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From the hilarity that ensued on "The Carol Burnett Show," to the psychologically disturbing sci-fi plotlines that were featured on "The Twilight Zone," the 1960s was without a doubt one of the most influential decades in television. The 1960s was also notable for being the decade during which television broadcasts began to largely transition from being black-and-white to being color. Even though this technology had existed in prior decades, its adoption was relatively slow because many networks feared that they would alienate potential viewers. This meant that many shows from this era started being broadcast in black-and-white and had later seasons being broadcast in color.

It was during this decade that crime dramas and sitcoms reigned supreme. However, forays into science fiction were moderately successful - with "Star Trek" and "The Twilight Zone" as prime examples - but it was only in later years that they garnered a reasonable amount of pop culture recognition. In this quiz we've sifted through the countless TV shows from the '60s and selected some of the most iconic ones. So, are you ready to Get Smart? Then let's jump right into this challenging quiz!

This interstellar sci-fi series eventually spawned a billion-dollar franchise. What is its name?

Although it only had three seasons, "Star Trek: The Original Series" still manages to be one of the best TV shows from the '60s. This series not only influenced the numerous sequels and spin-offs that followed, it has also greatly impacted the entire science fiction genre to this day.


Which extremely successful soap opera that debuted in the 1960s now has over 13,000 episodes?

"Days of Our Lives" is one of the few TV shows that has managed to span multiple generations. It has been on the air for over 50 years and is the second longest running soap opera that is still in production (behind General Hospital).


What is the name of the '60s TV show that featured the crimefighter known as the "Dark Knight"?

The "Batman" television series from the mid-1960s is notable for being the first television series that portrayed the adventures of the Dark Knight. While its campy style may not have aged well for modern audiences, the series has been widely hailed as one of the most celebrated TV shows of the '60s and also as one of the most successful superhero television shows of all time.


Agent 86 and Agent 99 are characters from which comedic spy series?

With the James Bond film series being born in the early 1960s, it is no surprise that spy films (and TV shows) were one of the most popular genres in this decade. "Get Smart" capitalized on this popularity by taking a more satirical approach to the spy genre by blending together comedy and action.


Tom Cruise starred in the '90s movie adaptation of which spy-action TV show?

"Mission: Impossible" was a highly successful American spy TV series that ran from 1966 to 1973. Nowadays, this TV series is overshadowed by the popularity of the billion-dollar film series (that it inspired) starring Tom Cruise.


Elizabeth Montgomery had the magical leading role on which fantasy sitcom from the '60s?

During its first season, "Bewitched" was notable for being ABC's number one show and the highest rated sitcom from the Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC). It is also notable for inspiring "I Dream of Jeannie," a rival fantasy sitcom from NBC.


Which astronomical '60s TV show starred notable names like Guy Williams and June Lockhart?

If you ask anyone today to name the best sci-fi show from the '60s, they would most likely say "Star Trek." However, back in the 1960s, "Lost in Space" actually received consistently higher ratings than its rival show.


This New York soap opera had a 43-year run on ABC, what is its name?

"One Life to Live" is an Emmy Award winning soap opera that was introduced in the late 1960s and ran for over four decades, finally ending in 2013. The series featured over 11,000 episodes and is notable for being the last American soap opera that was taped in New York City.


What is the name of the female-led variety comedy show that featured comedians like Vicki Lawrence and Harvey Korman?

As its name suggests, "The Carol Burnett Show" (which ran from 1967 to 1978) starred celebrated comedian and actress Carol Burnett. The variety-comedy series was highly successful and earned a total of 25 primetime Emmy Awards.


Rod Sterling created which bizarre and unsettling show that greatly influenced modern sci-fi and psychological horror?

Although it may have technically debuted in the waning months of 1959, "The Twilight Zone" is widely considered to be one of the most iconic television shows of the '60s. The series is distinct for being one of the earliest examples of just how weird television could get; with its engaging storylines that ranged from sci-fi and paranormal to unnerving psychological horror.


Brian Keith was the head of the household in which 1960s sitcom?

"Family Affair" was a sitcom that debuted in the mid-60s on CBS; starring Brian Kieth, Kathy Garver and Sebastian Cabot. Most of the series was also notably directed by Oscar winner Charles Barton.


The fictional teenagers from the town of Riverdale were featured in which animated TV series from the '60s?

Although it only had one season, "The Archie Show" opened the door for TV shows based on Archie Comics properties, the most recent of which is the hit CW series "Riverdale."


Which satirical sitcom featured vampires, werewolves and Frankenstein's monster?

Celebrated actors Fred Gwynne and Yvonne De Carlo starred as husband and wife in "The Munsters," a wholesome monster-sitcom on CBS. It served as CBS's counterpart to ABC's "The Addams Family," and had a total of 70 episodes over two seasons.


This long-running TV show blended together police drama and the Aloha lifestyle. What is its name?

"Hawaii Five-O" is notable for being one of the longest running American police dramas, only being surpassed in the years after the series ended. "Hawaii Five-O" set itself apart from the competition, since most other police and crime dramas at the time were located in either New York or Los Angeles


"Ginger or Mary Ann?" was one of the most pivotal questions that spawned from which sitcom?

For three seasons (and nearly 100 episodes) Gilligan and his group of castaways were a part of one of the most popular shows on CBS. Much to the dismay of fans, the series was abruptly canceled after the end of the third season, leaving Gilligan, Ginger, Mary Ann and the rest of the characters all stranded in the Pacific forever.


Which educational TV show featured the fictional Neighborhood of Make-Believe?

With over 900 episodes, "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" is one of the longest-running children's television shows of all time. The Neighborhood of Make-Believe that Mr. Rogers visited during the show was eventually brought back in PBS's new animated TV series, "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood."


What is the name of the '60s crime drama that featured a wheelchair-bound detective?

"Ironside" set itself apart from similar crime dramas at the time by taking the main character of the story and putting them in a wheelchair. This choice led to the lead character not having a prominent role in the action sequences of the series, leading to writing that focused on Robert T. Ironside depending primarily on his cunning and sharp intellect.


A bottlenose dolphin was the titular character of which aquatic TV show?

There were not many shows during the '60s that were bold enough to feature animals as a part of their recurring cast, but "Flipper" dove headfirst into this category. The show was notable for its extensive animal cast which included; dolphins, alligators, a baby elephant, a seal and dogs.


This rural-themed sitcom featured locations like Hooterville and the Shady Rest Hotel. What is its name?

During the '60s, it was quite obvious that screenwriter and producer Paul Henning was intrigued by rural Americana. This led to him creating a trio of intertwined shows that all debuted within the same decade; "Petticoat Junction," "The Beverly Hillbillies" and "Green Acres."


The streets of Los Angeles were the backdrop for which police drama that starred Martin Milner?

During its run from 1968 to 1975, "Adam-12" promoted itself as being one of the most realistic police procedural dramas on television. The name of the series is a reference to the name of the fiction patrol unit of the lead characters: 1-Adam-12.


Which medical-themed soap opera has the most Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Drama series?

"General Hospital" holds the distinction of being the longest running soap opera in America that is still in production to this day. The series has received countless awards throughout its run and currently has 13 Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Drama Series.


What is the name of the fantasy sitcom that told a love story between an astronaut and a long-lived genie?

"I Dream of Jeannie" is a fantasy sitcom that aired n NBC from 1965 to 1970 and spawning two reunion movies in 1985 and 1991.. The show was notably created originally as a response to the great reception that ABC had garnered from their own fantasy sitcom, Bewitched.


Oscar the Grouch and Cookie Monster are famous characters from which beloved children's show?

"Sesame Street" is by far one of the most recognizable and successful children's shows of all time. In fact this long-lived series has achieved 11 Grammy Awards and well over 100 Emmy Awards.


Fred MacMurray starred as a widowed father in which '60s sitcom?

"My Three Sons" is notable for having started its life on ABC (from 1960 to 1965) before being relocated and spending its later years on CBS (1965 to 1972). It is currently the third longest running live-action sitcom, with a total of 380 episodes.


World War II was the unconventional backdrop for which military-themed sitcom?

A sitcom set in World War II sounds like a crazy idea, but that's exactly what "McHale's Navy" successfully portrayed for over 130 episodes. The series was so influential that it eventually spawned feature films.


A talkative Great Dane was the titular character of which Hanna-Barbera cartoon?

One of the most iconic and enduring cartoon characters of all time, Scooby-Doo, got his start in the late '60s with the hit cartoon series "Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!" The series focused on the titular hound and his teenage companions as they solved mysteries and apprehended wrongdoers.


Uncle Fester and Wednesday are characters from which spooky American sitcom?

While they may seem overly weird and creepy at times, deep down all of the members of the Addams Family are just as benevolent as you or me. During its original run, "The Addams Family" was oftentimes overshadowed by its competitor that aired on CBS, "The Munsters."


Legendary comic book creator Stan Lee brought one of his most iconic characters to the TV screen with which series?

From the minds of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko came one of the most popular superhero cartoons of the 1960s, "Spider-Man." The now iconic theme song of the series was actually written by three-time Academy Award winner Paul Francis Webster.


A sheriff from North Carolina was the lead character of which long-running American sitcom?

Comedian and actor Andy Griffith starred as the lead character in the show that shared his name; although his character was actually named Sheriff Andy Taylor. The series also notably had over half of its episodes in black-and-white, with only 90 of the total 249 episodes being in color.


A German POW camp was the unusual backdrop for which 1960s sitcom?

One of the most fascinating facts about "Hogan's Heroes" is that the four main German characters were actually played by actors of Jewish descent. In fact, three of them had actually fled the Nazis in World War II.


The famous rabbit of Warner Bros. had his very own series that started in the '60s, what was it called?

"The Bugs Bunny Show" is notable for its relatively long run that spanned 40 years, lasting from 1960 to 2000. However, the series primarily consisted of cartoons that were released between the late '40s and the late '60s.


Robert Reed was the lead actor in which charming sitcom that featured a large family?

"The Brady Bunch" was a successful sitcom from the late '60s that eventually spawned several spinoffs and TV movies. The premise of the series focused on the marriage between Mike Brady and Carol Martin and the drama that ensues when his three sons and her three daughters have to live under one roof.


Dinosaurs were a common sight in which animated Stone Age sitcom?

The hit TV show "The Flintstones" managed to blend together prehistoric life and modern sensibilities to create one of the most hilarious animated sitcoms of all time. One of the things about the show that has not aged as well as the laugh-out-loud humor is the fact that the main characters often advertised cigarettes at the end of some episodes.


What is the name of the animated show that served as the Space Age counterpart of "The Flintstones?"

While "The Flintstones" existed in the prehistoric Stone Age, "The Jetsons" went in the exact opposite direction. The series portrayed a family that existed in the far future where robots, flying cars and holograms were commonplace.


This show featured the antics of a rural family that moves to California after they become immensely wealthy, what is its name?

"The Beverly Hillbillies" was the first of the rural-themed shows of the '60s that were created by Paul Hennings. As a result of this, a lot of inspiration from "The Beverly Hillbillies" can be seen in both "Green Acres" and "Petticoat Junction."


A more hilarious side of the Marine Corps was showcased in which '60s sitcom?

Like several other shows from this era that dealt with the military, "Gomer Pyle: USMC" did not once mention the Vietnam War, even in passing. The series starred Jim Nabors as the titular character along with Frank Sutton and Ronnie Schell as supporting cast members.


Vivian Vance co-starred on which popular CBS sitcom that was a follow-up to one of the funniest shows of the '50s?

"The Lucy Show" was a follow-up/spin-off of the popular '50s sitcom "I Love Lucy." Lucille Ball and her former husband Desi Arnaz had divorced two years prior to the show, and so the premise of this new series was that her character had recently been widowed.


Which sitcom featured a couple who has to adjust to rural life after they move from New York City to a farm in the country?

"Green Acres" was notably the last entry in the trio of rural-themed shows that were produced by Paul Henning. As a result of this, it had connections to both "Petticoat Junction" and "The Beverly Hillbillies."


This '60s sitcom was named after its lead actor instead of the character that he portrayed, what is it called?

When hilarious shows of the '60s are talked about, "The Dick Van Dyke Show" is almost always one of the first names that is mentioned. The series won several awards and accolades during its run, including 15 Emmy Awards


What is the name of the sci-fi western that was once described as being "James Bond on horseback"?

"The Wild Wild West" was notable for blending together to of the popular genres at the time, science fiction and western. Although the secret agents who starred in the show operated during the era of Ulysses Grant's presidency, they had extremely advanced and complex gadgets and devices.


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