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If you grew up craving candy bars as a child, you knew that Halloween was the most exciting holiday of the year. You could get every different kind of candy known to man just by knocking on people's doors. It was hard work with one heck of a payoff. The best part about it was the fact that you were introduced to new candies that you may have never heard of (or if you had sneaky parents, candies you were told were for adults). Upon tasting these new additions to your arsenal, you figured out what you loved he best about candy and what you wanted to avoid. You may have thought that coconut was the devil's sweet and pushed more toward caramel. You may have looked at a Baby Ruth and threw it to the dog (not recommended). Whatever your preference in candy, you could probably spot your favorite from a mile away. 

If you consider yourself a connoisseur of candy bars, we have the quiz that will prove your true skills. We've selected 40 candy bars that you may or may not recognize from your childhood (and now). Test your skills and see if you can identify each of them from just one image.

Nobody better a lay a finger on which candy bar?

Butterfingers claimed to be "crispity and crunchity and peanut buttery." For the most part, however, the innards of the candy bar simply got stuck in your teeth. If you were into that sort of thing, this was your favorite candy bar.


Which candy bar is so full of peanuts, it gives superheroes energy?

Baby Ruth commercials used to have superheroes who were just too tired to save the day. Luckily for them, Baby Ruth bars are so packed with peanuts and protein (*cough* and sugar *cough*) they could give them the energy they needed.


What candy bar should people eat if they aren't feeling like themselves?

Snickers bars are pretty much the quintessential candy bar. They have the perfect mix of nougat, caramel and nuts, which was everything people wanted in a candy bar. They were just exotic enough to get attention and just vanilla enough to keep people coming back.


Can you name the candy bar that doesn't have chocolate?

A PayDay bar doesn't have any chocolate. It is basically a Baby Ruth without the chocolate. This candy bar was mostly marketed toward adults, as children wanted chocolate and usually hated peanuts.


Can you name the candy bar that comes in either Left or Right packages?

Twix loved to show us a caramel drizzle over a hard cookie in its earlier commercials. This resonated with people. After all, who doesn't imagine caramel being drizzled into their mouth?


Can you name the candy bar you should eat when you DON'T feel like a nut?

If Almond Joy bars have nuts, Mounds don't. While children might believe that you think of nuts when you think of mounds of things, the distributor of Mounds was actually thinking about Mounds of coconut.


What is the name of this candy bar that was always broken in its wrapper?

The Chick-O-Stick is basically the innards of a Butterfinger bar, but it isn't dipped in chocolate. Instead, it is rolled in coconut. The candy bar was messy to eat and basically disintegrated in your mouth. It was a choking hazard.


What is the name of this candy bar that boasts an English toffee center?

Heath bars were great if you didn't eat them in the summer. The chocolate on these candy bars melted before the inside, and it didn't make for a good combination on a hot summer day.


Which candy bar was simple yet well-loved?

Caramello bars were an excellent source of sugar and chocolate. The candy bar was marketed with a clear and fancy caramel pull that could make all sorts of different designs.


Do you know the name of this incredibly long candy bar?

Charleston Chews were basically inedible unless you froze them. If left unfrozen, you risked your teeth getting pulled out by the root from the sticky nugget. However, if you froze them, you only risked breaking your teeth.


Which candy bar asks you to feel the bubble on its package?

Aero bars come in a variety of flavors and are considered a "bubbly" bar, according to the packaging. These candy bars are easily Nestle's smoothest chocolate bars on the market.


This candy bar had it all. What might you call it?

Whatchamacallit had pretty much everything anyone needed in a candy bar. It had the crunchies from a Nestle Crunch. It had peanuts and caramel like a Snickers bar. It was the perfect mix of an everything candy bar.


Can you name this candy bar that was covered in white chocolate and came in a silver wrapper?

The Zero bar is a mystery in that no one has ever really eaten one, yet they can still be found on grocery store and gas station shelves around the country. These odd bars had white chocolate over almond nougat.


Can you identify this simple candy bar that is named after the sound it makes when you bite into it?

Nestle Crunch bars were very popular in the 1990s because of​ their simple design. While they were a close representation of the Krackle bar, their bright blue packages and electrifying sound really gave them the edge.


Which candy bar was worth a lot of money?

The 100 Grand bar was basically a Nestle Crunch bar melted over caramel. This ingenious candy bar didn't necessarily cost 100 grand, but it was definitely worth that much once you got your first taste.


Can you name this candy bar designed after a favorite campfire treat?

S'mores candy bars were easily the highest calorie candy bar (by weight) on the market. They were incredibly sweet, and mirrored the taste of a campfire s'more ... except it didn't have the campfire taste. It was basically like eating a raw s'more.


What candy bar would you eat when you feel like a nut?

When you feel like a nut, you should have an Almond Joy. Unlike other candy bars that had almonds, Almond Joys had a full almond in every bite of the bar. While many children hated these candy bars, adults loved them.


Can you name this candy bar that is like a Crunch bar, but a little bit thicker?

For the most part, it is hard to find a full-sized​ Krackel bar. As a matter of fact, most of us were introduced to these as a Hershey's miniature and we generally ate them to avoid the Mr. Goodbar miniatures in the bag.


This little cup has a creamy center. Can you identify it?

The Cup-O-Gold bar was really a great candy bar, but it wasn't marketed properly and ended up on the back burner. This candy cup was filled with a creamy center, a little bit of coconut and toasted almonds.


Do you know the name of this candy bar that everyone mispronounces?

Everyone eats a Toblerone differently. However, if you use resistance, you can break off the pieces perfectly by pressing the top of each ​triangle toward the triangle next to it.


Which candy bar is named after a side dish?

If you don't recognize the Idaho Spud bar, it's probably because you grew up in the Midwest or East coast. This candy bar was largely distributed in the Pacific Northwest and is rarely seen out of the area.


Can you name this short bar named after a man?

This candy bar had peanuts, caramel and nougat, but it tasted nothing like a Snickers bar. The nougat had a harder consistency, like that of a Baby Ruth, but Oh Henry! was by far the most interesting candy bar out there.


Can you identify this tri-colored candy bar?

Neapolitan Coconut Slice bars may have been the one candy bar that you may not recognize as a candy bar. It is simply different flavors of coconut pressed together. If you've ever had one of these, you are a true candy connoisseur.


This candy bar had a catchy jingle that gets stuck in everyone's head. What is it?

Kit Kat bars were made for sharing but sometimes, it's really hard to share them. This simple wafer covered in chocolate has lasted ages and is still going strong today. Kit Kat has really nailed the texture aspect of candy.


Which of these candy bars is just chocolate and peanuts?

Mr. Goodbars are a simple candy bar made from milk chocolate and peanuts ... end of list. It's good enough to eat, but only if a Snickers or Kit Kat isn't available at the time you're starving.


Which candy bar was made with pretzels?

The Hershey's Take 5 bar had peanut butter, caramel and pretzels all coated in milk chocolate. While many who didn't understand the combination of peanut butter and pretzels looked at the candy bar as though it had three eyes, it soon became a hit.


What is the name of this small, square candy bar?

The Chunky bar came on the market in the 1930s, but many people don't know about it. It was a simple candy bar that had peanuts and raisins covered in chocolate. It wasn't a fancy bar, but it was delicious.


Which kind of Twix has a dark chocolate cookie inside?

While these candy bars are pretty rare these days, they made a splash in the early '00s. The caramel in the Twix bar was replaced with peanut butter and the regular cookie was replaced with a chocolate cookie. Absolutely nothing could go wrong here. This candy bar was perfection.


Can you name the candy bar that is closest to a Mounds bar?

It was all about the coconut in the 1990s and a Bounty bar would deliver the same delicious punch that a Mounds bar could give. However, these little guys didn't last long.


Can you name this "dark" twist on a common favorite?

Milky Way Midnight bars are the same structure as a Milky Way bar: nugget, caramel and chocolate, but the twist is that the chocolate is dark chocolate and the nugget is extra light. It was supposed to be a limited time candy, but its success changed that.


Do you know this candy bar that mirrors the Charleston Chew?

While we might think that everything is big in Texas, the commercials for these candy bars let people know that it takes Texans a bit longer to chew ... which makes sense since the candy's bites are probably bigger.


What is the name of this candy bar filled with M&M candies?

Chocolate candies covered in chocolate ... yes, that was the thinking behind the M-Azing bar. It didn't last long and you might be hard pressed to find one these days, but if you ever tried it, you were probably incredibly disappointed.


Which candy bar was like a Butterfinger with more "butter" in it?

For some reason, the Hershey's 5th Avenue bar always seemed like it was melting. It was as though the chocolate was wet from absorbing whatever was inside this candy bar. This bar was considered the adult version of the Butterfinger bar.


What is this candy bar that you might confuse with ice cream?

The Rocky Road candy bar had everything that a bowl of rocky road ice cream might have ... minus the ice cream, of course. This candy bar was filled with marshmallow and topped with cashews.


This candy bar was named after what it looks like. What is it?

The Mountain Bar is a simple candy bar with vanilla cream on the inside (basically vanilla extract and sugar). This vanilla mixture is then covered with chopped peanuts and chocolate. It was simple and sweet, and that's all a candy bar needs to be.


This bar was an attempt at a Baby Ruth. Do you know its name?

The Reese's Fast Break was a candy bar that was marketed to those on the move, athletes and anyone looking for a boost in the middle of the day. The peanuts have protein, see, and that means it is totally healthy (no sarcasm intended. Well, maybe a little. OK, maybe a lot.)


Do you know the name of this candy bar on a stick that you couldn't bite?

Slo Pokes were simply caramel on a stick. However, in order to make the caramel stay on the stick, manufacturers had to use a thicker mixture, meaning kids had to suck on this candy bar, because if they bit into it, they'd most definitely lose some teeth.


Can you identify this candy bar that has a surprise in each bite?

Each bite of a Sky Bar contained peanuts, vanilla, fudge, or caramel. Those who ate these bars know that the caramel was far superior to the other flavors in the possible bites they took. Eh, one in four ain't that bad.


Do you know the name of this smooth chocolate candy bar?

The U-No bar is a little obscure, we know, but it definitely makes the list of smooth chocolate bars. The inside of this bar is much like a truffle, but it also has chunks of almond in it.


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