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If you're the type who demands that the holiday spirit be alive, well and thriving in your household, you know there are certain things you have to do to consider yourself cheerful. Family activities and alone time all revolve around the joy of the season, despite the reality of driving in blizzards and scheduling holiday get-togethers with family.

Even if Christmas is the only time of year you put on an apron and bake hundreds upon hundreds of cookies, you probably realize there is something magical about the activities that are available during the holiday season. There are dozens upon dozens of activities people partake in during the holidays, and you are probably the type to participate in quite a few yourself over the four weeks of the season. 

If your stockings are hung from the chimney with care and you're hoping St. Nicholas will soon be there, check out this quiz while you wait. There are some awesome Christmas activities that you will recognize right away, and you might even find a few to add to your to-do list this festive season. So, let's see where your Christmas spirit lies. Try to identify these Christmas activities from a single image.

This is one of the first Christmas activities people partake in. What is it?

Although more and more holidays are bringing decorative lighting into their decoration traditions, Christmas lights have a long history. Before electrical lights, people would put candles in their trees to show that Christ was the light of the world.


Most people do this right before Christmas. What is it?

When it comes to Christmas traditions, cookie baking and exchanging cookies is one of the most beloved activities. Baking cookies is a reason to get your oven going to warm up your home. Cookie exchanges have been a great way for people to spread their cultures for generations.


Do you know what this activity is called?

The act of decorating gingerbread houses goes all the way back to the Brothers Grimm and the story of Hansel and Gretel. The royal icing on these houses represents both snow and mortar, giving us a sweet treat and an excellent holiday activity.


This form of decorating is an essential Christmas activity. What is it called?

For centuries, different religions have been decorating evergreen trees to represent different aspects of the holiday. Reusable ornaments allowed families to save money each year and give clear representations of their religions.


This amazing activity celebrates the holiday and the weather. What is it?

Ice skating has been a Christmas tradition for generations. It has always been a great way to get outside and keep active during the winter months. These days, many cities have man-made rinks to ensure safety during the holiday season.


One of the Christmas parties you attend this year might include this theme. What is it?

Ugly sweater parties have been popular for the last 15 or 20 years. They throw back to the gaudy sweaters of the '70s and '80s that were considered stylish and adorable back then. This activity gets everyone in the holiday mood and excited for get-togethers.


Do you know who this little guy is?

In 2005, a new and fun tradition came out for Christmas. Moving an elf around to surprise children and keep them on their best behavior around Christmastime has been a growing fad ever since. It's a great activity that spans throughout the season.


For large groups, this activity is the perfect way to save money and have fun. What is it called?

Having a secret Santa gift exchange is a great way to participate in holiday activities without breaking the bank. Each person in the group picks a name out a hat and buys a present for the person whose name they pick. This helps you avoid spending too much money on Christmas gifts for everyone in the group. Usually, a limit is set on how much each secret Santa should spend on a gift.


Which activity allows you to count down to Christmas in the most fun way?

Advent calendars are marked with 25 days. Each day, you select one box and you get a little gift inside. These gifts are usually pretty small, like a piece of candy or a small trinket. This activity dates back to the early 1900s.


For some, this activity starts before Halloween. What is it?

It seems that every year, Christmas music is played on the radio earlier and earlier. While some people consider this is incredibly irritating, others find it a great way to kick off the season. If there were more variety in songs and lyrics, perhaps it wouldn't be so difficult to swallow.


Snuggling up on the couch and doing this is perfect for a wintry day. What is it?

Since television and home movies became popular, one of the most relaxing things to do during the holiday season is to watch Christmas movies with the family. They are wholesome and get you in the spirit of the holiday. The Hallmark Channel has enough movies to keep you busy from Thanksgiving all the way into the new year!


Even though we have email and social media, we still do this. Can you name it?

One thing that has not gone down in popularity with the electronic communications age is the sending of Christmas cards. Every year, people still love sending and receiving physical cards from their friends and family. Christmas cards are said to have originated London in 1843.


Creating garland out of this is still a fun activity for some families. What is it?

Stringing popcorn is not a new activity, and Americans have been doing it for generations. They also used to put a other food items on the tree, including cranberries and apples. Ornaments have replaced this tradition, and eliminated the need to remove spoiled food from the tree each year!


Can you name this fun activity that also saves money?

Crafting for Christmas is not new. For hundreds of years, people have used their skills to create gifts for others instead of buying presents. It's a great way to save money and give a gift from the heart. This tradition is practiced throughout the year, but it boosts in popularity around the holidays.


Which children's activity lets parents know what their kids want for Christmas?

Writing a letter to Santa Claus isn't just about children asking for what they want. It's also about that child reflecting on their behavior for the year. In fact, letters to Santa began as letters "from" Santa to children. Parents would write these letters to help keep children on the "straight and narrow" and behave so that Santa would bring them the gift they wanted. It's also a great way for parents to find out what to get their children to Christmas.


Most parents read this to their children on Christmas Eve to get them to bed. What is it?

"'Twas The Night Before Christmas" was originally published in 1823. These days, you can see many adaptations of the story, but they all say the same thing: a person was trying to sleep, and Santa's arrival woke him up. Reading this story is a great activity for parents and children alike.


Do you recognize this fun activity that makes great family photos?

Many families are now wearing matching pajamas or coordinating pajamas for Christmas. It makes an excellent Christmas photo that families can share on social media. It's also a great bonding experience for families every year to wake up on Christmas morning wearing matching outfits.


Some children are terrified by this activity. What is it called?

When it comes to visiting Santa, there are two types of kids: those who are terrified and those who need to tell him what they want. If your child is terrified of Santa, it could be a good thing, as he is technically a stranger.


Which of these gift exchange activities gives you new decorations while you have fun?

Ornament exchanges are great for everyone. If you're crafty, you can make ornaments for the exchange and if you're not so crafty, you can buy them. Either way, your personality and thoughtfulness really shine during these times.


Can you name the warm drink everyone wants around Christmastime?

Getting the family together and sharing hot chocolate or hot cocoa is one of the most long-lasting traditions, not just in the U.S. but around the world. Drinking a warm beverage is important after a long day of building snowmen!


One recent activity that is gaining traction is to drive around and do what?

If you're looking for a Christmas activity to keep warm and enjoy some entertainment, you can drive around your city and look at the lights that are up. Some houses even put on entire shows that are in sync with radio stations.


This is an activity only some people participate in. Do you know what it is?

These days, many prefer to have a fake Christmas tree to both preserve the environment and to maintain fire safety. However, some families still partake in the traditional activity of going out and buying a tree for their homes.


Do you know which activity requires you and a group of people to ring doorbells and sing to others?

Singing Christmas carols is not a new tradition, and caroling has been a great way to raise funds for churches, schools and groups. While you don't have to donate to those who sing, you can appreciate the music and give them thanks.


Many Christians do this on Christmas Eve. What is it?

Even non-practicing Christians will attend Midnight Mass. It is one of the busiest times of year for churches. This activity is especially important to Catholics in various countries, including Spain and Poland.


Putting a candle in an orange and giving it to a child is also known as what?

Christingles are oranges that have a candle in them and a red ribbon around them. They represent Christ being the light of the world. This custom has been around since the 1700s. It originated in Germany.


Children love doing this, and it gives adults a reason to stray from their diets. What is it?

Santa is a very busy man, and he can get pretty hungry going to every house. Leaving him cookies and milk gives him the energy he needs to get all of his work done in one night. Kids love doing it, and parents love the leftovers.


The Christmas season also comes with a consumer season. What activity do most people partake in this time of year?

There are people who take Christmas shopping very seriously. They work hard to get the toys that their children want and the hottest items that come out every year. Others simply wait patiently to get those toys and avoid injuries that overenthusiastic shoppers sometimes suffer.


You can only do this activity if you have a fireplace. What is it?

While many people don't go back to this activity much anymore, the lighting of the yule log goes back centuries. The yule log is generally lit from the remains of the previous year's log, and the fire would be fed for 12 days.


Can you name this winter activity that everyone loves?

Everyone who has built a snowman knows that it requires the perfect consistency of snow and enough of it to get the best snowman around. You can decorate your snowman with a hat, give him a carrot for a nose and even a scarf to keep him stylish and "warm."


As part of decorating, many Christians add this to their front lawns or indoor decorations. What is it?

The Nativity generally consists of a baby Jesus, a statue of Mary and a statue of Joseph. The scene depicts the birth of Christ. Some Nativity scenes also include the Three Wise Men who were said to have visited Jesus. Many cultures celebrate Three Kings Day on January 6.


Watching this movie has become a Christmas tradition for many. What is it called?

Watching "A Charlie Brown Christmas" is not like watching any other Christmas movie. For decades, this short film has been a staple of the Christmas season in nearly every household that celebrates the holiday.


Parents usually do this for their children on Christmas and on St. Nicholas Day. What is it?

For some who celebrate St. Nicholas Day, shoes and socks are stuffed rather than stockings. This tradition changed a little bit when people realized that shoes can get a little stinky and ruin the gifts inside.


Though many do this throughout the year, it began as a Christmas activity. What is it?

Potpourri can be made with several different ingredients. For the perfect Christmas scents, people often used orange peels, cinnamon and cloves. This used to be a way for people to remove fish smells from their house, while using leftover ingredients.


Many people do this to help the less fortunate in their area. What is it?

Those who are less fortunate can write their names and gift ideas on a card and hang it on an Angel Tree. Other members of the community can pick a name from the tree and buy a gift for the person whose name they pick.


One of the most essential flowers for Christmas, many people use these to decorate. What are they?

Poinsettias have long been a great addition to any Christmas decorating trend. Whether alive or fake, they make beautiful additions to homes around Christmas. The winter flowers are strong and versatile.


This activity lets visitors know they're welcome. What is it?

The wreath has a long history. It was originally started to show that the owners of the home welcome Christ into their homes. However, the tradition soon changed to indicate that all guests are welcome.


Collectors love doing this around Christmas. What is it?

While the act of creating and building a Christmas village isn't as popular as it was 20 years ago, collectors are still looking for pieces to add to their mini towns. It's a great way to use your imagination during the holiday season.


This is only creepy if you don't like the person you're next to. What is it?

The idea of hanging mistletoe is not new. The tradition of kissing under the mistletoe began when people realized that the plant could bloom in frigid winter temperatures ... much like love. it was a sign of fertility and vivacity.


These are excellent for the kids on Christmas day. What are they?

Christmas crackers date all the way back to the 1840s. The package is pulled apart and creates a "crack" sound. The toy or candy inside bursts out. This traditional activity is essential for houses across the U.K. on Christmas morning.


Can you name this new Christmas activity you can do with the kiddos?

That's right! If you have little ones, you can watch Santa's progress throughout the night on websites or Santa tracking apps. But don't let him get too close to your home. If he catches you awake, he might not stop. After all, he doesn't want to be caught!


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