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Welcome to our toast (pun intended!) of Disney movies and the dishes they've inspired. What? You don't think of Disney films and food in the same sentence? Sure, these flicks are full of fairytale kingdoms, talking wildlife and creepy villains, but they're also rife with gooseberry pie, spaghetti and meatballs and beignets. Yum!

If you think about it, a great deal of Disney movies center on food: Think of the tea party in "Alice in Wonderland," Winnie the Pooh's obsession with honey and the Italian feast that graces the promotional material for "Lady and the Tramp." There's even an entire scene in "Beauty and the Beast" with dancing cutlery and a menu that includes beef ragout and "pie and pudding 'en flambe!'" Not only are Disney characters getting active in the kitchen, but they're whipping up some pretty refined plates!

Now we want to know if your menu mastery of these Disney classics is worthy of our five-star quiz! Do you remember which flick features spinach puffs? Who got caught red-headed with a stolen baguette? What were the Banks' children munching on when Mary Poppins coined the nonsense word "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?" Peruse the menu of questions here, make your selections and sit back and enjoy our quiz from appetizer to dessert!

What are the puppy thieves in "101 Dalmatians" eating while being on-duty for Cruella de Vil?

You can't beat a good sandwich, and apparently Horace and Jasper from "101 Dalmatians" agree. They nosh on bread and meat while guarding the stolen puppies for their villainous boss, Cruella de Vil.


A chocolate-cherry layered cake from this movie is not alien-approved. What film is it from?

Stitch from "Lilo & Stitch" is excited to see cake arrive at the table until he tastes it and then spits it out. We're not sure why; traditional black forest cake has chocolate cake, cherry filling and whipped cream. Yum.


It's not really a dish, but it sure goes nicely with one. Which movie features a character caught stealing a baguette?

Poor Aladdin. You may have a hard time faulting him for his "crime," a stolen baguette from a nearby market. This scene from "Aladdin" causes its main character to go on the run from the authorities.


A former meat eater learns to love a feast of bugs in which of these popular Disney movies?

Simba becomes a bug eater for a short while, hanging around with Timon and Pumbaa in "The Lion King." As they say, "When in Rome ..." and Simba learns to adapt to his new environment and friends.


It was triple the treat in this movie when a Disney's princess' triplet brothers enjoyed empire biscuits. What movie is it from?

Let's make one thing clear: empire biscuits aren't really biscuits at all, at least not in American culture. Here, we call them cookies, and these delicacies from "Brave" are two shortbread cookies with jam in the middle.


In "Toy Story," Woody and Buzz find themselves hunting down Andy in a restaurant that serves which of these dishes?

Woody and Buzz Lightyear have to venture to Pizza Planet in "Toy Story" to track down their owner, Andy. That reminds us: Pineapple most definitely does not belong on pizza. This has been a public service announcement.


Brain freeze! Which movie features a character who dips into her palate cleanser a little too vigorously?

It's Mia's first big appearance since her makeover in "The Princess Diaries," when she dips into her palate cleanser (what is it, exactly?) a little too vigorously. She immediately learns from her mistake, getting a big dose of brain freeze.


In "Honey, I Shrunk The Kids," the especially tiny children have a close encounter with which of these?

Falling into a bowl of Cheerios would be bad enough, but can you imagine being eaten for breakfast? Yikes. This scenario plays out in the hilarious "Honey, I Shrunk The Kids," which was almost "Honey, I ATE The Kids."


Italian food is the way to many people's hearts. What famous dish is synonymous with "Lady and the Tramp"?

From the cover of the DVD or Blu-Ray sold on store shelves to promotional material for the upcoming live-action version, you simply cannot separate spaghetti and meatballs from "Lady and the Tramp." Pass the garlic bread.


Oliver, the title character from "Oliver & Company," is tricked into helping Dodger steal what type of dish from a street vendor?

It's a comical exchange in "Oliver & Company" when Dodger tricks Oliver into helping him snag free sausages from a hot dog vendor. There's also a messy display of mustard, because what goes better with hot dogs than that?


These must make a "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" snack, since that's what the Banks' children are eating when Mary Poppins sings her famous song. What is it?

As their nanny, Mary Poppins, and her friend, the chimney sweep, are singing "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious," the Banks' children are perched atop a fence chomping down on caramel apples. It sounds like a great fall treat to us!


A shop selling these treats plays a major role in the Disney film "Zootopia." What treat is it?

Appropriately named "The Big Donut," the store selling these glazed and yeast treats plays a central role in "Zootopia." The giant sign atop the building is kicked off its stands and goes rolling down the street.


John Smith feeds a biscuit to a critter in which of these movies?

Again with the biscuit/cookie debate! We're pretty sure the "biscuit" in question in "Pocahontas" is actually a cookie that John Smith feeds to Meeko, the raccoon, in the movie. It's OK; we like biscuits AND cookies.


One last dash of Tabasco in the gumbo recipe from this movie crowns it the best ever by the cooking princess' dad. What film are we referencing?

Tiana and her dad are well-suited to southern Louisiana cooking with their attempt at gumbo in "The Princess and the Frog." Tiana's dash of Tabasco at the end earns the dish high praise from her dad.


Mike and Celia eat this on their date in "Monsters Inc." Do you remember what it was?

We'd go on a sushi date with you anytime, Mike! Mike and Celia dine on sushi in the Disney film "Monsters Inc." But it does have us wondering: What kind of sushi do monsters choose to dine on?


Phil's head in "Hercules" is hot enough to fry up which of these breakfast dishes?

Hercules is attempting to balance an egg during training when it inadvertently lands on Phil's head in "Hercules." Phil is so incensed that his head becomes hot enough to fry the egg. Over-medium, anyone?


Porridge can be tricky to eat with good manners. Just ask a character from which of these Disney films?

Belle and the Beast (from "Beauty and the Beast," of course) are dining on porridge when Belle gets a first-hand look at the Beast's manners. He does attempt to reform himself, however, eating the porridge more delicately.


What would you eat after running across the Headless Horseman? Why, turkey dinner, of course! What movie is it from?

The turkey dinner from "The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad" has us dreaming about Thanksgiving dinner all. year. long. It's the feast featured in the 1949 Disney movie based on "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow."


The Mad Hatter serves this at his tea party in "Alice in Wonderland." What is it?

Since you only get one birthday a year, annual cake seems like a rip-off, right? Thanks to the Mad Hatter, you now have a reason to eat cake — unbirthday cake, that is — the other 364 days of the year.


A French Provençal dish consisting of stewed vegetables is a central part of which movie?

Surprise! It's a dish and the movie's title, "Ratatouille," rolled into one. It's also a not-so-subtle play on the rat who plays the movie's central character, Remy, who dreams of being a famous chef.


"Fish are friends, not food" is a mantra from this Disney movie. What film is it?

In "Finding Nemo," even the sharks are kind, refusing to eat and instead befriend the fish around them, with the mantra "Fish are friends, not food." In real life, though, we know fish make a fine meal — in the sea or out.


Evil Disney characters don't just use apples to get their way; sometimes they use apple martinis. What movie is this drink from?

Giselle from "Enchanted" is just about to dive into her apple martini, when a rodent jumps up on the table, thwarting her attempt. "Enchanted" plays on many of the features of other Disney animated movies — this time, it's an apple.


You might associate the title character in this movie with peanuts, but it's actually a mouse chomping on them. What movie is it from?

Shelled peanuts are Timothy Q. Mouse's dish of choice while he works to defend his friend, Dumbo, from others who make fun of him. The star of "Dumbo" later shuts up his haters with his skills and abilities.


There's a whole feast at work in "Beauty and the Beast." The song "Be Our Guest" mentions which of these dishes?

"Beef ragout, cheese soufflé/Pie and pudding, on flambé ..." How's a girl to choose? We're guessing Belle doesn't indulge in much, to keep that girlish figure that stuns in her signature yellow ballgown later on.


Crème de la crème à la Edgar, with its spices and vanilla, may sound delicious, but its creator, Edgar, had devious plans for it. What movie is this dish from?

Edgar in "The Aristocats" knew that kitties love milk, so what better way to kidnap them than to drug their supply? Of course, if you're trying to recreate crème de la crème à la Edgar, you should leave out the sleeping potion.


The "Eat Me Cookies" from this film helped its character grow much larger. What movie are these from?

Luckily, Alice from "Alice in Wonderland" stumbles upon "Eat Me Cookies," magical treats that help her grow to a giant size in order to reach a key on a table. She later finds a liquid marked "Drink Me" to return to a smaller size.


What does Wilbur make Lewis wear on his head in "Meet the Robinsons"?

You've probably seen Miss Chiquita and her basket of fruit atop her head, but how about Lewis' similar look in "Meet the Robinsons?" Wilbur tells Lewis that his hair will give him away (as though a hat of fruit won't).


The indestructible Twinkie manages to survive a post-apocalyptic Earth in which of these Disney flicks?

We don't know what they're made of, and we don't care. We're just relieved to know that the Twinkie, which survived in "WALL-E," will be around when the world ends. Give us all that fluffy cream filling!


Don't eat the yellow snow! Or perhaps do and enjoy the limoncello from which of these flicks?

You've always heard "Don't eat the yellow snow," but what if it's not really yellow snow and just limoncello-flavored snow cones? The Abominable Snowman in "Monsters Inc." offers them up to Mike and Sully.


This treat from "Santa Clause 2" makes Tim Allen's Santa Claus pretty darn happy. Which holiday treat are we referencing?

It's not the holidays without hot cocoa, and Santa Claus, from the appropriately titled "Santa Clause" franchise, would agree. This treat is offered up by Judy the Elf, whose famous hot cocoa is well-revered.


A character in this movie used his alphabet soup to spell out "Hi Dad." What movie is it from?

Everyone is a little embarrassed by their parents when they're kids, right? Things aren't any different for Max in "A Goofy Movie." But he does show his softer side toward his dad when he uses his soup to spell out a sweet message.


Most people don't top porridge with this, except Mushu from "Mulan." What's the unusual ingredient?

That's right — eggs and bacon! You may eat it alongside your porridge (if you eat porridge at all), but in "Mulan," Mushu adds it to the top — in the shape of a cute little smiley face, of course.


"The Emperor's New Groove" introduced us to Kronk and his love of this finger food. What appetizer-like creation is it?

Hosting a party? You might want to add Kronk's spinach puffs to the menu, as seen in "The Emperor's New Groove." Kronk is another Disney character who dreams of a culinary career, and his puffs are a favorite.


You probably wouldn't want to eat this confection from "Sleeping Beauty," with whole eggs (shells included) in the batter. What were the fairies making?

Not only were the fairies attempting to make a cake without using their magical abilities, but they were also attempting it on a 15-layer cake. The result was a bit of a blue-and-pink mess.


What does Mater mistake wasabi for in "Cars 2"?

That's a HOT mistake to make! In "Cars 2," Mater mistakes wasabi for pistachio ice cream, giving him a vastly different culinary experience than he originally expected. Of course, we're talking about cars eating human food here, so anything goes.


You'll remember the apple from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" more, but this dessert is the way to Grumpy's heart. What is it?

Early in the movie, Snow White is found in the kitchen, alongside some helpful birds, crafting a gooseberry pie for one of the dwarfs — Grumpy. Shortly thereafter, the famous apple — and the evil witch — make an appearance.


These are famous in New Orleans and a part of the story in "The Princess and the Frog." What are they?

Ah, beignets, those pillowy, sugary balls of fried dough. They're famous in New Orleans and, apparently, in "The Princess and the Frog," as Tiana shows serious baking chops in preparing them.


You shouldn't talk with your mouth full, but King Louie sings while dining on coconuts, ants, bananas and prickly pears in which of these Disney films?

The feast of coconuts, ants, bananas and prickly pears coincides with the singing of the popular song from "The Jungle Book," "The Bare Necessities." Hey, at least his diet is, um, diverse?


Rapunzel had plenty of time to refine her recipe for which of these while she was locked away in "Tangled"?

We're just guessing here, but we suspect Rapunzel's chocolate chip cookie recipe is something to behold. After spending a good portion of her life locked away in a tower in "Tangled," she would have plenty of time to craft a five-star cookie.


Which of these is in Gopher's lunchbox in "The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh"?

Gopher's lunchbox is loaded down with treats, ranging from salmon salad to spiced custard, but it's the honey that earns the attention of everyone's favorite bear, Winnie the Pooh.


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