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If you were around back in 1995, then you must remember the "buzz" surrounding the release of "Toy Story," the first major computer-animated feature film. This Pixar fantasy film introduced audiences to the amazing potential of computer animation ⁠— and charmed them at the same time with a beloved cast of characters: Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Slinky Dog, Mr. Potato Head and more.

From then on, Pixar became known as the animation studio that told unique stories from unusual perspectives. There was "A Bug's Life," which centered on ants and grasshoppers. Then there was "Monsters, Inc." which delved into the world of the monsters in kids' closets. And "Ratatouille," of course, gave the spotlight to a Parisian rat who dreamed of becoming a chef! Pixar gave robots, cars and fish feelings, and in the movie "Inside Out," they even gave feelings feelings! 

It's no surprise, then, with audiences excited over each new release, that Disney would snatch up Pixar as quickly as possible. And Pixar continues to deliver quality films, even with its sequels and prequels. 

Now it's time to put your Pixar knowledge to the test. If you've already fallen in love with characters like Remy, Carl Fredricksen, WALL-E and Sulley, it should be a breeze!

A classic friendship is made in this movie. Can you name it?

That's right, Pixar's first feature film, "Toy Story," is all about Woody the cowboy doll coming to terms with the arrival of Buzz Lightyear, the cool spaceman toy. Who will be Andy's favorite?


You don't have to be an archery fan to name this Pixar film! What is it?

In "Brave," headstrong Scottish princess Merida would rather ride her horse and shoot her bow and arrow than settle down with a prince. Naturally, this leads to conflict with her mother, Elinor.


Don't lose your train of thought! But can you identify this movie?

"Inside Out" shows the feelings of feelings! Joy lives inside Riley's head, and she wants only to keep Riley happy. But Riley's going through some changes ⁠— moving to a new town and starting a new school ...


Can you name this movie (if you're not too scared)?

Did you used to worry about the monsters hiding in your closet or under your bed? "Monsters, Inc." showed that they scare kids not because they're mean, but because it's their job!


This movie taught us how to speak whale. Do you remember what it is?

"Finding Nemo" charmed audiences with its heartwarming story of a dad fish going to great lengths to find his lost son, Nemo. And Dory, the forgetful tang fish with a heart of gold voiced by Ellen Degeneres, stole the show!


Can you identify this super film? Just don't start monologuing!

"The Incredibles" delivers heart-pumping action and a smart, fresh take on superheroes. It introduces audiences to the Parrs, a family of "supers" with a wide range of abilities. Remember, no capes!


Can you name this movie, which has a rodent chef?

Set in Paris, "Ratatouille" serves up a delectable story. Remy the rat dreams of being a chef, and he sees his chance to become one with the help of Alfredo Linguine, a restaurant's garbage boy.


A lonely old man ... a talking dog ... a floating house. Do you know the name of this film?

The lonely widower Carl Fredericksen gets to experience one more adventure when he ties thousands of helium balloons to his house, setting off to explore South America. A Boy Scout tags along, too!


Flik tries to save his colony in which film?

"A Bug's Life," Pixar's second movie, came out in 1998. It features a wide cast of colorful bugs, including Flik the ant, who goes in search of "tough bugs" to defend his colony from the grasshoppers.


Woody contemplates going to Japan in this film. What's the movie called?

"Toy Story 2" was a sequel that didn't disappoint! It introduced Jessie the cowgirl and her faithful steed, Bullseye. And it showed Buzz leading a mission to rescue Woody from a toynapper!


What's the name of this movie featuring Lightning McQueen?

"Cars" appealed to the little kid in all of us! It features anthropomorphic cars, including the rookie race car Lightning McQueen and his lady friend Sally Carrera. Kids vroomed to the theater for this one!


Ah, robot love! What's the name of this Pixar film?

"WALL-E" is a daring film ⁠— a large part of it focuses on non-talking robots on a deserted Earth! Still, the film infuses heart and soul into WALL-E and EVE, who hold the key to humanity's future.


Which Pixar movie features a "jailbreak" from a day care?

"Toy Story 3" ties up the toy gang's story with Andy in a poignant way ⁠— and leaves the door open for more stories with Bonnie. And who didn't cry when the toys faced a fiery furnace at the garbage dump?


Can you name this movie? Good luck at the World Grand Prix!

"Cars 2" provides a new adventure for Lightning McQueen and Mater the tow truck. This time, they're in Europe and Japan for a big race, but they soon get caught up in a mysterious adventure!


Mike and Sulley return in this movie. Can you name it?

"Monsters University" is Pixar's first prequel. It's set during Mike and Sulley's college years, where the pair try to prove they have what it takes to become scarers at Monster's, Inc.


An apatosaurus and a caveboy become friends in which movie?

Imagine what the world would be like if dinosaurs never went extinct. Well, "The Good Dinosaur" does just that! Arlo the apatosaurus forms an unlikely friendship with a caveboy named Spot.


Can you name the movie that introduces Hank the octopus?

Today's kids will know Sigourney Weaver's name thanks to this movie! She introduces herself and the Marine Life Institute, where Dory, Marlon and Nemo end up on their quest to find Dory's parents.


Return to Radiator Springs in this film! Do you know its name?

Due to the popularity of the first two "Cars" movies, Pixar released "Cars 3" in 2017. In the movie, Lightning McQueen tries to learn new racing techniques under the tutelage of Cruz Ramirez.


The Day of the Dead features prominently in what Pixar movie?

"Coco" pays tribute to the Day of the Dead, a famous Mexican holiday in which people honor their deceased loved ones. Young Miguel joins the dead on his quest to become a musician like his dad.


Elastigirl gets a chance to shine in which Pixar film?

In 2018, fans at last got a sequel to 2004's "The Incredibles." In this sequel, supers have a chance to become legal again, so Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl try to prove their worth to the public.


Mute dummies gave a menacing air to which Pixar movie?

We finally find out what happened to Bo Peep in "Toy Story 4." Woody's favorite female shepherd lives at a carnival with other toys with no kid owners. Will Woody return to Bonnie or stay with Bo Peep?


Pizza Planet appears in which film?

Every kid who watched "Toy Story" in 1995 wished they could also visit Pizza Planet! At this restaurant and arcade, Buzz slips into a "spaceship" ⁠— a claw machine ⁠— where he meets the aliens. Fun fact: The Pizza Planet delivery truck appears in many Pixar films!


"Where's my food?" shouts Hopper in which Pixar movie?

In "A Bug's Life," Hopper and his gang of grasshoppers use intimidation tactics to force an ant colony to collect food for them every year. It takes Flik and his friends to finally stand up to these bullies!


Watch out for Prospector Pete. He's not to be trusted! Can you name this movie?

Prospector Pete is part of the set of toys that came with Woody the cowboy doll back in the '50s. But now, he's an embittered old man who stands in the way of Woody ever getting back to Andy!


A little girl called Boo steals all the scenes in this movie. What is it?

Little Boo sneaks into the monsters' world in "Monsters, Inc." and causes mayhem when she's discovered! Turns out monsters are just as frightened of children as kids are of monsters!


"Fish are friends, not food!" say the sharks in this Pixar movie. Do you know its name?

Although Marlon is terrified, Dory feels at ease with Bruce and the other sharks, who are having a support group meeting to discuss their new vegetarian lifestyle! Just don't let them get a whiff of fish blood!


Capes are a mistake, according to Edna. What's this movie called?

Edna Mole, inspired by Edith Head, is a fashion designer who designs costumes for superheroes in "The Incredibles." The diminutive but strong-willed lady gives Bob a speech about the foolishness of capes.


We first meet Mater in this movie. What is it?

Mater, voiced by Larry the Cable Guy, became a fan favorite in the "Cars" series. As Lightning McQueen's friend and sidekick, Mater is a loyal and funny tow truck with a lot of knowledge of cars.


Which film includes the motto "Anyone can cook"?

As "Ratatouille" proves, anyone ⁠— including a garbage boy and a rat ⁠— can cook some delicious food! The film charmed audiences and critics with its unique story line and Parisian setting.


You can join the crew of the "Axiom" in this Pixar movie. Do you remember which one?

As "WALL-E" reveals, people long ago abandoned Earth when it became too polluted to be inhabited. They set off in the "Axiom," a spacecraft with all sorts of modern conveniences ⁠— maybe too many!


The entire love story of Carl and Ellie appears in the first few minutes of this movie. Can you name it?

Audiences needed tissues while watching the opening segment of "Up," which reveals Carl and Ellie's romance from beginning to end. This introduction serves to explain why Carl is so gruff and lonely.


Barbie first meets Ken in which Pixar movie?

When Woody's toy gang arrives at Sunnyside Daycare, they soon meet Ken at his Dream House. He and Barbie hit it off, naturally! Little do they know that Ken is part of Lotso's evil gang!


A queen turning into a bear? That happens in which movie?

In "Brave," Merida's mother, Elinor, is turned into a bear thanks to a curse. To turn her back, Merida will have to repair their relationship ⁠— before it's too late and the transformation is permanent!


Characters want to get into Roar Omega Roar in this movie. What is it?

Sulley easily gets accepted into Roar Omega Roar, the most popular fraternity at Monsters University. Mike Wazowski, however, must settle for Oozma Kappa, which is full of monster misfits.


Which movie features an imaginary friend named Bing Bong?

In "Inside Out," Joy and Sadness find Bing Bong hidden in the recesses of Riley's mind. He's Riley's old imaginary friend, long forgotten, but he still has their magic wagon and hopes to play with her again.


This movie has a T-Rex named Butch! What's it called?

"The Good Dinosaur" gives a new twist on dinosaurs, imagining them as farmers and ranchers living off the land. Arlo, for instance, is an apatosaurus farmer who meets some ranchers, who happen to be T-Rexes!


The title character struggles to remember her past in which movie?

Dory has always been forgetful, from the time she was a little fish still living with her parents. In this movie, she tries to find her long-lost parents, and audiences learn more about her backstory.


Miguel takes a guitar from a mausoleum and can suddenly see the dead! What is this movie?

Miguel, a young Mexican boy, can't understand why his family forbids anyone to play music ⁠— it's in his blood, after all! He's convinced that his father is Ernesto, a legendary musician ... but is he?


Jack-Jack develops his powers in this movie ... all of them! Can you name the movie?

Jack-Jack is the star in this exciting sequel. The Parrs assume Jack-Jack is "normal," but the baby soon proves otherwise, demonstrating a number of impressive powers! But how do you train a superhero baby?


Can you name the Pixar movie set at an antique shop?

In "Toy Story 4," Bonnie's favorite "toy," Forky, goes missing, and Woody tracks him down to an antique shop. There, Woody meets Gabby Gabby, a doll who would do anything to meet her dream girl. Anything ...


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