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The Marvel Universe began as a comic book universe from the mind of Stan Lee. After being introduced to movie theaters across the world in 2008, it has grown. From Hulu to Netflix, as well as mainstream television, such as Freeform, there are many tie-in shows that expand this already ginormous world.

Iron Man was the first character to capture the audience's attention, and they've been eagerly watching ever since. With Phase Three completed with the release of "Avengers: Endgame," fans can look forward to the start of Phase Four, which will include storylines focusing on Black Widow and Thor. A lot is going on in the Marvel Universe, and it can be hard to keep track of everything!

Now, the average Marvel fan might already be aware of all of that. If you consider yourself above average, are you able to call on your knowledge to identify characters from the comic books and the movies? If you answered "Yes!" then you might stand a chance at this quiz. As long as you can keep your cool and refrain from turning into a large, muscular, green man, then this should be easy. Navigate the 40 questions in this quiz, and see how much a fan you truly are. 

This character lost his family to Ronan the Accuser. Who suffered this tragic loss?

Drax the Destroyer was not always the human mutate that is seen in the Marvel movies. He was originally a human known as Arthur Douglas. Arthur's spirit was placed in a stronger body, which is how he took on the form of Drax.


Which of the following characters is not a human?

The idea for Rocket Raccoon came from the Beatles! The song titled "Rocky Raccoon" struck such a chord with Rocket's creators, Keith Giffen and Bill Mantlo, that they created a comic character to match the tune.


Robert Downey Jr. plays which Marvel character?

Tony Stark has played a pivotal part in the Marvel franchise. "Iron Man" was the first Marvel movie to be released in the series, starting a flood of movies after it. Since then, Stark has been in 11 of the films.


Bruce Banner is the human behind which hero?

While the movies seem to lack additional green humans, in the comic books, there was a time when Bruce Banner was not the only Hulk. His allies, Rick Jones and Betty Ross, were also given Hulk status.


Which character has the ability to manipulate plants?

In addition to being able to communicate with plants, Mantis also has a talent for martial arts. One reason she excels at hand-to-hand combat is her ability to note a foe's bodily weaknesses through her telekinetic powers.


Thanos raises which of the following characters as his own daughter?

During her childhood, Thanos hardly served as the friendly father type. He did, however, provide her with the means to learn how to fight and promised that she would be allowed to avenge her family's death one day.


Steve Rogers' best friend is which fellow Marvel character?

During his original introduction to the Marvel Universe, Bucky was Captain America's younger sidekick. His character was created as a way to be more relatable to children who had family members fighting in WWII.


Ultron is known for creating which member of the Avengers team?

When Marvel explored the idea of having alternate universes in 1992, Vision took on the form of a young woman in Earth-928. Beyond sharing names, the two don't have a lot in common.


Which Marvel character ran away from an orphanage and joined the Carson Carnival of Traveling Wonders?

Clint Barton became Hawkeye because of the carnival he joined as a young boy. A swordsman took him on as his assistant and soon taught him the art of archery. This is how he became a master archer.


Who has a brother named Quicksilver?

Scarlet Witch and her brother, Quiksilver, were originally said to be the unknown offspring of Magneto. In later issues of Marvel comics, however, it is discovered that they aren't mutants, but the results of experimentation led by High Evolutionary.


Which Marvel lady was, at one time, T'Challa's love interest?

Things between Nakia and T'Challa did not end well. When it was discovered that Nakia had plans to murder a citizen of Wakanda, they inevitably broke up. Because of this treacherous act, she was banished from the community.


According to the Asgardian culture, who is the goddess of death?

Hela was born in Jotunheim just like her father, Loki. Despite being given power over the dead in Niflheim and Hel, she still tried to expand her reign into Valhalla, much to the annoyance of Odin and Thor.


Who has a talent for espionage?

Natasha Romanoff comes from Russia, where it appears that she lost her parents during the Battle of Stalingrad. Custody of the small Natasha was given to Ivan Petrovich, and he served as her surrogate father.


Who shows an expert-level knowledge of electronics?

There have been two Ant-Man superheroes in the Marvel Universe. The first one was Hank Pym. Scott Lang becomes the second one when he first steals the suit from Pym but is then later formally given the suit.


Who goes by the alias, Ms. Peale?

Nebula was a pirate and mercenary when she was introduced to the Marvel Universe. She claimed that Thanos was her grandfather and then took control of one of his ships. When he was resurrected, he almost killed her for telling this lie.


This character has gone by the likes of Binary and Warbird, in addition to their most popular identity. Who goes by these names?

Carol Danvers has been on a number of teams within the Marvel Universe. Some of her affiliations include the United States Air Force, Alpha Flight Space Program, Starjammers and the Avengers.


Which character can call the Titan, Eros, their brother?

Despite his violent ways as an adult, Thanos was a pacifist in his younger years. It was only when he reached adolescence that his interest in death and nihilism warped his way of thinking.


Who uses Mjölnir to fight?

The feuding between Loki and Thor got so bad once, that Loki turned Thor into a frog. When Thor tried to change back, he was caught somewhere in between and had to call in the help of Volstagg to return to his full human state.


This character was influenced by the Norse mythological figure, Brynhildr. Who fits this trait?

As a member of the Valkyrior, Valkyrie is one of the shieldmaidens who can escort the honorable dead to Valhalla. Because of this, she has the power to see someone's "deathglow," which only shows on someone who will die soon.


Which character was created as a result of Nazi Germany?

During the concept phase of Captain America's character, he was almost called "Super American." The artist, Joe Simon, realized that this name was hardly unique, as there were too many other "super" characters.


Which character is tasked with protecting Earth from mystical threats?

Doctor Strange was primarily influenced by "Chandu the Magician," a radio program that was on the air in the 1930s. He is also influenced by Sumerian gods, Eastern mysticism and Egyptian myths.


Which Marvel woman has used aliases such as Knightress and Power Woman?

Jessica Jones and Peter Parker attended the same high school. In fact, the young woman, at one point or another, had a crush on the teenage Parker and was there when the infamous spider bit Peter.


This character is not human, but rather a humanoid individual known as a Centaurian. Who belongs to this species?

Yondu Udonta was born sometime during the 30th century and belongs to the Zatoan tribe. He is believed to be the only surviving member of his species after Badoons take over his planet and kill the majority of the population.


Who was raised by Meredith Quill?

Peter Quill's father in the comic books does not match the father he is given in the movies. In the comics, his fathers was J'son, Spartax emperor. In the movies, his father is made out to be the Living Planet, Ego.


Which Marvel character was the first teen hero who was not a sidekick to an adult?

When Stan Lee came up with the idea for Spider-Man, he wasn't supposed to be modeled after a spider at all! Lee had originally wanted a character that took on the characteristics of a fly.


Who served in the Strategic Scientific Reserve?

Despite her overwhelming popularity in the MCU, Agent Carter's first comic book appearance was limited to a single panel. It wasn't until later issues that she was given a name and a personality.


Which character had a father named Laufey?

Laufey was the ruler of the Frost Giants, which lived in Jotunheim. He was the biological father of Loki but opted to abandon the child and leave him to die. Instead of dying though, Loki was rescued and raised by Odin.


Which character is romantically linked to Imei Chang?

At some point during his time in the Marvel Universe, Wong was transformed into a vampire by the head vampire himself, Dracula! Thankfully, Doctor Strange was able to return him to his human state.


Who is the most recent king of Wakanda?

The Black Panther character was one of the first black superheroes to debut in popular comics. There may have been other black characters, but T'Challa was the first who had superhero powers.


Terrence Howard was the first actor to take on the role of which Marvel character?

Terrence Howard was the actor who played James Rhodes before the character got the added bonus of being War Machine. After the first "Iron Man" movie, the role was taken over by Don Cheadle.


Daniel Rand is the human name for what superhero?

The inspiration for the Iron Fist came from the popularity of kung fu in movies. Roy Thomas and Gil Kane saw "the ceremony of the Iron Fist" portrayed in a kung fu movie and thought it would be good name for a character. The rest is history.


A Flerken by the name of Goose takes what animal form in the Marvel movies?

Goose belonged to Mar-Vell up until her untimely death. While the creature is actually a dangerous alien called a Flerken, Goose takes kindly to Nick Fury and ends up being taken care of by him.


Which character originally sought to trap humans to experiment on them?

First introduced in 1960, Groot was not always the lovable tree that is seen today. He had malicious intent when he appeared in "Tales to Astonish" but was introduced some 46 years later as a heroic type.


Which Wakandan was named N'Jadaka at birth?

Despite his villainous ways, Killmonger had genius-level intelligence. During his time in the United States, he studied at MIT and graduated with a Ph.D. in Engineering. He even served as a professor at one point.


Who is known for his unbreakable skin?

It was Marvel's original intent to release an entire Luke Cage movie, but it never got off the ground. The likes of Jamie Foxx and Will Smith were even rumored to be up for the lead role.


What form does the Marvel character, Ego, take on?

The inspiration for Ego's name comes from the roots of its origin story. Ego was left of its own accord to evolve and develop knowledge. By the time it was accessed by outsiders, it basically thought it knew everything.


Who is the leader of the Inhumans?

Black Bolt is most known for his powerful voice, which is strong enough to flatten an entire metropolis. Because of this, he primarily speaks in sign language and has trained himself to not make any noise when he sleeps.


Who was born a Skrull, but lacked the Skrull ability to shapeshift?

Despite his inability to shapeshift, Talos became one of the most feared Skrulls. He was known as Talos the Untamed among members of his species because of his evil nature, but he later lost that title.


Who is partially to blame for the transformation of Captain Marvel into Ms. Marvel?

Yon-Rogg is a Kree commander who was sent to Earth to investigate its people. The reason he is stationed on Earth is to figure out how a seemingly primitive race was able to destroy a Kree Sentry.


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