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Whether they have unique bending abilities or other skills, "Avatar: The Last Airbender" is filled with a wide cast of intriguing and diverse characters that make the show a captivating experience. These characters go through various hardships which are only outweighed by their triumphs, and fans can only sit back and go for the ride. 

Of course, it is the main cast that makes the show move forward. Their adventures are filled with small tales that ultimately tell the larger story about a band of heroes who unite to defeat a nation that wants to dominate the world. These heroes grow along this journey as they overcome obstacles, both big and small, while also maintaining the basic sense of who they are. 

It's not just the main characters, however, that make the show work so well. The cast of support characters can be just as appealing and play vital roles in how the events play out. Without them, the story wouldn't be quite as dynamic, and the obstacles would seem much easier to overcome. 

Are you ready to see if you can identify all the characters in the show, from big to small, strong to weak, good to bad? If you are, adventure into this quiz and find out how invested you were in "Avatar: The Last Airbender." 

This character is destined to learn all the elements to save the world. Who is he?

Aang was born 100 years before the events of the show take place. However, he was still a kid when he was discovered because he was frozen in an iceberg after running away from his responsibilities as the Avatar.


Do you recognize this character who was taught to use her waterbending powers to heal?

As the Fire Nation came to dominate most of the world, they wiped out the Waterbenders living in the South Pole. When the show begins, Katara was the only Waterbender left in the region, though she had to hide her abilities.


Can you identify this character who might have the most complicated arc in the story?

Zuko was the disgraced prince of the Fire Nation who was banished from his home after he spoke out against a strategy proposed during a war meeting. After his banishment, Zuko believed it was his destiny to capture the Avatar and return home.


He is one of the best tacticians despite his goofiness. Who is this character?

Fueled by his arrogance, Sokka was the self-proclaimed leader of Team Avatar. His desire to lead stemmed from his youth when his father left him behind after setting out to fight the Fire Nation. At the time, Sokka was the only teenage male left in his tribe.


Are you familiar with this blind earthbender?

Born into a wealthy family from the Earth Kingdom, Toph grew up in an overprotective household. Ultimately, the pressure she felt at home forced her to run away to join the Avatar as he set out to combat the Fire Nation.


What's the name of this Lemur that befriends Aang?

Momo is discovered by Aang when Team Avatar ventures to the Southern Air Temple where Aang once lived. During this time, Aang learns that the Air Nomads had been wiped out in a genocide by the Fire Nation.


A master of the blue flames, what's this character's name?

Manipulative and powerful, Azula was one of the main antagonists chasing the Avatar across the world. During this time, she organized a coup to capture Ba Sing Se, the capital of the Earth Kingdom.


How well do you know this sky bison used by the heroes to travel around?

During a trip into the Si Wong Desert, Appa was kidnapped by a gang of Sandbenders. He was eventually sold to a circus but managed to escape only to be captured again in Ba Sing Se.


You might recognize which character shown here as the main antagonist of the story?

In his attempt to finally capture the world, Ozai was confronted by Aang in a battle that decided the fate of every nation. Ozai was defeated in the battle, but instead of killing him, Aang took away his ability to firebend.


Few Avatars had as tragic an ending as which one depicted in this image?

Hailing from the Fire Nation, Roku was the Avatar before Aang. During his lifetime, Roku had to betray his nation by suppressing the ambitions of the Fire Lord who wanted to expand his empire.


Which wise and powerful Firebender do you see here?

Known as the "Dragon of the West," Iroh was once the heir to the throne of the Fire Nation and one of the most powerful Firebenders around. However, his son was killed during the Hundred Year War, leading him to venture across the world in search of a spiritual awakening.


Are you able to identify this character who uses daggers as her weapon of choice?

Mai was a companion of Azula but also the lover of Zuko. Considering Azula used fear to maintain their friendship, Mai turned on the princess to save Zuko from her wrath and was imprisoned for her betrayal.


He is known for his crazy persona. Which Earthbender is this?

Bumi was friends with Aang during their youth before Aang was frozen in an iceberg after he fled from his responsibilities. When they encounter each other after Aang's absence, Bumi gives Aang three challenges to help him remember Bumi's name.


Have you invested enough time in the Avatar's story to identify this character?

Seeking a new start, Jet travels to Ba Sing Se with two other members of the Freedom Fighters. However, he eventually finds himself in trouble and gets brainwashed by the Dai Li, who use him to lure the Avatar into a trap.


Can you name this warrior who lives on Kyoshi Island?

When Aang lands on Kyoshi Island with his group of friends, he is captured by Suki and her fellow Kyoshi Warriors. At first, they are believed to be spies from the Fire Nation until Suki finds out Aang is the Avatar.


This character is known for his lust for power. Who is he?

Long Feng is the leader of the Dai Li and an influential voice in the ear of the Earth King. He uses his influence to convince the Earth King that there is not a war going on outside of the Earth Kingdom Capital of Ba Sing Se.


Do you recognize this monk who served as a mentor to Aang?

After Aang learns that he's the Avatar, Gyatso takes the young Airbender under his wing and teaches him airbending while also serving as a father figure. He is eventually killed during the Fire Nation invasion on the air temples.


Is this member of the Fire Nation familiar to you?

One of six identical sisters, Ty Lee ran away from home to find her own place in the world, eventually joining a circus. As part of the circus, she learned acrobatics, which she later incorporated into her fighting style.


Did you watch enough episodes to identify this character from the show?

Hakoda suffered through the death of his wife, Kya, at the hands of the Fire Nation before the events of the story take place. Seeking to bring an end to the Fire Nation's reign, Hakoda led the men of the Southern Water Tribe away from home and into the war.


This Firebender is determined to find the Avatar. How well do you know him?

After chasing the Avatar across the world to the North Pole, Zhao lays siege to the home of the Northern Water Tribe. The siege seems successful until Aang merges with the Ocean Spirit and destroys the Fire Nation fleet.


You might remember which character shown here as the princess of the Northern Water Tribe?

During the Fire Nation siege on the Northern Water Tribe, the Moon Spirit is killed by General Zhao. Knowing the Water Tribe needs the Moon Spirit to use waterbending, Yue sacrifices her life to revive the spirit.


A wrestler who competes in the Earth Rumble Tournament, is this a character you recognize?

A powerful Earthbender, The Boulder was known for his many one-liners that characterized his wrestling persona. A significant part of these one-liners was that he always referred to himself in the third person.


One of the more quiet members of the Freedom Fighters, who is this?

As with the other members of the Freedom Fighters, Longshot was a victim of the Fire Nation during his youth, coming from a village that was burned during a raid. To combat those who harmed his village, he became a skilled warrior with a bow and arrow.


Few characters from the show were as strong as which one shown in this image?

Kyoshi was born to members of both the Air Nomads and the Earth Kingdom. Both of her parents were criminals who abandoned her at a young age. Her childhood forced her to have a harsh view on the role of the Avatar, as she believed in harsh punishments for crimes committed.


A member of the Freedom Fighters, do you know this rebel?

With the appearance of a tomboy, Iroh mistakes Smellerbee for a boy when they run into each other in Ba Sing Se. At first, she is upset by this but later comes to accept herself for who she is.


Can you identify this earthbender who was a victim of the Fire Nation?

When Haku was young, his village was overtaken by the Fire Nation, who imprisoned Haku's father along with the other adult earthbenders. Haku continued to train his own earthbending skills, and when he ran into Team Avatar, he helped them rescue the members of his village.


This Fire Lord started the Hundred Year War. Who is he?

Every 100 years, a comet passes over Earth, which increases the power of Firebenders significantly. This comet was later named after Sozin, who used its power to wipe out the Air Nomads in search of the Avatar.


How well do you know this warrior from the Southern Water Tribe?

Born in the Southern Water Tribe, Bato grew up with Hakoda, the father of Sokka and Katara. Once the members of the Southern Water Tribe decided to put together a force to fight the Fire Nation, Bato became one of the key members.


He is a physically imposing rebel. Which character do you see here?

Using his brute strength, Pipsqueak's weapon of choice is a large log that he wields like a hammer. When he is first encountered by Team Avatar, he uses this log to fight Fire Nation soldiers, crushing two of their swords in the process.


Can you name this tour guide from Ba Sing Se?

Due to being brainwashed by the Dai Lee, Joo Dee had a persona that was very mechanical and always cheerful. She takes Team Avatar around the city when they arrive and tries her best to delay them from seeing the Earth King.


Are you able to identify this powerful Firebender?

Known as "The Deserter," Jeong Jeong was once an admiral within the Fire Nation Navy. He abandoned his position, however, after witnessing the devastation that the Fire Nation was causing.


Is this teacher a character you recognize?

One of the greatest Waterbenders around, Pakku initially trains the Avatar when he arrives in the Northern Water Tribe. However, he stops his lessons when he learns that Aang has been teaching Katara because only males are allowed to learn waterbending.


What's the name of this bounty hunter?

With no strong allegiance to a nation, June served as a mercenary who hired out her skills to the highest bidder. One of her greatest gifts was tracking prey, as she used her pet shirshu named Nyla, which could track a scent miles away.


He is a paraplegic living with his father in the Northern Air Temple. Who is this?

Teo was paralyzed as an infant when his home was destroyed during a flood that also killed his mother. The villagers who survived the flood sought a new home and eventually ended up in the Northern Air Temple.


He is the youngest member of the Freedom Fighters. What's this character's name?

The Duke is only 8 years old when Team Avatar encounters him and the other Freedom Fighters. He became a Freedom Fighter after he was discovered trying to steal food from their camp.


Do you know the name of this tribal chief from the Northern Water Tribe?

Arnook had been well established as the chief of the Northern Water Tribe when Team Avatar arrived in the episode, "The Waterbending Master." Arnook, himself, was not a Waterbender, but he was a strong leader who was respected by his peers.


Were you a big enough fan of the show to name this character?

Xin Fu runs the underground Earthbending tournament where Team Avatar first meets Toph. After Toph runs away from home, he is hired by her parents to track her down and bring her back.


He is a master of swordsmanship. What's the name of this character?

Believing he was weak because he didn't have bending powers, Sokka sought out a master of his own, eventually coming across Piandao. The swordmaster took Sokka under his wing and taught him how to be both cunning and tactical.


Are you familiar with this character who was imprisoned on an offshore rig?

After being freed from the prison rig, Tyro decided to continue his fight against the Fire Nation and eventually took back his village. Later, he was part of the raid on the Fire Nation during the solar eclipse.


He is the leader of the Earth Kingdom. Which character is this?

Prior to the arrival of Aang, King Kuei was manipulated by Long Feng into believing that there was no war outside of the walls of Ba Sing Se. Once he was shown a Fire Nation drill by the Avatar, he had Long Feng arrested and began to plan a counterattack against the Fire Nation.


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