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Kylie Jenner and Rihanna are both passionate about creating some of the best beauty products on the market. Both of their brands (Kylie Cosmetics and Fenty Beauty) offer products like foundations, lipsticks and eye shadow palettes in a variety of different colors and shades, but it's always up to you on which one you like the most! With these colors also come unique names. There's no shortage of them for Kylie Cosmetics or Fenty Beauty!

If you use makeup in your everyday life, the chances are that you've come across products from either brand. Whether Fenty Beauty caught your eye in your local Sephora or you spotted Kylie's newest lip kit on her Instagram stories, you probably know a thing or two about them! Both are known for their beautiful packaging and quality products, but both are in high demand as well. It's safe to say that the brands have cemented their places in the beauty world with ease.

If you've watched reviews on YouTube or spent a little too much time lusting over the beautiful colors and shades from both Fenty Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics, then we're willing to bet that you know a few names. There are no brushes here, but take this quiz to see if you blend in or stand out!

This lipstick in shade "22" could have been featured in Taylor Swift's song of the same name! Being a beautiful orangey shade, which brand does it belong to?

22 is Kylie's lucky number, so there's no doubt that she named a lipstick after it! The beautiful red-orange shade is bright and bold, making it a perfect shade to wear in the summertime, or even to bring together a fall look.


Nothing says "Baby Girl" better than this light coral lipstick! Who makes it?

This nice coral shade was part of the Koko Collection, a collaboration with Kylie's sister, Khloe. This bright and juicy lipstick is perfect for hitting up the beach in the summer. It is coral, after all!


This shimmery lipstick shade is perfect to wear when it's "Cuffing Season." Which company does it belong to?

Nothing is hotter than Rihanna's hot pink lipstick. You'll probably find that it's "Cuffing Season" when you start rocking this flashy color, which could be completed along with a nice bright eye shadow as well.


"Diamond Milk" is as platinum as it gets with his lip gloss made by which of the following?

If "How Many Carats?!" isn't enough shine for you, "Diamond Milk" will be the one to bring it all together. This glittery shade will dazzle with a pearly gloss and give your lips just enough luster to complete your look.


You'll be saying "Bite Me" when you rock this lipstick made by which of the following?

This deep red lipstick is classy and the perfect way to pull a look together for a night out. Just as the name suggests, this shade gives off vampire vibes, making it perfect for a Halloween lip look as well.


When you wear "Crystal" lip gloss, you'll be shining bright. Which brand makes them?

Kylie's "Crystal" gloss is the best way to add some sparkle to your lips. The light color lets your natural or other lipstick shine through, adding some dazzle to your look. It would look beautiful with a glittery eye shadow as well.


You're "Uncensored" when you wear this beautiful lipstick. Where would you get it?

It's no secret that Rihanna loves a good red lipstick, so what better way to rock one than to make it yourself! If you're in the mood for a bold look, there's no more daring color to use than "Uncensored." It will stand out and show off your confidence.


"Pastel Frost" is a vibrant eye shadow palette from which of the following?

There are a few palettes available from Fenty, but this one is unique for its shimmer. As the name suggests, it is filled with beautiful pastels that will make you feel prepared for the spring season, but you'll also feel like a star with the glitter that will make you shine.


If you're feeling like a "Dime Piece," whose eye shadow might you be wearing?

Part of Kylie's birthday collection, "Dime Piece" is a stunning gold eye shadow that is classy and bright. There will always be a sparkle in your eye with this pigmented shadow that will really make your eyes pop.


For anyone with darker brows, Ebony brow pomade might just do the trick. Who makes this?

Brow pomade is notorious for being useful in creating the perfect brow look. Kylie's answer to this was her brow pomade formula, which comes in multiple shades for every hair color. (Kylie Cosmetics isn't the only company with a shade named like this, however.)


It's a liquid eye shadow that ages like "Fine Wine," but do you know which brand it's from?

There's nothing like a good pink-purple eye shadow for putting together the perfect nighttime look. The shimmer will glisten under the light, and you can tie it all together with a nude lipstick or deeper pink shade.


It's easy to "Unlock" your creativity with the lipstick shade from which of the following?

Stunna lip paint is a popular product for Fenty, and it's easy to see why! "Unlocked" is a gorgeous juicy pink that is long-lasting and beautiful, no matter your complexion. Wear it when you're feeling flirty or want to share the love of the product with the world.


Having the confidence to "Clapback" is easy when you're wearing this lipstick by what company?

What color could be more representative of Rihanna than a deep navy blue, since she also refers to her fans as the Navy? This shade is one that is bold and makes a statement. Despite being a deeper color, the glitter gives it a stand-out shine.


It's not Christmas, but this lipstick is called "Ginger." Which brand makes it?

True to gingerbread cookies, this lipstick is a darker nude that compliments all skin tones. When you want to go for a relaxed look, this could be the lipstick that you reach for. As it's sophisticated and matte, it's not over the top and great for everyday wear.


If holographic is your thing, then you'll love the packaging for the "$upernova" lipstick. Who makes this pretty shade?

Rihanna is all about the pinks with this light sparkly lipstick that's soft but still packs a punch. Soft glam is easy to achieve with this pretty shade. One unique thing you'll find here is that the finish of the lipstick resembles chrome!


You'll get "Nepturnt" while rocking this eye liner made by what brand?

Trying colors that aren't typical is the beauty of experimenting with makeup. Rihanna created a unique shade of green eyeliner that glistens in the light. The out-of-this-world name isn't surprising for such a futuristic shade!


While wearing this shimmery gold eye shadow, you can tell everyone that "Money Ain't Everything." Which company would you be paying to purchase this?

Gold is Kylie's best friend when it comes to eye shadow, as this is another gold shade that is available, though this one is lighter. A little less bold than "Dime Piece," it's perfect for creating a lighter glam look.


You may not be an "Island Girl," but you can feel like you're there with this eye shadow. Can you guess which brand it's from?

Summers are hot, but you can feel cool with this teal shade of eye shadow. Despite being a cold color, it gives off the feeling of a beach, where the water is a gorgeous shade of blue. With that being said, you'd probably find it to be the perfect shade to brighten up your summer.


It's always a "Supermoon" when you wear this lipstick. Where would you shop to buy this product?

A popular shade in this line, "Supermoon" is a peachy nude that finishes in a chrome-like manner. Anyone who loves the natural look of nudes but craves a little more will find the fun in this creamy lipstick.


"Roses Are Red," but this glitter eye shadow isn't. Do you know who makes it?

Despite having "red" in the name, this eye shadow leans towards a lighter pink. If you want to go for a flirty look, this is a great option. The light pink is soft and sweet but the glitter makes it glisten to give off a beautiful sparkle.


Nothing says "Trophy Wife" more than gold shimmer powder. Who makes it?

Rihanna's shimmer powder is known as "Killawatt," a beautiful name for a highlighter that should be bright and bold. "Trophy Wife" is a bright gold shade that really stands out on all skin tones. It's one of the shimmer formulas from this line.


It's a "Hottie Alert" when you're wearing this pretty shade of eyeliner. What company makes it?

Switching up your eyeliner couldn't be easier with this white shade of liner. Bringing attention to your eyes in all the right ways, the liner will brighten up the area. There's no limit to creativity when it comes to this product.


There's nothing more "Juicy" than this peachy eye shadow made by which company?

"Juicy" is the perfect name for this peachy eye shadow that's an awesome pick for summer glam. Blending it in with yellow and red would make for a look that would rival the sunset over the beach!


Everyone will be saying "Yesss Girl" when you put on this lip gloss. Can you guess which company this belongs to?

If you love a little shimmer on your lip, you've come to the right place. This versatile gloss can be worn in many ways, from by itself complementing your natural lip color to adding some shine to another shade of lipstick. The possibilities are endless!


You'll be "Lovesick" for this deep purple shade made by which company?

If you're into daring and unique colors when you put on makeup, look no further than Kylie Cosmetics "Lovesick" lipstick. This dark purple is part of her creme line of lipsticks and can be used to show off a lot of creativity.


There's no "Rollin' Dice" when you're wearing this gorgeous liquid highlighter by what brand?

If liquid highlighter is something you like more than powder highlighter, Rihanna has this beautiful roll-on for you. This a silver highlighter resembling ice that is sure to make your glam stand out among the others.


You might be a "Caramel Cutie" if you use this bronzer from what brand?

If you want to glow, this bronzer will do the trick! "Caramel Cutie" is just one of the shades that it comes in, with others being named "I$land Ting" and "Mocha Mami." Rihanna is great at naming her products!


In a vibrant shade of pink, "Candy Venom" is a go-to lipstick. Can you name the company that makes it?

Rihanna's matte lipstick line is filled with vibrant colors for every occasion. "Candy Venom" is a bright pink that will make your lips pop. If you want to stand out, then this is the perfect color to get it done!


When you have the "Queen Drip," you're probably wearing highlighter from which company?

When you wear highlight, you probably look for something that really does a good job of brightening up your face. This shade of Kylie's "Kylighters" has a warmer glow, being gold with some peachy tones mixed in.


It's no secret that this eyeliner is out of this world — it's called "Alien Bae!" Which company is behind it?

This eyeliner puts a new twist on your regular black eyeliner. Rather than being a deep black, "Alien Bae" is full of glitter. With a nice blue tint to it, it's a great way to take your eye look to the next level when you're feeling spontaneous.


You'll taste "Butterscotch" on your lips with this soft peach lipstick made by who?

If you're in the market for a nice nude shade of lipstick, "Butterscotch" might just be the shade for you. The peachy tone is the perfect addition to any light and natural look that you want to rock.


Feeling like you're on a "Motorboat" is easy when you're wearing this lipstick! You can buy it from which brand?

The light blue shade of this lipstick resembles the blue of the ocean, making summer a great time to wear it. Or if you're going for more of a wintery look, you may find that it works well with other cool colors.


You may have riches, but can you name the brand that has "Ruby Richez" in the form of a highlighter?

When Rihanna calls it "Ruby," then you know it's going to be a pretty shade of red. The vibrant color really stands out and warms up the skin. As it's highly pigmented, you'll be getting compliments from everyone!


Sparkling is easy with this highlighter that will leave people asking you, "How Many Carats?!" What brand calls it their own?

You can't shine bright like a diamond without this powder! If shining is your thing, there's no better product to use than this highlighter that you can use on your body as well as your face. There's no better way to feel like the diamond you are.


It's all pink when it comes to "Baddie on the Block," a beautiful blush that can add to your glow up. Is it a Kylie Cosmetics product or does it belong to Fenty Beauty?

This is a pretty pink shade that will look natural on your face, everyone will consider you to be a baddie while wearing it! You'll find that this blush has the staying power to last you all day.


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