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If you promise not to tell anybody, we're willing to admit that (from time to time) we flip through the tabloids while standing in the checkout line at the grocery store. You can't honestly expect us to do all that adulting (read: buying various foodstuffs to sustain ourselves) without a petty gossip fix. We need to speculate on if Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga are for real pregnant, and we need to speculate on it now!

When we're not low key perusing In Touch Weekly or People, we turn to our beloved internet to get our fill of celebrity buzz. Kylie Jenner did WHAT, you say? Oh, Imma definitely click on that.

These days, the news seems to be happening faster than ever. Just when you think you finally know everyone Taylor Swift is feuding with, she comes out with a song about yet another archnemesis. But celebrity squabbles aren't the only bits we have trouble staying current on. Tbh, sometimes we pick up a tabloid or click on a link just because we can't believe the person featured is actually still, like, ALIVE.

Other times, we'll be enjoying a Googlefest (that obv started with one little query but turned into something completely and totally unrelated) when we stumble upon the realization that a celebrity we actually kinda liked DIED. When did that happen?! Maybe we knew at one point, but hey, there's a lot to remember these days!

We want to test your celebrity knowledge, which is why we created this fun (and by "fun," we mean dark AF) quiz. Can you tell us which A-listers are still aboveground? Is that random B-lister still breathing? Take our quiz, and find out if these celebrities are still alive!

This actor actually got his start as a professional wrestler in the WWE. Is this celebrity still alive?

Dude, we actually kinda think The Rock might live forever. For real, though, Dwayne Johnson is still alive and making movies. You've def seen him in the "Fast and the Furious" franchise, but did you know he's made the Time 100 Most Influential People in the World List? Not once but twice!


In one of this actor's most famous roles, we saw him almost die on a deserted island after a plane crash left him stranded there. Is this celebrity still alive?

Wilson! Yes, Tom Hanks is still alive. To this day, we can't see a volleyball without thinking about "Castaway." It's been our fave Tom Hanks movie forever, but with "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" (Hanks will play Mr. Rogers) coming out, it might get pushed out of the top spot.


She's frequently recognized as one of the most influential (and beautiful) women in the world, and this actress won an Academy Award in 1999. Is this celebrity still alive?

Angelina Jolie is definitely still alive. Her divorce with Brad Pitt became final in 2019. But the couple has six children together, so you know what that means. The pair, who co-starred in "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," will be seeing more of each other in the years to come. Let's hope it's not too awkward.


When she first came on the music scene, she was just Jenny from the block. Is this celebrity still alive?

Not only is Jennifer Lopez alive, but the woman is positively thriving. When you look at her, you'd never guess she's 50 years old. That skin, that body! If you told us J-Lo is 20 years old, we'd believe you. Alex Rodriguez is a lucky man to get to hang around such a talented, beautiful lady.


You might know him as "the dude who played Iron Man." Is this celebrity still alive?

"The dude who played Iron Man" has a name, and it's Robert Downey Jr. Even though Tony Stark died in "Avengers: Endgame," the actor who portrayed him is very much still alive. An OG Brat Packer, Downey struggled with substance abuse issues in his youth but overcame them to become one of Hollywood's highest-paid actors.


One of the kings of the '90s, this actor rose to fame when he starred in "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." Is this celebrity still alive?

If you've been to the movies this last summer, then you know Will Smith is most definitely still alive. He voiced The Genie in the live-action adaptation of Disney's "Aladdin." Such an iconic role goes great with Smith's multiple Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations (not to mention his four Grammy Awards).


You get a car! And you get a car! This talk show host was famous for her giveaways. Is this celebrity still alive?

No worries, fam, Oprah Winfrey is still alive. In her 65 years on Earth, she's done A LOT and has a net worth of more than $2.5 billion to show for it. Personally, we'll never forget the time she shared the wealth and gave everyone in her audience a car. May those memes live forever!


We're guessing your mom had a major crush on this actor at one point or another. Is this celebrity still alive?

He may not be the Hollywood heartthrob he once was, but George Clooney doesn't look bad for 58 years old. You may have never seen the show "ER," but trust us when we tell you it was a big deal in the '90s. These days, Clooney (who is still alive) is enjoying life with his wife, human rights lawyer Amal.


She's been called the "Goddess of Pop." Is this celebrity still alive?

If you want to talk about multi-talented people, you can't have a real conversation without mentioning Cher. She can sing. She can dance. She can act. And that's just for starters! At 73 years old, Cher is still touring, and her outfits are as crazy as ever.


She garnered legions of loyal fans with her personal song lyrics and several enemies for her infamous feuds. Is this celebrity still alive?

She might have disappeared from the public eye for a while, but we hope you didn't think she was dead. One of the best-selling music artists of all time, Taylor Swift is most definitely still alive. Perhaps a few fellow celebs wish her ill, though.


This pretty woman starred in "Pretty Woman" back in 1990. Is this celebrity still alive?

Oh yeah, that's Julia Roberts! Sometimes we get her confused with Sandra Bullock (probably because they're both so gorgeous and talented). Roberts is still alive and still making movies. In 2018, the actress took Prime Video by storm with the psychological thriller "Homecoming."


Even when we were kids, this dude totally knew where our funny bone was. Is this celebrity still alive?

After years and years of making people laugh, Robin Williams died in August 2014. He committed suicide following a long battle with mental health and substance abuse issues. You probably remember him for his roles in "Mrs. Doubtfire," "Night at the Museum" and "Good Will Hunting." Williams voiced the original Genie in Disney's "Aladdin."


For years, this actor was the face of "The Fast and the Furious." Is this celebrity still alive?

In November 2013, actor Paul Walker died in a car accident. He was riding home from a charity event with a friend when their vehicle hit a pole and exploded into flames. Due to the timing of his death, Walker did not finish filming "Furious 7," but the movie paid homage to him with CGI (and Paul's real-life brother standing in as him!) anyway.


We will never ever forget this "Star Wars" actress's iconic bikini and crazy hairdo. Is this celebrity still alive?

In 2016, Carrie Fisher suffered cardiac arrest and died. She was 60 years old. Fisher is best known for her role as Princess Leia. Just one day after Fisher passed away, her famous mother, Debbie Reynolds, died following a stroke.


In the 2000s, this woman was basically everybody's fave actress following movies like "Miss Congeniality." Is this celebrity still alive?

Alright, THIS is Sandra Bullock. Like Julia Roberts (who we sometimes confuse her with), she's still alive. We totally freaked out over her Netflix movie "Bird Box" which hit the streaming service in 2018. It was a lot different than "The Proposal" but equally entertaining.


You may remember him as the stumbling, bumbling pirate who captained the Black Pearl. Is this celebrity still alive?

Yeah, guys, Johnny Depp is still alive. And, you know what? We think Disney might still be making "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies. Cray. Most recently, Depp played the notorious wizard Grindelwald in the latest installment of the "Fantastic Beasts" movies.


The "Guinness World Records" named her the "Songbird Supreme." Is this celebrity still alive?

Nbd, but singer Mariah Carey (who is totally still alive) has sold more than 200 million records worldwide during her career. Mariah is the "Songbird Supreme" due to the insane fact that she has a five-octave vocal range.


This Swedish DJ has countless bops to his name. Is this celebrity still alive?

Just two years after retiring, Avicii (whose real name was Tom Bergling) died in Muscat, Oman. Avicii, who was 28 years old, reportedly committed suicide. He's credited for helping electronic music break into Top 40 radio.


Talk about the voice of an absolute angel. Is this celebrity still alive?

Easily recognized by her funky, '60s-style hair, Amy Winehouse was a British soul singer. She died in July 2011 from alcohol poisoning. Like other greats (Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain), Winehouse was 27 years old when she passed away.


The "King of Pop" left his mark on music with his iconic songs and dance moves. Is this celebrity still alive?

Michael Jackson died after suffering a cardiac arrest in June 2009. The "Thriller" singer's death was ruled a homicide, and it is believed prescription drugs played a part. He may be gone, but we still think of MJ every time we attempt to moonwalk.


Every boy at our middle school was obsessed with this guy's movies. Is this celebrity still alive?

While he's dabbled in dramatic roles, Adam Sandler (alive and well) is known for being a funny man. He can make some way hilarious voices! We love him as the overprotective father Dracula in "Hotel Transylvania." And, of course, who could forget him in "Big Daddy?" A total classic!


With his shows "Parts Unknown" and "No Reservations," this chef made people fall in love with places they'd never even known existed. Is this celebrity still alive?

In one of the most shocking deaths of 2018, celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain died of an apparent suicide. Just 61 years old, he was in France filming for a future episode of "Parts Unknown." His incredible storytelling abilities and lust for life will be missed.


OMG, this "Fashion Police" host killed us with her savage critiques. Is this celebrity still alive?

The positively hilarious Joan Rivers died in September 2014, and tbh, we've laughed significantly less in the years since. Before the comedian passed away due to surgery complications, Rivers wasn't afraid to take down any (and we mean ANY) celebrity. Stars and stylists alike feared her.


No reptile could evade this dude. Is this celebrity still alive?

Steve Irwin died in September 2006. While filming an underwater documentary, The Crocodile Hunter was pierced in the heart by a stingray barb. His wife, Terri, and their children carry on his legacy of conservation.


The world was thirsty for this actress after she stole the show in "Transformers." Is this celebrity still alive?

The actress was every dude's crush after she co-starred in "Transformers," and Fox appeared in magazines like Maxim and Rolling Stone. But then, she sort of disappeared. Fox has talked about conflict with filmmaker Michael Bay and her subsequent industry blacklisting.


There's a new Joker movie in the works, but we don't think anyone will ever do a better job than this actor. Is this celebrity still alive?

The world lost a real talent when actor Heath Ledger died in January 2008. A few months before his death, Ledger finished filming his performance as the Joker in "The Dark Knight." When the movie hit theaters, fans showed up in droves to see the actor's final performance.


Whenever his songs come on the radio, we feel things. Is this celebrity still alive?

Prince died in April 2016 at his Minnesota residence. But before his untimely death, the 57-year-old singer made his mark on the music world. He released a whopping 39 studio albums and won seven Grammys. Oh, and we can't leave out his Academy Award!


This actor made an entire career out of the frat-bro aesthetic. Is this celebrity still alive?

Actor Owen Wilson is still alive and still rocking those messy blond locks. He's made, like, so many movies. Our favorite?/ Eh, we're going to have to go with "Midnight in Paris."


He's one of the most popular athletes of all time. Is this celebrity still alive?

Yeah, Michael Jordan was a great basketball player, but more importantly, he was in "Space Jam!" Okay, maybe not "more importantly," but it was a really good movie. Jordan, who played 15 seasons in the NBA, is still alive and principal owner of the Charlotte Hornets.


He experienced every kid's dream come true (and subsequent nightmare) in "Home Alone." Is this celebrity still alive?

We haven't seen him onscreen in years, but actor Macaulay Culkin is still alive. These days, the former child star runs a satirical pop culture website called Bunny Ears. Huh, we had no idea.


We so watched this actress in"10 Things I Hate About You" at pretty much every sleepover ever. Is this celebrity still alive?

At 38 years young, Julia Stiles is still alive. Her angsty-AF portrayal of Kat Stratford was a big mood, and we will watch "10 Things I Hate About You" any day of the week. In 2012, Stiles had a role in "Silver Linings Playbook," which also majorly pulled at our heartstrings.


This dude is huge in Hollywood for his work behind the camera. Is this celebrity still alive?

Steven Spielberg is a film legend and the highest-grossing film director in history. Because he's still alive, we hope we'll have an opportunity to thank him for all the nightmares we had after seeing "Jurassic Park" as kids.


You couldn't go anywhere in the 2000s without hearing this dude's music. Bops, man! Is this celebrity still alive?

As an older dude now, we're not sure how much he's hanging out "In Da Club," but 50 Cent is still alive. The rapper (whose real name is Curtis Jackson) is considered one of the best artists of the 2000s. Billboard ranked him the third-best rapper of the decade behind Eminem and Nelly.


Another '90s star! This guy was married to Reese Witherspoon. Is this celebrity still alive?

Maybe you remember him in "Cruel Intentions." Perhaps you have known him as Reese's (former) hot hubby. Either way, this is Ryan Phillippe, and he's still alive. Most recently, the actor starred in the thriller drama series "Shooter."


Welcome to Goodburger, home of the Good Burger! Is this celebrity still alive?

We see Keenan Thompson on "SNL," but whatever happened to Kel Mitchell from Nickelodean's "Keenan & Kel?" He's still alive, and while not quite as active as his old comedy partner, he still makes the rounds. Mitchell has appeared on "Wild 'N Out" and as a guest voice on "SpongeBob SquarePants."


This visionary singer is considered one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century. Is this celebrity still alive?

After an 18-month battle with liver cancer, David Bowie died at his home in January 2016. Just two days before his death, he released his final album, "Blackstar." The glam-rock superstar gave us bops until the very end.


It's been way too long since the last time we watched this actress in "Clueless." Is this celebrity still alive?

We loved her as Tai Frasier in "Clueless" and were heartbroken to learn of her death in December 2009. After collapsing in her Los Angeles home, Murphy died at the hospital as a result of cardiac arrest. Her doctors believed it was triggered by pneumonia.


This Irish actor brought Albus Dumbledore to life for Harry Potter fans. Is this celebrity still alive?

Many Harry Potter fans considered Irish actor Richard Harris the perfect casting choice to play the beloved Professor Dumbledore. Unfortunately, Harris died after the second movie finished filming. "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" was his final role.


This Pittsburgh native made way good and changed rap music forever. Is this celebrity still alive?

Music fans around the world were shocked by Mac Miller's death in September 2018. Born Malcolm James McCormick, his lyrics often mentioned his struggles with substance abuse and depression. After a toxicology report, medical examiners ruled Mac's death an accidental overdose.


He made his acting debut in a Panic! at the Disco music video and later rose to Disney stardom. Is this celebrity still alive?

In July 2019, former Disney star Cameron Boyce died. His family reported he passed away in his sleep after having a seizure. Boyce played Luke Ross in the Disney Channel show "Jessie" and also had roles in several feature films, including "Grown Ups."


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