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Few shows in the world have captured audiences the way that "Twin Peaks" has. Not only was this show an immense hit right away, but the cult following it acquired over the years is astounding. Over the last two decades, "Twin Peaks" has caused viewers all over the world to pour over episodes time and time again, read into theories, and ultimately discover and decipher all of the hidden gems the show's brilliant creator and director left behind for all of us to search for. 

From the very start in the discovery of Laura Palmer's body to the final conclusion where all of our questions are finally answered, there is a myriad of information to suss through — a good amount of which has been gathered for you here! Do you remember all of the gritty details of every love affair on the show? What about simply the population of Twin Peaks, or what Agent Dale Cooper's favorite type of pie was from the town's beloved diner?

Whether you've seen the show a million times or you are a novice to the dark, often-times horrifying world that Lynch created in "Twin Peaks," there's no doubt you'll love testing your knowledge of the show in this quiz. Give it a shot!

Who actually killed Laura Palmer?

While it is true that Leland Palmer was possessed by Killer Bob at the time of Laura's murder, the killing is still done by his hand. Leland spent a good portion of his life possessed by Bob, which led to previous attacks against Laura when she was a child.


On what day did Agent Dale Cooper first come to Twin Peaks?

The first time we see Agent Dale Cooper is when he rides into Twin Peaks on February 24th, which he does say into his tape recorder to his secretary. He also describes the trees and weather in Twin Peaks, his car's gas level, and his plan to meet the Twin Peaks sheriff at the hospital.


What is the name of Ben Horne's hotel?

A good portion of the "Twin Peaks" series takes place at the Great Northern; Agent Dale Cooper stays in room 315 while he is investigating Laura's murder, Ben Horne holds a number of shady meetings there (only to be spied on by his daughter, Audrey), and it ultimately is tied up in all of the mystery surrounding Twin Peaks.


When does Laura tell Agent Cooper she'll see him again?

Laura, or at least a spirit figure that resembles her, tells Cooper than he will see her again in 25 years while he is trapped in the chambers of the Black Lodge. From this point in the show to the moment "The Return" aired on Showtime, it was 26 years that passed (in actual time).


What is the name of Agent Cooper's secretary and confidant?

Agent Dale Cooper says, "I have been assigned a secretary. Her name is Diane. She seems an interesting cross between a saint and a cabaret singer." The audience knows she is important to him, but she is never seen on screen in the first two seasons.


When did "Twin Peaks" first premier on television?

"Twin Peaks" first aired its pilot on April 8, 1990, on the ABC network, immediately getting signed for a full season. By 1992, a prequel film, "Fire Walk with Me" did not see as much success, but with the show's cult following Showtime announced the limited series that aired on its network in 2017.


What was Nadine obsessed with inventing?

For much of the series, Nadine is obsessed with the sound her drapes make when she draws them; she even gets into a fight with Ed over how their curtains are hung and how they sound. By the latest season, Nadine actually has her own drapes store, Run Silent, Run Drapes.


Who is Donna's biological father?

Donna follows her mother to the Great Northern one day, where she discovers her meeting with Ben Horne. With the help of Audrey, Donna finds not only flowers that were sent to her mother by Ben, but also her birth certificate, which leads to her realization that Ben is her biological father.


Where did Ed Hurley and Norma Jennings meet?

Norma and Ed were high school sweethearts, but with any Twin Peaks story, their's is a tough one. One weekend she cheated on him with Hank Jennings (who she ended up marrying), which then lead to Ed getting married to Nadine Butler while inebriated.


Who was it that actually discovered the body of Laura Palmer?

It was Pete Martell who first discovered the body accidentally while he headed out to fish the morning of February 24th. What he first thought was simply a bunch of plastic in the distance, turned out to be Laura Palmer's body all wrapped up. He immediately called the sheriff of Twin Peaks to report the body.


Where can you find The Man From Another Place?

The Man from Another Place, also known as "The Arm", lives in the Black Lodge, which is considered to be a realm of pure evil. It is said that he was created by the severed arm of Mike, another evil entity.


James Hurley has a habit of falling for just about every girl who crosses his path. Who is someone he doesn't develop feelings for?

James and Audrey never develop feelings for each other throughout the series; they are simply classmates. He does, of course, have an intense romance with Laura, followed by Donna, which is then complicated by feelings for Laura's cousin, Maddy.


What is the name of the diner all characters frequent in the show?

The Double R Diner was modeled after an actual cafe called the Mar-T Cafe, located in North Bend, Washington. Throughout the show, it is owned by Norma Jennings, and Shelly Johnson works there.


What is the name of the Twin Peaks sheriff who takes on Laura's case?

Harry Truman's father and brother previously held the position of Twin Peaks sheriff before the incidents seen on the show. In the most recent season of "Twin Peaks," we find out that Truman had become ill and his brother returned to town to take over his duties and help him.


Who is the owner of the Packard Sawmill?

Andrew Packard once owned the Packard Sawmill, but after his mysterious death in a boat explosion (Thomas Eckhardt forced Josie Packard to hire Hank Jennings to rig the boat), the sawmill was immediately inherited by Josie.


What type of pie must Agent Cooper have with his "damn fine cup of coffee"?

The Double R Diner is famous for its pies in the show. Several characters are avid fans, but no one as much as Agent Dale Cooper. Critics have said that the pie is meant to symbolize the purity and peacefulness that the world should be, but viewers know that's never the case.


Shelly Johnson may be dating Bobby Briggs, but who is she actually married to?

In the first season, Leo discovers the affair between Shelly and Bobby, resulting in him attempting to kill her. During the second season, Leo is in a catatonic state at home where Shelly and Bobby also live. Shelly and Bobby do eventually get married and have a child, Rebecca Briggs.


What is the name of the secret society present throughout the show?

Formerly known as the Citizens Brigade, the Bookhouse Boys were formed to fight the darkness that plagues Twin Peaks. A number of the members are also a part of the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department; alongside their spiritual combats they also take on drug dealers and other shady characters in the show.


What does Audrey Horne say to the Norwegians at her father's hotel, ruining his potential deal with them?

After finding out about Laura's murder at school, Audrey returns to her home at the Great Northern, where her father is conducting an important deal concerning the Ghostwood Development Project with a group of Norwegians. Audrey tells their interpreter the bad news, which scares them and the deal away.


Which one of Laura's family members befriends James and Laura and helps in the murder investigation?

Maddy Ferguson, who is a few years older than Laura, shows up in Twin Peaks for the funeral. Aside from her dark hair and glasses, she looks identical to Laura (they are played by the same actress, after all!), and almost immediately catches the attention of James Hurley. This causes a rift between Maddy, James and Donna.


Who was Laura Palmer secretly dating?

At the beginning of the series, Laura seems to have the perfect relationship with the high school football captain, Bobby Briggs. But as the audience soon finds out, she had a secret affair with James Hurley for quite a while. It is later revealed that she also had a relationship with Leo Johnson and had worked as a prostitute at a brothel owned by Ben Horne.


Which of these is NOT one of the things the Giant says to Cooper after he's been shot?

"The owls are not what they seem," is one of the most famous and even debated lines from the entire "Twin Peak" series. But there is more to what the Giant says to Cooper, which does include, "Without chemicals, he points," and "There's a man in a smiling bag," all of which help him in unraveling the mystery surrounding the town.


Agent Cooper is given a patch by the Bookhouse Boys, what is the design on it?

When Agent Cooper is inducted into the Bookhouse Boys as an honorary member, Sheriff Truman is the one to give him his patch. Cooper was the only non-resident member in the group.


Which actor makes a cameo on "Twin Peaks" as Special Agent Denise Bryson?

No one can forget David Duchovny's portrayal of Denise Bryson (formerly Dennis Bryson). Bryson is a former DEA agent who had investigated drug allegations against Cooper. She begins wearing feminine clothing after an undercover operation that made her realize she was a transgender woman.


According to the "Welcome to Twin Peaks" sign, how many people live there?

This iconic sign has become a reality since the filming of "Twin Peaks: The Return." If you wish to take a picture with the very backdrop that can be seen in the shot where Dale Cooper first enters Twin Peaks, head to 41471 Reinig Rd. in Snoqualmie, WA.


A number of musicians perform throughout "Twin Peaks: The Return," which of these did NOT make an appearance?

"The Return" was definitely different from its preceding seasons in that it had a significant amount of live music. Other bands that saw air time alongside the ones mentioned above include Eddie Vedder, Julee Cruise, Rebekah del Rio, Hudson Mohawke, Sharon Van Etten and Nine Inch Nails.


Ben Horne owns a casino and brothel just across the border in Canada. What is it called?

One Eyed Jack's is the brothel and casino that Laura Palmer and Ronette Pulaski end up working at before both of their attacks. Following Laura's murder, Audrey infiltrates the brothel as a new working girl in an attempt to help Agent Cooper's investigation. After a mix-up and nearly sleeping with her father, she discovers he is the owner.


Why does Nadine Hurley have to wear an eye patch?

The accident in which Ed shoots out Nadine's left eye actually occurred during their honeymoon while Ed was hunting pheasant. Ed had regretted the immediate marriage to Nadine, but after shooting her eye, he felt so wrong in leaving her that he decides to stay with her.


Which character do we finally get to see on screen in "The Return"?

After years of guessing who Diane truly was or what she would look like, "The Return" finally revealed her character, played by Laura Dern. She gets involved with the FBI in the investigation of Cooper's return, and becomes a rather integral character in the show's development.


What is special about the log that Margaret Lanterman (the Log Lady) carries around with her?

At first, it seems like the Log Lady is a bit off, but it is revealed that the log can indeed help her communicate as a shaman with the spiritual world, describing many events in great detail. Members of the Bookhouse Boys recognize her abilities.


Who is Sheriff Harry S. Truman's godson?

Wally Brando, played by a well-casted cameo of Michael Cera, is the son of the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department receptionist Lucy and deputy Andy. Wally was born on the same day as Marlon Brando; the outfit he is dressed in is a definite homage to the late actor's role in "The Wild One."


Who is Dougie Jones?

A "tulpa" is another form of a doppelganger, of which two existed in the world while Agent Dale Cooper was trapped in the Black Lodge. Both Dougie and Cooper's doppelganger wreak havoc on Cooper's loved ones over those 25 years before the real Cooper can escape.


Which new character in "The Return" is the one who ultimately defeats Bob?

Freddie Sykes is a security guard at the Great Northern Hotel who is approached by the Giant and is told to go to the nearest hardware store to buy a single glove. The Giant says it will be important one day, which it does prove to be when Freddie punches Bob with his gloved hand, defeating him.


Who composed the dramatic and ominous soundtrack for "Twin Peaks"?

Angelo Badalamenti is an American composer, known not just for his work in "Twin Peaks," but also for many other Lynch projects. He has composed scores for films like "Blue Velvet," "The Straight Story," and "Mulholland Drive."


In spite of their excellent chemistry, Dale Cooper and Audrey Horne never end up together. Why?

Kyle MacLachlan, who played Cooper, was the one to speak against the idea of an affair between Audrey Horne and his character. It is said that he felt that an agent like Cooper could never get involved with a minor. Let's be fair though — that would have been rather awkward to watch happen.


Leland Palmer had a number of victims other than Laura, but someone did manage to escape his (and Bob's) attacks. Who was it?

While Leland was under the possession of Killer Bob, he committed many heinous crimes. Teresa Banks was the first of his victims in the prequel "Fire Walk With Me," followed by his daughter Laura and finally Maddy, his niece. While he was involved in the attack on Ronnette, she managed to get away.


What is the name of Laura Palmer's therapist?

Laura saw Dr. Jacoby for therapy in private, making him her sole confidant in telling him not just about her double life, but the abuse she experienced growing up and the visions she would have, especially of Killer Bob. Tapes were made of their conversations, which help Donna and James better unfold who Laura actually was.


How is it that Killer Bob came into existence?

"Twin Peaks: The Return" explores Bob's origins, with the reveal that an orb bearing his face soon appeared after an experiment during an atomic bomb test in New Mexico in 1954. It is said that he then spent several years with Mike, then lurked around the Great Northern before he eventually possessed Leland Palmer.


Who is the iconic writer and director responsible for "Twin Peaks"?

David Lynch co-created "Twin Peaks" with Mark Frost, but much, if not nearly all, of the vision was Lynch's. He is known for his particularly dark imagery and the accompanying ominous sound design that comes with it. He is also responsible for films such as "Mulholland Drive," "Blue Velvet," and "Eraserhead."


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