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Dogs sure know how to get their way into our hearts. A cute face alone can melt us inside and make us want to give them the love they deserve. Dogs are much more than just adorable faces with beautiful personalities that go along with them. Your dog might sometimes be able to sense what mood you're in. It often feels like they understand us, even if no one else does.

Dog people know all there is to know about their pups. They care deeply enough to always do what is best for their dogs, even if the decision is the hardest thing that they have ever faced. They only want the best for every dog, whether they know them or not. If you're a dog person, you can see through any bad habits that a dog may have and work with them to either correct the behavior or adapt to it. Your payment is a loving and caring dog that would do anything in the world for you. That's all you need in life anyway, right?

So, do you think you know about dog breeds, their quirks and the care they need? Take the quiz to prove that you are indeed a dog person!

At what age can you typically bring a puppy home with you?

It's very easy to get excited when you know you're getting a puppy. But it's important to remember that the puppy will need to be at least 8 weeks old before you take it home. While it's important for a puppy to be with its mother at the beginning of its life, it's also important that your pup gets used to its new environment with you at an early age.


Time to think back to Disney's "101 Dalmatians." A Dalmatian puppy was born without which of the following?

A Dalmatian is known for its adorable spots, but they don't always look that way. When they're first born, the puppies are all white. Their spots don't truly start to come in until the pups are about four weeks old.


When living with dogs, who should be the leader of the pack?

While everyone loves to spoil their dogs, it's important to establish a hierarchy within your pack. If your dogs know you are their leader, they will obey you and do their best to please you. Establishing a hierarchy keeps both you and your pups safe.


In Ancient China, you would find this breed in the sleeves of royalty. What is it?

A walk through a palace in Ancient China wouldn't have just been beautiful but also very interesting. This is partly because you would find many royals walking around with a Pekingese in their sleeves. The animals kept them warm and also served as guard dogs.


Compared to humans, dogs have very strong senses. Which sense is a dog's strongest?

A dog's sense of smell is impeccable and better than any of its other senses. If you thought you had a good sense of smell, consider this. Dogs have 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses. Humans only have about 6 million. You can't sneak food past them!


You might hate them just as much and for good reason, too! Why do some dogs hate thunderstorms?

While the loud noise of thunder is scary for many dogs, there is another reason they may also retreat somewhere to hide during a thunderstorm. Static electricity can really bother and scare a dog during a storm, which is why you might catch them looking for a hiding place.


What is the most popular dog breed in the United States?

The Labrador is the most popular dog breed in the United States. The Labrador, also known as the Newfoundland, hails from Canada and is just as popular in that country as it is in the U.S. These dogs make great family pets.


If you could take a dog's "fingerprint," from what part of its body would you take it?

Dogs each have a unique nose print that is like a human's fingerprint. Luckily, they don't have to get their noseprints done for identification purposes! There are, however, mold kits you can get to forever remember your pup's cute nose print.


We only have one, but a dog has three. What is it?

Each of our eyes has only one eyelid, but each of a dog's eyes has three. The first is the upper and the second is the lower lid. The third, however, is a little harder to notice. It does a lot of behind the scenes work to keep the eye clean.


Though it is very adorable, there's a reason why a dog chases its tail. What is it?

Dogs can be pretty good entertainers, especially when it comes to their tails. It turns out that they're just as mesmerized as we are by their beautiful tails and when they can't find anything else to do, they chase them to help chase away the boredom!


Your dog doesn't ever want you to leave! What can help your dog if it suffers from separation anxiety?

When bringing your dog with you isn't an option, leaving an item of your clothing out for them will make them feel much more comfortable. That's because your scent will be on the clothes, making your pup feel more comfortable and safe.


How many times a year does a female dog go into heat?

A female dog goes into heat two times each year. This can begin when they're only 6 months old and is most commonly dependent on the breed of dog, which can be younger or older when they go into heat for the first time.


Of the following dog behaviors, which comes from their primal instinct?

While it may not be something that all dogs do, some may wonder why their pup howls at a full moon. Since dogs are ancestors of the wolf, which is also known for doing this, dogs get this behavior from their natural instincts.


It's an important organization in the dog world. What is one of the purposes of the American Kennel Club?

The American Kennel Club says that it promotes purebred dogs and their breeding, but they're also open to registering mixed breed dogs. There are classes for both types of dogs which are all recognized by the organization.


Though it may not seem like it, a dog has a sense of what?

Even though dogs don't have clocks, they can still have a concept of time. You may think that your pup doesn't know how long you have been gone when you go to work, but after a few times, they will be able to sense around what time you will be home to see them again.


A dog lover would want to visit this country, which is known for having the highest population of dogs. What is it?

While Russia may be the largest country in the world by area, its dog population isn't as vast. This title instead goes to the United States which is home to more than 75 million dogs! These numbers account only for dog ownership and don't take into account homeless dogs, dogs in shelters, etc.


A dog's instincts can make it do many things. A dog will curl up in a ball to protect what?

While dogs realize the importance of their vital organs and protect them this way, there are also other benefits to curling up. Remember, wolves are their ancestors. Curling up helped keep wolves warm on cold nights in the wild. It's a trait dogs inherited from their ancestors, even though they no longer need it when they're spoiled in a cozy bed with a blankie to keep them warm.


Which dog breed has six toes?

The Norwegian Lundehund has six toes rather than the regular five toes that other breeds have. But you might have to look a little harder to find it because the sixth toe is toward the back of the paw.


Just like people, dogs have moods. A dog might wag its tail in which of these situations?

Dogs have many moods and many reasons of why they might wag their tails. Most commonly, they'll do it when they are excited. For example, when you come home after a day at work and they are happy to see you back.


Your pup probably loves to get a good bark in now and then. Which dog breed doesn't bark?

The Basenji is a unique dog breed that is known for one interesting trait—they don't bark! But just because they don't bark doesn't mean they don't vocalize. You can catch them doing something called a "yodel" at times.


It's smart and resourceful. What does a dog use to tell if it can fit somewhere?

While whiskers are helpful in this situation, they aren't always used just for this purpose. They can also be used to sense other things, like objects and how near or far they are to the dog. In short, they're very important in a dog's life.


Everyone want's their dog to be happy, but if your dog looks like it's smiling, what mood is it in?

It's a good thing when your dog appears to be smiling! You want the best for your dog and what could be better than making sure that it's relaxed? They'll let you know how relaxed they are with an encouraging smile.


We all have an idea of what dogs can see. Is it true or false that dogs can see color?

Many believe that their dogs can't see in color, but that is a myth. While they can't see the entire color spectrum, dogs can see some shades of color. This is because they only have two cones in their eyes and can only see colors in the blue and yellow spectrums.


Surprisingly, humans have more of these than a dog. What are they?

A dog has only 1,700 taste buds while a human has more than 10,000 of them. While this might seem like a big difference, it doesn't bother a pup who really enjoys its food and treats, however!


There are many health benefits to owning a dog. Which of the following is one of them?

One nice thing for anyone who may suffer from high blood pressure is that they can pet their dog or any dog for that matter, and lower that blood pressure. In fact, this isn't exclusive to just dogs. Cats also provide this awesome health benefit!


Do you know which dog breed shares one similarity with a newborn child?

A Chihuahua is a lovable little dog that needs to have its head protected. This is because it has a soft spot in its skull, much like a newborn baby. The official name for this spot is called a "molera."


What was the original purpose of a spiked collar?

Before they were used as fashion, spiked collars had an important purpose in ancient civilizations. They were great protection against the attacks of other animals, which would most commonly try to take down a dog by the throat.


Everything has a reason, especially when it comes to a dog's features. Do you know why dogs have wet noses?

It's perfectly normal for a dog to have a wet nose, but it's also very helpful to them. A wet nose enhances their sense of smell, helping them to the smell their delicious food and stay away from things that might harm them!


Do you know which of the following dog breeds has webbed feet?

All of the listed breeds above have webbed feet that help them when in the water. Almost every dog breed has webbed feet. While they all serve the same purpose, some dogs' feet have more of a web than others do.


How many teeth does a full grown dog have?

While humans have a total of 32 teeth, an adult dog usually has 42 teeth. That number varies depending on Dogs have four types of teeth which are some that you've likely heard before. For example, two of those types are known as canines and molars.


One important tool that dogs use is the ability to mask their smell. How does a dog hide its scent?

When a dog is scared, you may notice that one of its first instincts is to put its tail between its legs. One reason for this is to hide its scent glands. This stops the scent from spreading and alerting other animals.


Dogs have a much better way to deal with the heat that humans do. How do dogs sweat?

Dogs sweat through their paws rather than through glands around their body as humans do. In fact, anywhere that a dog has fur is incapable of producing sweat. Panting also helps to cool them down on hot days.


Most dog breeds have a long history, but one really takes the cake. The oldest dog breed in the world is which of the following?

The Saluki is a breed that hails from Egypt where they were used as hunting dogs. Salukis were used specifically in the country to hunt down gazelles. Today they enjoy a much more luxurious life in the homes of their loving owners.


What is the color of a chow chow's tongue when it is born?

Known for their signature blue-black tongues, chow chows aren't born that way. Instead, their tongues start off pink like any other puppy's tongue. It slowly changes as they grow older and is fully changed by 10 weeks.


A dog with a long face is said to do which of the following?

It is said that long-faced dogs will have a long life span. One example of a long-faced dog is a bloodhound which can live to be 12 years old. Other breeds that can be considered long-faced are Great Danes and whippets.


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