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Ask anybody and they'll tell you that "Red Dead Redemption" is an incredible game. Critics love it, fans have bought millions of copies of it and major associations have given it awards for its acting and music. In a nutshell, "Red Dead Redemption" is the immersive Western video game that generations of players had been waiting for. 

A huge part of what makes "Red Dead Redemption" compelling is its richly detailed world. Each one of its hundreds of characters has a backstory, even if they're just a background character. From the unforgettable John Marston to small-time crook Welsh, everyone in "Red Dead Redemption" is thoughtfully written. 

We wanted to celebrate the greatness of the "Red Dead Redemption" world, so we've come up with a screenshot quiz that does just that! To test your "Red Dead" knowledge, we're asking you to remember the names of characters major and minor, from Bonnie MacFarlane to Shaky. Even if you consider yourself a "Red Dead" expert, you'll find some challenges here. Newcomers to the game, on the other hand, might get completely stumped! So, do you dare to find out whether your "Red Dead" expertise is as strong as you thought? If the answer is yes, then let's play!

This trickster is also known as "The Snake Oil Guy." What's his real name?

Nigel West Dickens is an evil old conman who occasionally helps out John Marston. Although his "miraculous" elixirs can't actually cure anyone, he takes advantage of the ignorant by charging for them; it's how he got his "Snake Oil Guy" nickname.


This gang leader used to be John Marston's BFF. What's his name?

Bill Williamson leads the Williamson Gang. He used to work alongside John Marston in the Van der Linde gang, and they were good friends back then. Thanks to Bill's cruelty, they became mortal enemies.


A second-generation outlaw, he later becomes an informant. Can you recall his name?

Micah Bell III is the son of Micah Bell Jr., who was also a criminal. Later, he becomes Dutch van der Linde's right-hand man. Evil, misogynistic, racist and cruel to animals, it's impossible not to cheer when John Marston goes after him.


He's dangerous, charismatic and being chased by John Marston. Can you name this gang leader?

Gang leader Dutch van der Linde is John Marston's former friend ... and his target. Once John looked up to him, and it's easy to see why. He's intelligent, charming and capable. He's against the Bureau of Investigation, but that stance proves to be more than fair.


We think this grave-robber is creepy AF. Can you identify him?

Here's the deal with Moses Forth: alongside Seth Briars, he enjoys robbing graves. Kind of enough said, right? He took the rap for both his crimes and Seth's, so later (with the help of John Marston) Seth busts him out of jail. But it's only because he wants access to Moses' secret treasure map.


This criminal gets slain in a shoot-out. Can you name him?

Manolo Santander is a violent and unpredictable card player. During the mission "Lucky in Love," he plays poker with John Marston, Landon Ricketts, Andreas Müller and The Stranger. In the ensuing shoot-out, Manolo is killed.


This rancher and dad has BEEN THROUGH IT. Can you identify him?

Bonnie's dad Drew MacFarlane runs the MacFarlane Ranch. His life is tough: He's had to deal with outlaw attacks, drought, plagues and war. Because of this, he doesn't like many people, which is relatable! We kind of wish he was our dad.


This ex-gang member now works for the Marstons. Do you remember what he's called?

Ex-Van der Linde Gang member Uncle is an employee of John Marston's. He lives with John's family at Marston Ranch. He's a heavy drinker, so he's not much help, but because he's loyal to John, the family lets him stay on the ranch and live in the house.


This smart and curious character is more of a reader than a killer. Can you name him?

Jack Marston is John Marston's son. Raised by Van der Linde gang members, he's nonetheless an avid reader who is very intellectually curious. When the Bureau kidnaps him, John will do anything to get him back.


She may not be able to read, but she's very smart. Who is she?

John's wife Abigail Marston can't read, but she's very intelligent. Before she married John, she was a sex worker who ran with the Van der Linde Gang. Loving, stubborn and independent, she's John's perfect match.


He may be a lawman, but he's ruthless. Do you remember what he's called?

Bureau of Investigation fed Edgar Ross might be on the right side of the law, but he's not a good man. Determined to destroy the Van der Linde Gang, he compels John Marston to hunt down its members by kidnapping John's wife and son. Dutch warns John later that he's not to be trusted.


Like a lot of "Red Dead" characters, this guy is an outlaw, mercenary and hitman. Can you remember his name?

Javier Escuella is one of the bandits whom John Marston is forced to bring to justice. A mercenary for the Mexican Army, Escuella has also been employed as a hitman. Although he's afraid of John, he's still dangerous, since his years of criminal activity have taught him many sly tricks.


This amazing gunslinger is Luisa's ally. Do you know who he is?

An American expat living in Chuparosa, Landon Ricketts is old but can still shoot with skill. Together with John, he defends the town against bandits and soldiers. Luisa Fortuna has a special place in his heart.


She's a courageous rancher who loves her family. What's her name?

Rancher Bonnie MacFarlane runs her family's large ranch. When John Marston is hurt by Williamson, she rescues him. Although she's worried about threats from outlaws as well as her father's advancing age, she stays independent and optimistic.


There's no other way to describe this guy than as a treasure-hunting lunatic. Can you name him?

A buddy of Nigel West Dickens, Seth Briars is a filthy prospector. Obsessed with finding treasure, he'll go so far as to rob graves in order to find what he's looking for. Basically? He's nuts. But the Williamson Gang still considers him a useful associate.


He's cruel, he's corrupt, he's ... ?

Cruel Colonel Agustin Allende mistreats women, oppresses the common people and even lashes out at his own men. Basically, he's a nightmare. Unfortunately, he's also the governor of Nuevo Paraíso. He has many enemies, including Abraham Reyes, Luisa Fortuna and (eventually) John Marston.


Without this guy, Abraham and Luisa wouldn't be nearly as successful. Can you identify him?

Victor Melendez is a Mexican rebel. He can often be seen executing Luisa Fortuna or Abraham Reyes' orders. Together, he and John Marston take down Captain De Santa's soldiers at Sepulcro.


This babe is a teacher, but she's also a dedicated rebel. What's her name?

Luisa Fortuna is one of the leaders of the Mexican rebellion. Engaged to Abraham Reyes, she's an idealistic teacher who fearlessly risks all to help liberate her people. She and John form an alliance after he rescues her from the Mexican Army.


He's illiterate, a ferry-rider and the survivor of a zombie attack. Can you identify him?

Archibald Andrews doesn't have the best luck. Not only is he named after the main character from the "Archie" comics, but he's also a Blackwater townie who almost gets swindled by Nigel West Dickens. Later, he and fellow townies Lucille, Silas and Connie get rushed by a zombie. #BlackwaterProblems


Look, no shade, but if you don't know the name of this guy, you've clearly never played "Red Dead Redemption" and have failed every other question in this quiz. So, who is this?

Ex-outlaw John Marston is the hero of "Red Dead Redemption" and its main protagonist. He left the Van der Linde gang after a robbery gone wrong and went straight. But when the Bureau of Investigation kidnapped his family, he was forced to bring down his ex-colleagues.


Let's be honest: This lawman sort of sucks. Can you identify him?

One of Marshall Leigh Johnson's underlings, Deputy Jonah is unquestionably annoying. He's dirty, disrespectful and always mad about nothing. Nonetheless, the Marshal is short on help, so he gets to go on a few missions.


This captain is more reasonable than his boss. Can you remember his name?

Captain Vincente de Santa works under Colonel Agustin Allende. Although Allende mocks him, he also depends on him. He temporarily hires John Marston as a mercenary, paying him off by helping him capture Escuella.


This naive professor is not as innocent as he seems. What's his name?

Cocaine addict Professor MacDougal is new to the Old West (he's from the East Coast). Racist and naive, he nonetheless forms a bond with Nastas. Although fascinated by the culture he's trying to study, he doesn't actually respect it.


John rescues this ex-gang member, who had a good reason for quitting. What's he called?

Nastas used to be in the Van der Linde Gang. Then, after Dutch maltreated his people one too many times, Native American Nastas started leaking information to the Bureau of Investigation. Unfortunately, this becomes his downfall.


This bro is not very popular, thanks to his constant lies. Can you remember his name?

Although Irish is always hanging out around Thieves' Landing, people seem to be surprised by his lying and backstabbing ways. What else did you expect from a Thieves' Landing arms dealer, folks? Despite this, Nigel West Dickens is one of his cronies.


This stagecoach driver's got two sisters. Can you name him?

The older brother of Luisa Fortuna, Emilio Fortuna drives a Chuparosa stagecoach. He's mainly a background character, although he meets John Marston when Marston is looking for Javier Escuella.


This gang leader causes a lot of trouble in Armadillo. Can you identify him?

Leader of Walton's Gang, Walton Lowe is a major thorn in the side of Marshal Leigh Johnson. Because he's terrorizing Armadillo, Johnson asks for John Marston's help in bringing him down. After they deal with him, the newspaper says that he will be "missed by no one."


While he's a criminal, this stutterer is also an ally of John Marston's. Do you remember what he's called?

Morphine addict Shaky is also a stutterer (hence his name). He's a denizen of Thieves' Landing and works as an arms dealer. When John Marston needs ammunition for his Gatling Gun, he rescues Shaky so that he can supply it.


This faithful deputy is actually pretty chill. Do you remember what he's called?

Eli is one of Marshal Johnson's deputies. The other is Jonah. While Jonah is lazy and disrespectful, Eli is calm and capable. John Marston and Marshall Johnson bring him along on a few missions.


He works for the Bureau of Investigation. He's extremely driven, and he's got a shaky grasp on his temper. Know who he is?

Archer Fordham is Edgar Ross's protégé. He works with him at the Bureau of Investigation, helping him monitor John Marston's progress. He occasionally spars with Marston, since he's easily angered.


Although he's a nasty customer, he's also a coward. Who is he?

Williamson Gang member Norman Deek is Bill Williamson's second-in-command. A coward, he takes Bill's orders because he prefers to follow rather than lead. When he gets the chance to be, he's savage.


This worthy foe for Marston never asks his men to do anything he won't do himself. What's his name?

Like Vincente De Santa, Captain Espinoza works under Colonel Agustin Allende. Extremely brave, he fights in the field rather than hiding from battlefield action. Though they're on different sides, Marston respects him.


Honest, friendly and sarcastic, this lawman is one of the good ones. Can you name him?

Armadillo Sheriff Leigh Johnson is also a Marshal. Unlike many New Austin lawmen, he's not secretly in league with any gangs. His main enemies are Walton's Gang and the Bollard Twins Gang.


She's a background character who hates Connie McTavish. Do you know her name?

Background character Lucille Billingsgate is seen at Ridgewood Farm as well as in a Blackwater zombie attack. She dislikes Connie McTavish for mysterious reasons. Connie, in turn, claims that Lucille's husband cheated on her. After she's mauled by a zombie, she becomes a zombie too.


He's the leader of the Mexican rebels. Can you remember his name?

Abraham Reyes is kind of thirsty, but he's a compelling leader whom the rebels have galvanized around. Like many politicians, he's a bit power-hungry. While he was a valuable leader during the rebellion, his ability to care about the common people in more peaceful times is questionable.


This major serves under Colonel Allende. Who is he?

Major Raul Zubieta commands the soldiers at El Presidio. When he captures Abraham Reyes, John Marston and Luisa Fortuna attempt to rescue him. In the process, Luisa is killed, which inspires Marston to kill Zubieta's soldiers ... and Zubieta himself.


He's great with horses and also plays poker. Who is he?

Amos works at the MacFarlane Ranch, mostly in the stables as a horse-tender but also in the barn. When John Marston visits, they play poker together. He's a trusted friend of the MacFarlane family.


This lifelong criminal is a member of the Williamson gang. Do you remember what he's called?

A minor character, Outlaw on Horse is still memorable, thanks to his evil actions. He's a member of the Williamson Gang, and he threatens Bonnie MacFarlane. During the assault on Fort Mercer, John Marston kills him. It's hard to be sad for him!


It's implied that he and Vincente de Santa are more than friends. What's his name?

Quique Montemayor works as a bartender in Colonel Allende's mansion, located in Escalera. He and Captain Vincente De Santa may have had an affair. Their relationship is revealed via various "Red Dead" cutscenes.


This little sister hates Colonel Allende. What's her name?

Miranda Fortuna is Luisa Fortuna's younger sister. Not yet 18, she's sent away to the Yucatán by Luisa because Colonel Allende is threatening her (and the rest of Luisa's family).


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