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Sure, you might look at these two bands and wonder what they could possibly have in common. Mötley Crüe is an '80s hair band with attitude and a hard sound. On the other hand, Boyz II Men is a smooth R&B quartet with an easy listening style based mainly on love music. However, when you aren't listening to the songs, and you only hear the lyrics or titles, these two bands truly have a lot of similarities. Both of them have lyrics that are dangerously close to poetry, and both of them are capable of stepping outside of their perspective genres.

When it comes down to it, people can be fans of both legendary bands. All music lovers know that even though they come from different genres and different backgrounds, these artists gave us all an outlet in the form of their music, and they really knew what they were doing (whether it came to controlling their voices or their instruments). If you consider yourself a music lover who likes every different kind of music, it's time to test your skills. Do you think you can take on this crazy quiz? Let's see if you know who sang it Boyz II Men or Mötley Crüe.

Do you know who sang "Kickstart My Heart"?

One of the most popular singles from the "Dr. Feelgood" album that was released in 1985, "Kickstart My Heart" was a song about the various ways and means people use to get adrenaline rushes.


Do you know which band did a rendition of "Helter Skelter" by The Beatles?

While U2 did release a live version of "Helter Skelter" on their "Rattle and Hum" album, Motley Crue also released a version on their "Shout at the Devil" album in 1983. However, Boyz II Men never remade this song.


Who sang "Too Fast For Love", and "Too Young to Fall In Love"?

Though "Too Young To Fall In Love" sounds like it could be the title of a Boyz II Men song, Motley Crue sang both of these songs. They aren't necessarily love songs, but they do speak of love in the lifestyle that the band led.


Who released the song "I Shoulda Lied" in 2011?

Motley Crue stopped producing studio albums in 2008. Though you can catch them on a soundtrack or see a "best of" album from time to time, their new music has stopped. Boyz II Men, on the other hand, is still making music to this day.


"This is a new day. Let's change the game. Look beyond the surface. Open up your heart, your mind and soul" are lyrics from which song and band?

Like most Boyz II Men songs, "Believe" is about taking a chance and believing in yourself enough to have the confidence to love. Though the song has a simple meaning, the lyrics are poetic as any other Boyz II Men song.


"I'll Come Running Back To You" is a song by which band?

If you know the music of Boyz II Men, you can probably already guess what this song is about. It's about a man who gets dumped, realizes his ex found someone else, and this time, they aren't ashamed to admit it.


Which band sang "The spotlight is on us, watch us do this"?

In "Motown Philly" (1991), Boyz II Men not only talks about their roots, they prepare the audience for all of the music that will come from them with the line "Boyz II Men going off, not too hard, not too soft."


Do you know which band sang the ballad "Without You"?

Like most songs by Motley Crue, this song was written by bassist Nikki Sixx. He explains that the idea for the song was inspired by Heather Locklear and Tommy Lee's relationship.


Which band included the song "50 Candles" on their 1994 hit album?

Despite the name, this is not a song about someone's 50th birthday cake. As a matter of fact, it's a love song (big surprise) by Boyz II Men. Who doesn't want to make love with 50 candles lit?


Can you name the band who sang these lyrics? "So let me get this right, you call yourself saying goodbye with no good reason why."

"Refuse To Be The Reason" was released in 2011. It's a song about giving up on a relationship that doesn't deserve time or energy anyway. It describes a relationship where only one partner was working toward success.


"Moving up to Shangri-la, came by his wealth as a matter of luck" are lyrics sung by which band?

"Dr. Feelgood" (1989) is one of Motley Crue's most well-known songs. If you read the lyrics (or listen to the song), you realize that it's not only about a drug dealer, but a social criticism on how the police ran things in the 1980s.


"Dancing On Glass" was a song by which band?

While you might expect a song called "Dancing On Glass" by Motley Crue to be about a stripper, it's actually much deeper than that. It's about understanding the lifestyle that the band chose and the consequences that come with it.


"Maybe I'll forgive you. Maybe you'll try. We should be happy together forever, you and I," are lyrics from which song?

Boyz II Men's "End Of The Road" (1993) was yet another song that people can easily misinterpret as a pining breakup song. However, if you really listen to the lyrics, it's all about not giving up on a relationship.


Which band sings the song "Not Like You" on their album "Twenty" (2011)?

Pearl Jam actually sang a song entitled "Not For You" in 1994, but Boyz II Men released this song in 2011. The song is sad and slow and takes us down a path of separation and difference that a lot of people feel.


Who sang the song "Water Runs Dry" about fixing a relationship?

While most people think of this as a breakup song, it's actually about mending a relationship ... or, at least, attempting to mend a relationship. Though the band knows that "Some people will work things out, and some just don't know how to change."


Can you name the band who sang the lyrics "Your life's on a steady tilt. I stand around and watch you wilt"?

In Motley Crue's "Five Year's Dead" (1987), we get a pretty gory story about a boy who is set up for failure. This was an anthem to the lower class and inner-city fans in the 1980s.


Who sings "But in the seasons of the wither, ya stand and deliver. Be strong and laugh ..."?

Who would have thought that Motley Crue would have a song about standing strong and laughing ... well, if you don't know the next line is "shout, shout, shout, shout at the devil!" you probably didn't get this one right.


Who sang these lyrics? "Now she's a cool, cool black. She moves like a cat. If you don't get her game, well, you might not make it back."

You probably remember the song "Looks That Kill" from its intense music video. The painted faces of each of the band members, along with the interpretive dancing, gave you enough insight into the world of Motley Crue for decades to come.


"Ten Seconds To Love" is a song by which band?

While we think of nearly every love song ever written as being sung by Boyz II Men, a song like "Ten Seconds To Love" is probably going to be closer to Motley Crue's flavor of music and style of lyrics.


The lyrics "Every passing kiss of mine, an empty smile on your face" come from which band?

These lyrics come from the song "Heavenly White" by Boyz II Men. It's a song about loving someone from afar and never telling them about your true feelings (or not knowing how to express those feelings).


The lyrics "Surely we never needed to think about the time, because we were free (then we were free)," came from which band?

"Do You Remember?" (2000) is a Boyz II Men song that focuses on the beat. The band reminisces on old love. It brings back memories to anyone who listens to it. The lyrics are a pining and desperation for old times.


"Trials and tribulations build up walls, in front of faces made of stone. Yet we stand strong enough, to break the walls down to journey on," are lyrics from which band?

If you are just reading these lyrics and you don't have music or vocals as a context, it might be very easy to assume that these are Motley Crue lyrics. However, this Boyz II Men song is from their Christmas album.


Can you name the band that has a song called "You're All I Need"?

Yes, Motley Crue wrote the song "You're All I Need" in 1987. However, it's not what you think it is. The lyrics are pretty graphic and are about obsession and murder rather than love and passion.


Which band sand "Benefit Of A Fool"?

The Beatles sang "For The Benefit of Mr. Kite" and "Fool On The Hill," but they never sang "Benefit Of A Fool." This song was released by Boyz II Men. The song is about a man who tries to do better because he falls in love.


Do you remember which band wrote "I Will Always Love You"?

We know that we tricked you with this one, but both Motley Crue and Boyz II Men have songs that have titles relatively close to "I Will Always Love You," yet neither band has a song with that actual title.


Which band wrote the song "Save Our Souls" in 1985?

From their album "Theater Of Pain" (1985), Motley Crue delivers a slower rock song (though not a ballad, just slower). It's really just a song that makes you think about your actions and what comes after.


Who sang the song "What Happens In Vegas"?

That's right, only Boyz II Men have a song with the title "What Happens In Vegas." Though the band has a residency in Las Vegas, you can also see Vince Neil (lead singer of Motley Crue) hanging around town quite a bit as well. After all, he lives there.


Do you remember which band sang "Tonight (We Need A Lover)"?

"Theater Of Pain" (1985) was one of Motley Crue's most interesting albums. It gave us songs like "Home Sweet Home" and then it gave us "Tonight (We Need A Lover)," which is a very detailed song about "lovemaking."


Can you name the band that sang "Nothin' left to do. Too many things were said to ever make it feel like yesterday did"?

In "Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)" (1989) Motley Crue wrote a song about heartache and breaking up. The lyrics of this song speak about young love crashing and burning, and that being alright, as long as the two parties could get over it.


Which band sang "In this world today, love is scarce and far away and your heart gets so afraid, to trust someone"?

Although Motley Crue sang several songs about losing trust and not being able to fall in love, these lyrics actually come from Boyz II Men. The song is "Never," and it was released on their 1997 album, "Evolution."


One band sang "On The Road Again." Who was it?

Motley Crue's "Home Sweet Home" (1985) is one of their ballads, and it shows the range of the entire band. On the other hand, "On The Road Again" by Boyz II Men is a slow and sad song about losing love.


Which band told us to"Come on and Dance?"

Though Boyz II Men has a few songs with some variation of "come on" in the lyrics, Motley Crue only has one. As you may have guessed, these songs are very different when it comes to sound, but they have elevated lyrics.


They wrote a song that begins "Hey man ... you know sometimes you've got to listen to yourself or not listen to yourself." Can you name the band?

Many don't know that Boyz II Men still make music, and they still tour. As a matter of fact, they still have a residency at The Mirage in Las Vegas. These lyrics are from the song "Ego," which was released in 2006.


Did Motley Crue or Boyz II Men sing the song "'Til Death Do Us Part" in 1996?

While it would seem like Boyz II Men would have a song with this title, they surprisingly don't. Motley Crue sings this song, and the lyrics suggest that it is simply about being able to stand on your own and accept who you are.


"But when you smiled, I had to take the chance, I had to take the chance to be with you tonight" are lyrics from which band?

"Tonight" was a song that came out on Motley Crue's debut album. While this might be the closest thing to a love song that the band released on that first album, it wasn't necessarily on par with Boyz II Men love songs.


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