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Ah, Scarlett O'Hara, Rhett Butler versus Ashley Wilkes, sweet Melanie Wilkes, Belle Watling and Tara Tara Tara ... the epic "Gone With the Wind" is one of those movies that imprinted deeply into the collective imagination. Lines like "You need to be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how" and "After all, tomorrow is another day" may readily come to mind, but fiddle-dee-doo, do you know just when they were said? 

It's a story about the Civil War for two Southern families. But that's just for starters. Do you remember what Scarlett did to those green curtains? What did she do to hide the stench of alcohol on her breath? What did she realize too late? Between the long overture, intermission and the final act, so much happens. All of it is riveting and utterly engrossing. If you're taking this quiz, we know the movie captured your heart and imagination. 

There are, of course, so many witty lines with double entendres. Let's go down memory lane and pull them out, shall we? That's what we have in mind. Good balls of fire, it will be marvelous to test your friends with it afterward. Surely, it'll make for a splendid old time. 

Who does Scarlett refer to as the "nasty, dark one" at the ball?

Rhett Butler first admires Scarlett from the landing as she waltzes up the staircase flirting with men just to get their attention and make Ashley jealous. She looked behind her shoulders and notices Rhett staring at her with a bemused expression.


Before throwing a vase in a fit, what does Scarlett tell Ashley when she finds out he's marrying Melanie?

Scarlett decides to declare her love for Ashley, thinking that it will be enough to dissuade him from marrying Malanie. He admits that he "cares" for Scarlett but they are too different and that that kind of love is not good for marriage. Scarlett then insults Melanie's temperament, slaps him, and then throws a vase at the wall, rousing Rhett, who has been in the room for the entire time.


Why does Scarlett stay with Melanie in Atlanta when she no longer wants to?

If there's one thing Scarlett keeps it's her promise to Ashley to safeguard Melanie. The doctor tried to convince her by appealing to her altruistic side to no avail. What finally convinces her is the memory of Ashley.


Fill in the blank: According to Scarlett, talk of _____ is spoiling the fun at every party.

"War, war, war," laments Scarlett. She tells the Tarleton twins that all this talk about a potential war is boring and spoiling every social event this season. "Besides, there isn't going to be any war," she confidently proclaims. The twins disagree.


What is the "only thing that lasts" according to Scarlett's Pa?

At the beginning of the film, Scarlett's father tries to instill the value of land, and Tara specifically, as the only thing that lasts. At first, Scarlett doesn't see the value in it, but by the end of the film, she certainly does.


Where is Ashley Wilkes' engagement to Melanie officially announced?

Although Scarlett was privy to the fact that Ashley's father had confirmed the engagement to cousin Melanie, the official announcement was only made at the first ball. At the ball, Scarlett made a scene in private with Ashley.


What does Scarlett do when her sister, while picking cotton in the field, says she hates Tara?

Furious upon hearing it, Scarlett hits her sister for saying she hates Tara. Then says that's like hating Pa or Ma. Shortly after, her father reprimands Scarlett for her harsh way in treating Mammy and Prissy.


What does Scarlett find when she returns to Tara with Melanie?

After making her way to Tara, Scarlett finds her beautiful Tara barren. It's not in total ruin, burned down and abandoned like John Wilkes' plantation, but it's still a grim sight. There's nothing to eat, her father has lost his mind and her mother is dead.


When does Rhett say, "With enough courage, you can do without a reputation."

At the benefit for the war effort in Atlanta, Scarlett is there as a "grieving" widow. The last thing a lady in her condition is supposed to do is dance and enjoy herself. When Rhett announces he wants to dance with her, she readily accepts, and as they're dancing he says this line.


Why doesn't Rhett take Scarlett all the way to Tara?

Rhett resisted joining the war until the very end. After Atlanta burns, he decides he's going to join in, and that's why he leaves Scarlett to take Melanie, Prissy and the baby to Tara on her own. He figures if anyone will make it, it's her.


What does Scarlett do when a Yankee soldier shows up at Tara?

Hiding the gun behind her, Scarlett kills the Yankee soldier. Malanie comes out of bed and says she's glad she killed him. They decide to hide the killing from Pa and everyone else, and Melanie urges her to bury him.


What's left in the garden to eat?

There's next to nothing left in the garden, except radishes. Famished, Scarlett pulls out a radish from the scorched ground but as she tries to eat it, finds it isn't even edible. This prompts her line, "I'm going to live through this, and when it's all over I'll never be hungry again." If she has to "lie, cheat, steal, or kill," for that to happen, so be it, she says.


Who says, "What a gentleman says and what they thinks is two different things."

Mammy admonishes Scarlett, warning her not to "eat like a field hand and gobble like a hog" at the Wilkes' ball. Scarlett defends herself by saying that Ashley said he liked a girl with a healthy appetite, prompting this line from Mammy.


Who is the carriage with Scarlett as they're getting out of a burning Atlanta?

Rhett helps Scarlett, Melanie and her baby, as well as Prissy make their way out of Atlanta as it's burning. However, he only goes with her so far. Scarlett must ride to Tara on her own.


When does Scarlett say, "Sir, you are no gentleman," to which Rhett replies, "And you, Miss, are no lady."

Still reeling from Ashley's refusal to change his mind about marrying Melanie, Scarlett and Rhett's first exchange happens in the study room. Angry that he hadn't announced his presence, and instead made a crack about the love scene he witnessed, she insults him, and he insults her right back.


When does Scarlett agree to marry Charles Hamilton?

Right after the scene with Ashley and Rhett at the study, Scarlett overhears the Wilkes women (except for Melanie, of course) say men don't marry girls like Scarlett. While this provokes her and makes her cry, Scarlett agrees to marry Charles as she's watching Ashley kiss Melanie before he joins the war effort.


What do Rhett and Scarlett name their daughter?

After Scarlett gives birth to a baby girl, Rhett asks Mammy if Bonnie Blue is the prettiest baby she's ever seen. Mammy tells him, "Well, sir, Miss Scarlett was mighty nigh that pretty when she come, but not quite."


After she learns that Charles died in the war, what city does Scarlett go to?

Scarlett stays with Melanie and her aunt. While in town, she becomes reacquainted with Rhett. At a charity ball, they scandalously dance together even though Scarlett is recently windowed.


Do you remember the gift that Rhett gave to Mammy?

Rhett says he's going to bring a petticoat for Mammy, as she's a wise old soul whose respect he'd really like to have. Scarlett tries to dissuade him, claiming Mammy won't accept it from him. He insists, saying he'll do it all the same.


What does Melanie do to Belle when she comes to see her?

Melanie invites Belle Watling into the house, but the latter refuses so Melanie enters the carriage to talk to her. Melanie thanks her profusely and Belle disparages Scarlett, saying she's not of the same class as Melanie.


When Rhett shows up to visit, what does Scarlett do to hide the stench of alcohol on her breath?

After Mr. Kennedy's death, Scarlett takes up drinking a little. When Rhett pays her a surprise visit, she gargles with cologne to hide her drinking. He quickly sees through it and calls her on it. She then daubs cologne on herself.


In the scene that Rhett famously says, "You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how," he gives Scarlett a gift. What is it?

When Rhett returns from Paris and Scarlett's still in mourning he gifts her with a green bonnet. She offers her lips to kiss him, but has her eyes closed and doesn't seem to mean it. He tells her to open her eyes and she does. Still, he's not convinced at her sincerity. That's when he says this.


Why does Scarlett rip the curtains to make a dress?

At the spur of the moment, Scarlett spots the velvet curtains and yanks them, ordering Mammy to make her a new dress. She says she needs to look like a queen if she's going to ask Rhett Butler for $300. Mammy protests but does it, accompanying Scarlett.


What does Rhett offer Scarlett when they visit Tara after their wedding?

Rhett recognizes that Scarlett gets much of her strength from Tara. He says he wants to spare no expense in restoring it to its former glory, making it as fine as she wants. She responds that she wants everyone who has been mean to her to be "pea-green with envy."


What does Scarlett offer Ashley to get him to move to Atlanta when she decides to marry Mr. Kennedy?

Scarlett offers Ashley to run Mr. Kennedy's side of the lumber business, an offer Ashley declines at first. He says that not only does he not know anything about the lumber business but he also cannot go to Atlanta. At the last minute, he relents and agrees to go.


How can Rhett tell Scarlett's lying to him about everything going well at Tara when she goes to ask him for money?

Scarlett's wearing the new dress made from the velvet curtains and looks every bit a lady except for one thing. The instant Rhett goes to kiss her hand, she notices how rough they are, which signals to him that everything is not going well at all at Tara.


When does Rhett ask Scarlett to marry him?

After Scarlett becomes a widow again, Rhett goes to visit Scarlett with the intention of asking for her hand. He gets down on his knees and proposes with an ironic tone. Nevertheless, he is sincere in his wishes. "I can't go all my life waiting to catch you between husbands," he says.


How much is the tax on Tara after the war?

The tax on Tara is $300, which she cannot pay. Ashley has just returned from the war, but he also doesn't have it. She must raise the money somehow, which is why she ends up marrying her sister's beau overriding everyone's feelings.


What does Melanie ask Scarlett to do before she dies?

Melanie gives her blessing for Scarlett to look after her Ashley and care for Rhett, who truly loves her. Scarlett finally realizes that Ashley was a fantasy and that she actually loves Rhett. By then, of course, it's too late. Rhett leaves her to Tara with his famous last lines, "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn."


Who does Rhett choose to be Ashley and Frank's alibi when they go seeking vengeance?

As the Yankee officers are attempting to arrest Ashley, Rhett comes up with an alibi in front of the ladies, saying he's been with Ashley and Frank to Belle's establishment. The embarrassed officer takes Rhett's word for it.


When Scarlett says she's tired of it all and there's nothing to keep her at Tara, what does Ashley say?

Ashley tells Scarlett that honor should keep them there. This strikes a note with Scarlett and she starts to cry. He tries to console her and they end up kissing, which is when he confesses that he's been fighting his feelings for her.


Where does Rhett send Scarlett after hearing a scandalous rumor about her and Ashely?

While Scarlett tries to keep Ashely at the lumberyard as to not spoil the surprise party, the pair embraces. Ashely's sister sees them and spreads the gossip to Rhett. As punishment, Rhett insists Scarlett attends the party in a dress that'll make sure all eyes are on her.


Why doesn't Scarlett want any more children?

Scarlett tells Mammy she doesn't want to get fat before her time, but then she gazes at Ashley's picture and soon rejects Rhett's advances. Rhett realizes the reason why and tells her he'll seek company elsewhere. They fight.


When is Belle Watling first introduced?

Belle Watling comes to Melanie to offer her money to help with the charity for Confederacy soldiers. While most ladies refuse her money, she trusts that Melanie will accept it, which Melanie graciously does. Scarlett is with Melanie at the time and notices Belle traveled in Rhett's carriage.


"I figure we belong together, being the same sort..." When does Rhett say that to Scarlett?

Rhett picks up Scarlett right after she leaves the hospital where she was helping out. On the streets of Atlanta, Scarlett circumvents blasts, refugees and returning soldiers. She spots Rhett and gets into his car. As he's driving her to the Wilkes' house, Rhett says this.


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