She recruited Goku to join her in her travels, turning him into her personal bodyguard.


A creature whose power increases after absorbing others, which character is this?

After obtaining his final form, Cell struggled to find a purpose for himself, as he didn't even believe killing Goku would make him feel complete. Instead of seeking out the Z Fighters, Cell decided to host a tournament known as the Cell Games to determine who was the strongest fighter on the planet.


Who is this hero that you might recognize for his death in the Frieza Saga?

Krillin was never the strongest hero in the series nor the bravest, but he did play an integral part in the development of the show. During the Frieza Saga, Krillin was killed by Frieza, which was all the motivation Goku needed to turn into a Super Saiyan.


Few teachers are as disciplined as which character shown here?

After the Z Fighters learn that more Saiyans are coming to Earth, Piccolo takes it upon himself to train Gohan since Goku is dead. Piccolo proves to be a relentless teacher who constantly pushes his young disciple to his limits.


This mother is all about making sure her son does his school work. What's her name?

The princess of Fire Mountain, Chi-Chi is a fierce character with a dominant personality that she uses to enforce her views on how her son, Gohan, should be raised. She keeps such a tight watch over Gohan that he's often forced to sneak out of the house to escape her.


Did you watch enough "Dragon Ball Z" to identify this antagonist who could destroy entire planets?

Majin Buu is supposed to be pure evil, but the original Buu is actually more chubby and jolly than anything. However, once he's upset, there's not anything that can hold him back from inflicting serious damage.


Do you recognize this warrior born on Planet Vegeta?

When Nappa and Vegeta get to Earth, they are confronted by the Z Fighters, who are awaiting Goku's return. Nappa proves to be too strong, however, and wipes out most of the heroes before Goku can get there.


You might start rethinking the robot age if you run into which android depicted in this image?

After the events of the Cell Sage, Android 18 starts a relationship with Krillin, who tried to protect her from Cell at one point in the series. Together, they have a daughter named Marron.


Can you name this dragon who will grant you a wish if you collect the dragon balls?

Initially, Shenron could only grant one wish to whoever gathered the dragon balls before he disappeared and the dragon balls were once again scattered across Earth. However, he is later powered up and can grant three wishes.


One of the newest Z Fighters, who is this?

Goten is the second son of Goku and Chi-Chi, though he is born after Goku's death in the Cell Saga. When Goku comes back during the Buu Saga, he finally meets his son, who is seven at the time and already can turn into a Super Saiyan.


Are you able to identify this hermit known as a martial arts master?

Master Roshi was the first teacher Goku had after the death of his adopted grandpa. When he takes Goku as his student, he teaches his young disciple the Kamehameha, a move that Roshi invented himself, which becomes Goku's most valuable attack.


The first villain in the "Dragon Ball Z" series, which Saiyan is this?

Raditz, who was born on Planet Vegeta before it was destroyed, is the brother of Goku. However, he has no sympathy for his brother, who Raditz believes has grown weak living on Earth.


Does this character from the show have a familiar face?

Yamcha is one of the most trusted Z Fighters, who is never afraid to put his life on the line even against impossible odds. One example came when he confronted the androids. During the fight, Yamcha is quickly defeated, but he still tried to stand his ground.


What's the name of this warrior who will steal your body?

Captain Ginyu is the leader of the Ginyu Force, one of the strongest mercenary units in the universe. The Ginyu Force serve under Frieza, and they respond to his call when he asks them to come to Namek in search of the dragon balls.


Once the guardian of Earth, is this a hero you recognize?

After Kami came to Earth and started training to become the planet's guardian, he was forced to split his body in two to purify himself of the evil inside. The second half of his body became the demon, Piccolo.


How well do you know this Z Fighter famous for his third eye?

One of Tien's bravest moments came against Cell after the monster made his first transformation. Trying to protect the Earth and keep Cell from transformation again, Tien hit the monster with his Tri-Beam until he passed out from exhaustion.


A powerful member of Freiza's army, do you remember the name of this character?

Recoome wasn't the smartest member of the Ginyu Force, but that doesn't mean he wasn't powerful. His most powerful attack was his Eraser Gun, an energy beam that he launched from his mouth.


Few Namekians are as strong as which one shown in this image?

Despite Nail's strength, Frieza made quick work of the proud Namekian, leaving him for dead. However, before he perished, Piccolo showed up and absorbed Nail's power, giving him the strength to combat Frieza until Goku arrived.


Do you know this master who trained Goku to fight the Saiyans?

King Kai, also known as North Kai, ruled over the north area of Universe 7, where Earthlings go when they die. Aside from Goku, he also taught Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, Piccolo and Chiaotzu.


Which antagonist from the Demon Realm do you see here?

Recognized as the king of the Demon Realm, Dabura was placed under a spell by Babidi to do his bidding. Ultimately, he is led into a confrontation with Gohan, who proves to be an even match for the demon king.


This complicated android has been both a hero and a villain. Who is he?

After Android 16 is reprogrammed to aid the Z Fighters against Cell, he takes it upon himself to finish off the powerful creature. However, Android 16 realizes he can no longer self destruct after latching onto Cell, resulting in Cell destroying him.


You might recognize which character shown here as the attendant to the Lookout?

A being from the Other World who is over 1,000 years old, Mr. Popo is actually a great fighter, despite his appearance. When Goku first encounters him in "Dragon Ball," they have a battle where Goku struggles to land any significant attack, even his Kamehameha.


Can you identify this warrior who has a heated fight with Vegeta on Namek?

Zarbon is recognized by his beauty, which he holds to the highest esteem. However, he has a transformation that increases his power but takes away his good looks, which is a major reason he doesn't like using it.


A powerful fighter in her own right, what's this character's name?

Videl is introduced in the series during the Buu Sage, where she encounters Gohan at Orange Star High School. She follows him around and eventually learns that he is the Great Saiyaman, a hero who has been secretly fighting crime.


Did you watch enough episodes of "Dragon Ball Z" to identify this evil genius?

Dr. Gero is a member of the Red Ribbon Army and the creator of the androids, cyborgs that he programs to kill Goku. Gero even turns himself into an android with the ability to absorb the energy of living beings.


Are you familiar with this Namekian who ends up on Earth?

Dende isn't the strongest fighter in the series by no means, but he does possess the unique ability to heal others. He uses this ability constantly throughout the Frieza Saga to heal the Z Fighters, including Vegeta, who was a borderline enemy at the time.


Is this general in Frieza's army a character you recognize?

With a deep desire for destruction, Dodoria often lets his anger get the best of him. Despite his brash nature, once Vegeta over powers him during the Frieza Saga, he turns cowardly and pleads for his life.


Who is this Z Fighter from Earth?

Chiaotzu is the faithful friend of Tien, who he spends most of his time training with. During the Saiyan Saga, Chiaotzu sacrifices his life to try and save the Z Fighters by exploding on the back of Nappa, but it does little damage to the powerful Saiyan.


Do you recognize this powerful villain who seems to have no emotions?

Sporting a different look and more power, Android 17 makes a comeback in "Dragon Ball GT" as Super 17. In his new form, Super 17 can absorb energy blasts and release the power back on his opponents.


How well do you know this warrior who attends to the Supreme Kai?

Kibito hails from World Core, which is the world where each of the Kai is born. This race of people is unique in that they are born from magical fruit that grows on trees known as Kaiju.


Does this member of the Ginyu Force have a familiar force?

One of the highest-ranked members of the Ginyu Force, Jeice often teams up with Burter to form a tandem fighting team. They have various attacks that they've learned to use together, such as the Purple Comet Attack.


Few fighters in the show are as egotistical as which one shown here?

While the Z Fighters are away on Namek, Mr. Satan quickly establishes himself as the strongest fighter on Earth by winning the World Martial Arts Tournament. During the Cell Games, though, he realizes he's outclassed by the other warriors and leaves the fighting to them.


What's the name of this earthling known for his intelligence?

Dr. Brief is the father of Bulma and grandfather of Trunks. He's extremely smart and creates many of the inventions used throughout the show. His most famous device is the DynoCap, which is used to transport large objects.


The reincarnation of Buu, which character is this?

Uub appears at the very end of "Dragon Ball Z" as a young boy who takes part in the World Martial Arts Tournament. He enters the tournament to obtain money so he can help his starving family.


Can you identify this cat who is over 800 years old?

Korin lives atop Korin Tower, which is located underneath the Lookout where the guardian of Earth lives. When Goku climbs the tower, he meets Korin, who trains him to fight the Red Ribbon Army.


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