Only True “Brady Bunch” Fans Can Match the Storyline to the Right Kid

By: Katie Ormsby

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Generations have grown up with "The Brady Bunch" since it premiered in 1969. Whether you watched all five seasons then or later in reruns, you'll need much more than a hunch to ace this quiz! We'll describe five classic Brady moments, you tell us which kid it is.

When the family gets a new dentist, which Brady girl daydreams about marrying him?

When Marcia meets Dr. Stanley Vogel in "Love and the Older Man," it's love at first sight ... for her. She imagines herself as Mrs. Dr. Vogel and even thinks he's asking her on a date when he actually wants her to babysit. Yikes! 😬


"Oh, my nose!" Which Brady boy throws the football that bruises Marcia's nose?

Marcia learns a valuable lesson in "The Subject Was Noses." After Peter throws the football too high for Bobby to catch, it hits Marcia's nose hard enough to cause bruising and swelling. Earlier, Marcia broke off a date with Charley because Doug, the coolest boy in school, asked her out. Doug breaks their date when he sees her nose, though.


To pay for an anniversary gift, which Brady girl suggests entering a talent competition?

After Jan misunderstands the price of engraving an anniversary gift for their parents, she suggests the kids compete on "The Pete Sterne Amateur Hour" for a chance to win $100. "Amateur Nite" is the episode that features the Brady kids performing "Keep On" and "It's a Sunshine Day."


While playing ball in the house, which Brady boy breaks Carol's favorite vase?

After Peter breaks the vase in "Confessions, Confessions," he fears that Mike and Carol won't let him go camping. The other kids help him glue the vase back together. When water spouts out of it, the others even confess to breaking it. Of course, Peter's conscience eventually catches up with him.


Which of the youngest Brady kids can only invite one parent to watch their school play?

Cindy's excitement about her school play fades to devastation when she has to pick between her parents in "Eenie, Meenie, Mommy, Daddy." Because the school auditorium can't seat everyone, each kid only gets one ticket. Luckily, the class decides to add a second performance so all of the Bradys can attend.


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