Can You Name the Movie Star If We Show You Three Characters They Played?


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If the hubbub surrounding the annual Academy Awards is any indication, people are enamored with movie stars. Indeed, award shows emphasize the glitz and glamour of celebrity life. Everyone oohs and aahs over the exquisite gowns and sharp tuxes the actors wear on the red carpet. People replay and pick apart movie stars' acceptance speeches. (Incidentally, in 1963, Patty Duke had one of the shortest acceptance speeches ever with the succinct "Thank you.")

Even though some people criticize the public's fascination with celebrities, there's no doubt that we're all a little curious about the daily lives of our favorite movie stars. Obviously, their lifestyles are so much more glamorous and interesting than ours. They don't have to sit at a desk all day and listen to tedious office chatter. They hobnob with the powerful, beautiful and elite. They get to name their kids after fruit.

But unless you obsess over every hookup and breakup of your favorite celebrity couples or stalk stars when they run out to the store dressed down in sweats and flip-flops, you're probably just a normal movie buff with a healthy appreciation for great actors! So find out how well you know your celebrities with this quiz. Maybe your favorite movie stars made our list, and maybe there's a couple you'll have to check out!


He played vengeful dad Bryan Mills, Jean Valjean and Oskar Schindler. Are you taken with this actor?

Liam Neeson's role in the Holocaust drama "Schindler's List" catapulted him to fame and earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Actor. Since then, the Irish actor has made a name for himself as a leading man.


This actress portrayed the ill-fated Fantine, reluctant royal Mia Thermopolis and the zany White Queen. Can you name her?

After kid-friendly roles in films like "The Princess Diaries," Anne Hathaway proved herself a formidable actress in adult roles, too. She racked up awards for her heartbreaking performance in "Les Mis."


This star dazzled audiences as P.T. Barnum, penguin Memphis and mutant Logan. Do you know who he is?

For 18 years, Hugh Jackman filled the role of the tough, clawed mutant Wolverine. But the Australian actor also has singing chops, as shown in "Les Misérables" and "The Greatest Showman."


G'day! This Aussie lady played singer Satine, writer Virginia Woolf and the taxidermist Millicent. What's her name?

Born in Hawaii but raised in Australia, Nicole Kidman first gained attention as the co-star (and later wife) of Tom Cruise. Later, she solidified her acting career with hits like "Batman Forever."


Can you name this actor who appeared as the grown-up Christopher Robin, candlestick Lumière and young Obi-Wan Kenobi?

This Scottish actor has appeared in a wide variety of roles. When he wasn't singing as the lovesick Christian in "Moulin Rouge!" he was sporting a padawan's braid in the "Star Wars" prequel trilogy.


Help! Can you identify the actress who played Aibileen Clark, Rose Maxson and Amanda Waller?

Not many people can boast winning an Oscar, a Tony and an Emmy, and Viola Davis is one of them. Her one scene in "Doubt" earned her award nominations, and she later gained more attention for "The Help."


Can you remember the Titans' coach Herman Boone, pilot Whip Whitaker and post-apocalyptic survivor Eli? Who is this actor?

This leading man has not only appeared in many hit films like "Remember the Titans," but he's also directed films. For instance, his film "Fences" was nominated for a Best Picture Oscar.


She played Arwen, Grace Stamper and Betty Ross. Can you name this actress? No need to answer in Elvish!

Well known as the daughter of Steven Tyler, Liv Tyler started out as a model and later began acting. Some of her notable films include "Armageddon," "Empire Records" and the Lord of the Rings trilogy.


This actor played Jackie Robinson, Egyptian god Thoth and, oh yeah, T'Challa. Can you name him?

Before he pounced onto the scene as Black Panther, Chadwick Boseman played several historical people, including baseball legend Jackie Robinson, justice Thurgood Marshall and musician James Brown.


This Australian actress played Alice Kingsleigh, Emma Bovary and Jane Eyre ⁠— three literary characters. Who is she?

Audiences best know Mia Wasikowska as Alice in Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland." In this role, the grown-up Alice returns to Wonderland and battles the Jabberwocky while decked out in body armor!


Who is the wisecracking actor who portrayed Wade Wilson, Detective Pikachu and Van Wilder?

Ryan Reynolds has donned a superhero suit for two movie characters: Green Lantern and Deadpool. The Canadian-American adds his signature dry, sarcastic humor to most of his movie roles!


No, you're not seeing double! This actress played identical twins Annie and Hallie, mean girl Cady Heron and Anna Coleman. Who is she?

Lindsay Lohan was a successful child actress, appearing in the remakes of "The Parent Trap" and "Freaky Friday." While her adult career has had some interruptions, she had a big hit with "Mean Girls."


We know you know his dad, but this actor played Christopher Gardner Jr., Dre Parker and Kitai Raige. Can you name him?

Jaden Smith was a cute little kid when he had his breakout role in "The Pursuit of Happiness." He acted alongside his dad, Will Smith, again in the 2013 science-fiction film "After Earth."


This actress looked regal as Queen Ramonda and also played Shatter and Tina Turner. Who is she?

Besides playing T'Challa's mom in "Black Panther," Angela Bassett has earned fame playing a number of historical women. For instance, she played Malcolm X's wife, Betty Shabazz, in two separate films!


This actor transformed himself to play Sam Witwicky, Jack Bondurant and Mutt Williams. Can you name him?

Shia LaBeouf shifted from child to adult roles easily, appearing in action films like "Eagle Eye" and the "Transformers" franchise. He also played Indiana Jones's son ... hmm, also named after a dog!


Do you know your quirky characters? How about vampire Abby, Hit Girl and Carrie White? They're played by which actress?

Moretz surprised audiences with her foul-mouthed character in "Kick-Ass." But despite her young age, she holds her own against the baddies, coming to the rescue when Kick-Ass and Big Daddy are captured.


Who is this young actor who played Hugo Cabret, Ender Wiggin and Gardner Elliot?

Young English actor Butterfield gained attention as a talented child actor in "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" and "Hugo." He was able to imbue his characters with a deep soulfulness.


This queen of romantic comedies starred as Kathleen Kelly, Annie Reed and Sally Albright. Do you know her name?

Throughout the '90s, Meg Ryan was the go-to actress for romantic comedies. She appeared in a number of big hits like "Sleepless in Seattle," "You've Got Mail" and "When Harry Met Sally ..."


We'll never forget his hairstyle as Anton Chigurh — or his performance! Which actor also played Silva and Captain Salazar?

Javier Bardem was particularly chilling as the psychopathic Anton Chigurh in "No Country for Old Men," flipping a coin to decide his victims' fate. His bizarre hairstyle only accentuated his creepiness!


Can you name this actress, who voiced Tzipporah and also played Catwoman and Elvira Hancock?

A popular actress since the 1980s, Michelle Pfeiffer amazingly never had any formal training. Critics praise her talent in portraying smart, complex and sometimes unglamorous characters.


Can you recognize this versatile actor? He played Gnarlack, Hellboy and the one-eyed Polyphemus.

Ron Perlman underwent the grueling makeup process to play Hellboy in the two films. Similarly, he portrayed the goblin gangster Gnarlack in "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them."


Here are three roles by this actress: Sue Storm, Nancy and Agent Sartana Rivera. Who is she?

In 2005, Jessica Alba starred in both "Fantastic Four" as Invisible Woman and "Sin City" as Nancy, the erotic dancer — two roles that gained her worldwide fame. She's not invisible anymore!


Unless you live in a bubble, you can identify this actor, who played Jimmy Livingston, Donnie Darko and Jack Twist!

Jake Gyllenhaal's breakthrough role was Homer Hickam, the boy who builds rockets in "October Sky." However, it was his performance in "Brokeback Mountain" that garnered him an Oscar nomination.


See if you can name this '90s child actress who played Natalie Hillard, Susan Walker and Matilda.

Child actress Mara Wilson played adorable characters in "Mrs. Doubtfire," "Miracle on 34th Street" and "Matilda." Since then, she has retired from acting but now writes and appears on podcasts.


You may best remember him as mischievous Kevin, but he also played Thomas J. Sennett and Henry. What's his name?

In the '90s, Macaulay Culkin was the hottest kid star since Shirley Temple. His "Home Alone" movies were big hits, and he also appeared in "My Girl" and "The Good Son" before temporarily retiring at 14.


He has the unconventional characters down! Which actor played Napoleon Dynamite, Jimmy MacElroy and Clark?

John Heder delighted audiences as the endearing nerd Napoleon Dynamite in the 2004 comedy. No one who's seen the film will ever forget his mad dance moves or his penchant for drawing ligers.


She's blue as Neytiri and green as Gamora, but more like herself as Uhura! Can you name this actress?

Don't be green with envy just because Zoe Saldana's been in some of the hottest films in the past decade! She played the blue alien in "Avatar," and her Gamora had a poignant scene in "Infinity War."


He battled his demons as Will Hunting, bought a zoo as Benjamin Mee and went to Mars as Mark Watney. Who is he?

In the 1990s, Matt Damon and his friend Ben Affleck co-wrote "Good Will Hunting," sold the screenplay and acted in the award-winning film. Since then, Damon's been one of the most recognizable movie stars.


You get an easy A if you can name the actress who played Skeeter Phelan, Olive and Gwen Stacy.

Emma Stone rose to stardom remarkably quickly. She first appeared in the 2007 comedy "Superbad," received her first Oscar nomination for "Birdman" (2014) and won Best Actress for "La La Land" (2016).


Playing cancer patient Adam was just one of his roles. Which actor also portrayed Arthur and Roger Bomman?

After a number of children's roles, Gordon-Levitt took some time off to go to Columbia. But now he's quite the busy actor, appearing in hits like "50/50," "Inception" and "The Dark Knight Rises."


She's not always a smart alec, like her character Juno. She also played Ariadne and Kitty Pryde. Who is she?

The young Canadian actress had her breakthrough role in the 2007 comedy "Juno," playing a pregnant teen. For this role, Page delicately balanced teenage flippancy with poignant vulnerability.


This actor played Evan, Paulie Bleeker and Robin in Lego form. And he's Canadian, eh?

Michael Cera co-starred with fellow Canadian Ellen Page in the 2007 film "Juno." In most of his comedies, he plays a sensitive, slightly nerdy guy who nonetheless has a good heart.


After playing beauty pageant entrant Olive Hoover, this young actress appeared as zombie-fighting Little Rock and island girl Nim Rusoe. Who is she?

Abigail Breslin was only five⁠— and adorable ⁠— as Bo Hess in the science-fiction thriller "Signs." Since then she has seamlessly transitioned from child roles to young adult parts.


Which wrestler-turned-actor played Agent 23, Jumanji player Spencer and demigod Maui?

Dwayne Johnson translated his wrestler status into an acting career, portraying hunky action stars like Luke Hobbs from "The Fast and the Furious." That's not to mention his unforgettable Disney hero, Maui!


She frequently plays over-the-top characters, like Madame Thénardier, Mrs. Lovett and Bellatrix Lestrange. Who is this actress?

The versatile English actress Helena Bonham Carter has played tragic heroines like Ophelia, deranged villains like Bellatrix Lestrange and the Red Queen and romantic leads like Lucy Honeychurch.


Did this actor tickle your funny bone when he played David Clark, Red and Kurt Buckman?

After working as a writer for "SNL," Jason Sudeikis took on comedic roles in films like "We're the Millers." In this role, he transforms from a seedy drug dealer to a respectable family man.


She faced off with the Bride as O-Ren Ishii and also played Viper and Alex Munday. Who is this actress?

Lucy Liu has appeared in a great number of action films, such as playing one of Charlie's Angels. The 2000 film gave the '70s show a modern update, and audiences enjoyed the actresses' quirky humor.


You might feel super bad if you can't identify this actor, who played Officer Michaels, Ben Stone and the hot dog Frank. Who is he?

The Canadian-American comedic actor is mostly known for his raunchy comedies. However, he also takes on some serious roles, such as playing Steve Wozniak in the biopic "Steve Jobs."


You're the bee's knees if you can name the actress who played May Boatwright, Tatiana Rusesabagina and Cleopatra.

The English actress portrayed the sensitive May Boatwright in "The Secret Life of Bees," a character who lures spiders outside to safety. She is tragically too fragile to handle the turbulent '60s.


Before he was Frodo's friend Gimli, he played Indiana's friend Sallah and General Leonid Pushkin. Who is this Welsh actor?

John Rhys-Davies had one of the best lines in "Raiders of the Lost Ark." Looking down into the Well of Souls, filled with snakes, Sallah says to Indiana: "Asps. Very dangerous. You go first."


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