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During the '80s, music experienced a great surge in creativity. Music styles and genres were blending and musicians were adding synthesizers to their music more and more. Women were not in the background during this time. They were leading their own bands and making their own music with the best of them.

Pop stars like Madonna and Whitney Houston were tearing up the charts and getting regular airplay on MTV, taking music videos to even further heights. Women rockers ruled the airwaves and television screens, too. Kim Gordon reinvented the alternative rock scene as the mastermind of the group, Sonic Youth. Joan Jett let her punk rock roots shine. The ladies of hip-hop were emerging as a strong force and rappers like Queen Latifah and MC Lyte rapped about their strength proudly.

Female artists in the '80s were doing their thing alongside the men. No matter what you listened to, their influence on the world of music couldn't be denied. Some started before the '80s and continue to rock our worlds even now.

See how much you know about this classic era of music. Take a look through the images we've lined up for you, and test yourself. Have fun!

Can you name this "Brass in Pocket" singer?

Chrissie Hynde was one of the most talented '80s rockers. She founded the band, The Pretenders in 1978. After the deaths of two of the original members, she achieved even greater success.


She didn't need another hero, and she told you so. Who is she?

'80s icon Tina Turner rose from the ashes after a bad breakup with her music partner and former husband, Ike Turner. She made the switch from R&B to rock with ease and didn't look back.


She sang about "Sara," but that's not her name. What is it?

Stevie Nicks started off with the band Fleetwood Mac in the mid-'70s. With them, she sang on one of the highest selling albums of all time, “Rumours.” When she went solo, her album, “Bella Donna,” went to number one.


Never say never. Do you know the name of this band?

The sister duo Heart achieved fame in the '70s with rock classics like "Crazy on You" and "Barracuda." With Ann Wilson's undeniable voice and Nancy Wilson's rock guitar, they continued their success into the '80s.


She wanted you to kiss her deadly. We just want you to tell us her name. Can you guess it?

This evergreen rocker started off in The Runaways in 1975 alongside another rock legend, Joan Jett. After the group disbanded, she had success as a solo artist with the track, “Kiss Me Deadly."


Do you know the name of this "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)" singer?

Annie Lennox's soulful vocals contributed to the success of the '80s duo, Eurythmics with Dave Stewart. Her distinctive sound led her to collaborations with soul icons Al Green and Aretha Franklin.


She told us what the "Borderline" was. Can you tell us her name?

When Madonna came on the music scene in the early '80s, she found a place on the charts with dance tracks like "Everybody." Her breakout success came later in the decade with her album, "Like a Virgin."


She was a "Smooth Operator." Do you know her?

Before Sade became famous, she sang with a British band called Pride. When they toured the United Kingdom in the early '80s, she was discovered by the music industry. Her first hit came in 1984, and she never looked back.


She had a "Bad Reputation." She also has a name. What is it?

Joan Jett started in the music industry at the age of 15 in a punk rock band called The Runaways. When they broke up, she formed Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. Their rock anthem, "I Love Rock and Roll" became a huge hit.


Can you give us your best shot telling us the name of this singer?

Some of Pat Benatar's biggest hits were, "Hit Me with Your Best Shot" and "Love is a Battlefield." In the early days of MTV when they actually played music videos, hers were in high rotation.


Nothing compares to you telling us this singer's name. Do you know it?

Sinead O'Connor stood out from the rest of the music crowd with her unique style and shaved head. Artistic rather than commercial, she became successful on her terms with her album, "The Lion and the Cobra" in 1987.


Who is this unusual artist?

Cyndi Lauper had super success with her debut release, "She's So Unusual" in 1983. Not only was this album her biggest success as an artist, it was one of the highest-selling albums of the decade.


Can you unseal your lips and name this band?

The Go-Gos were originally called The Misfits when they formed in 1978. Three years after becoming a band, their album, “Beauty and the Beat” became a hit. Their reign over the charts was short-lived, and they disbanded in 1985, although they've since come back together several times.


They got it. Do you got their name?

Bananarama had a few hits in the '80s like "Venus" and "I Heard a Rumour." They started off making hits in the United Kingdom and were part of the Second British Invasion in the United States.


Are you excited to tell us the name of this band?

The Pointer Sisters brought an R&B flavor to pop music. In 1983, they told the world what they would do with the title of their album, "Break Out." "I'm So Excited" and "Automatic" were big hits from that album.


How will you know the name of this diva, and can you say it?

Whitney Houston was one of the biggest stars of the decade. In 1985, her self-titled debut started her rise to the top of the charts. Hits like "How Will I Know" helped make her a pop icon.


Her first name isn't Baby. What is it?

Janet Jackson broke away from her famous family's shadow when she recorded the album, "Control." She stayed in control for the rest of the '80s and beyond, making hit record after hit record.


"Don't Give Up" on telling us this singer's name. Can you?

Kate Bush scored one of her biggest hits with Peter Gabriel in 1986 with "Don't Give Up." She wasn't his first choice to sing with him. It was actually Dolly Parton, but she said no.


Do you know the name of this kid in America?

Kim Wilde recorded her hit single "Kids in America" in 1981. 5 years later, she remade The Supremes' classic, "You Keep Me Hangin' On" and put her spin on it to give it a New Wave, British pop feel.


Who is this singer?

In the '70s, Linda Ronstadt was called the “Queen of Rock.” In the '80s, she shifted genres and recorded mariachi and country albums. She eventually went pop and recorded duets with Aaron Neville and James Ingram.


What do you call this band?

Debbie Harry was the songstress who was the face of the band, "Blondie." One of their biggest hits was "Rapture," and it was unique because the punk rock singer experimented with rap music.


Who is this singer who got you on your feet?

Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine produced rocking dance tracks like "Get on Your Feet" and "Conga." She and her band knew how to make the rhythm get her fans with Latin-flavored beats.


Her eyes are brown, but what's her name?

With a little help from her big sister, country music icon, Loretta Lynn, Crystal Gayle became known to the world in the '70s. By the '80s, she made a name for herself in the music world recording the theme for the hit show, “Dallas."


Don't you want to tell us the name of this band?

Human League's original lineup did not include Joanne Catherall and Susan Ann Sulley, the female singers in the New Wave band. Susan Ann Sulley was the female voice for the stalker anthem, "Don't You Want Me."


Who is this British New Wave band?

When Annabella Lwin started singing with the band, Bow Wow Wow, she was all of 13 years old. The precocious teen sang their biggest hit, the catchy remake, "I Want Candy" in 1982.


Look sharp! Can you name this Swedish duo?

Roxette was a pop duo who made the charts with their songs, "The Look" and "Listen to Your Heart." Later, they landed on the "Pretty Woman" soundtrack with the hit, "It Must Have Been Love."


Can you take our breath away by telling us what this group is called?

Before Gwen Stefani and No Doubt, Orange County band Berlin was on the music scene. After the success of the songs, “The Metro” and “No More Words,” they recorded the love song, “Take My Breath Away” for the movie, “Top Gun."


"Straight up," who is this?

Paula Abdul started out as a video choreographer for the '80s pop diva, Janet Jackson. She moved on from dance to make an album of her own, and "Forever Your Girl" became one of the biggest-selling debut albums of the '80s.


We are asking you to tell us the name of this pop icon. What is it?

Celine Dion is one of the best-selling pop artists of all time. After starting off as a teen idol in Quebec, she achieved pop superstardom in the United States and had a highly successful Las Vegas run.


She wanted you to "Believe." Do you believe you can tell us her name?

Cher started off her career with her then-husband Sonny Bono in the duo, Sonny and Cher. Years after going solo, she made hit records like, "If I Could Turn Back Time" and "I Found Someone."


Do you know who this R&B/Pop singer is?

Dionne Warwick had a career that spanned 5 decades but had her share of hits in the '80s including, the star-filled "That's What Friends Are For." The track included Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight and Elton John.


No need to turn "Upside Down" to tell us this diva's name. What is it?

Motown legend Diana Ross has been a hit maker since she started at the Detroit-based record label. "Upside Down" was only one of many hits she recorded in the '80s. She also scored big with the song, "Endless Love" with Lionel Richie.


Who is this singer-songwriter?

We first knew of Carly Simon in the '70s due to hits like "You're So Vain." She slowed down in the early '80s but then released the album, "Coming Around Again" in 1987 which eventually went platinum.


Can you blow our minds and tell us the name of this artist?

Toni Basil started her career as a choreographer and an actress. She is most famous for the cheerleader standard, "Mickey." She even performed in the video wearing her old uniform.


Don't you want to tell us who this '80s hit maker is?

R&B diva Jody Watley has roots as a dancer and appeared on the '70s TV classic, "Soul Train." As a music artist, she started out in the band, Shalamar then achieved solo success with the classic, "Looking for a New Love."


Who is this R&B songbird "365 days of the year?"

Songstress Anita Baker dominated the R&B charts in 1986 with "Rapture," which put her on the music industry map. Hits like "Sweet Love" and "Caught Up in the Rapture" propelled that album to platinum status.


"Square Biz." Can you tell us who this artist is?

Teena Marie, or Mary Christine Brockert, met Rick James at Motown when they were both artists there. Their collaboration helped make her a star, and "Square Biz" is what she is best known for.


She wanted "A Love Bizarre." We want you to tell us her name. What is it?

Singer, drummer, and percussionist Sheila E. has been on the world stage since the '70s with The George Duke Band. After starting a solo career in 1983, she became a breakout star with her signature hit, "The Glamorous Life."


Can you name this country music duo?

Mother Naomi and daughter Wynonna made up the country pair known as The Judds. Their debut LP album, "Why Not Me?" released in 1984 and the title track won them another of their five Grammys for Best Country Performance Duo or Group with Vocal.


"Pull Up to the Bumper" and see if you know this exotic diva. Who is she?

Grace Jones was an actress, singer, and model in the '80s. Her hits, “Pull Up to the Bumper” and “Demolition Man’ were career-making releases for her. Her most successful song was “Slave to the Rhythm.”


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