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Let's take a trip back in time to when things were simpler. OK, maybe not for the residents of Peyton Place, a small town whose primetime drama steamed up television sets during the 1960s. In addition to being set in a quaint town where everyone knew everyone else's businesses, one of its defining features was its pocket-sized runtime; compared to the soaps that would come along later, a 20-minute runtime was perfect because it sated the audience's need for drama and gave the promise of more the following night. 

On top of this, the creators did something brilliant. Just as the audience was getting their fix, POW!, the show was over and after a quick preview, it was time for the next show. If it were a super juicy episode, the pain of waiting for the next episode could be rough. On top of this, the drama wasn't the typical soapy drama. It had a modern twist on it, as well. If you were to sit down and watch "Peyton Place" today, after you got past the fashion you'd see some of the common tropes used today. In one instance, there was a case of alcohol-influenced domestic abuse where the victim snapped and after defended herself against her partner. 

So do you think you know enough about "Peyton Place" to live there? Why don’t you pack up your bags, hop on a train and travel to this quaint town by taking this quiz to see if you'd make it?

Soaps are all about adding steam to the screen; can you tell us what couple had the first kiss on "Peyton Place"?

If viewers were skeptical of whether "Peyton Place" was worth watching, they were soon put to ease; one of the first storylines in the series involved the couple's breakup after a summer fling and the unexpected pregnancy that resulted from that seasonal romance.


Known for her starry-eyed innocence, what actor played Allison Mackenzie?

For all you horror movie buffs out there, when you hear Mia Farrow's name, you don't think of "Peyton Place." You probably think of "Rosemary's Baby," a film about a couple who move into a creepy apartment building and meet some strange neighbors.


If you were a bookworm living in Peyton Place, you'd practically live in Constance's bookstore. What is its name?

Part library, part bookstore and part gallery, you could pretty much find anything printed at The Book Gallery. If you want to spend a little more, you can get a painting by local artist and Renaissance man Matthew Swain.


Everyone loves a new face to see in town, especially a doctor! Where is Dr. Rossi originally from?

The opening scene of “Peyton Place” shows Dr. Rossi coming into town on a train. Even though the conductor deters him from staying, Rossi is determined to make a practice in the small town.


Oh no! You’ve broken your arm! What hospital in Peyton Place would you go to in order to get a cast?

The doctors of Peyton Place are pretty talented. Not only do they do house calls and conduct office visits, but are surgeons in emergency rooms as well. This is shown in the first season when Dr. Rossi conducts an operation on Mrs. Harrington.


Out of the hotties below, can you tell us the name of Allison's father?

At first, Allison thinks her father is a Scottish gentleman, it is farthest from the truth. Constance reveals that it isn’t the man she has in the picture frame on her mantle but Elliot Carson, who went to prison for killing his wife.


If you wanted to read the local newspaper, what would you pick up?

The Clarion, run by editor Matthew Swain and later Elliot Carson, featured several different news pieces including a column highlighting teen problems, written by Allison Mackenzie. She later took over the Observer feature column when she felt like she had outgrown the teen scene.


Let's talk about the hunks of Peyton Place; who played Rodney Harrington?

After Ryan O'Neil steamed up the small screen in "Peyton Place," he went on to star in one of the most romantic films of the 1970s, "Love Story." Telling the story of a rich boy falling for a working class girl, "Love Story" became known for its tragic ending.


Wills can be a tricky thing in soap operas; after she passed away, who did Catherine Harrington leave Peyton Mill to?

Originally, Catherine had decided that her husband, Leslie, would keep control of the mill, but at the last minute, she decided that Leslie would act as a stock administrator where her father would actually make decisions.


Being a chief of staff can be a big deal, especially in Peyton Place; do you remember the name of the first chief of staff of Doctor's Hospital?

Dr. Morrow’s first real storyline was in the first season where he got a little too possessive of his patient, Catherine Harrington, who died on the operating table while Dr. Rossi was operating. A probe was conducted and for a while Dr. Rossi lost his access to the hospital as well as a few patients.


Time for a geography test! In what US region is Peyton Place located?

Not only are there locations tailored to a New England locale (a popular place to eat is the Lobster Shack), but there are lines that are constantly dropped telling the audience that they are indeed in New England.


Can you tell us the author of "Peyton Place," the novel behind the soap and movie?

Even though "Peyton Place" was a huge success for a debut novel, selling over eight million copies, Grace Metalious never lived to see the debut of the soap; she had died at the age of 39 of chronic liver disease.


Sometimes the best friction in a soap comes from siblings; do you know the name of Leslie Harrington's sister?

Just like her brother, Laura Brooks is ambitious. However, when she was called out on it (Leslie said that her tenacity was "unladylike") she ended up going to Europe to find herself and marry a rich man.


First appearing as a professor, this character testified at Elliot Carson's murder trial; which Peyton Place resident is it?

It was only after Elliot Carson got out of jail that the audience met Paul Hanley. He had been bouncing around Europe and came back to teach English lit at Peyton University, where Allison Mackenzie and Rod Harrington attend.


Psychotic breaks are sometimes used as plot devices to further a story; can you tell us whose father was institutionalized?

Even though he was on only two seasons, George Anderson made an impact. He was often bullying his wife Julie, who stayed by his side even though he abused her, and after barricading himself up in his office and shooting Elliot Carson, he was put away for life.


Do you remember who really killed Elizabeth Carson?

If Catherine were alive when Elliot Carson got out of jail, she would have a LOT of explaining to do. After Catherine found out that Leslie's wandering eye had fallen upon Elizabeth Carson, it was over; she killed Elizabeth in a jealous rage.


A soapy life isn't anything without a scandalous birth; where was Allison Mackenzie born?

When Constance decided to leave Peyton Place to forget her relationship with the then-married Elliot Carson, she ran off to New York and had Allison in secret, only to return later and opening The Book Gallery.


You’re in the mood to celebrate a project’s close. Where in Peyton Place would you want to unwind after a long day with a cool drink?

If you’re looking for advice, Ada Jack is not one to mince words. When Paul Hanley admitted that he didn’t realize that George Anderson wasn’t mentally stable when he manipulated him into attempting to murder Leslie Harrington, Ada was right there, telling him what’s what.


In Peyton Place, people are often driven to leave to avoid scandal; can you tell us who replaced Leslie Harrington as the foreman of Peyton Mill?

When Leslie Harrington resigned from the mill, it was pretty unclear as to why. The last thing heard was that Leslie was going to go seek a pardon for Elliot Carson, who was falsely imprisoned for killing his wife.


Ring those wedding bells! Do you remember which couple had the first wedding on “Peyton Place”?

Even though it was considered the first wedding, it wasn’t the first actual marriage ceremony performed on “Peyton Place.” That honor went to Betty Anderson and Rod Harrington, who eloped when it was discovered that Betty was carrying Rod’s baby.


Choosing who would walk them down the aisle is something that many brides take seriously; who walked Constance down the aisle?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Matthew Swain would walk Constance down the aisle. The two of them are so close that not only do the two of them have Saturday night dinners, but Allison will call Matthew uncle.


Dr. Rossi wasn't completely without ties to the residents of Peyton Place when he arrived in town; what was he doing when Allison Mackenzie was born?

When Constance sees that Dr. Rossi is coming to town, she flies into a tizzy. She doesn't want him to expose the secret of Allison's paternity to the rest of the town. Luckily, even though he does recognize her, Rossi keeps the secret.


A soap wedding isn’t a wedding without a little drama. Who lost their temper at the reception?

After his mother, Catherine, died, Norman’s temper began to flare up, he became broody, temperamental and downright rude. He would pass it off as being an angst-ridden teenager, but most people didn’t buy it.


Norman Harrington could be quite a handful at times; which lady had a crush on him?

Even though he treated her horribly at first, Rita Jacks had a huge crush on Norman. At one point, Rita went to The Book Gallery to talk to Allison to try to find a book to bond with Norman over.


It took a year for the residents of Peyton Place to get a named child character. Do you remember the name of the first child character on “Peyton Place”?

One of the Schusters’ first storylines centered around her. After seeing her parents arguing about her, she decided to run away. It was Allison Mackenzie and Rod Harrington who discovered the girl and brought her home.


In addition to being the first child character on “Peyton Place,” Kim Schuster was the first disabled character on the show. What was her disability?

When it came to illustrating that Kim was deaf, the cameras would shoot close-up shots of dialogue coming out of the mouth of whomever she was interacting with. Why? Because lip reading was the way that Kim gathered information.


In 1965, the residents of Peyton Place finally got a female doctor to help cure them of their ailments. Which of these is the lady doc?

When Dr. Morton approached his daughter, Claire, about becoming a more permanent member on staff, she was a little hesitant because she didn’t feel as though she could keep a level head around Dr. Rossi.


Filled with local businesses, Peyton Place is a home to the entrepreneurial spirit. With that being said, can you tell us what kind of business the Carsons run?

Being located in New England, it should come as no surprise that there is a ship chandler in town. Filled with homemade nets, sundries and other equipment for boats, the Carsons are usually super busy during the summers.


Just like in life, love can strike where you least expect it; do you remember where Steven Cord first met Betty Anderson?

If you want to watch a creepy scene, check out the scene where Steven first meets Betty. In it, Betty and her mother were visiting District Attorney John Fowler, the town lawyer, to discuss George Anderson’s institutionalization. However, when Steven first sees Betty, he can’t take his eyes off her.


Looking for a romantic place to eat with your bae? You may want to hit up the inn for a little one-on-one time. Can you tell us the name of the inn?

Known for its intimate dining experience, the Colonial Post Inn has candlelit tables and cloth tablecloths. We’re betting that they know how to whip up a flavorful clam chowder if you ask for it.


Julie Anderson managed to secure the same job twice in “Peyton Place.” Do you know where she worked?

After being found kissing Leslie Harrington in the first few scenes of “Peyton Place,” Julie Anderson resigned from being his assistant. However, when it came to looking for an assistant with a little more background than a typical secretary, David Schuster found himself hiring Julie back.


Just like many residents of Peyton Place, Steven Cord left town and eventually returned to his roots; where was he located previously?

Even though he moved to Boston at a young age, Steven found himself moving back to Peyton Place after he found out that District Attorney John Fowler was recruited to be Martin’s new lawyer because he felt that he knew the family’s business inside and out.


After reuniting with his childhood friend, Norman Harrington, the audience discovers that one of Steven’s relatives still works for Martin Peyton. Do you recall which relative it was?

Both Steven and his mother relocated to Boston after Martin had decided to move away from Peyton Place. Even though Martin ended up living in an assisted living facility, Steven’s mother kept making sure his home was spotless for his return.


When Dr. Claire Morton returned home from her time spent in Peru as a doctor, she had a secret. Can you tell us what it was?

When it came to admitting that she had a husband, Claire was very hesitant to tell her father. Why? Because she didn’t want to admit to him that she had failed as a wife and that was one of the reasons why she had come home.


Shh! School's in session. Where did Rod Harrington go to school?

Even though he went to school at the local community college, Rod Harrington isn't the big man on campus when it comes to education. Steven Cord went to Harvard Law School on a full scholarship.


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