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There were 117 episodes of "The Brady Bunch" across five seasons in the 1970s. Audiences loved the dynamic of a mixed family dealing with a lot of kids, a lot of opinions and a lot of real-world issues in a way that was funny and entertaining. While some episodes focused on the issues faced by parents Mike and Carol, and even a few dealt with the housekeeper Alice, or cousin Oliver, most of the episodes dealt with the six Brady siblings. Whether it had to do with Greg and his burgeoning music career, or Marcia and her popularity at school or the trials and tribulations of being a middle child like Jan and Peter, there were storylines that every fan could relate to. That's what kept the show going strong and keeps it popular even today. 

With so many episodes and so many kids, you might have some of the storylines a little mixed up in your head. So let's see if you can remember which kid matched up to which storyline. Was it Bobby or Peter who found that Tiki when they were in Hawaii? Who was it who got that job working at the ice cream parlor? Or the one at the school paper? And just how many kids got a lead in the school play over those five years? 

If you remember your Brady Bunch history, take the quiz and show your stuff.

Do you remember who ends up with a broken nose before a date?

Marcia gets a date with the coolest boy in school and blows off a nerd to do so. Then she breaks her nose and the jock blows her off the same way. It's a life lesson! Later, she realizes she was a jerk and blows off the jock for the first boy.


Which kid gets Davy Jones of "The Monkees" to perform for the school?

Marcia is a huge Davy Jones fan and president of his fan club at school. She tells everyone she can get him to perform a concert and then scrambles to make good on her word with no lunch until Jones himself finally overhears and agrees.


Who was cast in the school play "The Frog Prince" but could only bring one parent to watch?

In the show's third episode, Cindy gets cast as the Fairy Princess in "The Frog Prince." She's then told only one parent can attend the play, which stresses her out until everyone gets a chance to come and see a dress rehearsal.


Which kid's catchphrase "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia" was spawned by sibling rivalry?

This is possibly the most famous Jan storyline in the show's history, or at least the one that stuck with the character the most. Jan is tired of Marcia being so popular. She wins an award that validates her own feelings but then realizes it was a mistake and comes clean with her discovery.


Two of the kids think they see a UFO in the yard, but it was which other kid playing a prank on them?

Peter and Bobby see a UFO in the yard after they meet an astronaut and, not realizing it's a prank, tell everyone about it. Greg ends up being forced to admit it after police come to investigate and loses the use of the car.


Do you remember who got cast as the lead in "Romeo and Juliet?"

Marcia gets cast as Juliet in the school play and at first doesn't think she can handle it, then becomes unbearable as her ego gets the best of her. She gets fired from the play and then realizes the error of her ways before being cast in a smaller role.


Who made "pork chops and apple sauce" in a Bogart voice popular?

Peter tries to remake himself as someone new, and that mostly involves doing impersonations of other people, including Humphrey Bogart. He moves on to comedy after that and it doesn't really succeed either.


Which sibling goes mad with power as a school safety monitor?

Bobby is chosen to be a safety monitor at school, and after citing his sister for running and getting her detention, he starts giving citations to everyone for no reason at all. Things go sideways when he has to break the rules himself later on.


The family gets a new dentist and one of the kids develops a crush on them. Which kid is it?

The new dentist is Dr. Stanley Vogel, and Marcia has a crush on him. She becomes convinced he's going to ask her on a date, but then he throws a curveball when he asks her if she can babysit his kids so he can take his wife on a date.


Do you remember who broke Carol's favorite vase?

Peter breaks Carol's vase when he and the boys are horsing around with a basketball — something their mom had told them not to do. Since they don't want Peter to miss a camping trip, all of the kids decide to hide the truth and glue the vase back together.


Which kid organizes all the siblings together to form a singing group so they can cut an album?

Greg wants to record an album but he doesn't have the money, so he gets all the Brady kids together to make a family band. Peter's voice cracks, though, so they have to come up with a new song to accommodate him.


The family is met with the possibility of having to get rid of the family dog because who might be allergic?

It's Jan who comes down with some bad allergy symptoms and has to stay home from school. They think Tiger the dog is the cause at first until they come to realize it's the flea powder on the dog she's allergic to, not the dog itself.


Do you remember which kid sold Greg some Neat & Natural Hair Tonic that turned his hair orange?

Bobby believes he can get rich by selling hair tonic. Unfortunately, it's right before Greg's commencement so he has to go get his hair dyed another color to try to fix it in time.


Do you remember who found that tiki idol in Hawaii?

This was a three-part episode that took place in Hawaii and it centers very much around a tiki idol that Bobby finds. There were a lot of guest stars across these three episodes including Don Ho and Vincent Price.


Marcia creates fake diary entries to trick which other kid?

Cindy had been reading Marcia's diary, so Marcia creates fake entries to trick her. She manages to convince her a talent agent is looking to make her into the next Shirley Temple, which prompts Cindy to perform a routine in character.


Who tried to win the Most Popular Girl competition?

Jan was the one who hatched a scheme to win the most popular girl competition at school, and she does pull it off. In the end, however, she gets abandoned by her friends and has to make amends for her boorish behavior.


The whole family perform a song together, but a talent agent wants to sign just one kid to a talent contract. Who is it?

After a talent scout sees the whole clan, it's Greg that she wants to remake into a rock star complete with the fantastic rockstar name of Johnny Bravo. Greg becomes a bit unbearable until he discovers it wasn't his talent they liked, just his looks.


After being saved from certain doom in the form of a falling ladder, which kid agrees to become Bobby's servant for life?

Peter comes up with the idea to be his brother Bobby's servant for life after Bobby saves him from a falling ladder. Things fall apart pretty quickly and the boys end up taping a line down the center of their room to separate their sides.


Who got a job at the ice cream shop and then promptly had to fire one of their siblings?

Marcia is the one who gets a job at the ice cream shop and things are going well until her boss hires Peter. Peter is so bad at his job that Marcia, in her role as supervisor, has to fire him. In the end, she loses her job to Jan.


Which one of the Brady kids becomes a pool shark and actually beats Mike's boss at a game?

The Bradys get a new pool table as a gift and Bobby immediately takes to it. He gets so good at it that he beats Mike's boss in a game which is, of course, a little awkward. The family ditches the table shortly thereafter.


Do you know who stole the mascot from a rival school?

It was Greg getting up to some mascot shenanigans when he stole a goat from a rival school when they stole his school's bear mascot. He hides it in the attic and eventually gets caught and has to write an essay as punishment.


In one episode, one of the kids gets on the quiz show "Question the Kids." Who was it?

Cindy and Bobby both try to get on the show but it's Cindy who is successful. She gets a big head about it until she gets on the show and completely blanks, bringing her back down to earth again with some humility.


Who had trouble dealing with getting fired from a job at a bicycle repair shop?

Peter gets canned from his job when he takes so long to get any work done his boss can't handle it. Not able to tell his parents about it, he just pretends he still has the job until his parents figure out what's up.


Who was obsessed with Jesse James until they had a nightmare during which the outlaw killed the whole family?

Because Bobby doesn't know history, his hero was the outlaw Jesse James, who he thinks is a good guy. His parents explain the truth to him and even find a relative of one of James' victims to talk to the boy, who then is traumatized with a crazy murder nightmare.


Who wished they were an only child, prompting everyone else to give them the silent treatment?

Jan gets so fed up with her siblings she tells them all she wishes she were an only child, so they respond by totally ignoring her and staying out of her way until she realizes she hates being alone and ignored.


Do you remember which Brady kid learns they have skill as a painter?

Jan is desperate to find out what her skill set might be and goes through a variety of things like acting and tap-dancing. She tries painting and realizes with the help of a teacher that she's actually pretty good at it.


Who enjoys a surge in popularity after they start writing for the school paper?

Peter gets a job at the school paper and writes about his friends, which makes them all excited, so he decides to parlay that into something he can exploit by writing a puff piece on his teacher in an effort to get a better grade.


An old photograph looks just like which of the kids, prompting them to worry about their future when they see what the person looks like in the present?

Jan finds an old photograph of a girl who looks just like her but it turns out to be their aunt. Jan is at first excited by this but then she sees what her aunt looks like in the present and dreads her own future.


After failing some tests and stealing a bike by accident, who gets new glasses?

In what was one of the more popular episodes, Jan keeps messing up things at home and at school.Turns out she just can't see what she's doing so she gets glasses that she refuses to wear, which causes even bigger problems.


Who got suckered into buying a Chevy Bel Air that's no good?

Greg gets his license and is stoked to buy a car but a friend dupes him into getting a Bel Air that is no good. He ends up junking the car to try to recoup a little bit of the loss and learns a life lesson.


Who got lost in the Grand Canyon?

This was in the second and third part of a three-part trip to the Grand Canyon. Cindy and Bobby get lost in the Grand Canyon and are rescued by a Native American boy before being welcomed into the tribe.


Do you remember who enters an ice-cream eating contest when they realize they're the only kid with no first-place trophy?

After Cindy wins a trophy, Bobby is feeling sorry for himself for being the only non-winner in the family, so he tries his hand at a few things before settling on an ice-cream eating contest. He doesn't win, though.


Who started high school and immediately wanted their own room and to not go on a family trip?

Greg feels like he's a big man as soon as he starts high school, so he needs his own room and some cooler threads to impress a girl who's into hippie guys. He realizes by the end he's not as grown as he thinks he is.


Do you remember which kid had no skill at playing the drums?

Bobby tries his hand at playing drums after he doesn't make the cut for the Glee Club, and the result is pain to everyone's ears as he's absolutely no good at playing them but spends a lot of time making noise with them.


Who gets a black eye trying to defend one of their siblings from a bully?

After Cindy gets made fun of for having a lisp, Peter tries to defend her but doesn' want to go so far as to get into a fight. The bully pops him in the eye and tells everyone he's a chicken. When the parents talk to the bully's parents' things get even worse.


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