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Some American drivers don't care where their car — or the parts that make up their car — are made, as long as it will get them where they are going. Other drivers, however, make it a point to only do business with American companies whenever possible. There are a lot of reasons these shoppers may feel this way — everything from wanting to support the "home team" to grudges carried over from long-ago wars. To them, the phrase "Made in the USA" takes on special meaning. Do you know which lands some of the most famous auto parts makers call home? This quiz will test your knowledge of where the makers of critical pieces are located, and some of them will surprise you!

In this age of globalization, it's impossible to get a car — even from domestic automakers — that is completely made of parts that could honestly have the American flag stamped onto them. And, while some parts made by American companies may originate from outside the U.S. borders, some foreign-owned companies may have divisional headquarters in the United States, employing American workers. It can be tricky business to do business only with "American" companies, but after this quiz, you'll have a much better sense of where to go if you want to make "Made in the USA" mean something when it comes to your vehicle.

It's time to explore the world of auto parts, so dust off your atlas, fire up Google Maps and put your knowledge of home-grown OEM and aftermarket equipment to the test!

There are few garages around the world that don't have a supply of WD-40, but what country produces it?

WD-40 has silenced a lot of squeaks since it was developed in 1953 in California, but the company doesn't need any help keeping quiet about the formula of "Water Displacement, 40th Formula." The WD-40 Company, still based in San Diego, never patented it for fear of leaking its secrets.


You're undoubtedly familiar with their products, but what country does Motorcraft call home?

Motorcraft has been the official parts brand of the Ford Motor Corporation since 1972, when it replaced Autolite (which is still around, now part of FRAM). Official parts for Ford, Lincoln and Mercury cars come from Motorcraft.


What country is responsible for supplying AC Delco parts?

Originally known as United Motors Corporation and United Delco, ACDelco is the brand owned by General Motors and supplies OEM parts for the company's vehicles. Founded in 1916, ACDelco is headquartered in Grand Blanc, Michigan.


This company has had to go with the flow over its long history, but where is Mopar headquartered?

Mopar, the official parts company for Fiat Chrysler, has been a part of the company since it became its own organization in 1937. Through the many twists and turns of mergers, buy-outs and acquisitions, the company is still headquartered in the U.S. — Auburn Mills, Michigan, to be precise.


They'll provide you with a spark, but where do Champion spark plugs come from?

Champion, one of the most recognizable brands of spark plugs used today, was founded in 1908 in Boston, and then moved to Toledo, Ohio. Through various acquisitions and mergers, the company is now owned by the Federal-Mogul Corporation, which is headquartered in Southfield, Michigan.


They are the apex of "cool" for a certain breed of hot-rodder, but where should they look when it's time to order their Cragar wheels?

The Cragar Corporation, founded in 1930 by Crane Gartz (the company's name comes from the first three letters of his first and last name), first sold aircraft engines and cylinder heads for the Ford Model A. The company was later sold and decided to focus on wheels for racing and for aftermarket customers who soon clamored for the strong, stylish rims the Phoenix, Arizona-company was producing.


A world-famous tire manufacturer, where is Goodyear headquartered?

The Goodyear Tire Company, famous for its vast array of tires and its ubiquitous blimp, was founded in 1898 and is based in Akron, Ohio. The company was named after Charles Goodyear, who invented vulcanized rubber.


A producer of performance exhaust systems, what area does MagnaFlow call home?

Founded in 1981, MagnaFlow is a designer and manufacturer of performance automotive exhaust systems, has about 130 employees and is located in Oceanside, California.


Roush Performance provides tech for both racing cars and those who race now and again on the street. Where is this company located?

Drivers who want their vehicles to travel faster — either because it's their job or their hobby — often turn to Roush Performance for aftermarket parts. Primarily a Ford-vehicle parts manufacturer, the company was founded in 1995 and is based in Plymouth Township, Michigan.


This company made the first whitewall tires and went on to make a variety of belts, hoses and tubes. Where is Dayco located?

Founded in 1905 in Dayton, Ohio as Dayton Rubber Manufacturing, Dayco began by making airless tires, and then went on to make the first whitewall tires in 1913, as well as pioneering some synthetic rubber technology. Today the company focuses on belts, hoses and other items the modern car needs to function and is headquartered in Troy, Michigan.


Its products protect the beds of many pickup trucks around the world, but where are Duraliner's products made?

Since going into business in the late 1990s, Duraliner has made pickup bedliners designed to protect the "action areas" of both U.S.-made and imported pickup trucks. It has always made them in the United States.


When you need a jolt, Interstate Batteries is there — but where do they come from?

In addition to automotive batteries, Interstate Batteries, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, also makes items for the ignition systems of boats, lawnmowers, motorcycles and other vehicles and tools. The company was founded in 1952 and often sponsors cars and drivers in NASCAR and other sports.


It makes a lot of things, including Bondo, but where is the 3M Corporation located?

It provides chemicals and other products for multiple fields, but for those who work on cars, the 3M Company, formerly known as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, produces one main product: Bondo. That particular putty has been filling various holes and other body imperfections since 1955.


In which country is Bosch, a company that makes everything from powertrain equipment to cordless drills, based?

Bosch, headquartered in Gerlingen, German, has an impressively diversified manufacturing portfolio, with divisions in the industrial technology (including automotive equipment), mobility, consumer goods and energy technology sectors. The company was founded in 1886 and employs more than 400,000 people.


Turn it up! And you CAN turn it up thanks to Panasonic Automotive. Where should you send the "Thank-you" letter?

Panasonic Automotive is the arm of the Panasonic Corporation, located in Osaka, Japan, that makes audio equipment for cars and trucks made by manufacturers around the world. The company makes both OEM equipment and aftermarket parts.


What nation does the Takata brand of airbags and seatbelts call home?

Founded in 1933, the Takata Corporation was located in Japan and had production facilities around the world making airbags and seat belts. A massive recall of airbags, starting in 2013, however, did the company in; it filed for bankruptcy in 2017.


It makes some of the best automobile parts in the world, but where in the world is Mahle headquartered?

One of the largest manufacturers of engine parts and systems in the world, Mahle was founded in 1920 and is currently headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. The company has 16 major research and development centers in several different countries — including the U.S. — and employs around 80,000 workers.


JVC makes a lot of audio equipment, and not just for the car. Where is this global company headquartered?

The Japan Victor Company (JVC) makes a vast array of consumer electronics -– it was key in developing the VCR — and that includes audio gear for the car, including amplifiers, speakers, receivers and more. The company was founded in 1927 and is headquartered in Yokohama, Japan


Famous for their truck engines, where are Cummins workers when they're working at the home office?

Cummins makes truck engines and other automotive and industrial equipment that is available in about 190 countries, but the company is headquartered in Columbus, Indiana. The company, which has a spot in the Fortune 500, was founded in Columbus in 1919.


They hit the ground running, but where are Vortech Superchargers born?

Vortech, founded in 1990 by former Paxton Supercharger engineer Jim Middlebrook, is headquartered in Oxnard, California. Since its inception, Vortech has supplied those who want to coax more speed out of their engines with supercharger systems, fuel and air components and more.


You might not immediately recognize Tenneco Automotive, but you know its products. What country does it hail from?

Tenneco — originally known as the Tennessee Gas Transmission Company — is a multinational corporation headquartered in Lake Forest, Illinois and is responsible for, among other things, Monroe shocks and struts, Walker exhausts and DynoMax mufflers.


What country does powertrain parts provider BorgWarner call home?

BorgWarner started life in 1880 as the Morse Equalizing Spring Co., taking on its current name in 1928. Located in Auburn Hills, Michigan, the company is best known for its powertrain products, including manual and automatic transmission equipment. It also supplies turbochargers for the IndyCar series and has sponsored the Indianapolis 500 trophy since 1936.


Pull up a car seat, and it just might be made by the Lear Corporation. Where did it come from?

The Lear Corporation provides automotive seating and electronic systems for a global audience and is ranked on the Fortune 500 list. The company, headquartered in Southfield, Michigan, has approximately 165,000 employees and was founded in 1917.


It both makes tires and rates the world's restaurants, but where does Michelin go for a home-cooked meal?

Michelin is the second-biggest global tire manufacturer — only Bridgestone is larger — and has made tires for everything from bicycles to the space shuttle. The company is better known, however, in certain circles for its guidebooks and its restaurant star-rating system, which brings attention to the best food in the world.


Thanks to JATCO, those who don't want to drive a stick can choose an automatic transmission. Where is this company located?

The Japanese Automatic Transmission Company (the full name gives it away), supplies many automatic transmissions for many automakers, although it is a subsidiary of Nissan. Founded in 1970, the company is headquartered in Fuji, Shizuoka, Japan.


Although it started as a supplier to a specific automaker, Denso's reach has gotten larger over the years. Where is this company located?

Denso was founded in 1949 as the parts supplier for Toyota vehicles. Although the company — headquartered in Kariya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan — is still partially owned by Toyota, the company supplies parts for many other manufacturers and is the fourth largest auto parts supplier in the world.


You might be riding on their tires right now, but do you know where Bridgestone is headquartered?

The Bridgestone Corporation, based in Tokyo, Japan, is currently the largest manufacturer of tires in the world. Founded in 1931, the company has production facilities in 24 different countries and also owns the Firestone Tire & Rubber Company, which it bought in 1988.


Once part of a major automotive brand, Unipart is now partially employee-owned. What is the nationality of this company?

Unipart was once part of British Leyland (of Land Rover fame), but in 1987 is was spun off as an independent company after a management buyout and is now one of the largest private companies in the U.K. It now makes auto and truck parts, as well as supplies for trains, buses and other equipment, and has a logistics division for supply chain optimization.


Alpine produces audio equipment for cars on a global scale, but where on Earth is it headquartered?

Alpine Electronics specializes in car navigation and audio systems and works with many automakers, including BMW, Honda, Jaguar, Dodge and others. The company was founded in 1967 and is headquartered in Tokyo.


Many cars and trucks have parts made by Magna International, but where is the company located?

When measured by sales of original equipment parts, Magna International is the largest manufacturer of automobile parts in North America, supplying to companies including Ford, GM, Fiat Chrysler, Volkswagen, Tesla, BMW and Mercedes. The company was founded in 1957 and is headquartered in Aurora, Ontario, Canada.


Some who want to "super-tune" their car to wring the absolute best out their engine turn to GReddy. Where is this company based?

GReddy makes turbo kits, cooling systems, exhaust systems, electronics and other aftermarket items and is owned by the Japanese-based Trust Company. The GReddy company — its name a combination of "GReat" and "eddy" (a swirling wind) — does have a home in Irvine, California, however.


Racers around the world leave Continental rubber on the track, but where is the tire manufacturer located?

Continental AG was founded in 1871 and is based in Hanover, Lower Saxony, Germany. The company is the fourth-largest tire manufacturer in the world, but also makes products including brake systems, powertrain and chassis components and many other automotive items.


Autoliv Inc. makes products that are designed to keep you in place in the event of an accident, but what is the company's place on the map?

Autoliv Inc., founded in 1953 and headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, is a company that makes equipment such as airbags, steering wheels, seatbelts and more for its customers around the globe. Employing 67,000 people, the company has offices in 27 countries.


Formerly known as Delphi, Aptiv makes automotive electrical and wiring components, but where is it located?

Although the part of the company that makes powertrain components kept the Delphi name (it's Delphi Technologies), the parent company took the name Aptiv in 2017. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Aptiv is currently developing technology in the self-driving automobile arena.


The bible found in home garages everywhere, where do Haynes Owner’s Workshop Manuals come from?

With exploded diagrams and step-by-step instructions, there's a Haynes Owner’s Workshop Manual for almost every model of car under the sun. The manuals are published by the Haynes Publishing Group, headquartered in Sparkford, Somerset, England.


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