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Nearly 70 years after it premiered, "I Love Lucy" is just as beloved and hilarious. You've probably seen the Chocolate factory and Vitameatavegamin episodes, but it'll take more than that to be a true expert. Put your "I Love Lucy" knowledge to the test!

Whose footprints do Lucy and Ethel steal from Grauman’s Chinese Theater?

Lucy and Ethel shatter John Wayne's footprints when they steal them. Ricky has met John Wayne and asks him to do a big favor to keep Lucy out of trouble. In a series of hilarious mishaps, though, Lucy repeatedly ruins multiple replacement footprints that the movie star makes.


What superhero does Lucy dress up as for Little Ricky's birthday party?

Lucy promises that George Reeves from "Adventures of Superman" will come to Little Ricky's birthday party. When he can't make it, Lucy takes on the role. She manages to get herself stuck out on the ledge, but thankfully, Superman shows up and saves the day.


Lucy's quite the world traveler, but do you know which of these countries she *doesn't* visit?

Lucy visits many exciting locales, including France, Italy, Switzerland, Florida and California. She never visits Spain, though.


Lucy and Ethel try to sell Aunt ______ Old-Fashioned Salad Dressing. Can you fill in the blank?

"Have you ever heard of Aunt Martha's Old-Fashioned Salad Dressing?" Ethel asks this question to Lucy, who's pretending to be an "average housewife." After the duo promotes their homemade salad dressing on TV, the orders flood in. The only problem? The price is too low and they end up losing money.


Who often babysits Little Ricky?

Mrs. Matilda Trumbull, Lucy's upstairs neighbor, frequently babysits Little Ricky. Initially, she's annoyed by the new addition to the Ricardo household. When Little Ricky's accidentally left alone, Mrs. Trumbull soothes his crying fit and bonds with the little guy.


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