Can You Name All of These Animals That Begin With the Letter ‘S’?


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"S" is the 19th letter of the alphabet, and one of the most-used. Because of this, we find that many words begin with it. This also stands true for the animals of the world. There are hundreds of them that begin with "s" and we've gone through lots of them to find some to quiz you on today. 

Sure, you'll find the easy ones, like sheep, snowy owl, seal, skunk, and snake. But we also had to add in a challenging element and include some animals you may have no idea even existed. They include the sand lizard, snowshoe, saola, sun bear, sea dragon, and serval. And we want you to match them all to their pictures. 

Now, this may sound easy, but all the wrong options also begin with the letter "s," making for a somewhat confusing, fun and challenging quiz. But if you know your animals as well as you think you do, it should be a piece of cake. Come show us that you can name every single one of these animals whose name begins with the 19th letter of the alphabet. 

This animal is an arachnid with a dangerous stinger on its tail. Which "s" animal is it?

A scorpion is an arachnid; this means that its body is disjointed and further divided into two parts with eight legs, but it does not have any antennas or wings. It is related to ticks, spiders and mites and though it is similar in appearance to a lobster, it is smaller.


These marine mammals are easily trainable. What are their names?

Seals are warm-blooded marine animals of the Pinnipedia family that have four flippers rather than arms and feet. They also have blubber and a coat of fur that protects them against harsh temperatures. Though they mostly live in water, when they are on land, seals live in huge colonies with other seals and also mate and give birth to live young.


Often mistaken for a goat, do you know what animal this is?

Sheep are mammals with a short tail and a thick coat covering their bodies. The word "sheep" usually refers to the domestic sheep that is kept as livestock for its meat, milk, and wool that is used to make clothes..


This animal has a defensive spray that is released when it is threatened. Can you tell us what it is called?

The skunk is a black and white mammal that lives in many rural areas and parts of North and South America. They are well known for their awful smelling musk that is emitted from two glands near the tail. This defensive spray can target prey as far as 12 feet away and the smell can remain on the victim for days at a time.


This is a playful mammal that can walk on all fours. Can you give us its name?

Sea lions are intelligent, playful sea mammals with thick, short hair covering their long bodies as well as long foreflippers and ear flaps. Sea lions are noted for their ability to walk on all fours and are also amazing swimmers- they can move as fast as 25 mph but generally move at 11 mph.


A venomous animal whose bite is as painful as its vise grip, do you know this creature's name?

Snakes are reptiles that are often found in tropical regions, such as in forests and deserts, but are not found in countries such as Iceland, Greenland, and Ireland. Some of these cold-blooded animals contain venom, which is released when they bite into their prey and can result in either death or paralysis.


This extinct feline roamed the earth many years ago. What name was it given?

The saber-toothed tiger is an extinct feline that existed millions of years ago in North and South America. Similar to many other animals that existed during that time, it is believed that the saber-toothed tiger fell victim to tar pits that were found all over the landscape during that period.


This water creature has no mane, as its name suggests. What do you think it is?

The seahorse is a marine animal with about 40 different species that are often found in the shallow salt waters of the world. Seahorses are fish that do not have teeth but instead swallow their food, such as plankton, whole. Crabs, birds, manta, ​and stingrays feed on them.


This tiny bird can be found in many different territories around the world. Do you know its name?

The sparrow is a bird with a round little body that measures about 4 to 8 inches in length and is covered in brown, white or black feathers. Sparrows cannot be found in forests or deserts, as they prefer to live close to humans instead.


Known to lay their eggs on the beaches on which they were born, what's the name of this shelled creature?

Sea turtles are amniotes, meaning that their eggs are laid on land. They are also known for their extensive migration periods, where they can travel as far as 1,400 miles between their feeding and nesting zones. Sea turtles mate and lay their eggs at the same place of their birth.


This little crustacean is a delicacy all over the world. Can you tell us its name?

There are more than two thousand species of shrimp living in the waters of the world. These tiny marine crustaceans live on the ocean's floor and feed on algae, plankton and other small fish. Due to their small size, shrimp are an easy target for crabs, whales, and sharks that feed on them. Humans also enjoy shrimp.


This creature does not move and has no digestive system. Do you know what it is?

Sponges are animals that are very unique; they do not possess a digestive system or organs, such as a brain, and they were once thought to be of the plant species. Sponges are sessile aquatic, which refers to the fact that they remain stationary and are attached to surfaces on the ocean's floor.


These large marine mammals have the largest brains of any mammal. Can you tell us what it is?

Sperm whales are large predators that get their name from a​ large number of spermaceti they carry around in their big, round heads. Scientists now believe that this aids in buoyancy and humans have used it to make ointments and cosmetics. Sperm whales also have the largest brain of any mammal in the world.


These animals are usually docile but have been known to kill people like the Crocodile Hunter. What animal is it?

Stingrays are sea rays that are part of a group of cartilaginous fish to which sharks also belong. The two animals are similar; they do not have bones but have cartilage instead and they both use electric sensors when hunting. Stingrays feed on mussels, clams and oysters.


What is the name of this animal, which is a male deer?

A stag/buck is a male deer and its counterpart, the female, is called a doe/hind. These ungulates have a medium size build, cloven hooves, slim legs and small tails. These herbivores belong to the Cervidae family to which moose and elk also belong.


A sea creature with many legs, can you tell us what this "s" animal is?

Squid is an adaptable fish that has been known to live in waters of varying temperatures- it all depends on the squid. Its lifespan also varies- the vampire squid may live up to eight years but, generally, most squid do not live longer than a year or two.


This is a slow animal with a shell. Can you tell us what it is called?

Snail is a term that most often refers to land snails that are known as terrestrial gastropod mollusks​ with shells. This small animal is recognized by its exoskeleton- the hard outer shell covering its back that serves as food storage but generally protects it from harm by potential predators and environmental factors.


Known infamously for its love of nuts, can you tell us the name of this small rodent?

The squirrel is a small rodent with more than 200 species that can be found in many countries of the world, except in Australia. There are three major types of squirrels namely, the tree squirrels that live in forested areas, the flying squirrels residing in nest holes and the ground squirrels living on land.


This amphibian looks like a lizard and a frog. Do you know its name?

The salamander is an amphibian that has an elongated body, glossy skin and a long tail, which gives it the appearance of both a frog and a lizard. This animal also has differing characteristics depending on the species- it may have gills or lungs and may have two or four legs.


This animal's name means "laziness." What is it called?

The sloth is an amiable, passive animal that spends most of its time in trees in the forested areas of Central and South America. Thanks to its ragged fur and long limbs, it is similar to the monkey in appearance, except for the fact that it has green algae growing on its fur.


They slink along the rocks under the sea. Do you know the name of the shell-less animal?

The sea slug is a boneless slimy animal that slinks along rocks and coral reefs on the ocean's floor. Nudibranchs are a popular type of sea slug that come in a variety of shapes, patterns and vivid colors that are hard to miss. Its bright colors are partly the result of the nudibranch assuming the color of its prey after it has eaten it.


It doesn't just live in the grainy material in its name, as many think. What do you think this animal is called?

The sand lizard is a wild lizard of Asia and Europe that can be as long as 20-25 centimeters. This animal can be found in a variety of colors; generally, it may be grey, beige or brown with distinguishing marks on its back. Sand lizards are mostly carnivores, feeding on insects and grasshoppers.


Known for its pure white color, do you know the name of this predatory bird?

The snowy owl is a large predator that lives mostly in the tundra of the Arctic. Unlike other owls, the snowy owl is busy during the day, particularly during summer and are, in fact, diurnal. This means they hunt during both day and night, which is terrible news for lemmings- the snowy owl's favorite animal on which to prey.


Called the dinosaur of its kind, what do you think this animal's name is?

The snapping turtle is also known as the "dinosaur of the turtle world" due to its intimidating appearance-it has a rough, bumpy outer shell, a thick but scaly tail and a contentious face. This omnivore is a heavy one, particularly the males that weigh about 175 pounds.


This sea creature can regrow its limbs. What is its name?

This sea star is an invertebrate and an echinoderm, similar to sea urchins and sea cucumbers. It is called a sea "star" because of the five arms that usually make up the body of its most common species, but there are some species with 10 and even 20 arms.


This kind of dog is native to a cold region that is a part of Russia. What name does it go by?

The Siberian husky is a dog that has a medium build similar to that of a wolf. This dog, which is native to Siberia, has a lovely thick coat of white, black, red, agouti, grey, sable or copper and either blue or brown eyes or a combination of both.


This animal has four legs, not eight, and is much more simian and not at all arachnid. Can you tell us its name?

The spider monkey has lanky limbs and prehensile tails that can easily wrap around branches and enable it to move gracefully through trees. Spider monkeys can be found in Central and South America, where they dwell in the rainforests.


A type of hare known to live in the cold, can you name this mammal?

The snowshoe, also known as the snowshoe rabbit, is a hare that lives in the forested areas of the Appalachian and Rocky Mountains and other places, such as Alaska. It was given the name "snowshoe" due to its large hind feet.


It's poisonous but has no stinger, unlike the animal in its name. Can you say what creature it is?

Scorpionfish or Scorpaenidae, refers to a group of fish, some of which are poisonous, such as the lionfish that carries poison in its spine. This family of fish is also known as rock or stonefish because they often live at the bottom of the ocean amidst rocks.


Known as the Asian unicorn, this mammal is critically endangered. Do you know its name?

Saola, often called the Asian unicorn, is a critically endangered animal that is related to cattle but has a strong resemblance to antelope. Saola means "spindle horns" in Vietnamese and is in reference to the two long parallel horns that are seen on this animal.


This Chinese dog's name translates to "little lion." What is it called?

Shih Tzu, which means "little lion" in Chinese, is the name given to this adorable toy dog with a friendly face and full fur. This canine may be intelligent, but it certainly is not a guard dog- it is instead a playful, loving animal and the ideal companion.


It is the smallest species of bear alive today. Can you tell us its name?

The sun bear is the smallest species of bear in the world, weighing about 60 to 150 pounds and measuring just about 4 to 5 feet in length. This bear is characterized by its long, lolling tongue and the patches of gold fur on its chest that gives it its unique name.


Types of this bird include the whooper, mute and trumpeter. What is its name?

Swans are gentle birds that can be found in about six or seven species, such as the trumpeter, mute and whooper swan, which are the largest. These can grow as long as one and a half meters and weigh more than 33 pounds, while their wings can span to more than 10 feet.


This sea creature resembles a seahorse. Do you know its name?

The sea dragon is a wispy-looking creature that is closely related to seahorses and can be found among reefs and beds of seaweed. There are two types of seadragons- the leafy one that is named after its wispy, leaf-like limbs and the weedy one that has a simpler appearance.


This animal is a type of weasel which is also related to the otter. Do you know which of the options is its name?

The stoat, or the short-tailed weasel, is a relative of the otter and the weasel. It has a long body, orange brownish fur on its back and a white underside. This active predator can be seen pounding across pastures after rodents, rabbits and birds.


Do you know the name of this prickly echinoderm?

Sea urchins are echinoderms that live in both tropical and chilly waters but are most often spotted by humans in the tropical ones. It was discovered that these fascinating animals do not have eyes, but instead, their entire body acts as one big complex eye, guiding them through the water.


This aggressive fish is extremely territorial. Can you tell us its name?

The Siamese fighting fish is a small brightly colored fish that is known as "ikan bettah" in Thai, which means "biting fish." This fish was given this name due to its aggressiveness and territorial nature; males battle with males, small fish and any perceived threat.


An animal of the feline family, which African wildcat is pictured here?

The serval is a wildcat of the feline family that is endemic to Africa and has been reported to have about 19 subspecies. This medium-size cat has a slender build, long legs, spotted and striped fur and a short tail. The serval has a lifespan of about 13 years.


This dog is known for its friendliness and droopy eyes. What is its name?

​Saint Bernard is a strong working dog that has sleepy eyes, floppy ears and a double coat that may be white, red, brindle or brown. This dog was originally bred as a guard dog and to save tourists and other travelers who may have encountered difficulty journeying through the Swiss Alps.


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