Gilmore Girls Quiz: How Well Do You Know Lorelai Gilmore?

By: Olivia Di Pede

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Growing up, every Gilmore Girls fan dreamed of having Lorelai as their mom at least once. She was fun, relatable and always knew how to make light of a situation. Lorelai was bursting with personality and was known for her quick wit and hilarious banter, which makes her one of the most beloved television moms of all time. While she wasn’t always the perfect parent, the one thing about Lorelai that was undeniable was her unconditional love for her daughter Rory. How well do you remember all the details about Lorelai from Gilmore Girl‘s seven-season run? Take our quiz on all things Lorelai to test your knowledge and find out.

Which actress plays Lorelai?

Lauren Graham plays Lorelai.


Which beverage is Lorelai addicted to?

Lorelai is addicted to coffee.


At what age did Lorelai become pregnant with Rory?

Lorelai became pregnant with Rory when she was 16.


Where is Lorelai's favorite spot to get coffee?

Lorelai's favorite spot to get coffee is Luke's Diner.


Lorelai later becomes the co-owner of what Inn?

Lorelai co-owns the Dragonfly Inn.


Who does Lorelai ask for money for Rory to go to Chilton?

Lorelai asks her parents for money for Rory to attend Chilton.


What is the name of Rory's teacher who Lorelai dates?

Lorelai dates Rory's teacher Max Medina.


Lorelai elopes with Christopher. Where do they go?

Lorelai and Christopher elope to Paris.


What is the name of Lorelai's dog?

Lorelai's dog is named Paul Anka.


What are Lorelai's parents' names?

Emily and Richard are Lorelai's parents' names.


As an adult, Lorelai goes back to school to get a degree. What does she study?

Lorelai goes back to school to get a business degree.


Which man does Lorelai end up with?

Lorelai ends up with Luke.


Who was Lorelai named after?

Lorelai was named after her paternal grandmother.


Who helped Lorelai get on her feet when she ran away from home at 16?

Mia Bass took Lorelai in and gave her a job.


Who was Lorelai's favorite band in high school?

Lorelai's favorite band was the Bangles.


What form of weather can Lorelai "smell"?

Lorelai claims she can smell snow.


What's Lorelai's middle name?

Victoria is Lorelai's middle name.


What career did Lorelai have while raising Rory?

Lorelai worked as a maid while raising Rory.


Which song does Lorelai sing at Casey's Karaoke night?

Lorelai sings I Will Always Love You at Casey's Karaoke night.


What city was Lorelai born in?

Lorelai was born in Hartford.


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