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Can you think back to your high school days? (Maybe it was a while ago ... or perhaps you're still there!) Either way, it's "ground zero" for making decisions about the career field you'll spend the rest of your life working in. You may have had big plans to become a doctor or a lawyer, or perhaps you took a more specialized approach, seeking out a life as a foreign service peacekeeping specialist (whatever that is!). The point is, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of career options at your fingers ... whether you're 16 or 60, whether you love working indoors or prefer to be outside, whether you prefer numbers to words (or vice versa) or whether you're handling dangerous chemicals or dangerous animals!

We've collected some interesting career choices in this 40-question quiz. Our question is: Can you identify them from an image and a simple clue? From jobs that require milking cows to careers that involve handling internal organs (yuck!), test your occupational understanding with this employment-based quiz. But, don't be late for work: You have seven minutes to get to the bottom of these meaningful — and varied — careers. It's time to "clock in" and get going!

If you want to see the world (or help someone else see it), you might pursue which of these careers?

Though we can do a lot of travel planning on our own today thanks to the internet, travel agents still exist to help coordinate travel plans for customers and offer advice about a myriad of destinations.


Consider yourself an animal person? Then you might want to consider a career as which of the following?

Veterinarians are individuals who have dedicated their lives to the well-being of animals under their care. While most people think of vets taking care of dogs and cats, they actually can treat giraffes, horses or even elephants!


You could join the likes of Christiane Amanpour and Carl Bernstein with a career in this field. What is it?

Journalists are individuals trained to gather and report the news, whether through print sources like newspapers and magazines or on broadcast mediums such as television and radio.


Someone in this career field could change the outcome of a game. What job are we talking about?

All types of sports require referees to help make on-the-field calls. Whether it's a football or basketball game, soccer match or some other athletic endeavor, referees have the final say about whether game rules are being followed properly.


You might not like getting a filling, but how about giving one? Which career field could make this possible?

Dentists spend a lot of time earning an education, and for good reason. There are plenty of things to attend to in a human mouth with 32 teeth, including administering fillings and checking for conditions like tartar and gingivitis.


Enjoy doing tax returns? (Who doesn't, am I right?) Which job has this tax as part of its daily operations?

Accountants may work at small operations or at large companies, helping to ensure their clients are making smart financial decisions, keeping track of expenditures and paying their fair share of taxes.


If you hate flight delays, you could pursue this career field dedicated to eliminating them. What is it?

Air traffic controllers not only help guide pilots in an organized method of taking off and landing at airports, but they do so with the goal of minimizing delays and other air traffic snafus.


Putting people to sleep (safely, of course) is a central part of which of these jobs?

Anesthesiologists do much more than sedate people, such as for surgery. They also stay on-hand during procedures and keep tabs on a patient's vital signs to ensure everything is going smoothly.


Ever dreamed of standing on the sidelines at an NFL game? Maybe you should pursue a career in which of these fields?

All sports teams employ athletic trainers to help ensure the safety of their athletes. Athletic trainers are skilled in preventing, recognizing and treating physical impairments and medical conditions athletes may suffer.


A person in this career must be adept at handling cash — sometimes large sums of it. Which job does this?

Bank tellers are individuals who work for a financial institution and work directly with banking customers. They typically handle things like cashing checks and making withdrawals or deposits.


Maybe you don't know what you want to be when you grow up. Which worker might you seek out?

Career counselors are skilled at administering tests and looking for career aptitudes in individuals seeking employment. This allows them to properly educate clients on career fields that might be the best fit for them.


Looking for your big break on TV or the silver screen? This individual will likely help you. Who is it?

Casting directors are responsible for just that: casting the right actors and actresses in a wide range of media, from television commercials to blockbuster movies. They look for the best possible fit for the role being offered.


An individual in this career field is skilled in unique languages like Java and C++. What are they called?

Computer programmers use their own language — things like Java and C++ — to help a software program and computer communicate efficiently. Without them, you couldn't take this quiz!


If you enjoy playing with big "toys," you might seek out a job as one of these?

Construction laborers work on a variety of job sites, frequently using heavy machinery and equipment to build, demolish or prepare things like homes, condominiums and commercial structures.


A person with this title helps enforce the rules of a jail or prison. What job does this?

A correction officer is employed by a prison or jail system to help maintain order among inmates housed in these facilities. They differ from parole officers, who work with individuals after they are released.


Hair, nails, facials ... A person with this title is concerned with these items. What is their title?

The word "cosmetologist" is derived from the French term "cosmétologie." It is a mash-up of the word "cosmetics" and "-ology," which references a particular field of study. Cosmetologists may work on hair, nails or skin or specialize in just one area.


Do you insist on controlling the radio in the car? You may have a career ahead of you as which of these?

Disc jockeys, or DJs as they're more commonly known, are individuals tasked with playing music for others. People who pursue this career may spin live music at places like nightclubs or be employed by radio stations.


Can you imagine dealing with appraisals, contract addendums and comparative market analyses all day? Then you should pursue which of these jobs?

Working in real estate is a rewarding but time-consuming career that walks a fine line between handling relationships with clients, mortgage brokers, appraisers and title agencies. We're tired just thinking about it!


Maybe finding solutions for recycling or pollution really motivates you. Which career field gives you those opportunities?

Environmental engineers use their understanding of the environment to help create solutions for some of society's most critical problems, such as pollution of the air, water and soil and recycling of various materials.


If you want to see your vision on paper come to life on an actual person, which career field might fit you?

Fashion designers get to create the clothing that the rest of us wear! The biggest names in the business enjoy extra perks, such as having A-list celebrities model their designs on the world's biggest stages.


Have you ever wondered why criminals do the things they do? This job might be perfect for you. What is it?

Forensic psychologists work to understand the psychology of the criminal brain. That means they study what criminals do in an effort to understand why they do it, ultimately, to help find solutions to avoid these incidents.


You could walk alongside someone in their time of bereavement in which of these career opportunities?

Funeral directors are tasked with leading people through the bereavement process as they lay to rest (or cremate) family members and friends. They help coordinate every aspect of a funeral, from selecting a casket to coordinating a graveside service.


This is a star-studded career opportunity to say the least! Which of these jobs allows you to mingle with the likes of Tom Brady and LeBron James?

Sports agents help to guide the trajectory of athletes' careers, helping them secure contracts, achieve the best pay and accept the endorsement deals that will help make them a household name.


Do you have an eye for making things look good? Which of these occupations helps convince consumers to buy, buy, buy?

Graphic designers are often tasked with taken concepts or ideas on paper and making them look appealing. People in this career field utilize various design software to achieve a graphically pleasing concept.


If you enjoy working in catering, event planning and lodging accommodations, this job has your name all over it. What are we talking about?

Hotel managers do much more than just doling out hotel rooms. They are often tasked with serving as the point person for events hosted at their facility, dealing with caterers and managing the logistics of accommodations for hundreds of people.


Observing animals in their natural habitats is an integral part of this job. Which career is it?

Zoologists spend a good portion of their careers studying animals in their natural habitats. This means understanding animal behaviors, animal ecosystems and things like animal attributes and features.


Is that a thunderstorm I see off in the distance? Which of these career fields is ideal for a weather lover?

Meteorologists are specially trained to understand the things that go on in our atmosphere. We might equate meteorologists to our 6 p.m. nightly newscast, but a great amount of study and understanding of weather patterns goes into those daily broadcasts.


Without these workers, we would not have our mail, our groceries and a host of other goods. What job is it?

Despite the advances in the internet, there is still a need for people who can get goods from one place to another. Thanks to our truck drivers for facilitating the movement of our mail, purchases, groceries and more!


For adults and children who struggle to communicate, a person trained as one of these is life-changing. What career is it?

Speech pathologists, or speech-language pathologists, help identify and treat communication problems in both adults and children. These challenges may be the result of an injury or illness, with speech pathologists using their training to assess and rehabilitate their patients.


Individuals who pursue this occupation buy products to stock store shelves. What job are we talking about?

If you have a retail addiction and love buying things, then a career as a retail buyer might be the right fit for you. Retail buyers purchase goods to stock shelves and provide items for their company to sell.


This career choice focuses on making the company for which the person works sound good. Which one is it?

A public relations specialist's job is to make sure that their employer appears favorably to individuals outside the organization. Of course, it always best if the organization is doing good things, too — something these specialists can let the rest of the world know about.


A person who pursues this career path deals with pipes and fixtures on a daily basis. What role are we referencing?

Plumbers are one of those critical roles we don't think about needing until we've got an emergency situation on our hands, most likely. People in this career field know the ins and outs of pipes and fixtures in homes and businesses.


The role of dispensing medications and explaining their use to the public falls to which of these occupations?

Yes, nurses may dispense medications as part of their job, but a pharmacist's daily role is to prepare and give out medications and also to counsel recipients as to the purpose and potential side effects of medications received.


I'm ready for my close-up! Which of these jobs could land you some celeb clientele?

Makeup artists can work everywhere from behind the beauty counter at a department store to privately, taking in celebrity clientele who need to be dolled up for a particular occasion. Understanding the latest makeup trends will help you succeed here.


They do more than just shush you! What role might a book lover seek out?

Librarians do more than meets the eye! Sure, they're tasked with caring for the books in their facility, but they also coordinate events, help patrons with research requests and oversee the day-to-day operations of their libraries.


This job is perfect if you'd like to care for mom and baby. What is this person called?

Obstetricians are concerned with female reproduction. That means they may help deliver a baby or see an expectant mom throughout the duration of her pregnancy. Obstetricians are frequently referred to as OB/GYNs.


An individual in this occupation may use vocal or instrumental arrangements to minister to a patient's mental or emotional needs. Who is it?

Music therapy can be a wonderful tool to help better understand patients dealing with some type of impairment. Music therapists use music to help diagnose, treat and communicate with patients in a unique way.


Physicians rely on these individuals to transform their recorded comments to written ones. What is the job?

Medical transcriptionists help doctors by transcribing their recorded notes during a patient visit into written records for a patient's chart. Individuals who pursue this career field need to understand various medical terms and abbreviations.


Thinking about starting a business? You'll have to meet with which of these to get the necessary funding?

Loan officers are specialized positions within banks. These individuals work with members of the public who request loan funding for any number of reasons, from buying a house to starting a new business.


You might need to know all about the food pyramid if you pursue a career as one of these?

Dietitians use the science of food and nutrition to help formulate diet plans for things like losing weight or combating illness or chronic conditions. Most hospitals and facilities such as nursing homes employ a dietitian to help plan nutritious and healthful meal plans.


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