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From Brat Packer to Iron Man and all the way to the doctor who talks to animals, Robert Downey Jr. can seemingly do anything with his acting chops, but it wasn't always smooth sailing for the actor. RDJ started with very small roles in the early 1970s under the name Bob Downey. By the time "Weird Science" was released in 1985, his presence on the screen became a delight for audiences, and he began getting more significant roles. 

As Hollywood and audiences watched his talent grow, callings for more and more RDJ filled the hills, and his films have grossed over 14 billion dollars worldwide. 

These days, he's best known as Iron Man, a role he has embodied for over 12 years (and counting). His current films are breaking box-office records and tearing down the competition. As a gold star member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, RDJ has created career momentum that just won't quit. He has two films coming out in 2020 and two more in 2021. 

If you're an RDJ fan, you probably flock to see him on the big screen because you know you won't be disappointed, but do you think you can name all of these films? Take this quiz to see if you can tell us what RDJ movie is in each screenshot. 

This is the first time we see Robert Downey Jr. play one of his most famous roles. Can you name the movie?

His role as Iron Man was memorable, to say the least. However, it didn't end with this movie. RDJ played Iron Man and Tony Stark in 11 MCU films, and it isn't going to stop there, as he is slotted to make an appearance in 2020's "Black Widow."


Can you name this thriller about a killer?

The Zodiac killer is no one to mess with ... but when you're a bored cartoonist in San Francisco, you might just want to take things a step further. Becoming an amateur detective when you're obsessed with a serial killer might help.


Can you name this film in which RDJ plays a famous detective?

How do you save all of England? Obviously through some creative problem solving and detective work ... and with the help of your trusty sidekick. "Sherlock Holmes" was released in 2009, just after "Iron Man" debuted.


RDJ plays a comedy film icon in which film?

Directed by Richard Attenborough and starring Robert Downey Jr., this film takes us on the journey of Charlie Chaplin, a lover of all things film and comedy. RDJ perfectly encompasses the troubled life of the comedian.


What is the name of this movie that has RDJ with some pretty long '90s hair?

Holly Hunter has to go home for the holidays, and that's not exactly something she expected. RDJ plays her witty brother who is a little bit of a snot, but he brings out the best of the comedy in the film.


Can you name this film where RDJ realizes he has a special power?

While the reviews for "Dolittle" might be a little dismal, there is no doubt that Robert Downey Jr. put in 100% of his abilities to create the perfect character. Perhaps the CGI could have been better, but it's hard to follow up Iron Man.


Do you know the name of this film about a crook and a cop?

Alongside Val Kilmer, Robert Downey Jr. stars in "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang." It's a fast-moving and unapologetic film about a criminal who gets put in an interesting situation with a casting call and a detective.


Zach Galifianakis stars alongside RDJ in which road-trip film that was released in 2010?

"Due Date" seems like a mix between "Rainman" and "Planes, Trains & Automobiles." The unlikely duo has to team up to get RDJ's character back home before his wife has their baby, which is a big moment for him.


Can you remember the name of this movie in which RDJ plays an older brother?

What is a young boy to do when he can't seem to get a date in high school? He can always make a girlfriend, of course! All it takes is his parents being out of town, a computer and some crazy weird science.


Which RDJ film is this?

Although recreational drugs were in their prime in the 1980s, few movies put a spotlight on them. This one took young kids learning just what it's like deal with a drug problem, both as the users and the witnesses.


Tony Stark's health is on the decline in which "Iron Man" sequel?

In the first "Iron Man," we realized that Tony Stark created only a temporary solution for the shrapnel issue he was facing. Luckily, he lives long enough to see all of the "Avengers" movies as well as a few other MCU hits.


This one's controversial. Can you name it?

Some say that RDJ's remarks on Joe Rogan's podcast were a little insensitive to the times, and bringing up his ability to play in blackface was arrogant. However, this is something that RDJ discusses in the interview, and the entire uproar is a bit ironic when you think about it.


Wayne Gale wants to do a story on two murders in which movie?

Oliver Stone is a well-known director of unapologetic films. "Natural Born Killers" shows us an odd romanticism of death and destruction in a way that terrifies and grabs the audience.


In which film does RDJ fall in love with Molly Ringwald?

Men of the 1980s were always credited when they could get the numbers and time of the ladies that they spoke to. There are dozens of movies about womanizers from the decade, but "The Pick-Up Artist" is one that shows a womanizer who accidentally falls in love.


In which MCU film do we see RDJ taking a stand against his friends?

With over 20 films and counting, the MCU doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon. Although Tony Stark might be out as a character, the essence of RDJ will be remembered in all of his roles as Iron Man.


Can you name this movie about a football star?

When a high school football star has his choice of any college he wants, he starts taking the advice of those around him to make his final decision. This leads to some disputes and dilemmas.


Robert Downey Jr. plays David Barnes in which film?

Robert Downey Jr. plays the producer of a show in this film about the ridiculousness of soap opera actors on the set and behind the scenes. The comedy film is well-loved, even if the acting isn't that great.


Which Sherlock Holmes movie is this?

This installment of "Sherlock Holmes" takes us to royalty. The prince of Austria is dead, and there is only one detective who can help (along with his partner, of course). This film is the mystery and intrigue you'd expect from the franchise.


A rich kid goes to a private school in which movie?

Not only does Charlie Bartlett have a high intelligence, he also has a psychiatrist on call. He learned how to use it to help the kids at his new school, rather than letting them slip through the cracks, as the adults do.


In which film does RDJ get possessed by spirits?

RDJ's complete range comes through in this movie. In the film, he gets possessed by multiple spirits and takes on their personas. The film is both funny and heartwarming at the same time.


In which film do we see RDJ play Nicole Kidman's love interest?

2006 might seem a little late for RDJ to be playing love interests, but the actor's range and ability beg to differ. Not only do we get to see him mentor a woman, but we see how they fall in love.


This film is actually three short films, and RDJ stars in one of them. Can you name it?

While the 2000s gave us a lot of story compilations that had to do with love and lust, "Eros" proves to be one of the most memorable. Robert Downey Jr. stars in the "Equilibrium" segment of this film.


In a very short cameo, RDJ reprises the role of Tony Stark in which film?

If you were one of the few who saw this film, look out. Blink and you might miss Robert Downey Jr. in this quick role. As a matter of fact, it's such a small moment in the film that RDJ isn't even in the credits.


This is one of his first films. Can you name it?

Even though "Firstborn" includes a whole lot of science and action, it is no "Weird Science." The film is about a boy genius who builds a bomb in order to both win a science fair and expose illegal nuclear activity in the U.S.


James Spader is also in this 1985 film with RDJ. Can you name it?

Looking for a stroll down cheesy '80s movie memory lane? This movie has it all: love, best friends and outlandishly angry teens ready to murder each other. A young RDJ plays Spader's best friend in the film.


Blink and you'll miss RDJ in this '80s cult classic. Can you name it?

He's not credited, and you might not even be able to see him unless you look about 50 times, but you can probably see him during the punk-rock scene where the wild mob literally crashes through the window of a snob party and shows them just want kind of music they should be listening to.


This might be a toughy, but can you name this TV mini-series that gave us a glimpse of RDJ?

Mini-series were all the rage in the '80s. They gave us something to come back to again and again, but they were ultimately just really long movies that left us hanging each week. RDJ even had a moment in one, playing Bruno Mussolini in 1985.


Do you remember the name of this Rodney Dangerfield film?

While this film focuses on Rodney Dangerfield returning to school to get his degree, there are some exceptional moments between him and the other students on campus. This cult classic has been a fan favorite for over 30 years.


Robert Downey Jr. plays Albert Einstein in which film?

Not every actor can take on the role of Albert Einstein. However, RDJ is up for the challenge in "That's Adequate," a faux-documentary-style film that includes Bruce Willis and Jerry Stiller.


Do you remember which RDJ film also stars James Woods?

In the late '80s and early '90s, historical fiction films about the civil rights movement started cropping up. In this film, we see a civil rights lawyer who is simply exhausted with his work ... until a young man comes along and wants to learn from him.


Can you name this movie that stars Mel Gibson and Robert Downey Jr.?

Robert Downey Jr. has worked with nearly every well-known actor over the years. In "Air America," we see him alongside Mel Gibson as a pilot who just had his license revoked ... but there is more out there for him.


RDJ has an epic wig in this film. Can you name it?

When a lady's man and doctor is arranged to marry someone someone the king wants, he doesn't expect to actually fall in love. "Restoration" is a period piece about love and marriage.


Can you name this Wesley Snipes movie that includes RDJ?

Snipes plays a commercial director whose best friend is Charlie (played by RDJ). After Snipes has a one night stand, things get out of control, and it takes a lot to figure out how to solve his problem.


RDJ takes a young boy under his wing in which film?

Tony Stark helps Peter Parker realize his true potential when it comes to developing his intelligence and crime-fighting skills. Although Stark spends most of his time trying to keep Parker a secret, he realizes that the kid needs more guidance.


Hank Palmer is RDJ's character in which film?

While the description of "The Judge" starts off in a very similar manner as a Hallmark movie, the crime drama is a little more intense. A big-city lawyer has to return home to help his father who has been arrested for murder.


Do you remember in which MCU movie RDJ makes a super villain?

In an attempt to learn, study and save the planet, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner decide to look into a relic they found. The relic turns out to be an AI system that manifests itself physically and turns against all of the avengers.


This MCU film caused a lot of anger from fans. Can you name it?

It wasn't that "Iron Man 3" was a terrible movie; it was just that the change in the villain from the comic books really rubbed fans the wrong way. The purists tore the movie apart for what it did to the franchise (which was, honestly, nothing).


RDJ suffers from writer's block in which film?

He finds one of the best violinists in the world and suddenly finds inspiration. It just goes to show you that there is more out there; even when you feel that all hope is lost, inspiration comes in a lot of forms.


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