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Clever, controversial, and oh so funny are words that describe the "Roseanne" TV show as well as the main character, an overweight housewife struggling to make ends meet. More realistic than many of the TV shows of the time, Roseanne drew in viewers year after year for the ready laughs, the realism, and the edgy topics. You probably remember them all AND the characters' names. Then what are you waiting for? Relive the best of the nine-year hit show by taking the quiz right now. 

Roseanne Barr, started as a stand-up comedian who took her real-life situations as a housewife and mother to new heights when fans responded to her "domestic goddess" routine. Touring the country, she garnered a loyal following, then shot to the top when she performed on the Tonight Show. Turning her stand-up comedy into a prime-time TV show was a brilliant move. Besides being one of the longest-running comedy shows, Roseanne stretched beyond acting to writing, directing and producing some of the episodes.  

The show was good to Roseanne in more ways than just financial because she found love on set. She married the actor who played Dan's friend, Tom Arnold. Do you remember it all? The kiss episode? The pregnancy episode? Then it's time to click below and take the challenge. Start the quiz right now!

What is Roseanne's last name?

The Conner clan are a blue-collar family.


"Roseanne" is set in which state?

The story takes place in the fictional town of Lanford, Illinois.


Who is Roseanne’s husband?

Dan Conner may not be a perfect dad, but he loves his family very much and works very hard.


Who is Roseanne’s sister?

Jackie is Roseanne’s single sister who can’t get a break with dates sometimes.


Where do Roseanne and Jackie work during the first season?

The sisters worked at Wellman Plastics, until Roseanne led a walkout at the factory.


Before he was a big star, which actor had a recurring role in the first season?

Clooney was a foreman in the factory where Roseanne worked.


Did the theme song have lyrics during the first eight seasons?

The first eight seasons of the show feature an instrumental theme song. In season nine, the show used an updated version of the song which includes lyrics. It was performed by the band Blues Traveler.


What was Dan’s job?

Dan didn’t have a steady contractor job in the beginning.


Who was Dan’s father, who was a loving grandpa to the kids but sometimes clashed with his own son?

Ed was a traveling salesman, and a womanizer, too.


What's the name of the oldest Conner child?

Becky was the oldest Conner child.


What's the name of the second Conner child?

Darlene was played by Sara Gilbert.


What's the name of the third Conner child?

DJ was played by Michael Fishman.


What is the name of Becky’s boyfriend, who she ended up marrying?

Mark was played by Glenn Quinn.


Darlene also had a boyfriend who she ended up marrying. What was his name?

David was played by Johnny Galecki.


Incidentally, the Conner girls’ boyfriends are related. How?

Like Becky and Darlene, Mark is older than David.


During season one, Darlene has a storyline that didn't get discussed on TV shows often at the time. What was the issue?

Often, TV shows only mention girls undergoing puberty. The storyline on "Roseanne" specifically addressed the issue.


The sometimes neurotic Jackie entered this service-oriented job during season two.

Jackie passed her training and became a police officer.


Which of the Conner kids discovered a talent for writing?

Darlene used this talent to get into college later on.


In season three, Dan and Roseanne opened this kind of shop with their friend Ziggy.

This business eventually closed shop.


Which Conner child was played by two actors?

Becky was first played by Lecy Goranson, then later replaced by Sarah Chalke. They both played Becky in season eight.


Who is Dan’s poker buddy?

Arnie was played by Tom Arnold.


Nancy, one of Roseanne’s friends, eventually comes out as this.

Nancy’s lesbian storylines figured prominently on the show's later seasons.


Eventually, Dan and Roseanne have another child. What was his name?

The new kid was played by twins Cole and Morgan Roberts.


Later on, Roseanne tries to run this kind of business with other (mostly) female partners.

The restaurant business was good while it lasted.


The series finale had a twist ending. What was revealed about Dan as part of this twist?

In a vacation episode, Dan had a heart attack which wasn’t fatal. It proved to be fatal, after all, according to Roseanne. The finale revealed the series to have been a book Roseanne wrote about their family. She had changed some of the major things that happened to her family members for the book.


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