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Since the human race realized that adding sugar to pretty much anything made it better, we have been testing the waters with various candies. Some of these candies have stood the test of time while others are mere memories. Nearly everyone who had the pleasure of being exposed to sweets at a young age has a favorite candy that sticks with them (even if they don't eat it anymore). 

The candies you'll see on this quiz might still show up from time to time at specialty stores these days, but for the most part, they are out of commission. We're sorry if you find yourself craving these sweets after this quiz is over, but if you have the confectionery skills, you might be able to make a few yourself at home ... otherwise, you'll have to stick to dreaming about them.

If you consider yourself a connoisseur of candies, it's time to test your skills. Check out these 40 long lost candies that we found, and see if you can name them from a single image. We'll be impressed if you can get a perfect SCORE, but we'll think you're a SMARTIE if you can get just 30 of them correct.

They hit your taste buds in two different places. What are they?

Chalky, crunchy and delicious, these little guys can still be found from time to time (mostly around Halloween), and if you're like us, every time you see a roll, you just have to buy it.


We guess this is candy. Do you know what it is?

Wax lips were considered candy. You could play with them, have the giant lips of a cartoon character, and when you were done, you could chew on the wax (yeah, it was a thing). They didn't taste terrible, very close to lipstick (don't ask us how we know that).


Sugar on a piece of paper. Do you know what these were called?

Candy Buttons (some people refer to them as candy earrings) were basically just piles of sugar dropped onto paper. If you were lucky, you didn't eat strips of paper while you ate these things (and yes, it took luck).


They weren't overly flavorful, but they were memorable. What are they?

Necco Wafers pretty much didn't taste like anything ... unless you were unlucky enough to get a licorice-flavored one, as those ones tasted like burning. They weren't a terrible candy, but they couldn't hold up against the intense flavors that came out in the '80s and '90s.


Can you name this candy that came in different flavors?

Cow Tales can still be found at gas station counters at pit stops across the country. They were basically caramel wrapped around a creamy paste. They had an interesting texture, and if you ever come across one, give it a try.


What is the name of this spicy candy?

If you love the taste of fake cinnamon, you probably absolutely loved these little spheres from hell. They burned, and this sensation was something the manufacturer was proud of. They first made an appearance in the 1950s, and you may be able to find a few of them today.


It was taffy, but it felt more like plastic. What is it?

If you ever tried to bite into one of these bad boys, you probably ended up with nothing less than a trip to the dentist. Taffy is good, but when it sits on the shelf too long, it becomes rock hard.


Do you recognize this candy made by Cadbury?

These candies were popular in the 1970s, and they are pretty much nonexistent these days. It was basically just caramel and a little bit of chocolate, making for some intense caramel pulls.


This gum was popular before we realized tobacco was bad for kids. What is it?

If you never had a neighborhood battle in which two or more kids wanted to see how much of this they could fit in their mouth, you never lived. It was a bubble gum that came in strips, like chewing tobacco ... which all baseball players used back then.


This vintage candy was introduced in 1925. Can you name it?

It's a pretty old candy, but it was pretty popular and inspired some of our current favorite candies. Sherbet Fountains were tangy powdered sherbet with a licorice dipping stick. Dipping sugar into sugar has always been popular.


Oh man, these hit the spot. What are they?

Wax was the big thing back in the days before plastic took over the world. If you needed a quick refresher, Wax Bottles were basically a sip of colored syrup encased in wax. If you were bored, you could chew the bottles.


These look like fruit cakes in candy form. Do you know what they are?

If you hate those little black and orange candies that are passed out around Halloween, you will probably hate Jelly Nougats. They are basically soft candies with jellied fruits in them ... so yeah, a bite-sized fruit cake.


Can you name these little candies?

Chuckles aren't quite taffy and they aren't quite gummy; they are jellied. These little sweet treats made people happy as they were full of flavor and covered in sugar. They were the very definition of candy.


Do you know the name of these sweet, fruity candies?

Somewhere between a Life Saver and a Jolly Rancher is a Charm. They were full of flavor (though the pineapple ones were an acquired taste), and full of sugar. Each square was individually wrapped, so they wouldn't stick together when they melted in the sun.


Cousin to the Lemonhead, what are these red candies called?

If you remember the interesting texture of a Lemonhead, you probably know exactly what Cherryheads feel like in your mouth. There was actually an entire line of "-head" candies, including Appleheads and Grapeheads.


It might just be better than a peanut M&M. Do you know what it is?

Boston Baked Beans sound very close to a side with your barbecue meal, but they are actually candy. They're made from peanuts coated in a reddish-brown candy shell, and they were interesting, to say the least.


Can you identify these candies? Hint: Their wrapper gave away the flavor.

Most kids simply called these Strawberry Candies. They were an excellent way to get some sugar in you (whether or not you needed it), and they had a very interesting flavor ... it wasn't quite strawberry, but it wasn't quite sugar.


They look like chocolate covered raisins, but they're not. What are they?

Chocolate covered peanuts are super popular (even today), so Nestle decided to bag 'em up and give the world exactly what it wanted. Goobers were a little bit salty, and a lotta bit sweet, and they were amazing.


This candy bar is rare, but it used to be extremely popular. What is it?

Oh Henry! bars were very much like smaller versions of Baby Ruth bars (except they are far superior). They aren't too sweet, but they give you the perfect mix of chewy and crunchy all at the same time.


Do you know what these little sugary candies are called?

A bunch of formed sugar hanging from an elastic string ... who could ask for more? Of course, by the time you finished eating it, the drool on the elastic made a very sticky mess for everyone.


Can you name this little chewy candies?

Don't let the plain packaging fool you. These little chunks of chew have a mild and sweet flavor and give you hours of taffy chewing. It's not recommended for people with fillings, though.


What are these little orange candies called?

Chick-O-Sticks basically taste like the inside of a Butterfinger bar with toasted coconut on top. They're definitely a little sweeter, but if you're looking for something that isn't chocolaty, they hit the spot.


They were candy and a toy. Do you know what they are?

Everyone has had a sucker before, but have you had a sucker that was a whistle as well? If you have, you most likely have experienced Chupa Chups Whistle Pops ... and your childhood was awesome.


Have you ever had these gumballs with a twist?

Sour is an interesting flavor for children to have. It puckers your lips and hits the sides of your jaw in a terrible way, but for some reason, we keep coming back. That's why they created Cry Baby Extra Sour Gumballs.


Do you recognize these small rolled candies?

The white ones were the best. This simple, chalky candy has stood the test of time ... giving us years of happiness and sugar rushes. They might not be as common as they were 30 years ago, but you can still catch them from time to time.


They're a different kind of sucker. What are they?

Double Lollies are like the suckers you might remember. They have the consistency of Sweetarts as they are a little bit chalky. As far as flavors are concerned, you can barely tell the difference from pop to pop, unless you have an insane pallet.


This caramel candy takes forever to eat. What is it?

They don't call it a Slo Poke for nothing. This hard caramel candy is meant to be sucked on slowly. Don't bite into it, or you may leave a few teeth behind. It's a delicious sugary treat, but adults like it more than children.


It's not ice cream. Can you name this candy?

An ice cream cone filled with marshmallow? Sign us up! This is a candy that was created for parents who didn't want to deal with dribbling ice cream messes. Additionally, it was great for children with sensitive teeth.


Can you name these small chocolaty balls?

Raisinets were a simple little candy. They were just chocolate covered raisins, but they were sweet and delicious. You can still find Raisinets from time to time, but they are becoming more difficult to spot in checkout lines.


What kind of licorice is this?

There are two kinds of people in the world: Red Vine people and Twizzlers people. Red Vines can be spotted from a mile away. They don't have the sheen that Twizzlers have, and they have deep grooves in them.


Do you know what these gummy candies are called?

Dots were a little denser then gummy bears, but they weren't considered hard candies (unless you stumble upon a box from 10 years ago). Their flavor wasn't overpowering, but they left a little to be desired in the juicy category.


Yes, it's taffy, but what kind of taffy is it?

Laffy Taffy took the original taffy recipe and added about 10 more pounds of sugar per square inch. You could also get Laffy Taffys with sprinkles (Oh, and the watermelon ones with candy seeds!).


This sucker turned into gum. What is it?

If you were patient enough, you could learn about erosion as you ate your way through a Charm's Blow Pop. However, most children got bored with licking the thing and just bit into it.


They tasted like root beer. What are they?

Both Brach's and Dad's made root beer barrels. This was the kind of candy that would get sharp if you sucked on it long enough. If you bit down on it, it turned into glass shards in your mouth. But it was delicious, so we ate it anyway.


The most notoriously teasing gum in the world is right here. Can you name it?

Fruit Stripe Gum had the best flavor of any gum in all of the world, but there was a catch. That flavor only lasted about 12 seconds. It made kids come back time and again just to be burned by this delicious teaser.


What kind of candy bar is this?

Idaho Spud candy bars are a regional candy (you can probably guess what region). They are filled with marshmallow and sprinkled with coconut flakes. Sounds like the perfect treat for anyone living in Idaho.


These malted candies are crunchy. Do you know what they are called?

Kids in the 1990s weren't super huge fans of Whoppers ... this is probably because malted shakes and malted milk weren't a common treat back then. However, Whoppers were very popular before that.


Can you name this clustered chocolate bar?

Nut Goodies were actually very good. They were nougat and peanuts covered in chocolate. Add a little caramel, and you might have a Snickers bar, but who's keeping score on that anyway?


Do you recognize these little piles of chocolate?

Milk Chocolate Stars were just that: milk chocolate. Sure, they had a shape to them, but they were basically just intricate Hershey's Kisses that were made by the Brach's candy company.


Do you remember these marshmallow treats?

Mallo Cups were like peanut butter cups, except they were filled with marshmallow fluff and had coconut mixed in with the chocolate ... so they were far superior to any peanut butter cup ever made.


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