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Superheroes, supervillains and all the characters in between (you know, the ones that either assist the super folks or die in order to develop their stories) make for intricate worlds created by comic book companies. Of all of the comic book companies that have tried to make it in the business, two stand out among fans: Marvel and DC. Characters from each company have a lot of similarities, but they also have some telltale differences (and not just in costume appearance). 

With all of the "Captains" and "-Mans" in the history of comic books, their names can get a little confusing. You might not even be able to follow which characters were created by which company, and you may not even care. However, if you are a super fan of superheroes, you might have an idea ... after all, it's always in your best interest to know where your favorite characters are coming from.

If you think you have what it takes to tell us which comic book company created these 35 characters, take this quiz now. Don't worry; we're only going to include Marvel and DC characters (to give you a little edge on this quiz). What are you waiting for? The fate of Metropolitownsville is in your hands!

Can you guess which company created Starfire?

Starfire is well known in the Teen Titans world. She seems a little stiff in the beginning, but we always watched for her interactions with Robin, hoping they would get together. We finally got a kiss, but it took a long time.


Hal Jordan, also known as the Green Lantern, comes from which comic book company?

Green Lantern was first created in 1959. He is the kind of character who doesn't seem to fit in, but he is considered worthy by a celestial ring. As the chosen one, Hal must learn lessons about life as he learns how to be the Green Lantern.


Sidekicks are an essential part of comic book story lines. Where would you find Dick Grayson?

Though many have taken the title of Robin, Dick Grayson is one of this character's more memorable names. Robin is Batman's sidekick and apprentice. He is younger than Bruce Wayne, but Bruce always seems to take him in.


Do you know which company created the super villain The Joker?

While Marvel boasts some of the most awesome superheroes, few can deny DC's ability to create the ultimate supervillain in The Joker. He is crazy, and he simply doesn't care what anyone thinks. He loves only one thing: chaos.


Captain America has been around for a while. Can you tell us which company created him?

Captain America was named the first Avenger, and for good reason. This story arc begins during World War II in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and he gets a chance to go back to his life at the end of the last "Avengers" film.


Groot is one of the most beloved characters in which universe?

As one of the best characters in "The Guardians of the Galaxy" series, Groot doesn't have an extensive vocabulary, but he does have a lot to say. His wisdom shows us that there is more to being a superhero than having a cool catch phrase.


We all know that Flash can run fast, but do you know where he comes from?

The Flash is one of those characters that taps into his super powers and learns about them as his character is developed. He is a DC character, and he has been seen on television and the big screen in the "Justice League" films.


Where would you find Rocket Raccoon?

As one of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocket Raccoon is considered the jokester. However, his backstory is a bit on the dark side. He was an experiment gone wrong, and he has the scars to prove it.


Do you know which comic book company created Agent Phil Coulson?

Though Phil Coulson appeared in a few movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he is now more well-known as the lead in the "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." television series. His story line in that series gets a little wonky, but it keeps people watching.


Black Widow never received her stand-alone movie, but do you know which universe it would have been in?

There are several strong female characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Black Widow is one that comes with no superpowers given to her or obtained. She is simply an awesome assassin, and her hard work allows her to go toe-to-toe with some of the most dangerous villains.


Can you tell us which company created Beast Boy?

Beast Boy was created by Arnold Drake and Bob Brown. Though he looks a little like a green Robin, his abilities allow him to change form into any animal of his choosing. He can be seen in several series, including the animated "Justice League" series.


Iron Man was brought to life by Robert Downey Jr. in 2008. Is he Marvel or DC?

Iron Man is and has always been a Marvel character. As one of the driving forces of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he has been in multiple Marvel movies and comics, including "The Avengers" series.


Where would you find Superman?

For a while, it was difficult for people to connect with Superman. He was simply too powerful, and he came from a different planet, making him a little unrelatable. However, this DC character always seems to do well on the small screen.


Which comic book company created Hawkman?

Hawkman was first seen in 1940. He showed up in "Flash Comics," issue #1. He was created by DC, and he even makes appearances in a few of DC's shows. In the comics, he has a large headdress and scepter.


Lois Lane was often saved in which comic book universe?

Often saved by Superman in the comics, on TV and in the movies, Lois Lane is a reporter who gets into quite a bit of trouble. She is fearless, as anyone would be if they knew a superhero would always rescue them.


Raven has quite a few abilities. Do you know where this character is from?

"Teen Titans" included a lot of great characters that we didn't have a chance to see on the big screen. Raven was one of them. Her abilities include teleportation, flight, empathy and astral projection (just to name a few).


You can find Aquaman at the bottom of the ocean, but is he Marvel or DC?

The character Aquaman was created by DC writers Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger. Though he began as a background character, he soon paved his own way and received his own series in later years.


Not everyone in comic books is super. Mary Jane Watson, for example, was created by which company?

Most comic book fans know Mary Jane Watson as the love interest for Peter Parker, also known as Spider-Man. Though he has different love interests throughout the comic series, everyone remembers a red-headed Kirsten Dunst playing the damsel in distress.


Swamp Thing might feel like a blast from the past, but do you know who created him?

Though many don't know that Swamp Thing was an actual superhero, he was created by DC. As a matter of fact, he had his own movies and even appeared in television shows and animated series.


Archers are found in many different comic book companies. Which comic book company created Green Arrow?

If you were looking for another superhero who came from a wealthy background, look no further than DC's Green Arrow. He is also known as the Emerald Archer and the Battling Bowman.


Which company created Wonder Woman?

In 1941, few believed that young girls would ever want to read comics. However, "Wonder Woman" fit every fan base, as women wanted to see her succeed, and men wanted to see what she was wearing.


Can you guess where Wolverine comes from?

Though Hugh Jackman's role in the X-Men universe may be over, he did end up in quite a few of the movies over the years. His ability to regenerate helped him save the world from the Dark Phoenix, until the timeline was changed, anyway.


Do you know which world Batman comes from?

DC Comics created a lot of great characters, but the one everyone knows for certain is Batman. Not only has this character shown up in numerous television shows and movies, he has also been re-imagined in each telling.


You may remember Plastic Man, but do you remember who owns him?

Though Plastic Man was created by Quality Comics, DC later acquired the character. Though he hasn't been around in a while, the character was one of the first to tell jokes while he fought crime, appealing to children and adults alike.


Terra was an interesting character, but do you know where she came from?

Though she is remembered as a supervillain, few remember that Terra began her journey as an antihero ... or so we thought. Everyone was surprised to see her big reveal, making her an interesting character from start to finish.


Which company is responsible for Magneto?

Though the X-Men universe seems extensive, the anger in the mutants can all be boiled down to how Magneto feels about humans. He is a man scorned, and he isn't about to let anyone get away with hurting another mutant (except himself).


Where would you find the Human Torch?

Marvel's "Fantastic 4" film series really brought the universe back to life. While Chris Evans played the Human Torch in the first set of F4 movies, producers still wanted him as Captain America in later films.


Do you know which company created Lex Luthor?

As Superman's arch-nemesis, Lex Luthor is an angry character who is ready to take over the world. Too bad for him, that pesky Superman is ready to save the day over and over again.


The Juggernaut is a pretty intense character. Who created him?

The Juggernaut was created by Stan Lee himself. This mutant is unstoppable, once he gets going. Few actually know that Juggernaut is Professor X's stepbrother, because it doesn't show up in the movies.


Mr. Fantastic founded the Fantastic 4, but who created Mr. Fantastic?

There have been a few attempts at getting the story for "Fantastic 4" right. Though we have seen these characters on the big screen a few times, their movies never seem to get the greatest reviews, especially from comic superfans.


Do you know where Luke Cage comes from?

Luke Cage is strong, and has deep roots in bad neighborhoods. Though he doesn't like to use his powers, he thinks it's his duty to do so. He is basically bulletproof and has superhuman strength.


Can you name the company that created Ghost Rider?

Ghost Rider is considered a true antihero. He is dark and angry and ready to hurt his enemies. You can identify this character by his flaming skull, the flaming tires on his motorcycle and the flames on his chain (his weapon of choice).


Drax the Destroyer was created by which company?

Also known as Arthur Sampson Douglas, Drax the Destroyer was first seen in a 1973 "Iron Man" comic book. However, most people know him from the "Guardians of the Galaxy" film series as well as the "Avengers" series.


Super villains come in all shapes and sizes. Do you know who first created Typhoid Mary?

Typhoid Mary is also known as Bloody Mary, but most people know her as Mutant Zero. She originally appeared in the "Daredevil" comics, but later was found going toe-to-toe with Deadpool and Spider-Man.


Do you know if Marvel or DC created Jubilee?

Jubilation Lee, also known as Jubilee, is most commonly found in the Marvel "X-Men" comics. She's immortal, can create explosions and has superhuman strength. She's an incredibly powerful mutant.


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