Can You Identify These Gen. 1 Pokemon From a “Detective Pikachu” Screenshot?



By: Heather Cahill

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Image: Legendary Pictures / The Pokémon Company

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Ryme City is a place that every aspiring Pokemon trainer would die to live in. Being surrounded by Pokemon every day was a dream for so many of us as kids (and even as adults!). "Detective Pikachu" brought so many of our favorite Pokemon to life and gave us a chance to imagine what life really would be like with a Pokemon by our side. Many of these Pokemon were from the first generation. Do you think you spotted them all?

For most, the first generation of Pokemon were the first we were introduced to. Either you watched the anime, played the "Red, Blue and Yellow" games or played the card game. From the starters that stole your heart to the ones that you caught later in your journey, it's hard to forget these memorable Pocket Monsters. In "Detective Pikachu," there are Pokemon from every generation that die-hard fans loved to see. Some are found walking around the city, while others are found in the background on posters or photos. Let's not forget the iconic "Detective Pikachu" game with even more first-generation favorites.

Think you could beat Detective Pikachu in a race to identify the Pokemon? As a Pokemon, he might have a leg up, but chances are that you can rival him. Take the quiz to find out if you could be a Pokemon detective yourself!

It may sound like it, but you won't be seeing double with the Pokemon shown here. Can you name them?

This legendary Pokemon has been through a whole lot in its life. While you may remember this iconic Pokemon inhabiting the Kanto region, in the movie, it has escaped and made its way to Ryme City. Maybe it came for a vacation!


It's up to you to decide if this Pokemon is your perfect starter. What is it called?

While this Pokemon isn't exactly a starter in the movie, you can definitely catch a glimpse of it. For example, a tiny Charmander shows up on screen in the middle of a bustling Ryme City. There are many other Pokemon to catch a glimpse of in this scene as well.


This Pokemon will make sure that you're never without water during emergencies. Do you know who it is?

Squirtle appears in the movie on a few occasions, such as when it was working with firefighters. That's a great job for a Pokemon who is able to expel so much water at once! Unfortunately, you can find a poster detailing a missing Squirtle as well.


No matter the city or region, you can be sure that you'll find this Pokemon in the road. The Pokemon shown here is who?

Blocking the road no matter if they're in a game, anime or the movie itself, you can be sure you'll always come across a Snorlax. This Pokemon is almost always sleeping, so make sure that you've got a Poke flute while in Ryme City.


Making a minor appearance is this Pokemon known to be a secondary evolution. Do you know its name?

Venusaur is the third evolution of Bulbasaur, but it doesn't have as large of a part. Rather than be part of the story, Venusaur is a Pokemon you just get a glimpse of in Ryme City. Its flower on its back is a dead giveaway!


It's hard to miss this Pokemon, which evolves into a much more powerful version of itself. Who is that Pokemon?

Cubone has a large role in some of the Pokemon games with its tragic backstory. In "Detective Pikachu," this story takes a backseat to the rest of the movie. But we do get to see this adorable yet ruthless Pokemon in its more realistic form!


The electric Pokemon pictured here is the star of the show! Who is it?

You can't have a movie about Pikachu without one being in it, of course! Many different Pikachu have their own personalities and traits, and this is no exception. Detective Pikachu may seem regular to everyone else around him, but that's because they can't communicate with him like Tim can.


There's no denying that this Pokemon has incredible taste. Who is it?

Known for its tongue, Lickitung licks Tim's face just as a dog might. While this Lickitung was overall pretty friendly, things could have turned out much different if it wasn't. A Lickitung also uses its tongue to attack.


What Pokemon that loves a great game of charades is pictured here?

One of the most memorable scenes from the movie involves Mr. Mime. As the Pokemon is questioned by Tim and Detective Pikachu, it's hard not to laugh. It's known as Mr. Mime for a reason: It doesn't talk, even to the detective!


This Pokemon puts the fight in "fight club." Do you know who it is?

Who would win in a battle between Charizard and Pikachu? Well, you'd have to watch the movie to find out! In the film, Charizard belongs to Sebastien, who lets his Charizard into the fight club to battle the famed detective.


It's a police dog like no other! You can catch this Pokemon as a pet in the movie. What is it?

Dogs in real life often have jobs, and Growlithe are no different within the Pokemon universe. Used as police dogs in Ryme City, that's not all they're great for. They're also awesome and loyal pets. There's not much difference between them and a dog, other than the fire part!


What Pokemon pictured here could be a great remedy for insomnia?

Found in a Ryme City diner is this little Jigglypuff who loves to sing. This cheery Pokemon is great at putting both people and other Pokemon to sleep. It's not because the Pokemon is boring, but just because it's voice has this unique power.


Shown in a group in the movie, these helpful Pokemon go by which name?

Bulbasaur often travel in packs, which has been depicted before the movie, but they do it for a great purpose in "Detective Pikachu." You can catch Tim and Detective Pikachu behind the large group as Tim tries to save his buddy's life.


Bring some Tylenol if you come across this Pokemon; it always has a headache. Do you know its name?

This wacky duck-like Pokemon plays a big role in this movie. Lucy had a Psyduck that went everywhere with her, similar to the anime where Misty was often followed by her Psyduck. All Psyducks are affected by horrible headaches that can put them in a lot of pain.


You might find a pack of these adorable Pokemon on the street, but do you know what they're called?

Pidgey is found flying through the sky in the movie along with a few other Pokemon. All of its forms make an appearance in the movie, while most other Pokemon, unfortunately, did not make it into Ryme City.


In the game, Detective Pikachu catches a ride on this Pokemon's back ... for a second! What Pokemon is it?

If you played the game, then you'll remember one of Detective Pikachu's most famous lines, "a bolt of brilliance!" This line was said on the back of Lapras, which the detective quickly fell off when it started to move!


Which shape-shifting Pokemon working on behalf of Howard Clifford is this?

It's easy to get confused when Ditto is around. While typically, this Pokemon can shapeshift into other Pokemon, it's never been shown to shapeshift as it does in the movie. While retaining its signature eyes, Ditto was able to transform into humans.


Often found in Pokemon Centers, this is a drastic change for this Pokemon. Who is it?

Nestled deep into the scene, Clefairy is hiding behind the gate. With all the action going on, it's easy to miss it, but the ears are a dead giveaway! Clefairy can be easily confused with Jigglypuff, especially from this angle.


A confrontation goes down between Detective Pikachu and the Pokemon shown here in the game, but can you name it?

Magnemite and Detective Pikachu meet face to face in the game where Magnemite is found hiding in a studio. Upon finding it, Detective Pikachu and Tim were able to finish with one of their many cases.


The glaring red eyes of this Pokemon could break even the toughest of trainers. Do you know who they belong to?

Another Pokemon in the arena, Gengar fought against a powerful Blastoise. As a more realistic version of the Pokemon, Gengar can be quite scary. After all, it's a ghost Pokemon, so a little scare is in its nature!


This Pokemon becomes more powerful in this form, but what is its name?

What was once a calm and peaceful Magikarp evolved into Gyarados and made for one terrifying scene! The powerful water-type Pokemon knows how to put up a good fight when it shows up in the battle arena.


It's another balloon that seems to be popular within Ryme City. Can you name this scary Pokemon?

You can't miss Gengar's unmistakable face as a real Pokemon or as this inflatable version. While you can only see part of the Pokemon's balloon, the red eyes and smile are dead giveaways about this awesome Pokemon.


Which Pokeman is a bundle of fire used to demonstrate evolution?

Just as adorable as you would expect it to be, Flareon gets its time on the big screen in the movie. It evolves into the fire-type Pokemon from Eevee, and this adorable character is like the pet that we wish we all had!


This Pokemon carries Pikachu on its back near the end of the film. Who is that Pokemon?

One great mode of transport is flying, but it doesn't always have to be done by plane. In Detective Pikachu's case, he hopped on the back of a Pidgeot who quickly got him to where he needed to be, no charge.


Who is that Pokemon working on the roads of Ryme City?

Who needs traffic lights when you have Machamp directing the cars through Ryme City? Just make sure you obey their orders so that you stay safe! As they say, four hands are better than two in Machamp's case.


This Pokemon was hanging out in a lake in the game and is better known as what?

Poliwag is shown in its natural habitat in the game: the water. It resembles a tadpole, and did you know that the swirl on its stomach is all of its organs? Luckily, the organs are usually just fine, even after it takes part in a battle.


Three's a crowd with this Pokemon. Do you know which one it is?

You'll find Dodrio in a scene walking in Ryme City among countless other Pokemon. The three-headed Pokemon didn't play a big role in the movie, but it was nice to see it make a smaller cameo. In the Pokemon world, a three-headed bird isn't out of the ordinary!


This slithery Pokemon in the game goes by which of the following names?

Every hardcore Pokemon fan knows that Ekans is "snake" backward, but did you know that the Pokemon doesn't have a venomous bite when it is young? One of its favorite foods is eggs, specifically Pokemon eggs.


Which character shows up briefly in the game?

Ninetales doesn't have a huge role in the game but talks to the duo briefly if they stop. As always, Detective Pikachu does all of the translation for Tim since he can only understand what the detective is saying.


You'll find a silhouette of this Pokemon located on a poster. Can you name it?

A poster behind Jigglypuff in the cafe details that Primeape and Machamp are ready for a fight. Since there's Pokemon battles in Ryme City, it can almost make you wonder whether or not human wrestling is a popular sport!


Which Pokemon takes part in a big battle in the movie?

Part of the battle against many Gengar, Blastoise makes this epic appearance in the film. It's the final evolution of Squirtle, who acts as a firefighter in Ryme City. Blastoise might be part of the team someday, too.


While this Pokemon appears as a live Pokemon, this is its balloon form. Can you name it?

Jigglypuff is one popular Pokemon in Ryme City. It's celebrated through a large balloon being inflated in the streets that's identical to the Pokemon itself. Maybe it's a nod to the Jigglypuff that sings in the cafe!


Which Pokemon, evolved into many of its many evolutions by Howard Clifford, is shown here?

Known for its many evolutions, Eevee was used for just that in the movie. Owner Howard Clifford evolved his Eevee into a Flareon. Any trainer will know how this is done: by using a fire stone!


Made of boulders, this Pokemon loves a good fight. What is its name?

Graveler is no stranger to an arena, as that's where you'll find this Pokemon. While the Pokemon is cheering on beside the arena, you have to be quick even to grab a glimpse of it. Did you know that we were originally supposed to see a little more of this Pokemon in the movie?


In the film, this Pokemon gets its "big break." Which Pokemon is it?

The Magikarp in the arena was kept in a fish tank until it was unexpectedly freed! After breaking out of its tank, the defenseless Magikarp quickly evolved into the powerful Gyarados seen in the film.


Deep in Tim's room, you can find a poster with a silhouette of this Pokemon. What is it?

Despite acting like he wasn't a big fan of Pokemon, Tim sure had a lot of posters of them on his wall. If you look closely, you'll find a poster with Hypno on it hanging in his room. It looks like Hypno is going to be taking part in a battle with Dragonite according to the poster.


Can you name this mysterious Pokemon that could be considered one or two beings?

Found in Leaventown at the beginning of the movie, Doduo is just one form of this Pokemon that you can spot in the movie. While it doesn't have a big role in the film, it's nice to see a nod to some great first-generation Pokemon.


What Pokemon is this? It featured heavily in the movie's promotion.

Kingler, the evolution of Krabby, was a character that was shown in the promotional material for the movie. Staying true to its original designs, you'll notice that Kingler has one claw that is larger to the other and it's pretty powerful also.


While this Pokemon doesn't appear in the movie, it appears in the game of the same name. Can you name this Pokemon?

Alakazam is a character that you encounter in Fine Park when playing the "Detective Pikachu" game. When Detective Pikachu confronts the Pokemon, it calls out a few other Pokemon from other generations to speak with the duo.


You might find one of these creatures in Ryme City, but do you know their name?

Deep in the city streets, Rattatas live just as rats in real life do. You can catch this little Pokemon behind the gate in the arena scene. Don't blink or you'll miss it, hidden in behind Pikachu and beside Tim!


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