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By: Lauren Lubas

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Product slogans have been around for quite some time because they actually work. They get stuck in your head, and they make you think about the brands that make the products as you're shopping. The thought being, if we can get this slogan stuck in your head, you might start to get familiar with the product and feel more compelled to buy it. There are a lot of reasons these catchy phrases get you to buy products you might not normally buy, or get you to pay more for products that have cheaper alternatives.

In the 1980s and before, you'd see the slogans written across the screen at the end of every commercial. In later years, advertising changed to add the slogans throughout the commercials. This gave consumers the chance to become a part of a group or inside joke, but only if they bought those products, of course.

If you're the type who walks around your house singing "maybe it's Maybelline" while others look on with shock, you're going to love this quiz. We want to see if you can guess a brand name by hearing three of their slogans. You might find a few difficult ones here and here and there, but by the end of this quiz, we know we'll have you saying, "I'm lovin' it!" What are you waiting for? Take this quiz ... it's "Grrreat!" 

It was "on the spot," an "up thing" and "ridiculously bubbly." Do you know what brand it was?

If you ever had to "Make 7 ... Up Yours" you know that this brand didn't hold back when it came to marketing and slogans. The lemon-and-lime-flavored drink has wowed consumers for nearly 100 years.


"Look for the golden arches" to learn that "we do it all for you" to get you to say "I'm lovin' it!" Can you name the brand?

McDonald's never really rebranded itself, but it did make a lot of effort to attract different audiences over the years. However, for the most part, they look to attract children and parents with their advertising.


You can "have it your way" at the "home of the whopper," but remember "it takes two hands to handle a whopper." Where can you find the whopper?

As one of the greatest advertising achievements of all time, Burger King brought in a terrifying mascot. These days, we can't think of the fast-food restaurant without seeing that mask.


Can you name the potato chip that used these slogans: 'Once you pop, you can't stop," "once you pop, the fun don't stop," and "newfangled potato chips"?

Pringles were the kind of chip that was packaged in such a way that it was more difficult to break. One of their major marketing plans was to embrace the fact that their chips were so good, they were addicting.


For this product, you were kindly asked not to squeeze it and to ch-ch-choose it. Do you know which toilet paper was "best for 'bear' bottoms"?

There is no doubt that Charmin took on some pretty taboo topics in their commercials. Though leaving shards of toilet paper behind ... on your behind ... was something that people dealt with, no one ever really talked about it, until Charmin did.


"Soup is good food," "Possibilities" and "It's amazing what soup can do!" are all slogans for which brand?

Campbell's soup commercials did their best to focus on family life and the warming feeling of sharing a can of soup with someone you love. the company has been around since 1869, with no sign of leaving the market any time soon.


This medicinal product had the slogans "plop, plop, fizz, fizz," "relief is just a swallow away," and "I can't believe I ate the whole thing." Do you know the brand?

Before people really focused on digestive health, they took various supplements to help them reduce the amount of acid in their stomachs that caused bloating and pain. Alka Seltzer was one of the top products to deliver results quickly.


Which tech company used the slogans "think different," "Switch," and "the power to be your best"?

As one of the most well-known technology companies on the planet, Apple doesn't necessarily need a slogan to stay ahead of the game ... they just need to continue to deliver various gadgets and programs that people love.


A phone company tells you to "rethink possible," and "reach out and touch someone" before it tells you that it's "mobilizing your world." Which phone company is it?

There are many people in the world today who don't actually realize that AT&T was around before cell phones were invented. However, their slogans have grown with the times, and they are all about mobile now.


Can you name the fast-food company with these slogans? "Think outside the bun." "Ding dong! Tacos!" "Live Mas."

Taco Bell has had some interesting slogans over the years, some of them are borderline offensive. Though they label their food "Mexican inspired," they also try very hard to hold onto those roots to create some interesting menu items.


Do you know which vehicle manufacturer is "like a rock" that "runs deep" and asks you to "find new roads"?

Chevrolet is an American company that has been around since 1911. They are known for their large trucks as well as their sports cars, like the Corvette.


This delivery company had a slogan as simple as "It's" followed by the company name, and one as complex as "When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight." It finally settled on "The world on time." Do you know the name of the company?

Various companies are fighting for the king of delivery title. However, if you talk to small business owners, it's clear that each of them has their favorite, and their brand loyalty will not be swayed by slogans.


Which restaurant uses these slogans? "See you tomorrow" "Eating good in the neighborhood" "Together is good"

Chain restaurants deliver consistent results and offer small communities the chance to taste foods outside of their realm of thought. Applebee's has been advertising a community-centered restaurant for years, and it's working.


"Driven by passion," "Simply More," and "Hand-built by robots" are slogans for which brand?

Though many people recognize Fiats from their appearance in certain action movies, the company was founded way back in 1899. The recent rebranding of this Italian manufacturer has given it global attention.


Can you name the sports drink that was made "for that deep down body thirst," told you that "life's a sport. Drink it up," and labeled itself "the thirst quencher"?

Although the majority of Gatorade products have sugars and sodium in them that can potentially make you more thirsty, they do advertise that they are the perfect sports drink available on the market.


Do you remember which snack had these three slogans: "Snack strong," "For the bold," and "Definitely!"

"Definitely Doritos" was a slogan that was used to show how exciting it was to eat Doritos in the 1980s. The chip was full of flavor and offered a powered cheese taste that no other brand could compare to.


This snack was "the original protein," and allowed you to go "runnin' with Sasquatch" as well as partake in "messin' with Sasquatch." What brand is it?

Everyone knows the Jack Links Sasquatch commercials. They are very clearly for fun and show that consequences come with actions. However, they also show that the love for this jerky crosses species lines.


Which coffee company gives you "coffee that inspires," and "a taste of the holidays" while it claims to be "Brewed for those who love coffee"?

The logo for Starbucks might be the most recognizable logo around. However, not many people recognize their slogans. These slogans are played on the radio and sometimes on TV, but it's rare to catch a commercial because they don't feel they have to advertise.


"Play well," "Play on," and "The toys you grow up with" are all slogans for which brand?

When a simple toy like Lego delivers simple slogans like these, you know that they are confident that people love their toys, and they aren't going out of business any time soon. Their slogans connect back to nostalgia and give us a sense that every child should have them.


These toys had the slogans "beat that," "lead the way" and "think fast." Do you know what brand it is?

Hot Wheels were the number one brand of toy car for children throughout the 20th century. They were small cars that were as close to the exact models of real vehicles as they could be.


If you go here, you're going to "the place where best friends are made," and you'll also find that it's "the most fun you'll ever make." They also included products that were "small size, big fun." Do you know the brand?

The concept of Build-A-Bear Workshops is simple. Children go in, and stuff their own teddy bears, then dress them. While the price of the stuffed animal includes the experience, children absolutely love them.


Can you name the cat food brand that offers the slogans "We're keeping your cat excited about mealtime," "So good, cats ask for it by name," and "Quality recipes cats love"?

Meow Mix had some great advertising campaigns. They even did a little cat sing-a-long jingle that caught consumer and animal attention alike. But mostly, they stick with the slogan that cats ask for it by name.


This beverage had the slogans "Be a pepper," "There's just more to it," and boasted that the product "has 23 flavors." What brand is it?

Dr. Pepper is one of those drinks that people try to pinpoint the flavor and simply cannot. It has been around for decades, and it is still one of the most popular soft drinks available.


"There's no wrong way to eat" this candy that is "Not sorry" for the argument that began when "you got your chocolate in my peanut butter." What is the brand?

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups were a great little snack that boasted the protein of peanut butter with the sweet taste of chocolate. Their commercials used to involve a person with a tub of peanut butter bumping into a person eating chocolate.


Which airline had the slogans "It's time to fly," "Let's fly together" and "Fly the friendly skies"?

Although United Airlines has been in the news for a few negative incidences over the last few years, they are still going strong. Their slogans are clean, easy and welcoming to consumers.


The slogans for this snack evolved from "3 Feet of Fun" to "3 Feet of Fruity Fun" to "Long on Fun." Do you know the brand?

Fruit by the Foot was rolled up fruit leather full of high fructose corn syrup and sugar. It was a snack that kids loved to have in the '80s and '90s because the commercials were hilarious and fun to watch.


"What can Brown do for you?" is now "We <3 Logistics" and "United Problem Solvers" ... Do you know the name of the brand?

UPS has a lot of competition with FedEx and the United States Post Office. However, with the introduction of UPS Stores, they were able to offer more services than just pick up and drop off, giving them higher profits.


Do you know which major group has these three slogans? "Be all that you can be" "Choice, Not Chance" "An Army of One"

With recruitment down, the United States Army realized it had to put a little action into people's lives. It began advertising the perks of being in the Army to drum up interest in group activities and education.


An elderly lady asks "Where's the Beef?" and they claim to be "fresh, never frozen" proving that "It's better here." Do you know the brand?

Though it's ironic that Wendy's would one day ask where's the beef, and later be the smallest beef patty in the fast-food world. However, when the owner of the company is in the commercial, people do start to pay attention.


You'd buy this vehicle "For the love of the car," even though it admitted, "It's ugly, but it gets you there." In the end, you know that "It makes you look bigger." What kind of vehicle is it?

Volkswagen didn't have any kind of problem making fun of itself. The self-deprecating slogans worked, and people bought the cars for their great gas mileage and easy fixes. Eventually, these vehicles became collector's items.


Which electronics company has had these three slogans over the years? "Go Create" "The One and Only" and "BE MOVED"

Sony has been around for decades and has delivered some of the finest electronics on the market. They mobilized music with the Walkman, and these days, they give us smart televisions that respond to our voices.


Can you name the airline that tells you to "Fly the American way," because "you get a lot more airline," in the "incredible on-time machine" that they offer?

American Airlines, like many airlines, often changes their slogans based on how consumers feel like flying at a given point. When ticket sales go down, they change their slogans to focus on pricing and safety rather than adventure.


Do you remember which cable channel advertised itself with slogans like "Too much is never enough," "Turn it on, leave it on" and "You'll never look at music the same way again"?

MTV was a remarkable channel when it first came out. VJs (Video Jockeys) showed us the latest music with visuals that were artistic, fun or just plain weird. Though it rarely shows music anymore, it is still a popular channel.


"Always low prices, always," "Save more, live better" and "That's real savings" are three slogans for which store?

Wal-Mart has always advertised that their low prices, coupled with the convenience of having nearly everything available in their stores, attracts people from every walk of life.


Do you remember which cookies had these slogans? "Betcha bite a chip" "Crazy with Chips" and "1,000 Chips delicious"

Chips Ahoy! cookies evolved their marketing and formula to attract more children with their promise of more and more chocolate. They bet that you would bite into a chocolate chip, then went so far as to count the chocolate chips in each bag.


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