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Beginning as a manga in the '80s called "Dragon Ball," the franchise was far from the iconic series that it would become decades later when the first chapters came out, as it spread from Japan to the rest of the world. But with fun adventures, intriguing characters and plenty of action-packed fights, it was clear that "Dragon Ball" had potential. 

Of course, it was "Dragon Ball Z," which introduced a time jump, that fans most remember. A series more oriented to an older audience, "Dragon Ball Z" was all about powerful villains, heroic acts and the occasional joke. Though the characters always had to increase their power level to overcome their adversaries, the series wasn't a story about getting stronger. Instead, it was a show about overcoming who these characters previously were, as they laid it all on the line to prove they could be better than their previous selves. 

Are you ready to test your knowledge of one of the most action-packed shows to hit television? From characters' attributes to important plot points, this quiz covers a variety of topics about the show. 

When you're ready to see what kind of power level you have, take your best shot at this quiz and find out if you can exceed your competition.

How many Dragon Balls have to be collected to summon the Eternal Dragon?

Bulma invented the Dragon Radar to make locating the Dragon Balls much easier. The radar showed up in the first episode of "Dragon Ball," when Bulma first ran into Goku and their journey together began.


Trunks was the son of Bulma and _______.

With Frieza defeated, one of Vegeta's primary goals in life had ended. Rather than return to conquering planets, the Saiyan prince decided to make a life on earth and started a family with Bulma.


The adventures in "Dragon Ball Z" began when Raditz came to earth during which arc?

During the Saiyan Arc, Goku learned that he's actually a member of the Saiyan race sent to earth to destroy all life. However, Goku fell down a ravine as a child and hit his head, changing his personality for the better.


Can you identify the character who has three eyes, is killed by Nappa and uses the Tri-Beam attack?

A member of the Three-Eyed clan, Tien was trained by Master Shen of the Crane School. Using the skills he learned, Tien entered the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament, where he faced off against Goku in the Finals. Tien won the match due to luck when a truck hit Goku as both fighters fell to the ground.


What's the name of the afterlife where Goku went when he was killed in the battle with Raditz?

In Other World, King Yemma, king of the Ogres, stood judge over the souls of the fallen, determining which souls would enter heaven or hell. Yemma informed Goku that if he took Snake Way to the end, he would be able to train with King Kai.


As guardian of the earth, where did Kami take up residence?

The Lookout often serves as a place for the Z Fighters to retreat and train for some evil force attacking earth. Goku trained there before the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, and Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, Chiaotzu and Yajirobe went there to prepare for the fight against the Saiyans.


Are you familiar with the character who accompanied Krillin and Gohan to Namek?

The daughter of one of the Earth's top scientists, Bulma is extremely smart and a willing explorer, proven by her quest for the Dragon Balls in the "Dragon Ball" series. However, she also carries around DynoCaps, which provide her with all the luxuries she'd find at home.


What did members of Freiza's army use to check power levels?

Unlike the members of Frieza's army, the Z Fighters had the ability to hide their true power level and could almost mask it completely in difficult situations. This ability made it difficult for Frieza's army to find them when they arrived on Namek, even with their scouters.


Can you name the transformation that Goku reached during his fight with Frieza?

In the backstory to how Frieza came to rule over the Saiyans, it was revealed that he destroyed their home planet because he feared the legend of the Super Saiyan. Vegeta always believed it would be he who reached the legendary form, but it turned out to be Goku.


Do you know the name of the elite mercenary group that came to Namek to help Frieza?

The five members of the Ginyu Force were lethal warriors who could hold their own against anyone in the galaxy. Though they were recognized for their fighting skills, they were also known for their unique poses, which they would strike before and during a battle.


Are you familiar with the Android who has a mohawk, wears green and loves nature?

Aside from his desire to kill Goku, Android 16 wasn't all that bad a guy. He had a love for all other life and tried to protect it when he could, but his programming wouldn't allow him to ignore his pursuit of Earth's greatest hero.


Knowing he needed more power to fight the Androids, with whom did Piccolo fuse?

To defeat the Androids, Piccolo had to cast aside his pride and fuse with the very person who cast him aside years ago in an effort to purge all evil from his body. Both warriors were reluctant to join back together, but Kami sensed an even bigger threat than the Androids on the rise.


Raditz initially seemed to be too strong, but which of the Z Fighters finally fired the blast that took him out?

Prior to the events of "Dragon Ball Z," Piccolo was one of the main antagonists in the "Dragon Ball" series. Seeking revenge for his father, Piccolo fought Goku in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, but Goku came out victorious.


How did imperfect Cell get stronger after arriving from the future?

Imperfect Cell used a time-traveling ship similar to the one used by Trunks to travel back to the past, where he could find the Androids that would help him reach his perfect form. However, Cell first had to increase his power by absorbing the biomass of humans before confronting the Androids.


Where did the Z Fighters go to train in preparation for Cell and the Androids?

In the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, time played out completely different as one day on earth equaled an entire year in the chamber. This time difference made it the perfect place for the Z Fighters to train as the Androids sought them out on earth.


With which warrior did Trunks fuse to fight Majin Buu?

Together, Goten and Trunks used the Fusion Dance to form the warrior Gotenks. Though he was cocky and mischievous, Gotenks was also extremely powerful and was only the second Saiyan to transform into a Super Saiyan 3.


Captain Ginyu had which ability that he could use if he was outclassed in a fight?

Captain Ginyu's body switch technique got him out of a lot of trouble, like when he stole Goku's body after his own was battered in battle. However, the technique also worked against him, as it did when Goku threw a frog between Ginyu and Vegeta while he was using the move, forcing Ginyu into the frog's body.


Do you know the attack Goku used to defeat Kid Buu?

The Spirit Bomb is a technique that can only be used by someone with a pure heart. Otherwise, the attack kills the user. The strength of the Spirit Bomb depends entirely on the organisms that are willing to provide it with energy.


Who was the first Saiyan to turn Super Saiyan 2 in the fight with Cell?

Gohan always had a hidden power, which was only released in spurts when he got angry enough that he had no other choice. When he finally reached Super Saiyan 2, however, he maintained the form long enough to get a victory over Cell.


Do you know where Dabura reigned as king?

The Demon Realm was created by evil wizards at the tip of the universe. Dabura was the king of the realm before Babidi placed a spell on him, turning Dabura into his minion as he tried to resurrect Majin Buu.


Why did Vegeta allow Babidi to take control of him with his magic?

Before he settled on earth, Vegeta relied on his ruthlessness and hatred to fuel his power. Believing that Goku only surpassed him because he had grown weak, Vegeta turned back to his old ways by allowing Babidi to cast a spell over him, which only gave Babidi temporary control of the Saiyan prince.


Though he wasn't the strongest warrior, Dende had which unique ability?

Dende was one of the main reasons Vegeta was able to raise his power level significantly as he prepared to fight Frieza because the power of a Saiyan, like Vegeta, increased anytime they were healed from a near-death experience. Once Frieza realized this, he killed Dende.


Can you remember the name of the weapon Gohan pulled from the ground as he tried to unlock his true potential?

Though the Z Sword was supposed to be one of the strongest weapons in the universe, it broke after Goku threw a giant cube made of the densest material known at Gohan to test the sword's limits. Surprisingly, the sword breaking was actually what released its power, which turned out to be the deity, Old Kai.


Do you remember which move allowed Goku to increase his ki at the expense of his body?

When Goku faced off against Vegeta, he had to power up his Kaio-ken by three to gain the upper hand in the battle. Then, after Vegeta decided to destroy the earth, Goku took the Kaio-ken up another stage, which saved the planet but left his body battered.


Where did the Saibamen come from when the Saiyans fought the Z Fighters?

To test the power of the earthlings, Nappa planted six Saibamen, which all had a power level of 1,200. The Z Fighters proved to be too much for the Saibamen, but one of them did latch onto Yamcha and exploded, taking Yamcha down with it.


Before King Kai would train Goku, he had to do what?

Upset that Goku didn't find his jokes funny, King Kai demanded that Goku make him laugh if he wanted to receive training. Goku finally answered the demand when he asked, "Why did the chicken cross the road?"


Zarbon hated to transform because he viewed his second form as what?

Zarbon was obsessed with his appearance, so he didn't like to transform unless he was in a dire situation. Vegeta brought out this transformation in their first fight on Namek, though the monstrous Zarbon quickly overpowered Vegeta during this encounter.


During their first fight, Android 18 broke Vegeta's what?

Having finally become a Super Saiyan, Vegeta believed he was the strongest warrior in the universe. His arrogance got the best of him when he faced off against Android 18, who easily defeated him and broke his arm in the process.


In comparison to Earth's gravity, at how high a rate did Goku train on his way to Namek?

The idea of using gravity to train on the spaceflight to Namek wasn't the first time Goku utilized this training technique. When he trained with King Kai, the planet they were on had a gravity 10 times that of Earth. He just decided to up the ante on his way to fight Frieza's forces.


Yajirobe cut off Vegeta's tail in his Great Ape form using what?

Though he was considered one of Earth's strongest warriors, Yajirobe was never the bravest fighter on the planet, often choosing to run from a battle rather than go down fighting. He stayed around long enough against the Saiyans, however, to land one of the most critical blows of the fight when he cut off Vegeta's tail.


Why is Goku taken out of commission during the fight with the Androids?

Aside from warning the Z Fighters about the Androids, Trunks also returned from the future to give Goku medicine for when the heart virus finally hit him. His hope was that Goku could change the course of history and that events wouldn't turn out as bleak as they were in his own time.


While he trained Gohan, why did Piccolo destroy the moon?

Every Saiyan has the ability to transform into a Great Ape if there's a full moon around, including Gohan who is only half Saiyan. Piccolo realized that the Saiyan invaders could use this to their advantage if he didn't destroy the moon first.


How many dots does Krillin have on his forehead?

For a human, Krillin has many unique qualities when it comes to his appearance. Aside from the six dots on his forehead, referencing a practice carried out by Shaolin monks, Krillin also doesn't have a nose, which has become a running joke with fans.


As Namek exploded, Goku managed to get a spaceship working and ended up where?

While on Yardrat, Goku learned one of his most famous techniques: Instant Transmission. At first, the move just helped Goku move quickly from place to place, but he eventually incorporated it into his fighting style and used it in conjunction with his Kamehameha.


When Trunks fought Perfect Cell, he realized he was no match for the monster because of what?

While training with Vegeta, Trunks thought he had surpassed his father in terms of power, and in many ways, he did. However, that power came at a great cost to his speed, which Cell demonstrated to him during their fight.


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